Breaking MLM News Yoli Blast Cap Technology Is A First In Network Marketing

Breaking MLM News… Yoli Blast Cap Technology is a First in Network Marketing and may create the next Billion Dollar Annual MLM Giant!

Before I get into Yoli’s Blast Cap technology and what I have found today, I want to share an update from yesterday’s Yoli post.

In yesterday’s post I commented on the fact I was disappointed that Yoli had pictured to products from two great MLM companies, and I did not feel that was needed to get their message across.

Well, Robbie Fender watched the video and sent me a private email. In the email is reiterated what I thought all along. It is NOT the intention of Yoli or its founders to belittle or slam any other Network Marketing company.

It’s not everyday that a founder of a MLM company will reach out and connect. And I will be calling Robbie tomorrow to get more information from the top instead of just listening to rumors and propaganda that swarms around the internet.

Ok, let’s take a look at the technology.

If you have listened to the Webinar over at Yoli Pre-launch then you heard about six issued patents and several hundred patents pending.

Well, I went looking for the patents and I just could not find anything. But… Knowing the founders of this company I just did not believe they would hype their launch at the risk of having it fall flat on its face. Especially with the millions of dollars they have personally invested.

Today, I found what I was looking for and I am glad to let all the MLM Help Desk subscribers and readers know there really are six patents and hundred pending.

The inventor of the Blast Cap technology is Mikel Anderson. Instead of getting all of it wrong, watch the video below as Mikel explains everything.

When you put this type of technology in the hands of marketers like those who own Yoli, then bar none you have a winner.

Never Give Up,


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3 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News Yoli Blast Cap Technology Is A First In Network Marketing”

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  2. Al,

    You have picked a great adventure to roll with. As a matter of fact I was on the phone yesterday with Yoli Founder Robbie Fender, and WOW! The excitement and vision he shared of the future of Yoli and the yoli field team is out of this world.

    I’ll be posting some new updates in the next 24 hours on Yoli.

    Never Give Up,


  3. Hi Troy
    Excellent video. I am part of the Yoli Dream Team and we are very excited about this new technology that is going to show people how to have a healthy drink and also help in planting trees for the future. Thank You for taking the time to check it out and give your opinion. This will help us grow even faster.

    Many Blessings

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