Breaking MLM News: Vitel Brings Banking to the Network Marketing Industry

ViTel Wireless

Scott Rogers, Co-Founder and CEO of ViTel Wireless and ViTel Business Solutions shot me over their latest press release announcing Vitel's move into the banking industry. This is the first network marketing company I have seen make a more quite like this.

ViTel Wireless

Source – ViTel Wireless May 16th 2012

Vitel Wireless (Vitel) has officially launched a virtual bank account/debit card program, further expanding its suite of home services products. The company has forged new partnerships and key alliances with some of the biggest names in that sector to bring this product to the Network Marketing and Direct Selling Industry. Vitel’s business owners will now be able to market and promote the advantages of their pre-paid debit card program. Traditionally, banks and credit card companies have charged service fees to maintain and use their accounts. Until now, banks and credit card companies have passed the fees onto consumers and business owners, thus making this a major profit center for their respective institutions. Vitel’s new program changes the game by allowing its business owners to distribute and sell virtual bank accounts and earn income off of everyday usage from the card swipes that take place from account holders debit cards. Business owners can now claim some of those fees back from the banking and merchant processing companies.

This pre-paid pilot program will be the first step in launching a full suite of virtual banking products that will allow its business owners to take advantage of what the Banking and Credit Card industries have for decades. Its distributors will be able to earn commissions on the purchase of the debit/credit cards as well as earn continuing commissions on every swipe or usage of that card. Business owners will also earn residual commissions when the cards are set up for direct deposit and maintain a minimum monthly deposit. Vitel states the power of this program will be the flexibility to market and sell this product to everyone, everywhere, without them having to become a Vitel business owner. This program will also allow its business owners to effectively post links, advertisements, and promotional offers anywhere on the World Wide Web, not restricting them to just their own replicated website.

When asked about the vision for this product, CEO, Scott Rogers, states, “This will be a continuing shift of wealth back into the everyday small business owner’s hands. This allows them to claim some of the profits that big companies and big banks would normally receive, thus furthering the cause of putting more money into the little guy’s hands, giving them the opportunity to succeed.”

Vitel believes this product will bring a “breath of fresh air to the Network Marketing Community.” The company has positioned itself to become a complete home services reseller and has a vision to eventually help everyone replace their current home services products with Vitel’s reseller programs allowing them to earn commissions, not only on what they sell, but what they use every day.
ABOUT Vitel:

Vitel is a leading direct reseller for wireless products and services. Vitel is the destination for the best priced wireless products, home services and innovative cell phone reseller programs. Vitel provides business owners their own website to market and sell their products as well as introduce others into their business. The site gives an online wireless store that enables customers to buy directly from distributor’s replicated websites without having to pay membership dues or becoming an authorized independent distributor of Vitel. The availability of all products being located on each distributor’s site gives distributor’s customers more choices in one place. One major goal of Vitel is to create a one-stop shop for all wireless and home service needs. The company also provides sales tracking, training, support, direct deposit, and many other business related tools to its network of resellers. Vitel delivers a one of a kind turnkey wireless online business instantly to its new distributor’s.
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