Breaking MLM News Update: Robert Dean Comes Clean About TopGun, The Limu Move And How Much Money He Was Paid To Join Momentis Energy

Breaking MLM News Update:

Robert Dean Comes Clean About TopGun, The Limu Move And How Much Money He Was Paid To Join Momentis Energy!

On January 25th, 2012 I wrote an article sharing that Robert Dean was not terminated by Limu.

After that article went public, Robert Dean Jr, reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to interview him and take that interview public, and I agreed!

Below you can listen to the edited interview. Robert Dean and his TOP Gun team covered the following.

– Robert Dean’s past.

– Robert Dean’s Family

– Robert Dean’s Education

– Robert Dean On The Deals

– Robert Dean on Money

– Robert Dean on Noni

– Robert Dean on MonaVie

– Robert Dean on Evolv

– Robert Dean – ViSalus

– Robert Dean – Limu

And much more by nine of the Top Gun Board Of Directors

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15 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News Update: Robert Dean Comes Clean About TopGun, The Limu Move And How Much Money He Was Paid To Join Momentis Energy”

  1. Truly a sad note! I sure wish Robert could find a home and stick with it… Or better yet, maybe it’s time he launch a company and do things right… At least right as he sees it!

  2. Res Robert Dean Jr Jumps from company to company , I said it and i’m black . he leave newbies hanging like a work on a hook.

  3. I just went to a business meeting today, had no clue about what was or who was speaking but, I was told to look RD up on the internet. So, I did and this is what I came across and all I can say is Wow! He was promoting the company “Boresha”. I don’t know what to think know I guess I will have to do more research as I have done with 5Links. Is it just an ethical dilemma with RD, or is it that all this companies just make money like the old pyramid schemes?

  4. As noted, RD has left Momentis and moved to North American Power. However, it has recently been revealed that he has also left there and is now with Isagenix. The saga continues…..

  5. wanna know what's really funny? Robert has left Momentis and is now building North American Power… sad sad situation that ppl keep following this dude

  6. Glad you brought that up.

    I do have an interview coming up soon with a former RD leader who broke off on his own after ViSalus and is doing very well with his team. I will also see about talking with some of the others.

    Plus have a couple of interviews with other Top earners in some companies who have never been with RD who are black and good friends.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. As you know Troy, anything you say negatively about RD will be skewed as racist.

    If we are ever going to get to the bottom of this, you're gonna have to interview some of Rob's former business partners – all of whom are Black.

    Take Barry Byrd for example. When RD left TNI, he stayed and is still there.

    Donna Allen and Eric Pope have stayed with Visalus.

    After all the jumping from company-to-company, Casey Gorman – who is featured in RD's Monavie documentary – went back to Monavie.

    If we are going to get a clear picture of what kind of person RD is, you must start by talking to those folks.

  8. This team is a JOKE! What each so called Board of Director "leader" left out was that NONE of them were actively building their business. Why would people who were SUPPOSEDLY 20K,50K, and 100K need to complain about a 2 CASE A MONTH AUTOSHIP payment???? That's SIX customers!!!! You've been with a company for all that time and don't have SIX customers to obliderate your autoship????? SERIOUSLY??? They had not enrolled new promoters (some of them) since AUGUST! How do you expect to get paid??? Also, they're all SO STUPID…that when RD jumps company to company, the entire BOD sit FRONT LINE to RD!!! No wonder they're not making money! It filters up to HIM!!

    LASTLY, the BOD "LEADERS" forgot to mention how much they were PAID over a minimum of SIX months to make the jump to momentus…..let;'s just say it starts with 10k and went UP depending on their rank! They forgot that part. …oh, let me say "allegedly" for protection sake. They act like a bunch of crack heads blindily following the crack king. If you listen to the BS that Ms. YB stated, RD PAYS these peoples bills! WHAT!?!? No wonder they follow him! These people are SICK!!! And I won't mention how many of the so called BOD LEADERS he "allegedly" carried on relations with….allegedly.


  9. personally, I have little respect for the behaviors he has shown, many people got hurt in the process, and overall it is giving our industry another black eye.

    He's not a Leader, but a JUMPER…looking for a quick buck at whatever the cost !

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  11. One would think if it was an ace in the hole then that it's broadcast or release would quash any pending lawsuits to begin with.

    Unless whatever it is Dean is sitting on isn't as bulletproof as he lets on.

    Cheers for the recognition, I don't comment as much as I should but I'm always watching your videos as they come out.

    As the 'Youtube face' of MLM analysis, keep up the good work :).

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  13. @Oz,

    🙂 Oz, I know where you are coming from. Sadly, until the we know what each company may due after Limu files their lawsuit, I have to respect Robert Dean's request NOT to release specific parts of the recording.

    The reason he asked that it not be broadcast live, is because I don't think he is even sure all the past companies are completely done with him or TOPGUN. Some of what he shared seems to be his "protection" or "ace in the hole" in case some of them decide to file lawsuits, or start their own rumors of unethical behavior.

    I am not sure Robert Dean, stands behind all he states. I know that in the Noni case, there was at least one he lost, and have not finished paying off. And with Limu he did sign a five year deal, and then blew that off 10 months later. So when it comes to integrity and ethics, I am not sure he sees them as I do, or as the justice system in the USA sees them.

    Oz, it is always great to have you stop by!!! You do an outstanding job on your own blog

  14. Out of curiosity, what was clipped from 'dealspt1'?

    Why would he share something with you and request it wasn't broadcast?

    Lawyers seem to be repeatedly mentioned, does this Robert Dean guy stand by what he says or not?

    You can't say 'oh but this this and this, but I can't specifiy what 'this, this and this' is or I'll be sued for defamation!'

    Defamation implies that 'this, this and this' is not true.

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