Breaking MLM Wireless Hulk Hogan Of Hogan Knows Best Joins Global Verge According To CEO Steve Lewis

Breaking MLM Wireless Hulk Hogan Of “Hogan Knows Best” joins Global Verge according to Global Verge New CEO Steve Lewis.

On July 22, 2009 Global Verge’s new CEO Steve Lewis along with Teresa Curtis his long time business partner announce that former World Wrestling Federation legend Hulk Hogan (Hogan Knows Best TV show) has joined Global Verge.

Hulk Hogan

I have reached out to Prince Marketing Group, Hulk Hogan’s agent to see if we can verify this piece of information.

If we are informed it is true, we will update this post ASAP.

Our concern with the statement made by Global Verge CEO Steve Lewis is the fact Hulk Hogan is a stage name and not the legal name he uses when signing legal documents like the Global Verge Distributor Agreement.

We’ll keep you posted.

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7 thoughts on “Breaking MLM Wireless Hulk Hogan Of Hogan Knows Best Joins Global Verge According To CEO Steve Lewis”

  1. Tom,

    Thank you for sharing this information. It will give us something to review.

    Never Give Up,


  2. Troy,

    Tech specs etc. are not yet available in copy. All we have is what we can find on the website. However, the products and price points that FDI International will be offering does differ from what is listed on the GI Connect website.

    The phones do exist. I spoke with the VP of Leadership development and he has one of the new phones.

    The GiCell phone is a quad band phone that enables phone calls via cellular, VoIP via GPRS, and VoIP via WiFii. There is a 2nd phone that FDI has not mentioned yet which will make the iPhone look silly. Some specs they’re talking about includes a 5 MP camera, Live Video calls, HD Video, etc. From what I’ve been told by corporate, these phones will not be sold, but GIVEN AWAY for FREE to the VPMD’s along w/ FREE Unlimited Service.

    All the websites, documentation, specs, etc. will be available on August 14th. Visit on August 14th for all the info. Try clicking on that link now, and you’ll get an error, but it will be live on August 14th. Stay Tuned!!

    PS…I’ve got some additional info on my blog

  3. VJ, I hear FDI making these claims….are they going to release all of the information in August at the convention, or is there any info out there now?

    Seems like a lot of the claims they are making are the same as what GV is making….and from everyone I’ve talked to that has more experience and knowledge in the wireless/cellular industry, none of it seems possible in the US now.

    Maybe FDI’s message is just getting confused with all of the noise GV is making.
    .-= Zurvita´s last blog .. Zurvita – Zurvita VoIP Service Set To Launch Next Week =-.

  4. VJ,

    You make some valid points. Can you provide me with tech stats on your phone, backbone and sim chips for review? I would love to blog on the differences and what is the same between the two companies.

    Never Give Up,


  5. OK….People keep saying that Zero01 has a technology that no other company has…you HAVE to check out the technology that FDI Telecom has, proven up and running for 6 years now. FDI International, merging with GI Connect, providing the proprietary GI Cell Phone. GICell that does have VOIP capability on a handset as well as GSM Reception as well as GPRS reception…all on the same phone.

    People keep saying that ONLY Zero01 can do VOIP on a handset and this absolutely is not true. Don’t sit around waiting to see if Global Verge gets it together… FDI is the REAL deal.

  6. Yeah right is all I can say. That could have been a rep that put that in just messing around. I would think Hogan would be smart enough not to jump into a company like Global Verge in this stage of the game. They haven’t proven themselves yet.

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