Breaking MLM News Yoli Co-Founder and President Robby Fender Chats With Troy Dooly

Breaking MLM News: Last week, Yoli Co-Founder and President Robby Fender and I had a chat about Yoli and the real vision behind this incredible MLM pre-pre-launch.

Hey all, as I shared on my last video post, Robby reached out to clarify a few things and to share how much he and all the founders love our great profession. Well this week I was able to pull Robby away from his busy schedule to take a few minutes and answer some questions that had come our way.

Here are the questions I asked Robby when we chatted.

Troy: Robby, I am excited about the delivery technology you are using which Mikel Anderson developed; However, what about the processes and formulations of the actual nutritional powders you are developing?

Robby: Troy great question, yes we do have proprietary processes and formulations, and own the manufacturing methods used to create everything. However, we really don’t want the field to get all wrapped up in proprietary issues. I am a firm believer that you can find the fountain of youth, and if you can’t market, you’ll never get your product to market. While at the same time if you have a great marketing and management team, you can take a rock, and before long every store in the world is selling it as a pet rock.

Yoli Founders Daren Falter, Corey Citron, Rick Eisele, Michael Prichard and Bobby Jones are men who have a proven track record of success in traditional business as well as the network marketing industry.

Troy: What about a worldwide rollout? What are your plans for international expansion?

Robby: Troy as you said it yourself, we are in a pre-pre-launch. Although one of our partners is Michael Prichard, who lives in Australia, and who has built large teams all though out Europe, Asia, and other areas internationally. But… until we have completely taken care of everything here in the USA and more specifically North America, we will not be focusing on expanding internationally.

Anytime a nutritional based company expands into other countries, it’s like launching a new company. You have to double your staff, establish an international office and be sure to do it right.

Troy: Robby this is a sticky question and if you don’t want to answer I’ll fully understand. Are the Yoli founders taking active positions in the Compensation Structure?

Robby: WOW! That is a good question. We do not want Yoli to compete with its distributors we are all on the same team. So the short answer is NO, we are not taking positions as distributors in Yoli!

Troy: Ok, Yoli has tapped Mikel’s delivery technology, so let me ask, does Yoli have an exclusive use of this technology?

Robby: Troy, we want Mikel to make money. He has been working for years to find a distribution system for his technology. After hearing what we had in mind and seeing what we had done in the past he said “You guys are what I’ve been looking for.” Now we are all friends, and are working together to get Yoli launched. As far as Yoli is concerned , Yoli is the Original Blast Cap Technology.

However, we would never want to limit Mikel on his success, so we are not focused on exclusivity. We do have some agreements in place, but again what we focus on is marketing. Coke did not get the exclusive on Cola, Kleenex did not get the exclusive on Tissues and yet those two companies dominate their niches. Our goal is providing the best marketing and distribution system the Network Marketing industry has ever seen. If we do that then exclusive, everything else is irrelevant. Yoli Blast Caps will be what Red Bull is to the energy drink market.

Troy: Robby I have seen companies come and go, and realize that for a company to get out of pre-pre-launch and get their feet under them, they need good MLM consultants, attorneys and most of all an executive staff who has impeccable reputations and experience in our profession. I know where you and your partners strengths are located, where do you stand when it comes to other key personnel?

Robby: Troy, once we made the commitment to move forward with launching Yoli, we needed the best minds we could find working with us. In addition, as you have seen in our Webinar, we decided to locate our headquarters in Salt Lake City, so we would be able to attract top talent. We have already started hiring some top talent and will be making those names available through press releases and webinars in the very near future. We also retained Grimes & Reese as our corporate counsel to make sure all of the Network marketing policies, compensation plan, and product, etc., are well within the FTC guidelines.

Troy: OK, Robby I saved the toughest question for last. Knowing that most of the founders enjoyed the last few years growing successful businesses at XanGo, and knowing that within our profession, tension can run high between the prior company and former leaders who launch new companies or move to a new company, how does things stand between the founders and XanGo?

Robby: WOW, you did save the toughest for last. Troy, all of us left XanGo on good terms and have continued to do everything we can do to launch Yoli in the most ethical and above board manner.

Each of us left our XanGo distributorships for different reasons. I do not want to speak for my partners but I can tell you we’ve all done the right thing.

Now, Troy you have done well at sharing solid info on MLM Help Desk, but as we both know, there has already been information showing up on sites that we have no control over.

I can also say we don’t have any reason or need to start calling current or former XanGo distributors. All of us were in this industry before XanGo even existed and we have thousands of contacts in the network marketing industry outside of XanGo. We are constantly receive emails and phone calls from folks in every company wanting to know more info on what we’re doing.

Troy, you heard Corey on the pre-launch webinar, he was very specific and said, “If there are any XanGo reps on the call, please exit now.” We really are working to do everything correctly.

Robby, I truly want to thank you for taking time to chat with me. Is there anything else you might want the subscribers at MLMM Help Desk or anyone else who reads this post to know?

Troy, first I want to thank you for being such a great third party watchdog for our industry.

All of us at Yoli love the network marketing industry. We believe all things evolve over time and continue to get better and better. We are very excited about the value and opportunity Yoli will be bringing to the market place. We will be introducing a “break even bonus” program for the masses so people can cover their reoccurring orders each month by simply referring 2 to 6 people. This bonus is a program that allows distributors to start earning income immediately without the burden of covering a monthly autoship.

The Yoli Blast is a demonstrable product that grabs everyone’s attention at an incredible price point that competes with the retail market place.

Yoli has a compensation plan that takes care of the masses, and at the same time rewards the workers in a big way.

And most importantly, it has been designed from the beginning to maximize retention.
If anyone would like more information about Yoli please visit
Thanks Troy!

There you have it. As more news comes out, and as we review the Yoli compensation plan we will continue to report.

Never Give Up,


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13 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News Yoli Co-Founder and President Robby Fender Chats With Troy Dooly”

  1. Thanks Troy for a great video. And Dirk, who cares what the Xango boys are doing? Anyone can sue anyone, it doesn’t mean it has any merit.

  2. Great interview Troy. Thanks for the details on Yoli!

    .-= Yoli´s last blog .. Yoli Cruise: April 24th, 2010…will you join me on the biggest cruise ship ever? =-.

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  4. Steve,

    Thanks for the kind words. I had to laugh a little, because at times I think we are all slow learners, 🙂

    Len is a good friend along with Sherry, so you are truly in good company.

    I will enjoy our conversation this next week.

    Never Give Up,


  5. Troy,
    I truly enjoy your “no-nosense” approach to reporting. Both this one and the Global Verge/Steve Lewis ones are amoung my favorites. Speaking of Steve Lewis, I think I hold the record for involvements in what I classify as “STEVE LEWIS SCAMS”. I guess I’m just a “slow learner” which is ironic since I’m a retired special education teacher. Love to talk to you sometime – Sherry Smith said she’d tell you all about me. I’m working YOLI with Len Clements; now there’d be a good interview!
    Keep up the good work,

  6. Dirk,

    Thanks for the update. I think everyone watching this situation knew something would take place. I do find it somewhat humorous, knowing the boys at XanGo went through this very same thing when they left Noni Corporate to launch XanGo.

    I love our profession, but it sure can get nuts sometimes. 🙂

    Never Give Up,


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  8. Troy a lawsuit was filed July 21st by Xango. Google Corey Citron lawsuit. Here is the link

  9. Dirk,

    Thanks for coming and making a comment. However, to date there is no pending litigation. I have personally talked with Jeff Ranson (Senior Manager, Distributor Education & Conduct) at XanGo HQ on this very subject. And although XanGo is watching the launch of Yoli and the conduct of each Co-Founder who left, they have not initiated any type of legal action as of July 21, 2009 at 2:03pm when I had talked with Jeff.

    Having seen this same event happen over the years, I know all kinds of propaganda can get leaked to the field. I also know that several of my close friend who are 100K and 500K premiers at XanGo love these guys and hold no hard feeling. BUT… They are watching their organizations to make sure the guys continue to be on their best behavior.

    Never Give Up,


  10. Hey Troy
    Another Great video, Thank You for following through and your support. Yoli is going to Rock the network marketing industry. We will not give up. Yoli Dream Team.

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