Breaking MLM News: Zeek Rewards Officially Parts Ways With Dr Keith Laggos After Recorded Call Goes Public

Dr. Keith Laggos

On July 21st I received an email asking me “how can Dr. Keith Laggos dis Zeekler as a paid consultant, while promoting Lyoness?” This question took me by surprise because I have known Dr. Keith Laggos for years. And although we do not always agree, and he has made mistakes just like me, I have found him to always take care of his clients. Then I listened to the call…

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I asked Greg Caldwell the new COO of Rex Venture Grou, LLC., if he could give me the exclusive story on the seperation of RVG and Dr. Keith Laggos, and the following is the only statement RVG or anyone at Zeek Rewards will make.

“Keith Laggos and Rex Venture Group have agreed to part company, effective immediately. We wish him luck in his future endeavors”.

Dr. Keith Laggos

I also contacted Dr. Keith Laggos, and asked him if he would go on the record on a recorded call, he refused but did give me the following statement.

“There is no side. I did not know they were recording or how many Zeekler people would be on it. It is no surprise with customer service, checks and complaints. I do conference calls for all my clients including Zeekler. They had distributors from other companies too. Of course Zeekler had more than most.

The problem for Zeekler is everything I said is true. I am still supporting Zeek. I am telling people to build their B business independently. You and I know every full time network should have a plan B. I don;t think another recording will help.”

In listening to the recording I see where an ethical issue exists because Dr. Laggos is acting both as a paid consultant and as an independent Zeek Rewards affiliate. Trying to wear two hats, can sometimes cause some huge issues when a professional such as Dr. Laggos is distracted. All through the call you hear distractions and I do believe this may be the reason Dr. Laggos uses out of compliance terms, such as “money in and money out”, and a couple of others.

At the end of the day, I have not been able to find any evidence of what Dr. Keith Laggos claims the FTC is doing.

From searching the internet it seems at least one of the largest and oldest banks in the USA, Wells Fargo is handling QuiBid’s banking and credit card processing, and that the several States including Nevada, Delaware (already legal) and New Jersey are moving forward with legalizing online gambling.

I also found where the U.S. Congress is leaning towards regulating and legalizing online gambling (games of skill), and that two of the major companies they hit in April, they just allowed to merge, so one of them will be ready to re-enter the USA when the new legislation is passed.

Legalizing Internet poker gets push from Harry Reid in lame-duck session

With states readying for online gambling, tribes want stake, protection of sovereignty

This still means all Penny Auction prospects should be well aware of the pros and cons, so you might want to read all we have written here, and study the FTC Alert by clicking here.

Do I think Penny Auction regulation is coming? YEP! But I also think the States where the Penny Auctions are located, will be the first to regulate them and draw a hefty revenue stream of income from them, before the federal regulators have a chance to do anything.

An Empirical Study of Online Penny Auctions

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