Breaking MLM News Randy Jeffers Launches WOW Mobile Ten Years After The Death Of Destiny Telecomm

Breaking MLM Scam Alert: Randy Jeffers, founder of Libert International, launches WOW Mobile, ten years after the death of his last MLM telecommunication scam, Destiny Telecom.

(UPDATE: Randy Jeffers Talks to Troy Dooly at MLM Help Desk)

Ok, yes I have heard both sides of the Destiny Telecom side of things. However, after reading several of the court documents, opinions of top MLM attorneys I am convinced Randy Jeffers could have corrected issues with his company long before the FTC got involved had he not let his ego get out of hand.

Now, for you who have no clue what I am talking about, let me fill you in.

In the late 90s the Telecommunication Industry was deregulated, and hundreds if not thousands of small companies launched. Kind of like what we are seeing in the MLM Wireless arena today. Randy along with some other interesting folks saw an opportunity to earn millions of dollars off the back of unsuspecting people.

The DotCom boom was getting into full swing, and people from all walks of life were looking for ways to earn money. Most, like today were not taking any time to investigate the businesses. They were listening to the Charismatic Hype from the son of a preacher as he motivated and got them excited.

People from single moms, to retired couples on fixed pensions joined the company because of the promise of fast money. I remember the Hype like it was yesterday… “This company is growing faster than Excel! It will be the next Billion Dollar MLM Business! We’re the Fastest growing MLM Company in History!”

As Kind Solomon, the ancient King of the Hebrew people wrote… There is nothing new under the sun!

This link will give you a short overview of Destiny Telecomm. Read closely the issue with the Matrix compensation plan, does this sound like a couple of other companies I’ve blogged on lately.

Destiny Telecomm Overview Although not every link works, you will get the picture.

Hereis a great article from Grimes & Reese top MLM Attorneys Click Here

Here is a short chronological order of events which took place, while trusting MLM Distributors, continued to believe the words of Randy Jeffers, Richard Slaback and others who earned millions, knowing the FTC and several sate AGs were closing in fast.

November, 1996 –
Defendant: Destiny Telecomm International, Inc.
Primary Location: Oakland (also in the state of Oklahoma)
Nature of Business: An investigative subpoena has been issued regarding the sale of this multi-level marketing scheme involving prepaid calling cards.
Media Contact: Florida Attorney General’s Office, Henry Gill, 904-922-9206 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              904-922-9206      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; North Carolina Attorney General’s Office, Christine Lanning, 919-715-2444

Feb 14th, 1997 – Agreement with California Company Settles Alabama Phone Card Dispute.(Originated from The Mobile Press-Register, Ala.)

Feb 14th, 1997 – Oklahoma CORPORATION COMMISSION

March 19, 1997 – California Telecom Firm to Pay $1.6 Million in Penalties, Alter Practices.(Originated from Contra Costa Times, Walnut Creek, Calif.)

March 20, 1997 – Destiny Telecomm settles lawsuit with DAs, State; No wrongdoing found; Destiny signs to save Oakland jobs

April 4th, 1997 – Oakland, Calif., Phone Card Company to Help Little League Fundraiser.(Originated from Contra Costa Times, Walnut Creek, Calif.)

May 29, 1997 – Destiny Telecomm reaches operating accord in NY; Company anticipates major growth in Empire State

January 20, 1998 – State disconnects calling card firm

October 10th, 1998 – California Regulators Bar Destiny Telecomm International from State.

Now, this brings us to Liberty International.

Randy launched Liberty International after moving from California to Texas. The domain was grabbed in July 8th, 1999 not to long after everything quieted down form the Destiny Telecomm scam.

The company website talks about a company for the 21st Century, yet their site still looks like a 1999 website.

There is no company office, just a PO box, and the fact they use “The Planet” as they hosting company.

As for their launch of, well it seems to be the same story as other wireless communication technology. Nothing new, nothing different.

In closing, let me say… I do believe people can change. Lord knows I am far from perfect and folks keep reminding me of that fact daily.

If you are going to make Liberty International your home, or market the WOWMobile wireless service, at least know all the facts.

Never Give Up,


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  1. This sounds identical to a company called Solavei. Son of a preacher man running the show. He is currently being investigated for insider trading! Tell me what you find out!


  2. I have 7 of the original Destiny Telecom International cards for sale.

    they are: Colorado series; Oklahoma series; New Your series; Alaska series; Oregon series; Hawaii series.

    Do you know a collector who I could contact? or have contact me?


  3. this is a BIgg scam you ppl should be a shame of your selves you took money from ppl who had worked real hard to get it all # s you ported to t-mobile were lost my number and my wifes you guys took out money on the 7th and cut my line and my wifes 5 days later and now you still over draft my bank account by taking out a 30 dollar charge when i dont even have my number anymore you ppl are scaming folks Tony denali, mike, jose rivera all who pushed this horrible way of taking ppl's money WOW MOBILE AND RANDY JEFFERS ARE SCAMING PPL ALL OVER TAMPA FL, IF ANYBODY KNOWS HOW I CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PLEASE POST IT HERE SO OTHER PPL CAN GET THIER MONEY BACK IF NOT MAYBE TAKE LEGAL STEPS!!!!!!! DONT TRUST WOW DONT TRUST RANDY JEFFERS OR ANY OTHER PERSON I HAVE LISTED HERE

  4. Nelson,

    I can see you have not read the current posts.

    But hey while you are here, please give us details of the scam?

  5. What do you have to say now that Randy scammed a whole bunch of people again , with the excuse that is T-mobile's fault?

  6. T.M Newberry,

    I can see your frustration. However, I do have a few questions.

    1. Couldn't you market some of the other products or services offered by Liberty?
    2. Could recruiting while you are waiting be seen the same as finding resellers of Microsoft Windows before it was ready to launch?
    3. Don't you think T-Mobile should also be held responsible for some of these issues?

    I am not sure the State AGs will see this as a scam, since WOW is only a division of the company you joined.

  7. But if you spend three months waiting to get a sim card you cant make any money only spend it, this is a scam pure and simple I have been cheated and am going to the states attorneys office for fraud and interstate theft. i want someone to go to Jail. They are lying and cheating.

  8. Blessings ,

    Trying to get info about Liberty & Wow Mobile concerning if they will be doing anything in Chennai, India.

    I am moving to Chennai & would like to tap the HUGE MARKET there.

    Also, I'm ready to join for America, if only as a rep without a phone, but want to do it by a Master Card, rather than my direct checking account which I don't like that idea at all.

    Someone with info please email me,

    Johnny 🙂

  9. Wendy Greene,

    I do not think you have a scam on your hands. I do think you are with a company who is going through some growing pains, as I mentioned in my latest article. Let me ask a few questions to help you out.

    1. Have you talked with your upline about your situation? You need to realize your upline has earned good money to sponsor you into WOW aka Liberty and they need to earn their commission.

    2. Have you logged into the back office and listened to the training calls to fully understand what has been happening at WOW?

    I do not think Randy or the company is "targeting" our Troops, for any unethical reasons. They are doing what so many other companies are doing… Supporting the troops. As a former Marine I do praise them for helping trops and their families get some type of business rolling, since the Government will not give our military the raise they so rightfully deserve.

    If you would like help on this issue. send me a private email offiline to giving me the whole back story and your ID number for Liberty, and I will take this to the top.

    Living An EPic Adventure,


  10. I to find myself with a scam on my hands! I ordered the sim chip almost two months ago and still no product. Liberty International as hit my checking account twice…..once for 118.00 then again for 29.95. I have tried to contact customer service several times but no reply or answers. My husband is active duty military and it seems Liberty is targeting our military members. I would very much like to bring this company down for harm being directed as our military forces. If you have any knowledge of a class action law suit please share and I will do all in my power to help get the word out. Thanks for your help.

  11. As far as the phone and laptop tethering this is not a "WOW" mobile exclusive as this can be done to any phone running the android mobile phone OS.You can see how it is done here… it shows the same tethering interface on the phone as "WOW" mobile does and as for there IP TV service can we say SLING BOX as this is not a new service either.AT&T is having network problems with the massive amount of I-Phones out ther and in some major cities there service is slowing down.Even if "WOW" was a legit company cellular standards today can not handle the huge amount of band width there are trying to promote with there service.As far as T-Moblies Network is concerned they have not even began to imliment 4G service but a 3.5G read it here… . This stuff is not new and most people can do this there selfes with a little digging on the net. Thanks

  12. Any word on the phones? I've enjoyed the banter and joined the program, but can't really get moving until these things start flowing.

  13. Why would someone buy the phone and plan if they already have a cheaper plan and contract from another carrier? Also, how much to buy into this and what do you get?

  14. Troy,

    Have you posted your review on WOW Mobile yet? If I missed it would you post a link to it?


  15. Wimer,

    You should read all the current info. Randy and I have become friends, and his company is making some real waves in MLM

  16. Here is the truth

    Don't listen to ConcernedMLMer who is Ben Sturnevant of Lightyear wirelesss. They are sustaining massive loses…check out their miserable reports…they are going broke…Ben is in his last cup of kool aide…bashing anyone he can…loser!…ANCE-CORP_…

    Lightyear has Experienced Net Losses, and May Not Be Profitable in the Future.…ANCE-CORP_…

    Lightyear’s business has historically incurred significant losses since inception. As of September 30, 2009, Lightyear had an unaudited members’ deficit of approximately $24,000,000.

    While our plan is to reduce our losses in future years, we may continue to incur losses in the current year and possibly thereafter. Such losses would have an adverse effect on our shareholders’ equity and working capital.

    Because of the various risks and uncertainties associated with our business, we are unable to predict the extent of any future losses or when we will become profitable, if at all. Unless we are able to secure financing or start to become profitable, we may be forced to cease operations or to seek insolvency protection.…ANCE-CORP_…

    Well T.H.A.T. can't be too good for Lightyear. To say that the SEC 8-K Filing by Lightyear on February 19, 2010 would NOT be very encouraging to either its Reps or it's customers would be the absolute understatement of the decade.…ANCE-CORP_…

    If anyone is interested, the first sentences in each paragraph from page 9 on down gives a good snapshot. I guess having all that overhead associated with their much touted corporate headquarters building hasn't done much to help things.

    This is a very good example of why Randy Jeffers' business model for Liberty International and now especially for the new sub-division WOW Mobile, is way ahead of the game in terms of keeping expenses under control.

    Lets be clear that Lightyear has not stated in the 8-K SEC Filing that it is going belly up. — It only reported, among other things, its current debt of $24,000,000 and warned its customers and shareholders that unless it turns things around and is able to obtain additional financing, it may be forced to cease operations or seek insolvency protection.

    It has now become woefully obvious why some Lightyear people decided to go on the offensive and attack WOW Mobile. According to Lightyear's own SEC 8-K Filing, Increasing Competition Could Have a Material Adverse Effect on Demand for the Products and Services Offered by the Company.

    Perhaps Lightyear will ease up on bashing WOW Mobile in this thread. Ladies and gentlemen, everyone in this industry is trying to survive. I say, live and let live. WOW Mobile is not perfect but we're trying. Neither is Lightyear the shining star its people want it to be.


  18. DC Mac,

    I find it somewhat interesting that you only share the situation. How about sharing what you have done to get your phone. I know you have not reached out to us here in the community for help. So let me ask a few questions.

    1. When did you join WOW?
    2. What has WOW said about you not having a phone?
    3. What was the $775.00 for, because that number doesn't look like a regular amount I have seen charged to people?

    Help us out here.

  19. wow mobile : i still don't have my phone. i have pulled my bank account so they can't get anymore out of me. pretty sloppy. $775.00 and weeks and no phone. i cant sell something like this and put others through this.

  20. The Beauty of MLM is that, as independent reps we all individually make a company worthy or unworthy! The integrity lies with all of us as individuals! A few bad apples can spoil the bunch. And who takes the heat when that happens? Right, the owner does. Bash the people that put Randy Jeffers in that position. Randy Jeffers writes my checks…and they come every week like clockwork! And the phone service is great too! So, stop all of the crying and go to work.

  21. ROFLOL,

    Robert, I think you need to review the date of this post, and then go read all the others.

    Randy and I are good friends, and I have been beta testing WOW phones for months.

    As a matter of fact I'll be doing a review in the new few weeks on Liberty and WOW.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  22. Sorry but Troy seems to protest too much. What homework? The facts are, the company (Liberty) has operated for the last 10 years and paid checks promptly with NO legal issues with regulators. Do your homework but include the FACTS in it. This ranting and raving is nonsense. Listen to troys video again and ask yourself what he is so mad about. Jim Jones?? Koolaid?? Come on now. Lets have an adult conversation here and not vent about what seem to be personal gripes. Look at the WOW product and plan then review it. Look at the company and leaders (past issues yes but good for 10 years) and review that. No CRY BABY crap!!! Don't want to lose respect for you Troy. Buckle up and lets get back to BUSINESS

  23. Yo, everyone's missing the point here with WOW Mobile….Refer 3 and it's FREE. PERIOD. Who really cares who the carriers and towers they use. T-Mobile's unlimited wi-fi for $10.00 still can't compete with free.

  24. When you say you surf the net all you want, does that include tethering wireless wi-fi to a laptop computer?


  26. Troy! 🙂 I sincerely appreciate your responce and the action taken. You are a man of your word and one who can be trusted. 🙂 Sincerely, Paula Sylvester

  27. You sound like you are whining about money. Give me some sound facts, no your opinion of what's good and back. Sounds to me like you're getting your butt kicked in the business world. Seriously…I'd like facts, no whining…

  28. Dale,

    I did received two phones and we are doing a full review of the company the first week of March.

  29. Head to head GiConnect has a better price and better service than vontage.

    Seriously, if you think people are going to take you serious, I'm sad to said most will not.

    People do not need to lsiten to me, they need to dig for the facts and the truth.

    Scout, if you have documentation then send it our way or better yet contact the federal authorities.

  30. Scout,

    many companies beat vontage these days. As for the magic jack, that is funny in an of itself. Their customer service is the worst of anyone's I've seen to date. By the way check the attrition rate of Vontage and you will see how many people they have lost over the years because of frustrations. They lost my service because calls were always being dropped.

  31. I fully agree with you on the fact people should do a whole lot more research than they do on most companies.

    Ok, again you say you talked to all the frustrated customers, yet in most cases the customers we have heard from couldn't get anyone to answer the phones.

    Scout, many VOIP companies have these issues. It is the way the carriers and cable companies keep people using their own services. I went through this recently with my own company.

  32. Scout,

    Are you saying the Accounting firm who does the books for Liberty allows this type of accounting to go on all the time, for the last ten years? Are you trying to tell us, that reps who work hard for their money, never call and ask where their commission checks are?

    And why would the company not have money to pay checks, if there are a stack of uncashed commission checks laying around in a pile?

  33. Scout,

    Maybe you are Randy's nephew. And maybe you shouldn't have been fired, but if half of what you have written is true, then what haven't you gone to the authorities, instead of whining like a dull negative, dissolution crybaby?

    In another comment you said Randy did not have an office, now you are saying he did not provide a safe working environment. I'm the first one to nail a company or its owner for unethical or illegal activity, but this just sounds like someone crying in spilled milk.

    I would love for you to provide me valid documentation offline at if you have proof to backup your claims.

  34. Scout,

    First let me say thanks for coming by and commenting. However, in researching Liberty International aka WOW, I can say you do not give all the facts.

    1. Everyone knows Liberty is a Virtual company. You make it sound like this is new news.
    2. The WOW/T-Mobile VOIP phone is not live for the consumers yet. The phone they are selling is a traditional cell phone.
    3. Randy has been very upfront with folks he has partnered with T-Mobile.

    Now, lets get down to facts.

    1. Exactly what is corrupt about Liberty International or WOW? Don't spout opinion without facts to back up your accusations.
    2. Please inform us how you perosnally have been hurt by Radny, Liberty or WOW.

  35. Thanks so much for the reply. Is there a way I can private message or a good way to contact you? Thanks again..

  36. dciman,

    Yes WOW has two types of services. However the last I heard the VOIP was not available yet for retail, it is still in beta. They do use T-Mobile towers. I am beta testing both services, and will be reporting soon, maybe as early as this month.

  37. So WOW Mobile has two typs of service? a VOIP cell service as well as a traditional cell service?

    I was doing some research and someone stated that "WOW Mobile uses T-Mobile's towers to initiate the call then switches to VOIP" and this is how they are able to offer unlimited data? Is this true?

    When should we be expecting an update from you? Looking foward to it!

  38. Cliff,

    Read out follow-up posts. I have two phones now, and are testing both.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  39. I have video of the phone in action, call 302-420-6889 or facebook me cliffhenry

  40. Paula,

    I do not change articles because I want folks to see the evolution of where the series start and where they go. However, since some folks will gravitate to only negitive I am going to take your suggestion and add links to the new articles we have done on WOW, Randy and Liberty.

  41. Paula,

    You are correct. As a matter of fact if a person reads the first articles, they will see it is 90% on Destiny and not much on WOW or Liberty.

  42. Mark,

    Thanks for stopping by the community. Now from reading your comment it is easy to see you are frustrated about something. However, a lot of what you have stated has nothing to do with a company being a scam. As a matter of fact in most cases a true scam has the best looking websites, best customer service, tech support out of this world, and look like a Wall Street investment first called Madoff Investments, or are based out of Texas with offices all over the world, we know them as Standford International.

    So let me ask a few questions and see if we can get to the bottom of your frustration.

    1. WOW Mobile which is what customers see, looks good. So if you are talking about the original Liberty site and not their new one, what was it that caused you to join? Surely you signed up on the website and knew is could use an update? Were you ever on the calls where they shared about the new site about to launch?

    2. Randy has been very clear about the VOIP Cell being in beta, have you tried the new traditional WOW Service?

    3. Have you contacted your upline to see what the hold up might be on the phones? I have one of each phones beta testing and do understand it takes a while to get them. But two months does sound kine of long. Surely your upline can help. If not your sponsor have you gone upline until you found a leader who can help?

    4. Now as for customer service, exactly what part sucks? I have talked to Jami in customer service several times and she has been able to answer all my questions. Please give us a few more details. And each time she left a message with a number for me to call back. We did play phone tag a couple of times, but that is sure better than the customer service I have received from Microsoft based out of India.

    5. I see you wrote "try this company out" does that mean you were beta testing the company to see if it fits your personality, or what. Please explain? Did you come from another mlm cell phone company or what? Exactly why did you join Liberty? What were you looking for, and what drew you to Liberty in the first place.

    6. Now please explain what you had to hard sell? I have called several Liberty reps over the last two months, not telling them who I was, just to see how they approached my, and followed up. None of them tried to hard sell me.

    Now, if you have watch this video and read this report, you will quickly see I wrote on more on Destiny TelComm, not WOW Mobile or Liberty International. When you read a few of my other reports you can see WOW aka Liberty are not scams. They have been providing several services to end users and paying commissions for ten years.

    If you have uncovered something we have not, then please share. We are beta testing both the traditional WOW service and the WOW VOIP service and will be filing our report in Jan of 2010.

    But, we also respect folks who come and share here in the community. I do hope yu will answer the questions I asked, as your answers will help us moving forward.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  43. This company is a scam, i joined this and the web site sucks, the customer service sucks, i have 2 people in my down line that have waited over a month and still have got no phone, there is no number to call you have to email them, when they email you back its a day or two later and they dont have the answers and leave you even worse than when you emailed them, i was very happy to try this company out, but saw very fast this is going no place, when you have to try and convience people its not a scam from the start, and then their web site and tech support help prove this is a scam, its a very hard sell. I am glad there are videos and so forth to speak about these cons, sure you can make money, but at what cost, if you bring people in that cant bring anyone else in then you have a problem, i can bring in 1000 people but if none of them can move this because it comes off like a scam then whats the point, sure you made some up front cash but it starts to get old after a few weeks, dont deal with this company, if you have 2 hundred to spare sure its not bad to put in 2 hun and make a few bucks back, but dont expect to much more from this company.

  44. Sounds like another Lite Year Rep, got to have those bricks and mortar to be legit. Gee, I wonder how Liberty does it? The world of technology does have it's benefits.

  45. dciman,
    If you only focus on the negative side of things, bad things will happen. You are what you think. Now, on the positive side…My WOW phone works flawlessly. I referred 3 other people to WOW Mobile and now my cell phone service is FREE! To get out of my Sprint contract was $30.00. ($10 per month) Whoopee!! Insurance plans in my opinion are a waste of money. Do you buy an extended warranty on your car, appliances, jewelry, probably not, who does? I feel your pain however, too much for you to think about. Free phone service and big paydays, now that's a lot to think about!

  46. My thoughts on WOW mobile..

    WOW mobile needs to have the CDMA option for their to service work properly (Sprint / Verizon) GSM AT&T / Tmobile won't cut it.

    A GSM only product will keep the complaints coming as far as service goes.

    399.99 for a phone without insurance if something happens to it like a issue like lost, stolen, or a technical problem. As everyone knows who has a phone this is a BIG deal. Who will fix the phone? NO ONE! and if a new phone is needed dish out another phone for what another 400 bucks then have to wait for WEEKS for another phone?? Without a phone for even an hour there is a chance to lose BIG $ business wise.

    All this to save 20/30 bucks a month?? No Family Plan? What is this going to cost someone who has maybe 5 phones on a plan? 400 per phone? This is what someone will have to think about, $400 for the phone + $90 for the monthly cost + $180.00 per phone to get out of a current contract!!

    "WOW" that is a lot to think about!

  47. Tmobile is not a wonderful supporter of Wow. Liberty has purchased prepaid data plans then loaded the Sipdroid application on the phone to use to make voice calls thru there Global Freedom Phone network but the problem is it does not work. The only reason the web surfing and tethering works great is because you are using Tmobile data plans. The voice part if it does not work at all and it has only gotten worse. I am posting so much because it makes sick to hear all of these non truths about what Liberty has with Wow, it is all hype!!

  48. How is that final update coming?I am sure Troy has his phone since the big final update came out! How exciting! You Reps pushing this Wow service are plain desperate to make money that you have to make statements that flat out are not true. And yes I am a Rep to but I can not in good faith sell this service to anyone unless I fully disclose the truth and after doing that most people do not want to sign up. I guess Steve has no problem sleeping at night making crazy claims like his phone works great!!! Yeah the web surfing works great, if it works so great I take it you replaced your old cell service.

  49. Ask Randy why Liberty does not allow any reps to port their # to wow when liberty says every Saturday that only a minority of reps are having issues with the quality of service? What good is free cell service if you can't use it and replace your old cell service. Not one of these liberty reps have replaced their old cell service. Wow what a big savings. WOW,this belongs on scam alert. Someone answer why you can't port your #over and why liberty will not give you any time frame when you can. You reps need to quit saying how you don't pay for cell service when none of you could replace your old cell service,so where is the savings? And I know because I have had wow since day one and listened to every weekly call. I am now cutting my losses. I challenge any liberty Rep to question any statement in this post.

  50. I ordred my G2 phone on Sept 1st I received my phone on Sept 14th. when I received the phone I could not use it at all for voice service. However the other functions worked fine. I figured okay this a new product and I was willing to give it a fair chance. I told myself as long as it progressively got better that I would stick with it. Well it has been 3 months now and the voice service has only gotten worse. I can not use it to make or receive calls at all. There has been no progress, it has only gotten worse. I now several reps and I none of them can use their phone to talk on. On the rare instances where the phone was working they would call me and there was 7 second delay. Meanwhile every Saturday. Randy told everyone. How much progress was being made and how most of the wow customers could talk on their phone with minimal issues. Ed the tech Guy would feed us BS. About how the next big update would make. The phone reliable enough to use as primary phone. Oh and you if you. Want to check your messages you can listen to your voice mail from your cellphone. Now on Saturday Randy announced that they will not allow any new customers to sign up for the wow voip. Service because it was not reliable, even though for three months we kept being told by Randy and Ed how the service worked for the majority of the reps. Now you can only sign up for cell service which is thru T mobile and you can use thru their $399 phone. So basically they are a reseller of their tier 1 provider which nope cost$89.95 a month. Yes if you can sign 3 people you get it free, and yes that is a great deal, free, is hard to beat. Me personally, I do not want to resell a tier 1 providers service, and I have seen only regression in three months not progression.Troy if you do get a phone remember it is not running on the wow network it is running on Tmobile network. And the repair were told that only It's can sign up for the service. So it would cost a minimum of$200 plus$399 for the phone and then $89.95 a month until you can sign up 3. And on top of that liberty customer service said today you can not port your old cell # over or get insurance on your new $399 phone. Their wow phone service is far from being reliable enough to use as your primary phone. My discontent is with the fact that Randy kept telling. The reps how only a small number of reps were having problems and that the next big update would resolve that. I read all of these comments from Liberty reps about how well their wow phone works when the fact not one of them can use it as their primary cell phone and if they could wouldn't liberty let them port their number over. Not one Rep can port their old cell # to Wow, why because it is not close to being reliable. If it was then why would liberty not port their old # over. So yes you can get it free but you still have to keep your other cell service. And like I said the service has not gotten better in the last three months it has gotten worse.

  51. I ordred my G2 phone on Sept 1st I received my phone on Sept 14th. when I received the phone I could not use it at all for voice service. However the other functions worked fine. I figured okay this a new product and I was willing to give it a fair chance. I told myself as long as it progressively got better that I would stick with it. Well it has been 3 months now and the voice service has only gotten worse. I can not use it to make or receive calls at all. There has been no progress, it has only gotten worse. I now several reps and I none of them can use their phone to talk on. On the rare instances where the phone was working they would call me and there was 7 second delay. Meanwhile every Saturday. Randy told everyone. How much progress was being made and how most of the wow customers could talk on their phone with minimal issues. Ed the tech Guy would feed us BS. About how the next big update would make

  52. ROFLOL… Like Enron, MCI, Health South, AIG, Citi, Bear Sterns, General Motors, Chrysler, Washington Mutual, or did you have another in mind?

    Could Randy be at it again? Sure, but even with Destiny, after all the investigations, no one was found guilty of any criminal actions. And you will be hard pressed to find folks who were involved (unless they joined at the raid) who has anything negitive to say. A few yes, but not as many as have positive things. (which did amaze me.)

    Time will tell with all the MLM wireless companies, but to say you are only going to do business with a publicly traded company, doesn;t mean what it use to mean.

  53. I've read the article, I've even read through the comments, but so far as I can tell, there seems to be no real scam involved in WOW Mobile or Libtery International. It's simply MLM and nothing more. Either you do it or you don't. That's it. People are so skeptical of MLM schemes because some have been scammed in the past. But I've seen the presentation, it makes sense to me. Right now, they're offering the new Droid G2 phone which you have to buy through Liberty International. It's not the phone that's free – it's the service, and then only if you're dilligent enough as an IR to refer 3 people. Otherwise it's $79.99 a month, just like any other cell phone service you'd pay for.

    So as I see it, all the information is there, right out in the open. If they are trying to hide anything, it's higher up the food chain. You'll earn money based your dedication and willingness to work for it. Isn't that how it's always been?

  54. What's the difference? If the support doesn't exist, and promisses aren't kept, RUN AWAY! And do it quickly!

  55. Help them to get out while they still can. Randy is at it again. I'll do business with a company that is publicly traded, has a REAL home office and a staff to call for help, and a real product not just a promiss of a product!

  56. I would love to help the poor guy and his Dad. As I love the Liberty product and company. If we can help let us know.

  57. Clay,

    I personally don't think your dad got screwed. At least not yet. When you say "they" who are yuo specifically referring? Maybe if we can start at the beginning, when your dad signed up we can get the issues handled, and get him making some money.

    Have you gone all the way upline to get support?

  58. Clay,

    this is a frustration I have with recruiters in MLM, instead of Sponsors. However, this is no different than any other profession made up of independent reps. Even professional sports has this issue. The scout goes, finds the new player, gets them to sign on the dotted line, and are gone. Corporate recruiters, again do the same. Don't let the actions of a supportive upline, damage how you see everyone.

    Have you gone upline to find support, and someone with info who can help?

  59. Clay,

    I can fully understand your frustration when it comes to the phone. However, whether it's an Alpha test or a Beta test, there are going to be issues. I do think it is better to use your field force for the test, than selling a phone and service still in beta to the general public. If that were happening I would agree with you on the Integrity issue.

    And, I will agree that some reps may not be informing the folks they are sponsoring that the phone is still in beta, and that is an Integrity issue.

    And, you might be completely right at the whole company has an Integrity issue. However, in the limited contact I have had with Randy, top Liberty reps, and former Destiny reps, Integrity has not been the issue. Resourcefulness has sometimes placed into things.

    And, if they do not get the support system down before general launch, then they will have the same issues all the other companies are having. All except ACN and Lightyear, and the smaller companies who let the Tier 1 carriers handle everything.

  60. Clay,

    Although, I am still studying the tech side of things. It is my understanding that ALL Tier 1 carriers have issues in some locations. There is NOT one Nationwide 3-G carrier period.

  61. Hey Tony,

    I'm bashing them , because they screwed my dad and don't help thier new reps with problems. I know , I've waited on the phone for hours to get an answer form Tech Dept, and then when you get an answer, it's someone who doesn't even know what the problem is. The higher ups put the monkey on some little tech, who's just doing her job. You know. calling the people who are pissed and getting her ear full. This is a joke my friend.

  62. Don't forget the buy 3 next one free, except that doesn't apply to Wow Mobile products. Thought I'd let you know before you pissed off a customer who wants to buy 3 G2's at once, and get the forth one free, plus sign up 4 people on the service. That happened to me , so one phone cost them over $5000 worth of service and three referrals for my dad.

  63. Hey Steve,

    How about shipping one to P.O. Box 501 Van Horn , Texas, I'll test it for Troy, and while your at it , how about answering your messages. "Oh I know, my carrier pigeon probably went on vacation with the rest of the top dogs". that won't return a phone message.

  64. Good luck to those poor 3 you refer, because I guarantee there will be someone pissed in just a couple weeks. Enjoy that bonus money!

  65. Bless your mothers heart. I just wish I could get Randys phone number and I'd call him for her too.

    Maybe you can borrow one of my carrier pigeons and get some help, because you sure as heck aren't going to call for help. I was told he was going to call Troy as soon as he got a phone that worked. Troy I hope you aren't too old to wait forever.

  66. Hey Georgeo,

    Come on out to West Texas and bring your phone, I'd like you to make a calll 120 miles away. Yeah right, it ain't gonna happen, As long as you have wifi all over the city it may be great. One thing is for sure . They'll sell it to you regardless , and then leave you wondering if LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL, is still alive. If you have some clout, how about getting me Randy Jeffers phone number. I'd love to talk to him, and I'm sure my father who got bilked out of $2100 would too.

  67. Randy Jeffers preahes about INTEGRITY, what a crock of BS. I have had all the integrity BS i can swallow. All they are doing is sending out phones, adding all these updates that are suppose to make it the phone of all phones , yet when you get one , you had better hope you can figure everything out, because they have no call back rules in place, so no tech support. Oh yes they do, I forgot. They promised the delivery of a phone 3 weeks ago and it was suppose to be shipped the next day. I guess they had to send tech support out to buy one at Wal Mart.

  68. You are exactly right. They are going all over the country promoting these big seminars and getting everyone to sign up, but try to get someone to help you once your dooped.

  69. Yeah ,

    I knowm my dad got in and got screwed. They promise the moon and deliver pizza. Took a month to get the phone, and he would have been better off with a Walkie Talkie. How do you get hold of CS? carrier pigeon? How about accounting? Maybe Pony Express. The phone works if you are in a hot spot like next to your modem. These guys are a bunch of crooks. Try to get one on the phone , then let us know how great they are.

  70. Hi Enrico!

    The WOW Mobile product has WiFi capability becasue the actual handheld has teh capability to do that but it is NOT what WOW MOBILE is about. You are right WiFi phones are limited to only having service wherever WiFi is available. We found out how limiting that was 2 years ago when we launched a similar product. Now WOW Mobile was created with true mobility in mind. When all is said and done you will be pretty impressed.

    I would LOVE to talk about compensation plans. Over the years I have compared many compensation plans to ours and up until now have not found one that has shown better results.

  71. Hi Concerned,

    you are right many compnaies just launched WiFi/VoIP service and that is very misleading to the existing and new Rep. We launched a similar product 2 yrs ago in our Global FREEdom Phone network. WOW Mobile is about something different… more details soon!

  72. Clay,

    First let me say thanks for stopping by. And you are right "you are bashing Liberty/WOW. However, I see no reason to bash them. Instead provide facts. Your bashing will then be seen as a possible legitimate situation, and maybe, just maybe we can help strengthen the communication lines.

    If you feel it would be better to take this offline feel free to contact me live or via email at

    So, feel free to get specific. Share the promises, and the complete situation.

    So, instead of telling us "you did your homework" share exactly what you and your dad's frustration is all about.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  73. I'll bash Liberty International and Wow Mobile, because I have spent a month listening to every seminar, webcast, and anything else they have offered and it's all a bunch of BS.

    My father signed up a month ago and now is going to persue legal action, but you can't get any help or talk to anyone who doesn't pass the buck, so I doubt tha any of them will care. BEWARE, THEY ARE A SCAM. They took $2124 from my dad, and haven't done anything they've promised. So when you reply to this, just remember, I've done my homework and wasted a month on these idiots. I could go on about all this hype they are preaching, but you'd better keep your checkbook close, they'll rip you off. Hell , Troy , interview me , I've got plenty I'd like to say about them.

  74. My father signed upiwith Liberty International October 20th. He waited nearly a month to get his phone , which was promised by tech support 2 weeks earlier.

    I have been the one helping him get the business running , and they have yet to do anything that has been promised. I have listened to all the hype and BS.

    You can't get hold os customer service except by email. The tech department has a no call back policy and the accounting department can only be reached by email.

    He finally received the phone 2 days ago, and it doesn't work as good as a walkie talkie. They might work in some big city, but not in West Texas. I have tried to get hold of Randy Jeffers, his right hand man John Shaw and they all are hiding out. They preach about Integrity, and that is the biggest crock I've ever heard.

    I finally got hold of tech department today , and still got the run around. I have tried to get the names of other reps in our area , or satisfied customers, and that's also a big secret.

  75. Here's an interesting post from a WOW Mobile user from another forum…

    Wow Mobile – What can I say, other than WOW!

    A friend of mine and I were intrigued by the WOW mobile phone. I must say that it is quite a concept. Not just the refer three get one free, but the fact that you can use the phone as a teather to a laptop. To keep it short, we bought the My Touch at the retail level from the WOW Mobile dealer and decided to give the technology a shot before we looked at the business model for making money – DUE DILIGENCE, a very important factor in making any business decision, large purchase, etc.

    So. We get the My Touch. First thing I notice is that the phone turns on and the WOW Mobile logo pops up. It looks terrible – like a bad jpg or a bad gif – The phone fires up, and being on the android platform, is relatively easy to see what it is all about. It is nothing more than a VOIP mobile phone, (I guess its called MOIP?).

    First of all, I realize that the phone was just launched by WOW, however, if you are going to sell something, you had better know a little bit about the product – LIKE WHO THE CARRIER IS. There is no agreement between Liberty and T Mobile and ATT – There is no tower sharing, GSM sharing, etc. IT IS A TMOBILE PHONE WITH A TMOBILE SIM CARD WITH A PREPAID, (by Liberty), DATA PLAN WITH NO CELL RATES. I am not 100% sure, but it sure looks like Liberty is an affiliate of Simplexity and Wirefly. (You can easily get a phone from TMOBILE, get the data plan only for $30 – $50 per month – Download a MOIP application, and a tethering application, and you are all set. Nothing special. The only special part is where you can sell three phones, and yours is free.

    Here is a link to the pricing on the wirefly site:…rue&vi…

    Technical problem – When we did a reverse lookup on the actual telephone number that the WOW mobile uses to place and receive calls, it came up as a LANDLINE in the nearest city. When we sent a text message from the WOW phone, it sent the text message from a totally different number. This number, on reverse lookup, came in as a CELL PHONE in Woodburn, OR – (Isnt this where Liberty has offices)?

    Next problem is with tech support. Tech support does not operate a call center – you actually have to send them an email and they will respond to your technical issues. A Mobile phone provider with no phone support?!? That is ridiculous.

    These three issues really throw up red flags. I was actually hoping to replace my cell phone with the WOW mobile phone, (forget the business model – I already have two highly successful companies and more money than I really need). It was clear to me that the bugs really needed to be worked out with this phone, and I would have to keep my iphone with ATT as a backup in the event of bad coverage with TMOBILE. (Look at the TMOBILE coverage map – basically, if you travel at all, you might not want to use this phone).

    So – to all of you WOW mobile reps out there, I wish you all of the best – To WOW Mobile and Liberty – Get the bugs right. The phone was 299.00, and will cost an additional $1,068 for the annual international plan. if you go with the business model, that is an additional 1,600.00 for a grand total of $2,967.00. Not a massive investment, but a significant one none the less – especially considering the failure rate of MLM participants in the past, combined with a product that is not

    Another point – DONT TRY AND SELL A PRODUCT YOU DO NOT HAVE YOURSELF!!! The person who sold the phone to my friend advised me that they did not have a phone themselves!! Will you buy a plane from a person who has no pilots license? Will you buy a cake from someone who cannot cook? How will someone know what the phone really does if they do not have it? They want you to join the business model and get the phone, so you have every right to ask them to see theirs.

    If you are looking for a good business opportunity, forget MLM – How many people in MLM businesses do you hear say – "I have been with lots of MLM companies, and this is the best one"? No offense, but get realistic. They obviously had no success at the previous one and either jumped ship, or the company folded. They are chasing the dream just like you are.

    Reply to this thread with an email address where you can be contacted, and I will have someone from my team contact you about making money with a conventional, private, non-MLM company in the green energy saving field.

    Good luck, everyone.

    Mr. V.

  76. Toby,

    I will be posting tomorrow. I just got off the phone with Randy again, asking additional questions. When you have 10 years and two companies to review, you want to make sure you ask the right questions.

  77. Mike,

    I'll by doing a post tomorrow. I have been digging deeper into what Randy shared with me, and doing a little deeper look at the current company Liberty aka WOW.

  78. Gary,

    You make a solid point. Etihics should always be transparent. I am doing a new post this week on WOW/Liberty and will be contacitng Randy on this issue, so we report correctly.

    I will keep you posted. And I fully understand where you are coming from. I agree 100%.

  79. Hi Troy, 😉

    First off, I would like to thank you for exposing scam companies, so innocent people don't get hurt from them. I understand that many of the greatest leaders in MLM have held the top position in their comp plans but as you said "But, in those cases it was fully disclosed from the start. ".

    I was on the fence about WOW mobile and had found your blog which I was thankful for. You helped me to step back and really evaluate if I should spend my hard earned money in this down-turned economy with Liberty International.

    I realize you have had a chance to talk with Randy Jeffers, but I haven't been able to find out how that conversation went and if it was sufficient enough for you to move LI from scam alert to legitimate.

    My reply to Karla was due to the fact that she stated "Randy does not participate in the compensation plan I have seen his back office and he does not sponsor anyone it is not even fully activated." Which I proved to be false by testing if I could actually go through the sign-up process with him as my sponsor. I was able to go through the complete process and cancelled out as soon as I figured out that what Karla had said was not true, which doesn't look good for the company.

    Honesty is a better policy. It doesn't matter if Randy is involved as you have pointed out because many great leaders have been involved in the comp. plan. What does matter is we were told by Karla that he is not involved in the comp plan. I just want honesty. And if a company hides behind lies, I run as far away as I can from them. I believe this a good policy for everyone to take. It is too easy to get scammed with so many "get rich quick schemes" on the Internet today.

    Again, your blog is a good resource, I just hope that you understand where I am coming from with the reason why I responded the way I did to Karla.

  80. Concerned MLMer,

    You hit a great point. Another point to think about, is most of these companies are still only offering their service for internal consumption, not for retail use. In GV, if you want to use the service, you have to be a "dealer" I wonder how long this will last? I wonder if they had to promise a specific amount of dealers to get a signed contract?

    Questions, questions, questions. Personally, I think we should move away from this issue, and start a new MLM niche called the "2012 Guarantee" Our service will be an Insurance policy issued from our new Insurance company based in Campione d'Italia (an Italian enclave within Switzerland). We'll base the MLM side of things out of Mauritius, and just to be on the save side, we'll set all of our banking accounts up with a bank in Cyprus.

    Since folks thought Y2K was the end of the world, I figure 2012 should be just as ripe for making money. Our insurance policy will guarantee, that if the world really does end in 2012, we will pay the policy owner 200% of the face amount of their policy, plus another 100% to their heirs.

    If you are in, I'll get MLM attorney Kevin Thompson get the paperwork rolling, while you and I conger up a very creative compensation plan.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  81. Troy,

    You know what concerns me about all these "Wifi/VOIP" type "wireless" programs? Not one of them mention the fact that if you want your phone to work in non VOIP situations (like driving down the freeway) you STILL need to have regular wireless service from a REAL wireless provider! Not one of these companies are that. None of them are MVNO's, billing and servicing real wireless customers! They are all charging monthly for VOIP software and pretending to offer wireless. That's NOT wireless services, it's VOIP! If you aren't getting paid on wireless bills then you aren't a wireless companies.

  82. Gary,

    Let me step in for a second. What does it matter if Randy does have the top position? Some of the greatest leaders in MLM history held the top position in their comp plans… Mark Hughes (Herbalife), Art Williams (Primerica), Mary Kay, The Amway Founders, Hubert Humphrey (World Marketing Alliance).

    In Randy's case if you click through you see he is placing people who come through his link.

    By the way… Karla is a whole lot prettier than Randy 🙂

  83. Hi Karla,
    Actually that is not true! We just did a test and you can enroll under Randy Jeffers or Georgeo Scribino (aka Randy Jeffers) if you go to that website Georgeo says to go to. It redirects to the website under Georgeo's id but when you either click Join Liberty Now or About Me it all redirects to RANDY JEFFERS sign-up page and about me page. So, RANDY JEFFERS is GEORGEO SCRIBINO and he is the owner of liberty. He does participate in the compensation plan!!!!! Karla, I am Not sure who you are that you are privy to seeing Randy's back-office, but almost seems to me that you might be RANDY too!!

  84. Tim,

    You are still selling Pink Elephants. No contract, unlimited. BS. You guys are the reason people run from MLM companies!!!!!!

    I can't wait for the FTC to implement their new authority and cut companies like Televerus, FDI, Global Verge and others off at the knees so that innocent, faith following people are not lead down the garden path anymore.

  85. Well we also have mobile phones and 3g sim cards available….are you always able to get wifi? Hardly not…so what do you do then? No phone service with only wifi. Can you bring your own phone? Our service will be downloadable to any smartphone,,,no need to to be tied down to just a few expensive models. Liberty and WOW will have the same huge barrier to overcome as GV…a shady character at the stern. I will put our comp plan up against WOW any day of the week….Maybe we should have a third party judge… busy, Troy?

  86. It is an incredible markeitng strategya nd retention strategy. I have received FREE products and services on autoship for years and I can't see it any other way. I guess I have been pretty spoiled!

  87. good question Mario, no it is NOT the same company. I am glad you are reading the "fine print". With us UNLIMITED STILL MEANS UMLIMITED!:)

  88. Part 3: WOW Mobile difference

    WOW MOBILE is none of the above. You DO NOT NEED to aquire an additional plan or minutes with a carrier to use our phones. Our phones do have WIFi capability and you are welcomed and encouraged to use it if need be, but that is not the purpose of WOW Mobile. The purpose of WOW Mobile is to offer an unlimited wireless service with true mobility. The evolution of wireless mobile products has been fun and we have learned quite a bit about the benefits and the limitations of each product that is why we are sooo excited about WOW Mobile.

    I've done my due diligence, compared product line, compensation plan and telecom experience and I can help you do the same call me (951) 545 6078 or email me

    To your success,

  89. Part 2: The difference
    APROX 2 YRS AGO we launched the equivalant to the product/service TeleVerus is now launching. A dual "mode phone", WiFi and GSm depending on where you are you use your "minutes" or your unlimited plan. The cost of our service is $24.95 a month (Refer 3 and yours is FREE) UNLIMITED US, Canda, & Puerto Rico. In addition A YEARS AGO we introduced the NOKIA Intenet tablet WIMAX edition and you can use in BALTIMORE, ATLANTA, PORTLAND, VEGAS, CHICGAO, TEXAS, AND ANYWHERE ELSE WIMAX IS LIVE. We now carry the Samsung Mundi for WiMax usage. These are also $24.95 a month (3=FREE).

    These are all great products but have mobility limitations and that is how WOW Mobile comes into play!

  90. Hi Mr. Televerus,

    There is a BIG diferrence between what TeleVerus is launching and what WOW Mobile is:

    Liberty International launched The Global FREEdom Network and phone line in 2006 and pretty much already carry EVERYTHING within our GFP Network product line that Televerus has just launched or is launching. We carry VoIP adapters, FREE SOFT Phone, biz telecom products, Video Phone and it's newest addition the IP Media Phone (VERY IMPRESSIVE). APROX 2 YEARS AGO we introduce the equivalent to TELEVERUS' mobile service.

    continued in part 2:

  91. Thank mate!

    A little wetter than I like, but we did all right. Lost a lost of beach front, and one condo lost their sea wall. But all in all, everything is good. Now we need to pray for the folks inland as the rains are hitting them hard.

  92. Aruba Runner,

    Thank you for sharing. I think it is this kind of info which helps us to better understand.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  93. Toby,

    We had a little weather issue called Hurricane/tropical Storm Ida which hit yesterday. This put me behind a few days, since I took the weekend to make sure we were ready in case the storm went nuts.

    Should be no later than next Monday, and could still be this week.

    Living A "Wet" Epic Adventure,


  94. Our underlying backbone network is a traditional class 4 carrier and VoIP technology company. They monitor and optimize traffic conditions for the best network utilization. This way we avoid call congestion and provide high quality call levels. Our underlying network carrier owns it VoIP technology which gives them and us insight and experience in the VoIP arena lacking in most of our competitors products.
    VOIP<VOIP We do not want VOIP.

  95. Prices Looks like Mr Televerus might not be truthfull as his international plan from his website says $95.99/month and it is still VOIP!!!

    1st Month Recurring
    International Mobile VoIP $89.99 $89.99
    One Time Activation $18.99 $0.00
    911 Fees $2.50 $2.50
    Regulatory Surcharge $3.50 $3.50
    Data Card
    $114.98 $95.99

  96. Troy thank you for asking as I can not see anything similar with both company's. TELEVERUS looks like it is just another one of those VOIP companies. This is from their website.
    Mobile Products
    Basic Mobile VoIP Service (Includes software) – $24.99 (BV 5)

  97. MrTeleVerus,

    Can you share a little on how these two companies are alike? From my research, it seems the only likeness is the fact both are promoting some type of wireless service. However, it seems the technology is different. Please explain.

    Living An Epic Adventure,




  99. Valerie,

    Let me clarify my statement. From what we have uncovered to date. Most of the MLM Wireless companies have either inked deals with Tier 2 carriers to buy bandwidth or they have inked deals with Tier 1 carriers as affiliates.

    In the case of GV we are still doing research. However our early finding are leading us to believe their have inked deals with one or more Tier 2 providers for bandwidth, and have inked a deal with a tier 2 provider to private label their website to market services.

    Again, we are still researching and will be posting after the Hurricane/Tropical Storm rolls through.

    I should note, for any company to white label the network and phones we are talking about a large amount of money upfront, and some pretty huge guarantees. The first one or two companies which can truly offer a rock solid unlimited plan with the phone to match will be in the lead. The first one to offer an unlimited family plan will rule.

    Living An EPic Adventure,


  100. cont.

    For all those MLMers reading this forum, how much did you pay to get into all the other deals out there? $500. for ACN, $300. for FDII, $150., $50, plus monthly fees of up to $100. a month to access maximum commissions. And with Televerus, WOW and who knows how many others, what if you could market a real technogical breakthrough in telecom and wireless for FREE, NO MONTHLY FEES, NO PURCHASE REQUIRED TO EARN COMMISSIONS, NO OBLIGATION, you get the point. Well, I know what I did, jumped onboard. VOIP-COIP is the future and they just merged with MySocialIncome which is also a booming industry. witness, MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube and Twitter, but MSI is entrepreneur home based business oriented, and also FREE.

    Success to all,
    the end lol

  101. cont.

    1ButtonToWiFi was VOIP provider since 2006, which I was an affiliate for and customer, and now wiht their breakthrough VOIP-COIP service, I see this as the future in the wireless wars, and for good reason, technically, it is the only company which does not require a GSM smart phone or mandated to AT&T and T-Mobile carrier. So with all the worldwide users who do not own a smart phone, this is truly a money saving alternative no matter who you compare prices with. Not only that, they do not need contracts for data plan access, COIP does not use data networks of carriers, they have their own, and it is not a bandwidth hog like all the VOIP applications are, so if you are looking for long term future in telecom and wireless industry, look long and hard to learn while you earn and don't waste your time chasing the wireless wars.


  102. cont.

    We all know VOIP and internet is the future of telecom, just look at Google and Verizon deal which will involve VOIP over wireless focus to see the lines are getting blurred. The same thing we saw with cable companies and VOIP taking away the landline business from telecom companies. in less than a decade almost all communications will be internet as I see it. Vonage is another example, and with dozens of others, Magic Jack, and all the various MLM deals, VOIP is being pushed more and more, and now, COIP is making its debut, Cellular Over Internet Protocol which few has heard about yet, but will very soon.


  103. cont.

    The domestic wireless wars are here and now, so if you are smart, you only want to align yourself with an international world plan like I have, and for good reason, wireless is exploding worldwide while leveling off in U.S. International callers also pay much more with fewer if any options of one company, so if you like telecom like I do, and have researched or been involved in the industry for years, you have to do your due diligence like never before when you see telecom MLM's. Danger danger Will Rogers, you will likely get burned just like the hundreds of thousands in Excel, Destiny and dozens of others over the years. I got burned by one of first, remember Network2000, it was Sprint MLM which when hundreds of thousands of customers were sold by representatives, Sprint stole them all and ended the MLM plan.


  104. cont.

    Wireless wars has just begun, just look at the last few weeks to see this. AT&T was being threatened for not allowing use of their data network when they blocked Apple VOIP application, then we saw T-Mobile double data plan rates, all this because of the emerging exploitation of the data network which would cut profits of GSM carriers, so look at all the scrambling going on in the last month to see the future of wireless industry. Wireless wars is just starting, look at Straight Talk with unlimited voice, texting, and data for $45. a month, now you tell me, how is any MLM going to compete with this deal, and the backbone is Verizon, considered the best carrier by most with the best coverage. Then consider the fact is is being sold at your local Walmart? With all the MLM deals hyping $79.95 deals for questionable unlimited deals, forget it, who is going to pay almost twice the non MLM rate just to make short term commissions or earn free service with three sales?


  105. cont.

    As I see industry, we are at a point where only the major carriers will win, certainly not the MLM industry or any reseller for that matter. Why, simple, as profits dwindle, so too will commissions, and we have seen this in many industries over the years where MLM's are involved, the past examples are many, and Destiny is perfect example. Travel card mills are another example, any MLM which is at mercy of others to supply them does not have a long term future as I see it, so unless you are one of the get in early and the hell with all the other whores after the money, stay away from any MLM which resells for other companies, especially in a highly competitive industry like telecom, and now, wireless.


  106. cont.

    Simply put, peak bandwidth is a dirty little secret which is now becoming well knows to insiders, and the slamming of AT&T is just the tip of the iceberg. T-Mobile had a massive outage last week, another prime example of brewing reliability problems which I am sure everyone has experienced in past year with dropped calls, all circuits are busy recordings, etc. The reason, texting and now VOIP over data which are both bandwidth hogs which industry didn't calculate when they grabbed FCC bandwidth auctions way back when.


  107. cont.

    Bottom line, the same thing happened with FDII and GIConn deal, all that hype and BS amounted to nothing more than the same old same old VOIP over mobile which again is in violation of TOS, just as all were, and not to name them all here, Zero1 and GiConn are the scams as I see it, and the companies who fall for this are simply the morons of the industry, and sadly, this just adds fuel to the MLM bashers who want to destroy the industry.

    When it comes to VOIP over wireless, forget it, the industry is going through some dramatic changes and as I see it, the cell wars is just starting to heat up just as was the case with landline price wars before it. The point is, outside vendors will be the losers, even if they have a contract, just look at the recent changes with Apple and their aggrement with AT&T and exclusive deal they had for iPhone 3GS when releases. It was a huge success for Apple, yet AT&T could not even support applications and got slammed by industry due to what I call peak bandwidtch issues.

  108. cont.

    Simply put, believe nothing you cannot verify personally when it comes to MLM industry, especially when they are using outside carriers or suppliers which gives them little to no control in the end. Just look at the Buzzirk deal where Zero1 failed to deliver what was being hyped and promoted as a done deal. There is no such thing as a done deal, an iron clad contract, just read one and you will know it has so many outs it is nothing more than a worthless pieve of paper which at best could get tied up in legal battle for years while all the distributors get screwed over waiting and waiting. Zero1 was nothing more than a vendor who was going to exploit T-Mobile agreement using data network for VOIP or voice in violation of TOS, read it for yourself in your data plan agreement, so why Zero1 thought they could slide around it is laughable, and sadly for GlobalVerge and Buzzirk, they got sucked in.


  109. cont.

    As to WOW, and Jeffers, certainly with his reputation, I would take Troy's advice seriously until you see a signed contract allowing such use of data plan through T-Mobile. There have been a half dozen of these so called VOIP over mobile deals, and as I have researched, they were all being promoted with blantant intent to violate carriers data plan TOS which did not allow voice over their data network, and for good reason, they would be losing money if they allowed everyone to use VOIP over data, simple.

    In the recent past few weeks we have seen a new cell ways emerge like never before, similar to what we saw in the traditional telecom industry when deregulation hit. So many trying to exploit niches in industry you can hardly keep up with it, and since most are not experienced, they tend to believe the hypsters and shysters like Jeffers.


  110. Good question, and one everyone should see to believe, just too many of these deals are based on speculation and heresay, but rarely if ever is there a contract anyone will or can show the field.

    With so many loop holes in the telecom industry since deregulation, there have been many examples of supposed contracts, but in so many cases, a contract, if one exists, may not be for what is being promoted by vendor, so unless you can read the contract, and then understand the technical issues related to contract, it means little to hear someone saw it, so don't believe amything unless you see it and understand it personally.

    Remember, this is MLM industry we are discussing, an industry well known for more BS than all the organic farms in the world. lol I have been in the telecom industry since '84 and I have seen it all, agent agreements, vendor agreements, and like the hundreds of calling card deals, many were outright frauds selling on advance of payment, then folding their tent and changing names and starting another card mill.


  111. I would like to ask…according to what Troy said….most wireless companies do not use a Tier 1 provider…
    Do you know if Global Mobile 1 has a Tier 1 Provider.

    Personally I do not trust anything that Global Verge puts on their website as they have lied in the past.
    The "Proof is in the Pudding" as we say….as so far WowMobile seems to be making the best pudding.
    I think the only drawback right now with WowMobile is that in order to use the service you have to spend $399 for a phone…..which is a lot of money for a lot of people in this current economy.
    If they could finance the phone interest-free (like T-Mobile does now even on non-contract plan)…it would make it more successful…or if they could offer the unlimited service through a sims card
    to be used with any unlocked GSM phone….now THAT would ROCK!!

  112. Service Availability: Global Mobile 1 does not guarantee availability of the wireless network for GSM, CDMA or WiFi. Services may be subject to certain equipment and compatibility/limitations including memory, storage, network availability, coverage, accessibility that impact the quality of wireless service.
    Also they are saying they wil be able to use their phones to " call over 200 countries" . This is very funny if you know anything about cell coverage. If you would like the conference number they are using for many of the lies I would love to give it to you.

  113. Here is information right off their own website. I really like the unlimited plan!!!

    Terms & Conditions

    Unlimited Plan Details: Global Mobile 1™ Unlimited Local & LD Plans are capped at 10,000 minutes per month. Unlimited Text Messaging is capped at 30,000 per month. Unlimited MMS, Internet & Data is capped at 5 Gig per month. If an individual customer, or a family plan customers combined member usage goes over 10,000 minutes during their 30 day plan period, wireless service will be suspended until such time additional minutes are purchased, or the next 30 day plan is purchased and added. No refund is offered once a plan PIN is added to the handset. In order to maintain service and retain mobile number, subscriber must continue to purchase and add Unlimited Plan PINs at the end of each monthly billing cycle. Subscriber mobile number may not be available to reactive if service is suspended for more than 15 days. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. See our website at for current rates and terms.

    Global Mobile 1™ Unlimited Local Service is offered nationwide.

  114. ArubaDreamer,

    It's starting to be an even bigger surprise to me. Although I still believe based on the benchmarks we use, the decision was correct, I'm just not sure if they have fixed enough issues to warrant the move permanently. I will be doing a new update this week on GV.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  115. Troy great update. The biggest surprise I have seen you do is when you took Globalverge from the SCAM group. How are there phones?? Do they have any??? Who is going to provide their service?? They have been scaming people since June taking their money every month and with no service to sell. I admit they have a very pretty new website. But what are they really selling?? Troy please inform everyone the TRUTH on this huge Scam. Also look into the new TVI express copy cat JUUGO.

  116. Karla,

    It was a great conversation. Randy did not beat around the bush and was very straightforward with every question. I am looking forward to getting a phone. WOW will be the first company who has reached out and offered us the opportunity to test the appliance and services.

    Knowing Randy has his hands full I hope you will be available for answering some of my questions as we move forward.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  117. Karla,

    You make a very important point here. Just like Microsoft is always doing updates, or even a regular cell phone company has regular firmware updates, it should be expected that with any new technology there will be continue updates as the product rolls through alpha and beta testing before going live to the masses.

    And in the case of Liberty, I would say using your field force for beta is a smart move. The only issue is the critics (like myself) who are skeptical based on the past experiences we have seen this summer.

    Thank you for continuing to be a major part of this community and keeping our comments in perspective for all who read them.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  118. Karla,

    This is exactly what we did at ProSTEP. I have folks who had not paid for their services with us for years, because they had sponsored three people who stayed on the services. In thousands of cases we had folks earning a few dollars a monthly above and beyond their monthly autoship to over $80K per month.

    Most companies do not do it this way any longer, because they want to use the float to earn additional interest.

    This is good to know.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  119. Karla,

    I would love to dig into this a little deeper offline. But before we do, please send me a PDF of your compensation plan with complete details, not just a marketing overview. Randy and I did not get into this subject yesterday because of pressing priorities on both out parts.

    However, from reading what you just wrote, I may want to use Liberty's compensation plan in our continuing series on Compensation Plans. We used a "3 & Free" compensation plan when I ran ProSTEP and it was great for the part-time distributor, who was more focused on the product and services than making huge money.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  120. I want to focus on something Karla just wrote.

    "We are not using AT&T as a tier one provider YET! Right now we are using one Tier 1 provider." The reason I am focusing on this issue, is because not all of the MLM companies focusing on wireless technology are dealing with ANY Tier 1 providers. As a matter of fact as we dig deeper, we are seeing several of becoming resellers of Tier 2 providers and just re-branding a white labeled website.

    With an announcement I made yesterday on Aces Radio Live, we will be digging into some of these issues in a bigger way in the next 45 days.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  121. Valerie,

    Let me jump in here real quick. Randy and I finally caught up with each other yesterday. We all need to understand, company executives have to keep their companies running, and worring or focusing on just one person may not be productive at any specific time. And as that pertains to Randy and I connecting, I am just as much to blame. My schedule this last month has been very busy.

    However, we had a great conversation, which lasted longer than either of us first anticipated. Randy explained why he had waited on sending a phone (which I fully respect) and said he would be getting one to me now that we have launched into an open dialog.

    I will be putting out a series of updates, starting this coming week, which will fill in some blants from the old days, and give a better picture of where Liberty aka WOW is heading.

    Hope that clears up this little piece of the puzzle.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  122. I don't undetstand why Randy Jeffers has not gotten Troy a phone yet or spoken with him…I am WAITING to see how that turns out before getting involved.

  123. Hi Valerie!

    I am so impressed by you.. I really dig teh fact that you are doing your research objectively and you are asking the right questions. I do need to point out that the we are not yet using AT&T as a Tier 1 provider yet. Rigt now we are using one Tier 1 provider but we have some very cool things about to happen in regards to coverage and networks we will be using. Can't go into detail about the stuff that has developed in the last few days because you know how crazy it gets online with information. It is amazing how quickly information can change and next thing you know all these different versions of the story develop over night. More informaiton will be coming soon. In the meantime stay close to the right information sources to make sure you start off on the right foot when you do get started…

  124. Now check this out… ALL our customers can benefit from the 3 = FREE program. In Liberty our customers really do become your sales force… and that is why they can also accumulate commissions and be pleasantly suprised with a check in the mail once in a while too.

    So now you can see how this Marketign Strategy has a built in retention startegy too! Why would your consumers go anywhere else when they can have their product or service for FREE!

    Once someone gets a taste of $0.00 on their order for whatever service or product they ordered, they become even more excited then they were when they were paying for it and there is nothing like printing out that $0.00 charged order and showing it to someone as proof except maybe cashing some checks 🙂

  125. Liberty International's Unique Marketing Strategy… Refer 3, Your's is FREE!

    How does it work? Your WOW Mobile service is included as an item on autoship (monthly pre-programmed order). Every month on the same day of the month your autoship will process but before doing so the system checks every Item # on your order and searches within your personally sponsored reps to find it there 3 people (Reps or Customers) who recieved the same Item # on their autoship within the last 30 days. If it finds 3 or more people then the order processes without charging you a cent. This applies to ALL our products (Health and Wellness, Fundraising, Global FREEdom phone, WOW Mobile) all can be acquired for FREE every month once you have 3 directly sponsored Reps or Customers consuming that same product or service. FREE AUTOSHIP. You will receive your full commission on the item, as will your sponsor and everyone upline to you.
    This is where unlimited depth comes in handy. It does this every month with every Item # on your autoship!

  126. Hi Chase & Troy,

    I need to step in here a minute and clear this one up becaue it is a BIGGIE!

    I know in this industry when someone says "you get your (product/service) FREE they really should say "as if it were FREE' becasue what they should really say "It's a wash once you receive enough commissions to cover your costs.


    *** When we say Refer 3, Your's is FREE! We mean FREE! You will not be charged a cent for it.

  127. Hi Bob!

    I appreciate your concern and I know that the recent activity in telecom has tainted everyone talking wireless with a big red "WATCH OUT" but the truth is Top Execs at our Tier 1 provider (soon to be more than one), they will know excatly who we are and will be very well aware of our WOW Mobile project. They are very excited about it. You are right if we didn;t have agreements in place it would spell out BIG TROUBLE! That is ot the case here. Once someone can demo the phone for you they can show you a few different things to clear this up and gain your trust about the project.


  128. Hi Concerned MLMer,

    I'm not sure if we connected on a different forum already but just in case that is not the case then let me address your "concern". 🙂
    A Liberty International Rep can demo the phone for you and show the difference between soem of teh voice prompts used by TMobile and us. That should be a good indicator for the provider.
    That is actually a very good way of finding out if someone is on the up and up with any of these companies.

    Now, if you are the Concerned MLMer I connected with on a different forum then:
    Congratulations, I know that you already started your business with Liberty International and hae seen you promoting yoru business online. I look forward to meeting you in California.


  129. Hi there! Just want to clear up that there is a series of upgrades released almost daily and most likely there will really never be FINAL UPGRADE.

  130. Hi Troy!

    Heard you and Randy finally were able to connect. I am very glad to hear that. This project has evolved into a MEGA Project! I am just too excited about everything that is starting to unfold! I also heard you will have a WOW Mobile phone pretty soon! Now that is great news. Looking forward to hearing about that very soon.


  131. Hello Valerie
    I use it all the time in Ma. My friends are in Fla. We all have had not trouble with the coverage where we live. I do know one person in Indiana that has had some coverage trouble. But I drop Verizon calls all the time. The unlimited international consist of 50 countries right now. Yes I do have that plan. I mean for $10 why not?? I show it to many people from other countries and ask them to call home. They are amazed. You can email me if you need more info.

  132. Do you have the international plan that allows you to call unlimited internationally?
    I am curious to hear from someone that has used that feature.
    How is the coverage of the phone? I heard you get access to T-Mobile coverage as well as AT&T. Can you verify if this is correct?
    There have just been too many other phone companies that have not come through on what
    they promised like Global Verge and FDI, so we are waiting to hear Troy's review.

  133. I hope you like the phone as much as I do. I amaze people when I put it on the table and let everyone start using it to call almost anywhere they want. Then I have them use their laptops teethering to the phone and everyone eyes are wide open and can not believe that the phone can do all that.
    Can not wait to hear about your meeting.

  134. Valerie,

    I have not received any phone to date. And if our schedules work, Randy and I will be meeting this week.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  135. Israel,

    These are interesting poss. But you did not give us all the info.

    1. Do you live in a city or country
    2. DO you live inside a huge apartment complex
    3. Do you live under power lines

    I understand the frustration of cells not working with the big four, so I would expect it from a smaller player.

    Give us more details, not just frustrations.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  136. Israel here you new phone with state of the art tecnology voip system., my bigest frustration was when I try to contact one of my sisters in mexico, She can't hear me and I can't hear her also that was my bigest frustration, so I send an email to the company, what can I do to return, my phone because I was all dissapointed with the service they offert and one of the customer service rep. tell me, if you want to get you money back made sure to send you packet the same way you receipt it., well I send it back the phone two wees ago, and I still not get any answer, or even better I do not get my money back yet.

  137. Well I really like all this comments about wowmobil my name is Israel Cruz unlucky for me I was enroll in this company call Liberty International, and their new branch wowmobil.
    I want to mention this because when the new cell phones came to the market I was so exited about it.
    I when myself to my own liberty website and try to get the lates phone service, for the bla,bla, bla from the presenters, Karla and Danny Pacheco, But my bigest sorprise was when I order my phone it take almost a month before I get it, Then when I finally get it, I give as a present to my dauther, she was so exited like me, when she got her phone, but the bigest deseption was when my dauther try to call me from her phone, and I kind to hear like bunch of roaches, inside of the phone, then they offert a plan of 79.95 for national calls and 89.95 for international calls suppost to 40 countries, liers, that's all what they are, then a week latter I get and Email from the company that reads the following:

  138. Valerie,

    I did not get a phone as of when I left town last Sunday. I will be back today and will check.

    However, Randy and I are connecting next week and after that conversation I will be posting ALL UPDATED INFO ON Liberty & WOW!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  139. Why would you think that WOWmobile does NOT have an agreement or contract with T-Mobile??
    Troy…I think it is time for you to respond here….
    Did you get a phone and try it???

  140. The reason you pay a WOW Rep is you have the opportunity to get your mobile service for FREE, after you refer 3 people. T-Mobile does not offer this……
    Troy…WowMobile has produced the phones and the service…..
    Are you going to move WOWmobile out of the scam category?

  141. Valerie,

    T-Mobile doesn't offer this because it is not a valid offer. It's a Pyramid scheme. Once T-Mobile stops activating new phones for Liberty International, the Pyramid crumbles. WOW has not produced the phones or the service. They created an application to load onto a T-Mobile phone that routes calls to VOIP. They have "Piggy backed" off T-Mobile service and phones. The phones are T-Mobile and the SIM cards are T-Mobile. WOW has re-branded a trademarked T-Mobile phone (G1 & Mytouch) on their websites and craigslist. I've talked to many T-Mobile employees and they have never heard of WOW Mobile. Ask Liberty International if they've every signed any agreement with T-Mobile other than one of their normal business account agreements. Then ask them to see the agreement. This type of scheme happens all the time and it isn't going to last very long. Everyone that has given Liberty International money is not going to be happy.

  142. An Observer,

    If WOW Mobile had an agreement with T-Mobile don't you think T-Mobile would have launched the new WOW / T-Mobile phones. Funny when you call any department at T-Mobile not one of T-Mobile's employees have ever heard of WOW Mobile. Little do you know, I have all the facts. Randy Jeffers has no signed agreement with T-Mobile to change the software on their phones. Furthermore, WOW reps have re-branded T-Mobile Mytouch and G1's as WOW Mobile phones on their websites without T-Mobile's authorization. If you’re a WOW Mobile sales rep, I'd start asking to see a signed agreement with T-Mobile. I can guarantee there isn't one.

  143. Are you kidding me? Nothing irritates me more than someone with half the facts running off at the mouth about something they no very little about. I dont sell WOW and and not a member of any MLM but do you honestly think a company would do a major launch for a phone service using T-Mobiles phones without a corporate agreement? lol….Bob…your pretty hilarious.

    As for the phone service….to me this is very simple. Either the phone and service work like they say or it doesn't…..end of story.

    For those of you that are reps, I would suggest showing a demo of the phone on youtube, with ALL of the features that you claim.(as some of you have already done…I am sure)

    For the skeptics, quit running off at the mouth with half information. VERIFY , PROVE, what you are saying before you start spreading rumors.

  144. Troy and others,
    Let me explain what is happening here. If WOW Mobile is using T-Mobile phones and T-Mobile SIM cards this is T-Mobile service. WOW would have to have a contract or agreement with T-Mobile to sell their product and use their service. I believe in the world of T-Mobile this is called an unauthorized reseller. I'm 100% sure that WOW Mobile is breaking copy right and trade mark laws by using T-Mobile's phone pictures on their website if WOW does not have an agreement with T-Mobile.

    Don't be fooled by this. T-Mobile will catch on soon.

  145. Georgeo,

    Thank you! I always keep an open mind with companies, and know they can change, and most of all I can be wrong.

    I am excited about meeting Randy, and just sitting back and listening to his share.

    You are a blessing to this community.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  146. Hi Troy, I've been away but watching….Just wanted to say we appreciate your open mind in regard to Wow Mobile. It is interesting to see the naysayers apparently are finding out the truth about what Wow Mobile can do.. As you can tell, the story will be told soon. The Real Companies with Existing cutting edge phones and Real Company service will soon set themselves apart… May everyone move forward and prosper. Georgeo

  147. Joining WOW, you really should read through all the comments before you lash out. You may find some very interesting turn of events.

  148. Agree: Troys scam and GV assoc is unprofessional…Troy is using information from over 10 years ago for his argument today, to portray a company negatively.

  149. in2WOW,

    This is a great post. Randy and I are both pretty busy the next few days, but we have connected and are scheduling a call where we can relax ans take our time.

    I want to thank you for always being so professional and sharing such great insight into this issue.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  150. Steve,

    So far no phone. But Randy has reached out and we plan on connecting late next week or early the following week. I see this as a great opportunity for me to sit back and listen as Randy shares about the past present and future.

    In watching all the MLM telecommunication chaos, I look forward to every call I get from top corporate brass.

    You and Karla have been two very professional distributors who have kept the dialog moving forward, and my hat is off to you.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  151. Troy if WOW Mobile does NOT, after you use the phone, talk to Randy and truly investigate the company, make you change your post from SCAM to front page Legitimate company offering Liberty a rating of Solid, legitimate, and a FOR the reps company I will lose complete faith and respect for you and legitimacy of your site for providing the TRUTH to your loyal followers.

    Once again thanks for listening and don't forget my phone is always on!

    And so it is……

  152. Troy,

    Want to give you a little tech update. Now I talked to Randy on Wednesday evening and he told me that Karla had arranged a call between you and him yesterday. I am not sure if that was done but I want to share my experience with the WOW service and debunk these "Myths" about any other wireless telecomm service on the market today.

    First off until last Monday the WOW mobile service in other then a 3G area was unacceptable. This is why I told you we needed to wait to send you a phone, which I understand from Randy was going to be sent to you last week, to use. As of Monday WOW mobile can now provide a TRULY wireless phone able to produce a call of exceptional quality on EDGE or GPRS that is better then any land VoIP or digital phone I have heard. If anyone wants to hear the quality on Edge, Voip over 3G is simple folks more on that in a sec, please feel free to call me at 503-583-3336. This is my WOW number.

    Lets be go back to my "simple" statement. 3G produces high speeds( Cellular downloads up to 1.5 Mbps and uploads to 350k kbps +) Traditional VoIP needs 200 k minimum upload to have voice call quality. Anything lower and the voice will be gabbled, delayed, and a host of other non conforming quality standards. So 3G can run a VoIP call most of the time very well BUT most people who use cell phones do not live or at least move form 3G to Edge and back in their daily lives. So as of last week the Amazing engineers at WOW mobile have been able to provide exception voice call quality on speeds between 6-16kbps (EDGE and GPRS speeds). This, as far as I am aware, has NEVER been done before.

    So is WOW perfect yet. No it is not but Troy we are 95% done in having the finest Wireless service in the nation. What needs to be finished now is some fine tuning. This fine tuning is a combination of tweaking the software to purr along with working with Engineers from our Teir 1 providers ( note plural) to sync network with technology. That being the case let me share what I have personally experienced this week with my WOW mobile phone.

    Last week I came up to Canada to visit family. At that time when I crossed the border I could not make or receive a call on the Edge network up here (Rogers Wireless). As of Monday my inbound calls are better then any digital, voip or standard land line I have ever used. Now get this. I decided to test the quality so yesterday I had my WOW partner call me when I was driving. I intentional drove to an area where I knew both Rogers and Telus (GSM and CDMA carriers here) had the almost impossible task of maintaining a call. When I reached the spot by the airport where the calls drop and are sketchy at best I found that my phone was on 1 bar and there was only a 2 second crackle on the call I was having with my partner in Spokane, Wa. This call lasted 25 minutes without any diminished quality. The Engineers had told us that when the upgrade was done we would probably experience better call quality then the our regular cell phone and I can tell you thy where BANG ON with this statement.

    Now technically WOW is not even suppose to work in Canada YET but I am using it every single day.

    So as WOW is a company that does not hide behind Hype and BS, which is so refreshing to see compared to the rest of the wanabee Hypster Telecom companies parading around today, there are a few issues to resolve. If I try and make a call out, remember I am in Canada so it is not suppose to work, I cannot complete a call with less then 3 bars. (receive is a none issue). When I do connect with 3 to 4 bars the quality is what I would say is acceptable but not excellent compared to inbound calls. Again this just a matter of "tuning" and I have not the slightest bit of doubt that the WOW Mobile engineers will have this worked out very soon.

    Troy, WOW Mobile deserves respect and most of all Randy Deserves respect for what this man has been able to do thus far. First off he has a 10 year old company that has paid it's reps every week since. Also do you have any clue what he does behind the scenes no matter if he is a preacher, minister, Buddhas monk his heart is in the right place. Have a look at what this man is doing PERSONALLY to help others in this world – We are so quick to criticism but fall so short to stand in judgment of our own deeds or for that matter LACK of deeds considering we live in one of the most abundant nations in the world.

    Let me share something about a word I hold as the single greatest ideology especially in this industry. Integrity. In a conversation I had with Randy prior to my involvement with WOW he told me this. If you want perfect then don't join and get back to us in 6 months. But if you are willing to take a few bumps and bruises along with us you will be justly rewarded. I have NEVER had any owner even remotely present an OUT from the get go. All I have ever heard was that this or that company was the best thing since the "invention" of water and that we where ALL going to make millions.

    Continued on next post…

  153. I am a rep for WOW Mobile. The phone service is great and the checks are sent weekly. I was in the GV whirlwind and swore I wouldn't fall that hard again. Well, that changed when I saw it in action, this is real. There is a very nice website that helps market the service, check this site out.

  154. Karla,

    So if I am sitting at Starbucks and use their WiFi (which is unsecured) then there is a possibility the data on my WOW mobile phone or any other WiFi phone (I do not have one, this is an example), would be vulnerable to cyber-criminals?

    On the other hand if I understand correctly, if I am using my phone to connect my computer to the internet and have my computer security active and up to date, my computer data should be safe?

    If I have them wrong please correct me.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  155. Hi Troy!

    I was not involved in this video but I use the wireless tehcering on my wowmobile to power my laptop with intenet while in teh passenger's seat of a moving vehicle. The intenet signal comes from the phone service itself and not WiFi spots.The wifi signal can be left unsecured or secured, you can "see" if anyone else has connected to your internet access, and set permisions or block.

  156. Hi Concerned,

    SOmewhere on here I posted the step by step instructions to do it. If you can't find them let em know and I will send them to you but as far as enrollign for the service…. you should really do this through the person who orginally present WOW Mobile to you.


  157. Chase,

    3 for Free is not an issue. Everyone is still paying for their service, it's just a wash with the commissions they receive back.

  158. I don't know if this question has been answer by anyone, but looking at it from a layman's view, if everyone is getting free service by referring 3 and so forth. how is Liberty going to have the revenue to pay the downline their commissions?

  159. I am not sure why your questions would go unanswered most questions seemed pretty straight forward to me. Send me over a list and I will most definitely provide answers.

    As far as the technology, yup I know with each launch there is a learning curve for all parties involved. Based on my knowledge of what the other companies are launching they should be up and running smoothly soon if they are setting up an infrastructure they fully control. Runing VoIP in the wired broadband, WiFi, WiMax arena, has become much easier now compared to 3 yrs ago. What we are launching now is an emerging technology, we are the first to actually put it to market. We'll talk more about it during our call.

  160. Sound good Troy,

    I will talk to Randy tomorrow and set up some time for Friday that way it is not too much of a short notice for anyone I am sending you an email right now and I look forward to your questions. Hopefully we can get you the feedback your readers are searching for.

    I wish I could find out who was sending you a phone. I'll try to sift through the comments and see if I can figure out who it is to find out the status.

  161. Karla,

    This sounds very interesting. I am looking forward to chatting with you.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  162. ROFLOL,

    I've already got the crew on changing the name to Karla's

    Now, let me clear up one thing. My fan base here at MLM Help Desk may be a whole lot smaller than those who disagree with me. But in the end we all want the same thing… To find the right company for each of our desires.

    Feel free to continue to share.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  163. I am probably the most skeptical of all people. I am a research maniac. You are so very right about peple not taking the time to understand the technology and all the over hype but there is also another threat…

    understanding the technology that onecomapny is launching and not comparing apples to apples… For example… I see many people comparing a few companies and products as if they are all launching the same thing. This is a big mistake. Not understanding the different technologies chosen by each of the companies will definately hurt them in the long run especially those who are looking to build a long lasting sustainable residual income.

    If they do not know what they have in their hands (Reps) or what hey can get their hands on (prospects) they could be missing a very good opportunity. This area of netowrk marketing is about to become highly competitive you want to make sure you choose the right company leveraging the right product/technology.

  164. My dear Troy,

    Your last sentence is true about FDI and Televerus but not so for Liberty/WOW Mobile.
    We have been using Voip over WiFi (what they just launched) for over a year and a half now through our Global FREEdom Phone Network. We have even been using VoIp over WiMax since Oct 2008. WOW Mobile is a whole different ball game. I would love to have a chat about it and explain what the difference is and why the differences are so important. I am pretty good at explaining this stuff especially to people who are not familiar with the technology.

  165. Yes there are a ton of these videos. I know the first person to make one of these recordings was Charlie Williams.
    I have a video of us opening the box and making the 1st call on the 1st WOW Mobile device in the field back on Aug 15th.

  166. Hi Concerned MLMer,

    I think I responded to you somewhere on here hwo to get the service. Now please take a moment to think back to how you found out about WOW Mobile and then lets get you signed up with teh person responsible for that. Remember this is network marketing and integrity is the only way to go here. Let me know if you need help tracking down that persons Tracking ID (Rep Id) and then I will gladly help you sign up for the service through them.

  167. Hi Danny!

    I believe you were talking about a different company when you said:
    "Just step back and ask yourself why didn't they have thousands and thousands of phones ready to go? Because they are using Peter to pay Paul and buying phones on the fly. One little hiccup and good by to another hyped up Cell deal. "

    I just wanted to make sure you weren't talking about Liberty/WOW Mobile. Since we were already an established 10 yr old network marketing with the infrastructure in place in telecom before launching this product, the fnancial stability and cash flow are there. We launch on the day we promised and bottom line "quite a bit of financial resources were already invested into the project even before we let the cat out of the bag or even had the name of the service decided. It's smart to learn from other people's experiences and you can imagine we were very observant.

  168. Go through the join now enrollment process and then select preferred cutomer when asked. $24.95 then order your WOW Mobile service and your handheld device. You will pay fo ryour evice now and your service will be charged 30 day from now.

  169. I KNOW that everytime someone contacts the company directly for information customer service reponds directing them to the person who referred them if they say no one referred them they ask how the person found out and if they say they actively searched for it. We get to the bottom of it. I have personally handled quite a few of these calls and only in one instance did I personally sponsor the IR and that was because he activaley searched the company out after seeing one of my facebook ads. If handled with integrity you can always find out the story and in that story is the real sponsor.

    I can forward emails from the last 3 years showing that it is handled this way. Let me knwo if you want a copy.

  170. Concerned MLMer and Troy,

    I am sorry Troy I know I have posted quite a bit today but I had not visited your site before and I feel these are very good points that should be cleared up so that you and your fan base can become familiar with who we really are and what we are all about.

    Yes Randy has his own personal gateway and yes it has an "About Me" page. This was designed as an exmaple of how people should do theirs. The back office for the about me page has specific questions for you to answer about yourself in order to promote yourself.

    No one signs up there. If they did they would immediately be contacted to correct the situation. How do I know this? Randy does not participate in the compensation plan I have seen his back office and he does not sponsor anyone it is not even fully activated.

  171. Hi Concerned MLMer,

    WOW Mobile provides the service not TMobile or AT&T. The system shows "IRs Only" because even our preferred customers are treated as IRs for all intended purposes. You see they are also assigned a Tracking IR (Rep ID) so tat when tey refer 3 the system allows them to track their referrals. Ths is the way the "Refer 3 and yours is FREE" can be offered to your cusomer base. Evryone is considered an IR becasue everyone has a Tracing ID to refer customers and get their service FREE. As you complete the enrollment process you will be given a choice to sign up as a Preferred customer $24.95 during the enrollment process you will purchase your service package and pay for the handheld device you choose. Once your payment clears yoru device is sent out activated. You will be charged for your service 30 days later this allows ample time to recieve it before you are charged. Refer some people and as long as there are 3 active lines personally referred by you (Tracing ID) you will not be charged anymore.

  172. Hi Concerned MLMer & J.P.

    As I explained to J.P. in a different response below we have TMobile phones and will soon have AT&T Phones but we are not repackeaging their service they are tier 1 providers of data only.
    When you power up the phones the logos that come up are WOW Mobile logos. We have other phones in our Glbal FEdom phone line that can be used with your own provider in conbination with the WiFi service similar to FDI and Televerus but we launched that over a year ago. That is NOT what WOW Mobile is about. We provide the service and that is where our residual income comes from. This ervice and technology is proprietary to us and exclusively distributed as WOW Mobile. NO one else has it becasue it was developed by us. No one else including our data Tier 1 providers. Hope this helps.

  173. Hi Liliana!

    I don't knwo who visited you but do not prejudge the rep that showed you the phone. Tmobile is our 1st Tier 1 provider, yes the phones say that and yes the sim cards are provided to us by the but all programming is done by our engineers. They are the 1st ones we rolled out our soft launch with. More providers coming soon but make no mistake these phones/functions and technologies cannot be acquired directly with Tmobile or AT&T. If you have questions that need answering I am here. I am convinced you will love this business, of course if you decide to move forward you should still start your business through the person who showed you the phones. It's all about integrity and respecting everyone's efforts. Let's celebrate that persons initiative to contact you and present the opportunity. You will still receive support and guidance form other reps in the company.

  174. Karla,

    I would gladly listen to Randy and hear him share about the past, present and future. I truly believe there is always two sided of the story. Based on my own background, most of us learn from our mistakes and grow through them.

    As for info. It seems a little sketchy lately. I was told by a rep here on the site they would send me a phone to test for a month, so I could post on the technology, that has yet to happen. And when we do ask a few questions, they seem to go unanswered.

    After personally reviewing the technology side of things, I have backed off all the companies because I am convinced all of them are wading through new ground and need to work through the technical issues.

    However, with that said, I am still very concerned with the way the service is being marketed by most companies. It seems they are all focused on internal consumption more than moving the service out to the public.

    Today is out of the question, but I would love for you to email and give me a couple of times that would work for Randy for tomorrow or Friday. You can email me at

    Also, if you will email me, I will put together some questions which have been sent to us, and it will get us both on the same page.

    Karla, thank you for reaching out.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  175. Hi Troy!

    I feel like you read my mind as I read this post. I was just thinking… I would love for Troy to have a one on one conversation with Randy Jeffers and hear things from a different prespective. I figure as it stand right now, it's the piece of the puzzle that seems missing in your review. I can make that meeting happen. We can arrange for a conversation today or tomorrow just let me know.

    As far as the information you are collecting re: Liberty International, Global FREEdom Phone and WOW Mobile to share to the public. I would love to become a resource for you. I don't know which leaders you are in contact with, many of the people interacting here seem to have come on board after the WOW Mobile promo. They may be very well informed but just in case I am here to answer any questions you have.

  176. End of Reply

    WOW Mobile was developed entirely by us as a way to offer a true mobile wireless solution combining emerging technology. You could say we are a little ahead of the times since no one else (Telecom Network Marketing companies, TMOBILE, or any other one of our Tier 1 carriers) has what we have developed. They are wonderful supporters in this endeavour and are making their resources and support available to our project but that is the extent of their participation until now.

  177. Continuation of reply
    Tier 1 provider name on the phones and Wifi functionality… Yes that is our 1st Tier 1 provider the second one in the process of being added (along with some major cool stuff, stay tuned) . Please make note that THEY ONLY PROVIDE DATA SERVICE TO US. The WiFi capability is built right into the handheld device and therefore required no additional fee. WOW Mobile has the WFI capability and YOU ARE RIGHT it is not new technology… but that is not what we just launched with WOW Mobile. Over a year and a half before adding WOW Mobile to our Global FREEdom Phone Network we launched a Dual Mode GSM/WiFi capable phone pretty much what FDI and Televerus just launched, we still carry it at and it is a wonderful piece of equipment, but it still has it's limitations. THAT IS NOT WHAT WOW MOBILE is.

  178. Hi J.P.,

    Just want to clear a few points real quick.

    Global Verge/Buzzirk price point similarity…
    It is no coincidence the packages we offer resemble Global Verge/Buzzirk. Since there was such a huge accceptance for those price points we decided why mess with it?
    You could say they indirectly took care of some market research for us.

  179. Rick,

    I have not been given anything. I was told I would receive a phone ASAP, and now 30 to 45 days later, I have not received anything. I really saw this as a way to test the technology, and see first hand all the excitement.

    So, since I still do not have a phone, I will stay out of the tech side of things until we have finished our research from the security side. And if someone decided to send me a phone from their company to test we will gladly test the phone and give our review.

    As for contacting Liberty, I would have no clue what to say. I do not have any information of the order outside of being told I was getting a phone.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  180. Troy,

    I am sorry for your my Touch phone order taking this long. You should have received it by now. Did the rep give you a tracking ID? Get back with him to track it for you or if you have the tracking ID I will be happy to locate your order. Via me at; You can also call or email Liberty International at 415-329-1000 or to have them give you details of your order.

    Respectfully Yours,


  181. Tman,

    What you are holding in your hand is the first mobile that is able to go VOIP. This means bare to none dropped calls, conversations will sound if you were on a land line. All of Japan has gone VOIP! For the technology, service and price the competition has its match. You can reach at if there are any questions.

    Respectfully yours,


  182. Liliana,

    Wow Mobile has contracts with T-Mobile. They allow us to use their towers. T-Mobile is very happy with us, we are creating them business on their broadband . We, us reps, are the advertisers and marketers for Wow Mobile. It depends on how well he is train by his upline and how well he designs his material and presents it to you. I believe in branding the product to have a heart catching and knowledgeable appeal. You can reach me at if there or any questions.

    Respectfully yours,


  183. WOW,

    I was really hoping I would get a phone. And I did not care which company sent me one, I just wanted someone to step forward. So when it looked like someone had stepped up to the plate I was excited.

    So far we have only been able to post on the business model of the wireless companies and I thought this would be a great way to post on the technology first hand.

    Well, I guess not.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  184. As a neutral party I can appreciate both sides of the fence. I have seen all these companies and experienced the shortcomings and successes of the different offers. Wow mobile has delivered a useable phone as seen first hand by me holding and calling off a friends phone. I still am investigating the Liberty offer. Does anyone know of a useable cell phone service at around $79/mo that offers unlimited everything without a contract? I am looking for cell phone service.

  185. Hello, I'm a owner of a Wireless store in Albuquerque, NM and was visted by a Wow Mobile representative and was interested in the service but the more I talked to the representative the more I realized something was not right. Although it sounds exciting especially when you think of all the money you can make by receiving commissions on your downline there is so much more to the wireless industry then what the representative was able to explain to me. I thought it was very unusual that he had a T-Mobile phone and a T-Mobile sims card. I also noticed his brochures and presentation was cheap looking for such a company he was representing.

  186. WOW,

    I still have not received a phone. The first thing I did when I got back into town last weekend was run by the post office to pick it up… No Phone.

    As soon as one shows up I will sure be posting on it.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  187. Liberty has been running a tight ship 10 years, pays weekly, incredible customer service, fantastic products and plans. Randy paid out many big comm back in the 90's and the competition did not like it…boo hoo, all was well after understanding and the Reps got paid…this was not a scam.
    Its was the competition trying to pick apart the comp plan, and cause trouble. The same people today…other companies, mlm's going for the same market share…they even leave links to their so called better phone / plan.
    If its a Wi-Max phone forget it…it wont work out of a hot spot/city/starbucks… if you keep paying for monthly service after 3 rep/customers …forget it you are getting ripped off x 12
    (Phone Service:$79.95 x 12 = $959.40 + Autoship:$39.95 x 12 = $479.40 + $959.40 = a whopping $1,438.80 a year!!!) , if they are charging you back office fees, web site fees autoship, now you are getting scammed.
    Folks $1,438.80 saved year after year is your retirement…why pay for a junk phone (nokia), work hard for a bad company who takes your money when you can save money with Liberty and have FREE WOW Mobile Phone service…Now go tout that FREE phone at your buddies on friday night…FREE! does you buddy have bills?, kids?, College? Car Payments? Mtg?. So why ask him to join a company that is not FREE. go to the website and see for your self. Its REAL, IT WORKS, and watch all your friends sign up in a heartbeat, Please put down that wheelbarrow full of rocks and get in the Ferrari. Wish you all the best, and get the best for all !

  188. Part three

    Liberty Business Suite plus
    *"Personal Gateway" Website – Monthly Subscription
    Super Saver Website – No Monthly Subscription
    Health/Nutrition Website – No Monthly Subscription
    Global FREEdom Phone Website – No Monthly Subscription
    *Global Freedom Phone Service (1 month FREE)
    Global FREEdom Phone Equipment – $50 Instant Rebate
    e-Media Kit – No Monthly Subscription
    ART – Auto-Response Terminal – No Monthly Subscription
    All one-time service activation fees
    7 BC 7000 $1699.00

    I read the comp plan and the payout is not even close to what their pulling in.

    You be the judge –

  189. Part two
    "Advanced" Business Builder Pack includes:
    Maximum possible commissions / day: $5300

    Liberty Business Suite plus
    *"Personal Gateway" Website – Monthly Subscription
    Super Saver Website – 1 Year Subscription
    Health/Nutrition Website – 1 Year Subscription
    Global FREEdom Phone Website – 1 Year Subscription
    *Global Freedom Phone Service (1 month FREE)
    Global FREEdom Phone Equipment – $10 Instant Rebate
    e-Media Kit – 1 Year Subscription
    ART – Auto-Response Terminal (1/yr)
    All one-time service activation fees
    3 BC 3000 $599.00
    "Accelerated Progression" Business Builder Pack includes:
    Maximum possible commissions / day: $7700

  190. I'm concerned here. It's a lot of good companies in the industry and then there are the questionable ones. I assume that the reps in Wow are turning the cheek because you refer 3 and yours if free. I see how this is possible. When you sign up you have the following to select from to get started. I have to split the info

    *Liberty Business Suite (Preferred Customer)
    Maximum possible commissions / day: $3500

    *Global Freedom Phone Service (1 month FREE)
    0 BC 0 $24.95

    "Basic" Business Builder Pack includes:
    Maximum possible commissions / day: $4100

    *Liberty Business Suite plus
    *"Personal Gateway" Website – Monthly Subscription
    Super Saver Website (3 months)
    Health/Nutrition Website (3 months)
    Global FREEdom Phone Website (3 months)
    *Global Freedom Phone Service (1 month FREE)
    e-Media Kit – (3 months)
    All one-time service activation fees
    1 BC 1000 $199.00

  191. Now Wake Up,

    I know how you feel. But one of our community members has reminded me "people change, and deserve second chances." Which is why I am watching what is going on.

    If you hear of anything new please come post it here.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  192. When are people going to realize this is just another scam by Randy Jeffers… Just like all his previous scams.

    Sure basic service may work, but is there a $1800 buy in like with his VOIP video phones? It feeds on greed of people! Ever go to a presentation and notice that they are pushing buy in not services and half the idiots don't even know what they are trying to sell.

    It's a shame companies like this are allowed to operate.

  193. Steve,

    I have been keeping an eye on the progress you folks are having. Take your time, I fully understand anything worth doing is worth doing right. Once everything is ready then we'll move forward.

    Thank you for posting and keeping the community up to date on everything.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  194. Hey Troy,

    As you are very well informed I have to assume that you know that the final software upgrade for the WOW network is not yet complete. As it stands 3G works well right now but Edge/GPRS is poor when it comes to voice quality(web browsing not a problem). As we are breaking new ground in this industry and the fact that we would like you to have the full experience of the WOW mobile service we will not send you a phone until the upgrade is complete. Programing is a difficult profession to pin down for time and our engineers have told us it could be 2 days up to 3 weeks but IT WILL be done and work very well. So Troy you will receive a G2 phone within days of the final upgrade completion. We look forward to your objective and impartial evaluation of the WOW mobile network. Thank you.

    Livin Large!

  195. Forgive me…I just wanted to add.that in my previous post I said we all have the ability to choose. You could choose to keep PAYING your cell phone bill evey month, because the larger companies love when you do that, AND it is soo convenient, or you could "refer 3 and it's free!

  196. Hi Rod, The great thing about this country is our abillty to choose…If I was king, I might do it differently. I'm not. The Owner, (who has spent $$$$$$ dollars with His company. gets to do it His way.) It can be difficult, (ordering the service) especially if one has little patience…I again offer to help anyone through the process. Remember, since we get paid when we sell our products and services, you go through a rep to buy anything anyway, so if you need a little help to navigate the site, we will gladly help you! ( Actually, since we are making a commission from your purchase, it is kinda our duty to help you. Georgeo

  197. Georgeo,
    I understand your explanations thus far, but if the PRIMARY aim of the service is to SELL phones and service, why is it so DIFFICULT to order that one has to be walked through the process. A simple BUY NOW button suffices on most every other website in the world. Based upon what I have seen thus far, the process looks to be 90% recruiting and 10% actual product. If one was in the BUSINESS of selling a product, the tools should be there to actually SELL the product to a customer who wishes to buy it.

  198. Georgeo,

    Thank you for correcting me on this issue. As you know I am still working through all this technology stuff 🙂

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  199. We order our Wow mobile phones (Google1 and "My touch" so far) through reps (Liberty International). Do ya think if what we do is so easy as to change just change out a simcard, don't ya think that everyone would be doing it by now? Isn't it interesting that we have an agreement with a tier one provider? (Pause here ) If people really don't believe or they REALLY want to see if it works, get off the couch and either contact a rep to see the phone in action or go order one (with Wow mobile service) off a site. My Phone AND service work fine. Respectfully, Georgeo e-mail: ………If you want help ordering. (it is a little tedious)

  200. WOW?

    I can't explain all of it. But from what little knowledge I have gained from researching, listening and watching all the companies. It seems you can use your regular phone (T-Mobile) on any of these WiFi sim card systems.

    Lord knows I can be wrong.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  201. Can you explain something? In the video he says "this isn't T-Mobile" but on the top of his Google Phone it says "T-Mobile."

    How do we know that this is WOW service? This person obviously ordered the phone through T-Mobile and not WOW (since it says T-Mobile on it).

    Please explain.

  202. JoinWOWMobile,

    Seriously my friend, you really need to give me a name to use. This writing "JoinWOWMObile" is so impersonal. But… This was a great video example of the service.

    For those who may still be looking the MLM wireless side of things over, can you give a little more detail for folks.

    1. Was the WiFi service in the video connecting to a passing Hot Spot?

    2. Since the phone is acting as the WiFi application for the laptop in the car, if an unsecured (public) WiFi network was being used, what type of security is on the phone to keep hackers from doing their own Drive By and stealing the data off the phone?

    Again, I really think the video rocks. It gave a short but good view of the speed.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  203. Troy,

    Watch two laptops surfing the Internet in a moving vehicle using a WOW Mobile Google G2 phone casting a wireless connection!

  204. MLM Phones,

    Well, at first I was going to email and ask you to use a different YouTube video, but decided, this is the one you like so we'll leave it.

    I am waiting on a WOW Phone, and when it comes I will use the service and write an article on my experience. My hat is off to WOW because they are the only company who has a corporate or field leader who has been willing to let me test the service.

    I am truly excited about this opportunity, because I beleive there is nothing like first hand experience.

    Also, I would love a WOW rep to send me information on the compensation plan to review.

    Living An Epic Adventure,





    Market the best Phone/Plan/Comm …. Wow Mobile has it all ! Refer 3 = FREE & NO AUTOSHIP!, Troy free phone service & no autoship = Huge savings for the masses. True unlimited plan, "unlimited Data", 50 Countries and counting, Wi-Fi to computer (no teathering cord), 10 yrs old Telecom (established), touchscreen phones (the google Mytouch is the best in the market ), get paid weekly 100% on your team efforts + more $100, $300, $1000 fast starts…So much more. Troy this the force to be reckoned with, when you get your phone…tell us what you think, also go to the website http://WWW.GOWOWMOBILE.INFO and click on the webinar link and register to get more info. Folks do diligence…check it out and you will be impressed. No ones going to quit FREE. Wow is the leader. Its early days so join now. We will help you all the way. Wish you the best out there. Regards: Liberty IR

  206. JoinWowMobile,

    LOL… We're not talking semantics, we're talking about creating the future. Now are you going to keep talking about what you think you know, like the folks in 1999 when the world was coming to an end with Y2K, or are you going to go build your WOW Business?

    You can't build it, dogging everyone else. Every company in the last 12 months are building a wireless business surrounding IPv6, so join in. And since the USA is the last frontier you fold had better get rolling.

    It has been fun!!!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  207. I am not interested in semantics. Essentially the next evolution in mobile technology call it 3G, 3GPP, LTE, WiMAX or something else is not as important as the evolution itself. It is fair statement to say that IPv4 addresses will expire within the next 2 years:

    Scaling IPv4 to IPv6 or reclaiming holds on IPv4 blocks e.g., Hewlett Packard are only buy us a little more time. Within the explosion the mobile Internet. We collectively have to make strides to migrate to VoIP. All mobile will be using VoIP in the future! Liberty is positioning themselves for thiis inevitable transition. Any opportunity to prepare as WOW Mobile is doing, is being recognized by Liberty Reps as truly an amazing opportunity for success, growth and innovation.

  208. JoinWOWMobile,

    First let me say "thank you" for stopping back by. I think out conversation will allow folks to seperate the HYPE from facts.

    Let's take me questions and remarks, and the answers you gave and go through them one at a time.

    1. 4G as a marketing term. You state it is not a marketing term at this time and provide a short but great article on 4G technology. However, as the article states, and as I said. There is know 4G technology at this time. So as of right now quoting anything about 4G and how WOW is the 4G company is ALL marketing. In 2006 Sprint announced they would invest $3 billion into building a WiMAX 4G network (

  209. You find this humorous because you are lacking information about what 4G is– it is first and foremost a "wireless communication standard" rather than a marketing term. See for information on WiMax and LTE.

    WOW Mobile embraces mobile VoIP which without a doubt is the future of wireless. 4G mandates IPV6. If you do not understand. Research IPV6 and place that information within the context of mobile VoIP.

    WOW Mobile's excitement about the first opportunity where mobile VoIP is approaching it's intention.

    Here are some 3G tests from June 2009:

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  210. JoinWOWMobile,

    I find this funny. NONE of the big four wireless companies even have a nationwide 3G speed. SPRINT was the first company to use the marketing term 4G and none of them are compatable for the 1900 or 2100 bands which is where the 4G & 5G speed will be coming from.

    If you can show me 3rd party current stats which state otherwise I will sure post it.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  211. Incidentally, T-Mobile offers 3G. WOW Mobile is offer VoIP in preparation for 4G. Verizon already has stipulated that all new phones on it's network be 4G ready. What do you think is gonna happen in 2010? Hmmm

  212. Don't be perplexed! Do your due diligence– the ride that your missing is called 4G. Simply, it means ALL cell phone providers e.g., Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc… are moving to the 4G network specification. WOW Mobile is delivering state-of-the-art touch screen Google G2 (aka ."MyTouch") phones driven by the open mobile operating system Android. Every mobile phone on the planet will have an IP address and conversations will be over VoIP for everyone! This opportunity is about that excitement!

    Consider this. When you connect your computer to the Internet you don't have to worry about whether you are using a Dell or Gateway. The Internet is just there regardless if you are using Comcast or another ISP. Currently, there are relationships between cell phone manufacturers and providers that bind them using hardware. That is why you cannot use phones on different providers. Why should mobile access to the Internet be any different! That's what WOW Mobile deliver on that vision and much more. It leverages that fact that all mobile phones will be 4G IP-based. Research the technology. I have 20+ years in my field also– software engineering and technology.

  213. JoinWOWMobile,

    4G is just a marketing term, first coined by Sprint, in their marketing in June. However, to date there is not one wireless company who even offers a nationwide 3G service. So, I find it very interesting that like Zer01 and Buzzirk with their 5G, you are promoting a 4G.

    And if we take away the marketing hype, there is not one wireless company with full compatibility to the 1900 or 2100 band either, which is where the 4G and 5G will be transmitting.

    If you have more current info, please provide links to it.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  214. Steve,

    Thanks for the update. I was going to give it a few more days, then get in touch with you, just to make sure it was not lost.

    Now I can relax 🙂

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  215. Hi Troy,

    Have not forgotten about you. Just recieved an update from Randy. WOW is implementing their final upgrade this week and as soon as that gets done we will be sending you a G2 phone to test. Your experience will be very favorable as it has been for everyone else that has a WOW mobile phone.

  216. Patrick,

    I am one of those skeptics. However, the reason I am skeptic is not because I don't think the technology works, it's because I think most MLMers will not take the time to understand the technology and they will over hype what their company is offering.

    Plus I am still concerned with the security and privacy of using a cell phone over open networks.

    With that aside I am impressed with Televerus, and the way they have moved fast.

    Never Give Up,


  217. Georgeo,

    I could just picture your face! 🙂 II am waiting for my phone and I hope it shows up today. However, to date, nothing even after I was asked for my address.

    The technology is new to the MLM arena, when the last of understanding on how it all works goes away, more and more folks will realize it has been here all along, just most folks were not using it.

    Never Give up,


  218. Are you kidding me Troy? A video ? This clown is not gonna believe anything (he will say the video is a fake) and will ALWAYS have an excuse! I offer to speak with anyone who does not have an agenda and is rational. I offer for people to use my phone. Then we agree to send you (Troy) a phone to test and see for yourself. I say again, lots of Talkers and no Takers. Why does he hide so no one can contact him? I'm done trying to educate here. Just pay attention to those around you as more and more people USE Wow mobile phones,Wow mobile service, refer 3 and its Free, and make great money. Good Luck to the rational people in whatever they choose…

  219. I have joined televerus and already have a phone. I joined GV and after 7 months, I had nothing to show for it. I even spoke with the president of the company multiple times and he kept promising that the phone would be here any day. Well, I've been out of that company now for two months and still have not seen a phone.

    I have been in the wireless industry for several years and was very passionate about the idea of being able to market cell phones and earn residual income. I have research them all and I believe televerus is going to be a winner. We are on the fore-front of the future of wireless phone technology. I don't want to spam at all but I did make a short video doing a phone demonstration so you can all see for yourself. I'm sure many of you are skeptical.

  220. EVIL Georgeo,

    A little harsh, but I do understand where you are coming from.

    I think the issue we are seeing with everyone using AA&T or T-Mobile phones is the fact some of these new companies are not selling phones as we are use to seeing. They are just selling custom SIm Chips.

    Now, most folks know I am not an expert on the Technology side of this new niche. But, from reading over everything written on this site, and talking to both Corporate and Field leaders, I think I am getting a little better grip on it.

    It one of the companies can get enough momentum we might see custom phones soon.

    Never Give Up,


  221. Hey Moron! How about you treat all of us with respect and video your phone? Stop your gabbering and get to it! Put up or shut up! its not difficult to do.

    Answer this why do the phones say AT&T on them?? WHY not WOW.??

  222. No Video, So there is your answer. It only takes a few minutes to make a video and put it up on you tube.

  223. Hey all ,This is really getting comical….Troy is getting a WOW mobile phone sent to him. Troy, the maker of this site. It will be interesting to see what has to be said after he tries it out and it works like I say it does.. Again, and to this point I have had no takers ( just talkers) contact me leave a number, or email. I will treat you with respect. I will walk you through how to sign up for a phone, the service, or as a rep. Enough with the people trying to guess how the technology works. It works. I use my Wow mobile phone, and it is our service (Voip) that connects you to your call. Yes we use Google phones. Yes, they say t-mobile on them. If you are not just a disgruntled MLMER and want to move forward, the offer still stands. Respect and good luck to all Georgeo p.s I will suggest to the company a "phone video be produced soon" but if anyone wants to see, feel, or use my phone and they are welcome to contact me. Georgeo

  224. Ex Buzz REP,
    Bring up a great point.

    This is the same point I brought up with Buzzirk/GV and I challenge one of the WOW reps or corporate leaders to create a video everyone can review. If there is already one available with covers what is posted above please provide a link.

    Never Give Up,


  225. As a Former Buzzirk Rep I have learned one important lesson, do get involved unless you have a tangible product. something that can be put in your hands immediately.

    So Why is it that I search the internet and cannot locate a single video of the WOW phone in action? Not one!!

    Not talking about a Google phone or T-mobile! Where is the video of a WOW phone booting up displaying the network carrier, Let see it make a call, lets see it tethered!

    This is the age of Video, Video are more effective then any words or webpages. If this phone service exists and is the greatest thing and is gonna kick @#$%, and blah blah blah, Then why is it that not a single rep decided to post a video of a phone in action? Sounds strange to me.

    So Wow rep that claims this is a great phone and you have it make a video, post a link and show us your phone.

    One other question Why would WOW mobile place pictures of cell phones on there site that clearly say T-mobile on them? Are they selling T-mobile service wrapped up in a Wow package? If im gonna go get T-mobile phone then ill go to my local store and get it. why pay a Wow rep?

  226. I've done that with 6 of their reps. Not one of their portals leads to the sale of phones or service for Wow Mobile. You can buy everything else on their site, such as their VOIP and grocery packages, but not the Wow mobile.

  227. Hi Concerned, (I will private reply you now with my number to walk you through it.) If you want to do it yourself….. Go to: Then, even if you just want to be a customer you click on Join liberty now . I'm not too proficient at typing. Can we chat?

  228. Concerned MLMer,

    I can see your point. However, sine Network Marketing is a 1-on-1 business, maybe it is setup so you have to go to a specific reps website and talk to them before a phone is ordered.

    Never Give Up,


  229. Can anyone answer this? As an Ex buzzirk rep I have learned a few lessons. So. If wow mobile is what it says it is and is in the hands of wow mobile reps then why can't I locate a single video of a wow phone.

    Not a google phone on a T-mobile network. An actual wow phone booting up displaying wow as the carrier. If you can't provide this then you have nothing. Plain and simple.

    Wow rep your next response should be a link to the video of your phone in action. I got my money on no link and a laundry list of why nots. Not interested put up or shut up.

  230. Can anyone answer this? If wow mobile is what it says it is and is in the hands of wow mobile reps then why can't I locate a single video of a wow phone.

    Not a google phone on a T-mobile network. An actual wow phone booting up displaying wow as the carrier. If you can't provide this then you have nothing. Plain and simple.

    Wow rep your next response should be a link to the video of your phone in action. I got my money on no link and a laundry list of why nots. Not interested put up or shut up.

  231. Can someone in Liberty PLEASE give step by step instructions on how to place an actual order for the wireless service??????????????????????????

    The website above lead to nothing but a sales site with NO ORDER capability. Nice looking site but it doesn't do any good if you can't order phones and service through it!!!!!!!

    I'm starting to smell the Global Verge mirage scheme. It's starting to look like WOW/Liberty Reps are simply lying to people and no one actually has the service. Maybe I'm just a little slow because I've tried every way possible to see if you can order this service and it won't let you.

  232. Just a quick shout out to Troy…Kudos to you for creating this well done site to give people both useful information and a choice!

  233. Now, as far as Randy Jeffers past company and how the FEDS shut him down and all. I read Troys article and wish I had HOURS to read in more detail all the articles in the links.

    However, I don’t think we can judge somebody for the rest of their lives over ONE situation. I think any individual (rich or poor) should have the right to stand back up and try again.

    For me, there is no scam in Liberty International. When you become a Rep you can:

    1. Work hard and create an income
    2. Be a Rep with no – income.

    This is my experience for over 2 years!

    – Juan

  234. Hello,

    Well, unlike Troy I don’t have nearly as many years as he does in the MLM industry. Obviously, I haven’t been watching all of the companies that claim to have an incredible service, and don’t know about the integrity the people running the show.

    However, I can only speak about my experience. (This is NOT advertisement, and would not want anybody from this website getting in touch with me)

    I am a Rep for Liberty Int. and WOW Mobile. I get my commission, residual checks at a timely fashion. When I have a question, comment I can quickly address costumer service, another rep and have a respond within a couple of hours.

    The compensation plan can be a bit intimidating, but with time you start feeling more comfortable with it. I’ve seen and touched the new cell phones, they actually work and are great.

  235. Thom,

    Words of Wisdom! (WOW) 🙂 I could not resist.

    I have not thrown any stones at WOW Mobile directly. I'm a firm believe, it is better to review the foundation of a company, than just pitch stones at the windows. And as I am sure you have read my full article, you know my concerns do not revolve around the technology, as much as it does the overall welfare of the field force.

    Providing a few phones to a small group of folks, or paying commissions to a small group of folks happens daily. As a matter of fact Global Verge did not miss a commission payment the 12 months prior to the month they hit geometric progression. But, then they could not get a commission paid until things came back to ground and now folks have been paid, but the commissions are back to what they were prior to all the hype.

    And I am sure as we get to know each other you will find I do not shoot from the hip, unless I have my facts in order. Sure I can still miss, but that doesn't happen very often. And when it does, I proudly spread the new or corrected facts louder than I did my original critiques.

    I am sure there are many Triple-Diamonds on board at WOW, as there are at just about every other Wireless MLM company.

    Now, I find your analogy about scam rumors, somewhat elementry and shows you have not done your research on this website or me personally. If you had, you would know I have NEVER muscled my network marketing products PERIOD! As a matter of fact, most folks are not sure if I am in MLM.

    Now, once more you talk with an elimentry knowledge as to my background, when it comes to my use of "son of a preacher." I do admit I used the word "preacher: and Randy used "minister (

    I'd do some research first to see if throwing stones at WOW is valid-actually, WOW Mobile reps are getting their paychecks on time, reps and customers are getting their Google Phones within five business days of ordering with no backlog-Global Verge/Buzzirk cannot say that-as a matter of fact there many Buzzirk Triple diamond reps on board with WOW Mobile-it seems that everyone who responds in a negative way with a scam rumour on the net is trying to muscle in their own network marketing product-be honest about it folks-I make no bones about it, I am a satisfied rep with WOW Mobile-also the remarks towards Randy Jeffers about' son of a preacher' show deeply ingrained religious bias-its a cheap shot to make those kinds of generalizations

  236. Tim,

    I would like to chat with you live. First I have a couple of questions. You can send the answers via email

    1. Can you send me the compensation plan to review?
    2. Is Steve Lewis now the company spokesperson for the company?

    By the way I ma most interested in the compensation plan, the Lewis question comes from a few comments I have seen free community members.

    Never Give Up,


  237. Hi Troy I have been watching the Cell phones mlm industry for a few years and the bottom line is that cell phones are a very personal and need to work no hassle product or people will bounce. I use T-Mobile month to month and have not found Globalverge which is Everge or any other mlm cell company beat their quality or price for month to month. I was ripped off by Everge by the way they still owe me money. The best way to protect your reputation is to see the phones work and use them for a year before promoting it yourself. Just step back and ask yourself why didn't they have thousands and thousands of phones ready to go? Because they are using Peter to pay Paul and buying phones on the fly. One little hiccup and good by to another hyped up Cell deal.

    Danny the only way to go to keep a good reputation when doing business with family and friends. Why because the proved it works over and over for 13 years and 35 years of research.

  238. Hmmm…

    You bring up an interesting thought. Why would a retired multi-millionaire have to take the orphan prospects coming to a company? Most companies spread orphans around to their top leaders.

    We'll dig a little deeper.

    I do want to make it clear, I do not have an issue with founders being part of the compensation plan. We have seen this as a normal method of business through some of the biggest companies out there… Amway, Primerica and World Marketing Alliance to name a few.

    But, in those cases it was fully disclosed from the start.

    Never Give Up,


  239. Tony,

    How can you post these comments, which, by the way, look like nothing more than defending/recruiting for YOUR company, then say that 'GV deserved what they got'!!!! Little hypocrytical?? and biased???

    How do you know what 'they got'? Seems like you're guilty of believing everything you read too!!

    Make it a Blessed Day

  240. Tony,

    You make sure great points! However, I am not sure I fully agree that "this is ALL about mlm phone companies trashing each other." In most cases the original companies nor etheir reps are giving these new companies any focus at all. And one of the new ones ZurVita has stayed out of all the controversy also.

    And as for my part. I have not focused on the technology as much as I am focusing on WHY companies with no core competency in the telecommunication business would get into it?

    This is like Primerica selling juice, or PPL launching an online shopping mall.

    Liberty has been around for a while. But so has Global Verge and FDI for that matter. And for the most part even with Global Verge these companies have been small focused on their niche and rolling without any huge issues.

    However, if any of these companies start Gold Rush, they could end up in the same boat as Global Verge. As a matter of fact I have heard Liberty/WOW doesn't accept credit cards from Reps to join, but ask for a Bank Draft. If this si true, then it is also a red flag. (I have not verified).

    As for me "stealing candy" the answer is NO! I did steal some black Ink once, and because it dripped in my hand, and did not all flush down the drain, I got busted and had to go back to the store and tell them what I had done. Stealing was the wrong analogy to use with me.

    However, as I have written and shared over the years. I was involved in real life financial schemes and scams through out my adult life which went as high as $150 million dollars. I have a long and deep understanding of what it takes and how folks do run scams.

    Time will tell how WOW or any other company does before the MLM Wireless Wars conclude. And from years of experience, it's very seldom that the company making the biggest noise ends up on top. Usually it's the small quite company which no one was focused on, which continued to make the main thing, the main thing, and before too long, they are the Top Dog.

    And as I have responded to several folks in each company. I'll continue to keep an open mind. I do beleive folks can change, and if Randy and his team, have learned from their past mistakes, and are building a tight company with all the inferstructure in place, and they are operating well within the guidelines set by the FTC, SEC and all the state AGs, then they will have my support and I will gladly post positive results, and praise their leadership.

    At the end of the day, all of us want the teams to succeed, and grow. There is plenty of room for several companies in the telecommunication business. Especially if the reps are marketing to end users and not trying to build ALL internal consumption.

    Never Give Up,


  241. And here's another interesting little thing I picked up by going to YOUR site. I went to your site and when I click on "About Liberty" and then click on "Liberty Founder" it brings up an absolutely disgusting display of Randy Jeffers boosting himself up, filled with pictures from the 1980 glory days. And when you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page it says this:

    "And… you can have your own Personal Gateway that is a recruiting masterpiece with it's "About Me" page that lets the world know about you and your dreams and goals. To see Randy Jeffers' Personal Gateway, click the following link:;

    Now, when you click on that link it actually takes you to Randy Jeffer's PERSONAL Liberty Page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????????

    This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. And I hate to break it to you but this isn't just an accident. This link has been on the Liberty sites for YEARS!!!! That means your own founder is taking reps away from you!



    You have some serious exposure work to do buddy! Help protect the MLM industry from Randy's deal, please!

  242. So I went to your site, clicked on the Liberty Products, then clicked on the WOW Monthly Service where it takes me to your WOW site. I then click on the service and oops, nowhere to actually place an order. Am I missing something????

    Where's the link to actually order the service?

  243. How will we know the service is coming from WOW Mobile????

    For all we know it could the same trick that the Global Verge people used (they used a T-Mobile phone with T-Mobile service and video recorded it and tried to trick everyone into thinking that it was a Buzzirk Mobile Phone).

  244. This is all about mobile mlm phone companies trashing each other fast as they can, they are all going for the same market share, Global Verge is full of promises that keep the suckers waiting, FDI is a complicated system with out of the market pricing, Televerus may make it if they deliver phones and get a decent web site, Lightyear wireless well whats up with that ???…not the best… And liberty ?…troy your bashing them from 10 years ago when they were a different company !, to date they have played by the rules and paid checks on time for 10 years !….now is that enough ??? 10 years, oh same software, comp plan and the 3 is free plan, its all proven to work. What this is is a bunch of other company's shakin in their boots crying Scam when a possible "better" deal overtakes them. OK G.V deserve what they got…and I still have little faith in them, But Liberty / Wow Mobile you cant knock them off their perch…there solid, a 10 year telecom company…no growing pains here !. Troy did you steal a candy bar when you were a kid ?…Folks Wow is going to kick everyones #$%^ in the market plain and simple they are giving it away for free and no autoship scam…autoship is the scam, ntl avg is to recruit 2.7 reps, the 80 /20 rule 80% get scamed for autoship…Now if your with any other company in cell phones and its not wow mobile…then join the scam crew fly up on that high perch and swark it, coz wow mobile reps dont care, we have phones, checks, and the American public understand free, not pay for cell phone service…oh… and pay more with autoship!, gimmie a break!…Offer it free like liberty or shut it!. After all its about the consumer…

  245. This is all about mobile mlm phone companies trashing each other fast as they can, they are all going for the same market share, Global Verge is full of promises that keep the suckers waiting, FDI is a complicated system with out of the market pricing, Televerus may make it if they deliver phones and get a decent web site, Lightyear wireless well whats up with that ???…not the best… And liberty ?…troy your bashing them from 10 years ago when they were a different company !, to date they have played by the rules and paid checks on time for 10 years !….now is that enough ??? 10 years, oh same software, comp plan and the 3 is free plan, its all proven to work. What this is is a bunch of other company's shakin in their boots crying Scam when a possible "better" deal overtakes them. OK G.V deserve what they got…and I still have little faith in them, But Liberty / Wow Mobile you cant knock them off their perch…there solid, a 10 year telecom company…no growing pains here !. Troy did you steal a candy bar when you were a kid ?…Folks Wow is going to kick everyones #$%^ in the market plain and simple they are giving it away for free and no autoship scam…autoship is the scam, ntl avg is to recruit 2.7 reps, the 80 /20 rule 80% get scamed for autoship…Now if your with any other company in cell phones and its not wow mobile…then join the scam crew fly up on that high perch and swark it, coz wow mobile reps dont care, we have phones, checks, and the American public understand free, not pay for cell phone service…oh… and pay more with autoship!, gimmie a break!…Offer it free like liberty or shut it!. After all its about the consumer…
    If ya cant hang with the big dogs…get of the ?

  246. Hi JP, Hope all is well….If you took the time to go to the site from my contact page ( I believe your questions will be answered….You will see a comp plan that allows you to "refer 3 and yours is Free". Since you said you went to you should have seen that the Unlimited voice, data, and text (including all the surfing you want and GPS) is 79.95 per month with no credit cks, no contracts, or deposits. That price ALONE is way less than you can get from those you mentioned. When you factor in "refer three and yours is free" the choice becomes even clearer. I realize this is not supposed to be a promotional forum , so please feel free to contact me thru Good luck to all.

  247. Steve,

    You can send the phone to

    PO Box 6101
    Miramar Beach Fl, 32550

    Please include everything I will need to know, and contact info for questions. Also please include the length of time I have use of the service.

    I will gladly give a fair review once we have used the service.

    Never Give Up,


  248. Hi Troy,

    Please tell me where you would like your WOW G2 phone shipped so you can test the service for yourself. We look forward to your review!

  249. Hi Conerned, Customers CAN order the product from the sites (Mine is, they just go thru an IR so that a commission gets paid on that product sale. I AM using WOW Mobile's wireless service and I bought the phone (new Google My Touch) from Liberty. It is our service using new Voip technology. Please feel to contact me with further questions…Good Luck to all

  250. I just went to wow mobiles site and the one listed above ( and both show phones labeled T-Mobile. Just like FDI was using a T-Mobile phone, the service exists without going through any direct marketing company. I just don't see how any company can compete when T-Mobile is already offering the service. Don't get me wrong, I don't wish to come across as bashing these up and coming companies, but I can't see how selling a marked up service that one can buy cheaper elsewhere is going to benefit anyone (especially when it comes to residual income).

    We all have a responsibility to our organizations and customers to only offer services which will benefit them in some way, be that health, time or money. If the service is going to cost more, then the customer isn't going to stick around for long and you can kiss that residual goodbye (especially when they aren't under any contract for service).

  251. Georgeo,

    So why doesn't your site allow customers to order the product? Why is it available to "IR's" only?

    And are you using WOW Mobile wireless SERVICE or did you just buy a phone from them? In other words, are you paying a company like T-Mobile or ATT for your wireless service or is WOW Mobile providing it?

  252. Just a friendly comment. I already posted in my previous post, The service AND phones Work fine and they are shipping many phones on a daily basis (fact). I have the Google "My Touch". While the Main site is a little dated (it is being updated) if you check out , you will notice a big difference. I 'm not sure that basing a compan'ys ability to perform on their website is a good idea….Finally, it's awesome to see a company whose comp plan (if you really take the time to UNDERSTAND it) allows the average person to succeed (just "refer 3 and yours is Free"), plus the residual commissions of a time tested plan….Good luck to all. Georgeo

  253. Ken,

    You make some very astute observations. PLease keep me losted on what happens. Especially since your mom is involved.

    Never Give Up,


  254. This is a very interesting situation indeed. Time will tell. I am on the fence. If the service actually works and you can get a phone and they have the ability to support growth it could work. The model is interesting, big upfront to get maximum commissions, etc… The risk is that they only get a couple of hundred phones out and the next wave goes in big time, then they skip or crash… Looking at the quality of the web site I question their ability to support the growth as they could expereince explosive growth. The only past information is certainly not bright for Randy and company. If Liberty can support the growth it could have decent run for the early entrants as so many of these situations turn out.

    I will be watching as my 75 year old mother has just invested over $500 that she can't afford – and she did not get a phone. She coudl have invested in at a lower rate and got a phone – but she decided the upfront one time promises the bigger payout. And will get a phone when she makes her money

    As Georgeo says, Good Luck!

  255. Hey Troy,

    I am back in place and will be glad to assist you with your Traverus review. Let me know what you need and want so I can get you all the facts as one thing about us we have absolutely nothing to hide. I am a Presidential Executive with Traverus and have been with the company full-time since December of 06′. We have been paid on time all the time.

    Just for the record we are not out here recruiting at a discount to make money. People must understand Traverus is NOT a start up. We were rocking even before this promotion.

    The reason for the promotion was because a lot of people seemed to be taken for a ride with another company that could not deliver. Our ownership wanted to allow them to just merge over for free as many had lost 70.00 elsewhere. To make it fair to all of us instead of just allowing 1 company to come over the Free promotion was run for several weeks. We did over 4,000 new members on my team alone.

    The company has to pay for every web site that is turned on regardless of price to join. We work with one of the largest and professional companies that manages the back -end and they are not cheap. Same company ran the backbone of Excel as well as Ameriplan, Zurvita, and several other HUGE names in the industry. This is when we continued to run the promotion but charge only 15.00 to absorb the cost. This simply means we are not making money on enrollments.

    The phones???

    That other company did something I have never seen. Talk about selling Pink Elephants. They simply promoted something that was a fantasy. People to this day swear it out there and when they find it please contact me so I can sign up.

    The big 4 Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T Mobile control all the towers … Period!!! Even many of them that joined my TEAM are my biggest headache.

    They know so much false info and I spend my time telling them to tell people ONLY what they know is 100% true.

    Traverus is offering the great products. I actually have the headset and the service. It is a real smart phone and we have Voip and pure peer to peer service at launch. No additional services or product required.

    The next roll out in several weeks will be additional Smart phones and service plans. Depending on a persons carrier you will be able to use your phone while mobile without the huge packages from the carrier.

    I personal will save almost 300 a month on my plan with Verizon. Other companies I am sure will follow and its no big deal. This allows the consumer to go from their home and then on towers without the traditional carrier costs. In your world you would simply drop your service to

    I will leave it there for now but please email me and I will send you a detailed comp plan. We can also talk on the phone as well as meet our owner. Next week when we ship I hope to get a phone in your hand as well because the proof is in the pudding and not the chatter. People get so creative over this phone stuff it amazes me. They say things that blow my mind.

    Bottom line is why don’t people look at the comp plans and stay away from hype. You can have the best product on earth but with a bad plan you have nothing but hype. You can have a decent product with a great story and a good plan and win.

    I love Traverus because of the compensation plan. We could add Diet Donuts for all I care. As long as people will do their monthly auto-ship, we offer quality, and the average rep can win … Sign Me up.

    And PLEASE all Traverus members … We do not have to hype this up or bash other good companies.

  256. Interesting that WOW mobile is offering a service that looks identical to that of Global Verge and to top it off the phones on the site are marked T-Mobile (who coincidentally also offers unlimited wifi calling for an additional $10 on your T-Mobile bill).

    I’ll say that if you want unlimited calling for wifi then either go see a T-Mobile Rep or contact someone that sells wireless for a direct marketing company like ACN or heck just surf the net and I’m sure you’ll find an online site that sells it.

    Don’t be fooled by Global Verge scam types or the FDI hype and just do your research and you’ll see that this service has been around (it’s just nobody cared to look for it).

  257. Hey Guys, Only time will tell how far this company will go….. It is interesting to hear the conjecture of what people think they know about a company's tehnological capabilities and their comp. plans….I have a WOW mobile phone, it works. It has unlimited voice, data, and text . (yes I can surf the internet all I want) . I get my service for FREE. We launched September 1st. I recieve timely commission checks. Any naysayers should stick to the issues (and facts) at hand. Good Luck to all.

  258. Tim

    Well said I look forward to troy getting your info and doing a real review on the whole company not just the phones.

    Let me tell you GV/Buzzirk has really left this industry scared for a long time.

    On one hand you have some great companies in telecom and if you never been in telecom before you might be ok.

    But the former reps from the buzzirk that drank the hype kool-aid with extra sugar can’t get the buzzirk tasted out there mouth.

    And even some people that was never in buzzrik hearing what happen are now gun shy and not really going all out in the new company they joined until the products is live in there hands I tell you this GV is the last pre-launch I will ever get into. Got pre launch nightmares.

    Semper Fi

  259. Wow Mobile looks like another Zer01 rip-off. No answers on their website as to how it will work, who they work with (i.e. one of the companies with actual towers), etc.

    Same “plans” and pricing…

    Just seems to be the same garbage rehashed.

  260. Valerie,

    We are reviewing Telverus today. I did a short blog on them in the very beginning, back when they were bringing in Global Verge reps for free. Keep your eyes open for a review in the next 24 hours.

    Personally, I think most of the companies are nuts, for getting so wrapped up in a service most folks don’t understand, and it slows down the overall success of reps in the field.

    And to answer your question “WHY?” History has proven, when massive recruiting starts before the “REAL” product and/or service is in place, we have the making of a scam. As the very least a cash strapped company trying to raise funds.

    Never Give Up,


  261. What is up with Televerus..the telecom division of Traverus???
    They are recruiting like mad, but no one can tell you when the phones will be available for launch, what the pricing plans will be, how it will all work, etc etc.
    Why do these MLM companies go mad recruiting when product is not clearly defined???
    Are they trying to make money off the 1000s joining at the reduced rate of $15.00??

  262. I’d say Liberty and WOW are 100 times worse than Global Verge. Run away from this company!

    People don’t get it – you can have the greatest idea for a technology that you want but what about the MLM company that’s going to be delivering the product and the checks? What Troy is speaking to here is the integrity of the corporate “ownership”.

  263. Troy,

    Excellent information. It does seem that everyone in jumping on telecom. No wonder when you see children to grandparents with phones. It is a big market.

    i must agree with you 100% that reputation and ethics are more important then any other factor. After all we are tying not only our financial futures but also those of the people we recruit to a company.

    If there are no ethics, how can we expect to be paid a long term residual commision.

    I thought that was the goal! It is mine. We joined Zurvita based on ethical leadership.



    “Integrity is the essence of everything successful.” — R. Buckminster Fuller, American Author, Architect, and Visionary

  264. Steve,

    I have not questioned the technology of any company who has entered the MLM Wireless arena. However, as several MLM companies do on a regular basis, if you or WOW would like a review of the technology send a phone for a month and I will gladly review the services.

    In the case of WOW, I focused 100% on the integrety of the leadership, based on past track record, and the current issue of taking advantage of people.

    Lord knows I am not perfect and can make mistakes. I call them as I see them, and make course corrections when new facts are presented.

    Never Give Up,


  265. Well said Troy I myself have seen people jump from company to company and it seem like they do it every month. What happened to get rich slow. Many of these people are only after the money and don’t care about their reputation or organization.

  266. Troy,

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