Breaking MLM News Update: Frode Jørgensen Reaches Out To Clarify His Relationship With BidiFy

Breaking MLM News Update

Frode Jørgensen Reaches Out To Clarify His Relationship With BidiFy

On March 26th, I wrote an article titled: Breaking MLM News: BidiFy Owner Frode Jorgensen Has History Of Legal Issues In The USA. Well last week while I was out covering the 15 year celebration convention, Frode reached out to clarify a few items he feels I did not have right in the first article.

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Frode Jorgensen Clarifies His Connection To BidiFy

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7 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News Update: Frode Jørgensen Reaches Out To Clarify His Relationship With BidiFy”

  1. There is a lot rumors rolling right now, and we are following all of them.

    Personally, I think with the changes in the comp plan from a possible Ponzi platform to a more conventional compensation model, then the last change caused many to lose faith, and now has left the company scrambling to get back on top.

    However, based on rumors there could be far deeper issues.

    If folks truly believe a crime is being committed then it should be reported.

  2. It is interesting to see that Frode Jørgensen carefully avoids mentioning the fact that he was sentenced to 2 1/2 years prison (1 year as a suspended sentence) for establishing and operating the illegal pyramid scheme PlexPay Network.
    The case went all the way to the Norwegian Supreme Court, which found Frode Jørgensen guilty and sentenced him on 15 December 2009.

  3. Anything Frode Jorgensen has his filthy mitts into is HIGH RISK! Once a conartist, always a conartist!

  4. P Kramer,

    BidiFy does seem to be making some solid strides forward. However, the big question they face is how regulators will view them being headquartered in a tax haven. If Thompson can create a valid U.S. Based entity, run by folks in the U.S.A. that regulators can talk with if need be, then I would say they will be well on their way. Unlike Zeek who is located in the U.S.A., BidiFy is more like DubLi Network which is located in Dubi another tax haven. BidiFy may want to model some of their strategies after DubLi.

    As for how long, this is a great question, and I do not have the answer. I will reach out to Kevin thompson to see if he has a rough ETA on how long things might take.

  5. Hey Troy,

    How long would you guess before Bidify becomes compliant? I know they have retained Thompson much like Zeek hired Gerry Nehra. I also know that Bidify hired launchsmart for affiliate compliance similar to Grimes comliance company. It seems that Bidify is doing everything they can to become compliant and be here for the long term. Would you agree?


  6. Todd, just remember as of right now they are not legal in the USA in any state. Kevin Thompson is working to get all their paperwork filed. If before all the legal paperwork is filed and approved, you and any other rep are taking some very high risks.

    Since the company is offshore in a non-treaty country, you will be the one the regulators go after. Just be very careful if you are in the USA.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  7. love it!!! I think Bidify is the real deal!! I am in the best team in Bidify.. and we all have 100% faith in the company!!!

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