Breaking MLM News: Troy Dooly’s Top Four MLM Penny Auction Picks After Zeek Rewards and Two Ponzi Warnings

Since the SEC took possession of Rex Venture Group, the parent company of Zeek Rewards, and cut a deal with Paul Burks, thousands of former Zeek Rewards affiliates from around the globe have asked… What are the best MLM Penny Auctions and where should be go… Bids That Give, Ultimate Profit Power, BidiFy, BidXcel… or should we go to Banner Brokers or Just Been Paid? Well watch the video below and find out my top picks of MLM Penny Auctions and my WARNING on two Ponzi Schemes.

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67 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News: Troy Dooly’s Top Four MLM Penny Auction Picks After Zeek Rewards and Two Ponzi Warnings”

  1. @Nkonzo,

    Thank you for stopping by. Let me ask you just one question for clarity.

    Can you provide the official documentation to prove BB is approved to do business in Canada and the USA?

    Now on another note for clarity… Nowhere have I ever stated BB doesn’t work. I stated it was not legal in North America from what I have researched.

    And to date, no one has been able to provide the documentation requested.

    All ponzis and pyramids work… until they are shutdown or implode on themselves.

    Again thank you for taking time to comment.

  2. I agree with Troy but when he included Banners Broker in his list, he basically shot himself on the foot. because there is proof that banners broker works.

    I making loads of money every month from it, that’s proof, Take it from someone who’s tried it.

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  3. thanks Troy… good to speak to somebody who has expereance and can give advise..
    Cheers.. Talk soon

  4. @Gene,

    I have not reviewed TAE. I have received a couple of emails, but the company did not see to be gaining any really momentum at the time.

  5. @Gene,

    Thank you!

    I hit Lyoness pretty hard when they first came into the USA because they were not legal at all. Since then they have hired Kevin Grimes to work on their P&Ps. However, I am still concerned with the compensation structure and overall business model, because it seems they are paying commissions based on a future event.

    But, I am giving the experts time to try and get it cleaned up. I do feel Lyoness wants to do what is right since they just invested in a huge office in Southern Florida.

    If they make the changes Kevin Grimes tells them to make, and they clean up the compensation plan so it is easier to fully understand, I will feel a lot better. 🙂

  6. hello Troy.. Very interesting what you have said about Banners brokers… Amazingly everybody comes on here to bash you when you are only giving people some propper information for proablly the first time.
    Can i ask you whet is your opnion of a MLM company called Lyoness. Im with the company over a year and have been moderately sucessful. I keep getting the usual negative stuff about MLM s i just want your opnion

  7. @Paul,

    First I never endorsed Zeek. And endorsement would mean I personal wold join that company. I have been very clear that I would not join a penny auction. I did shoot a video once where I said “If Zeek Rewards, DubLi Network and Co2 Rewards were the last three companies with comp plans, that I would join DubLi Network, due to the fact my long time mentor and personal friend John Benham is their Senior Director of Sales.

    But, to answer your question directly.

    1. I hit Zeek Rewards hard in December of 2011. By January of 2012 they had made public the fact they had hired some of the best legal minds in network marketing to work with them in cleaning up the red flags I raised. The red flags surrounding BB were still there when I shot this video. I have not covered them at all since this video.

    2. The parent company of Zeek, RVG had been in business for 15 years, and was legal to transact business in the USA. BB from our early research did not seem to be legal in North America at all. Meaning they do not seem to have any legal documentation filed in Canada or the USA to transact any form of a general business nor as a network marketing company with a compensation plan. The laws in both Canada and the US are very specific, in regards to running any form of company with a compensation plan. And just because a company is internet based doesn’t exempt them from these laws.

    3. And NO they are not exactly like Google or even Commission Junction.

    Hope this helps.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  8. troy , your response to banners broker about it being a ponzi scheme. didnt you once endorse zeek rewards until it also was decided that it was a ponzi scheme despite it being declared not. , what made you endorse zeek and not BB. Bb is apparently completely legit .i mean arent they doin exactly what google does.

  9. @John,

    Always love it when folks reach out to comment. I do find your comment somewhat interesting for several reasons. So let me ask you some question.

    1. Show me where JBP is legal to transact business in North America?

    Outside of this question is several others that are just as relevant, but if you are so clueless as to not know the answer to this, or be able to produce the documents to prove that JBP is legal, then the rest just don’t matter.

    So sport, before you go choking yourself on sticking your feet clear down your throat, you may want to do your due diligence. because you sure look kind of foolish right now.

    By the way, now that Profit Clicking has taken control of JBP, feel free to use them as your source. If you can show where they are legit to transact business in North America as a legit network marketing company, then do that instead of the original company.

    And I did not categorize anything wrong. So many times folks like you state how I am wrong, yet before long the proof shows in the failure of the program.

    Now as for Zeek… You seem to be spitting out phrases you are clueless about. You might want to read everything I wrote. They were going through regular State investigation, and I called that in advance of it happening. What I did not call, nor had any clue of, was the private meetings between the SEC and the owner of Zeek Rewards. Those meetings were private even to those closest to Paul Burks.

    Makes you wonder what private meetings you don;t know about between the owners of JBP and the SEC?

    By the way… I have never called Zeek Rewards a ponzi. I still hold to the belief that I want all the facts. I have been clear to state if the evidence points to them being a ponzi, and if the facts show, many on the inside were running it from day one as a ponzi, then folks need to go to prison.

    ROFLOL… If I were wrong, don’t you think some company would sue me? Sport, JBP and Zeek are not and were not direct sales companies aka network marketing companies. They fall under direct marketing or internet marketing companies. I do not claim to advocate for either of those two industries.

    So, you really need to get a clue as to what you are talking about.

    But… I do respect your RIGHT to share your opinion.

  10. Troy, Shame on you for not making a research on things you say. Call JBP a ponzy is irresponsible. you are so stupid and lazy that you wont take the time to check what JBP, now Profit CLicking is and what brilliant business model they have which can never end…. you hear me?! indefinitely sustainable. start checking very well your facts and understand a program before you categorize it wrongly. After all people go blindly after terms and definitions that were invented many years ago and irrelevant today. the same way that you claimed that Zeek are going through a regular questioning by their state attorney…. suddenly now they are a ponzy… only after you saw what are they are blamed for. Troy you are damaging the industry and making money off your unsupported claims. instead of damaging companies and people, help them…

  11. Troy…there are many rumors BB is a clean you have any argument that could proof that or you just feel and think it might be a ponzi?

  12. Hi Troy,

    I understand the comments that you did is based on the initial planning of UPP where penny auction is a part of their business. But do you consult Scott Evans (UPP owner), ask him and get his comment if UPP is 100% equal to Zeek Rewards, pay commissions based on ROI and compounding system?. If you don’t, then your comment is not fair to this company.

    The most big mistake made by Zeek Rewards is because of ROI & compounding system. This is actually the main cause of Zeeks failure, company could not pay members and failed deliver their promises. Nothing in the history of the world where any company that pays based on ROI and compounding can survive forever. So I do not think Scott will repeat the same mistake as he has been repeated many times to ensure that the UPP will stay in the market forever.

    Word “Penny Auction” suddenly become warm after US goverment took action against Zeeks. Penny Auction suddenly become sensitive after Zeek closing. Scott him self had to “hold” for a while Penny Auction business in the UPP as to ensure everything meets legal requirements ( please keep in your mind that UPP is a diversify business and not penny auction alone. Penny auction just a part of UPP)

    You should obtain more complete information from UPP owner before you continue to make negative comments about this company. I agree with you that the penny auction originally was in UPP planning. But my question is, are you sure UPP 100% copied the concept brought by Zeek?. Not all penny auction will be always the same. I hope you are more fair in your future comment pertaining this company.

    Anyway thanks for what you have did so far.

  13. I have been watching your videos since Zeek went down .. though I was not in Zeek but a number of folks i knew were happily doing it.
    Your videos are helpful in general and helps a newbie and pros alike to evaluate things going around.
    However, due to the nature of complex MLM business models and rules and regulation involved it becomes a very sensitive job to provide the accurate info to general public who look at you as expert and rely on your opinion.
    If you are making a decisive statement about a company repeat them 3 times so everyone understands what was your intention and what you mean.
    i am not trying to teach you but youtube is a international media and many people whose native language is not english .. they listen you and spread stupid rumours and twist your statements.

  14. My wife and i got really excited that Jordan could finish up his researching because of the ideas he received while using the weblog. It is now and again perplexing to just always be giving out guides that many others might have been making money from. And we figure out we need the website owner to thank because of that. The specific illustrations you made, the simple web site navigation, the friendships you assist to instill – it’s many overwhelming, and it’s really making our son in addition to the family reason why that matter is pleasurable, which is certainly particularly pressing. Thank you for all!

  15. @Chris,

    I can fully see your point of view and reasoning.

    As for the MLM, I am still working on that answer. From what I have gathered, the owner of the company and Burks had never finalized the deal. Yes, I may share the name of the company but first I have to make sure I have all those facts straight. I have talked to the owners father, but not the owner directly.

  16. Glad you’ll be sticking with this system for a bit.

    With all the posts and comments over the last several months, I’m sure I could have missed it. Plus, I was a little late joining in on the conversation.

    PPBlog posted “The Bizarre Wordplay Of ‘ProfitClicking’” and it shows that they will just continue on with the same old thing if they get around to officially opening.

    As for Zeek’s outside sales, IMO they were just a natural byproduct of this type of scam.

    There will always be a small percentage that truly believe everything was on the up and up and attempt to market whatever token product is being offered.

    You keep on talking about the changes that they were supposedly going to institute, but the only reason they needed to make those changes was the exact reason they were shut down.

    In one of the ponzis I followed, when the math became unsustainable, the owner changed the compensation structure to something legit. It was only a few months later that he shut it all down.

    By his own admission, Burks knew that paying out millions of dollars to people for simply making a monthly spend and posting one ad a day was an unsustainable proposition.

    He had two choices.

    Cut and run.

    Or try to convert his ponzi into something legit in order to avoid exactly what ended up happening.

    From the sounds of things, he was opting for the latter.

    Too bad this whole saga wasn’t on DVD where we could view the alternate ending. I think you would have seen that after the changes, Zeek would have begun to die a slow and agonizing death.

    Of course, we may get to watch that alternate ending with Bidify.

    BTW, whatever happened to the MLM that RVG supposedly purchased?

    Is it now in the possession of the receiver? And will you ever be sharing the name?

  17. @Yose,

    Several months ago, a website went up that listed several companies including some i mentioned in the video and some that are already closed down. Several high ranking MLM leaders were contacted by the SEC during this investigation. At least two of the companies listed have now either closed on their own or the SEC has taken control of the companies assets.

  18. Troy, you claim that BB is under investigation. Is this information based on specific sources, rumours or speculation? If you have specific info could you share it with us?

  19. @Chris,

    We are staying with this for a while. I did not like the other and neither did most of the community. Next time We will test he comment system on a different blog to see how it runs before making a change. 🙂

    I thought I have answered these questions somewhere but Lord knows they could have gotten lost. There is no external consumption period that I can see. One must join the program to get any of the “benefits” in searching the site and net for just using the products and services I did not see any.

    Second, when a company is not legally registered to do business in the USA or any country it operates, and the owner states they will not be getting legal, then it is clear they are not focused on their affiliates, but only the money game.

    With JBP/JSS being “sold” maybe that will change.

    At Zeek there was outside sales. Less than 2% I agree, but external sales. And in the case of Zeek they did seem to listen to my concerns on that, and enter into an agreement to correct it.

    I understand critics do not need a guilty verdict. And I have been 99.9% on board with you on the above companies except for Zeek. But as I receive new information (which I will be reporting on in the future), then if this evidence points to illegal intent of those who I trusted to tell me the truth, then I will become 100% in agreement with you.

  20. I guess I’ll try to take advantage of the old comment system before you switch back again. 🙂

    Yes, JSS and JBP are the same thing.

    Not being registered doesn’t make them a ponzi.

    Just curious why you would make that claim without them having their day in court since they make a lot of the same claims that Zeek and a myriad of other ponzis do, just substituting ad packages for bids.

    You’re human like the rest of us, so it seems like you only want Zeek to have their day in court because you didn’t view them as a ponzi, while you label JSS as a ponzi without such a requirement.

    Critics didn’t need a guilty verdict to know that companies like ASD, Zeek, 12DailyPro, PIPS, Legisi, P2P, etc. were ponzis

    They just followed the money and closely scrutinized how payouts were generated.

  21. @Mike,

    I do not think I have ever done a review on ACN at all. Although they do have services that many customers use. As for MonaVie, I have done several reviews on them and will be doing more on the new technology they are releasing.

    But, if you can provide documentation we can sure take it live.

  22. @ Troy: I wonder if you remember touting how great ACN & Monavie were when you & I both know they are simply ripping people off. ACN is nothing more than a sign up game to make commissions off people coming in. Monavie sells a sub par juice that has little if any effect on people..far less expensive to drink Welch’s 100% grape juice which has a higher ORAC & FRAP score per serving!

  23. @Matt,

    There is know dancing around. I was very clear in the very beginning of the video why I shot it. It was not based on what UPP has done today. It is based on what the folks are emailing and asking. They launched focused on a Penny Auction, and that is what the emails are asking about.

    Great that they changed, facts are facts and the perception is reality.

    You or anyone else assuming I did not know the penny auction has been scratched is… funny, but understandable.

  24. @Chris Bailey,

    Great question. I do not think I have ever mentioned JSS Tripler. But if I remember right that was part of Just Been Paid. If we are talking about the same program, then here is my thoughts. First of all they have no legal entity in which I or any of the other Critics have found located in the USA, or North America for that matter. Now that they have been purchased by Profit Clicking that may change, however at this time they are still only showing operations in South Africa.

    And since the emails coming in are about JBP, I focused only on just been paid, not any anything that might be happening in the future.

    If things change and folks continue to ask then I will go take a look.

    Since the site has now changed, it now looks a lot like Banner Brokers which I also based on the program feel has issues. Kind of looks like a modern day ad surf program.

    Now I can say that ProfitClickng as with Zeek and other programs feel it is important to add the disclaimer about Investments etc. That in and of itself is also a concern, knowing that with all the compliance Zeek had did not stop the SEC from filing a complaint for purported Ponzi activity due to the illegal promotion of the program from the field. (and the company in the beginning).

    I did click on the "Legal Team: button, but it did not provide any info.

    Some of the pages are still under construction on the new site, so only time will tell.

  25. Troy,

    If you are so big on people/companies having their "day in court" and "innocent until proven guilty", why would you call JSS Tripler a ponzi?

    Just like Zeek, they claim to have a "compliance team".

    Just like Zeek, they advise members to avoid terms like invest, compound, etc.

    Just like Zeek, they claim they are selling a product/service. With Zeek it was bids. With JSS Tripler, it's "advertising packages".

    And just like Zeek, they offer an ROI on your "purchase" that is greater than 1% per day, but is not "guaranteed"(wink-wink-nudge-nudge).

  26. Regardless of all the dance around. It simply told me that you do not do your homework as I thought you did. If I knew they had scratched the penny auction you should if you had known it well enough make a judgement on the opp.

  27. The point everyone misses is whether a bid is a product is even material. The “bid” and the “vip” were methods of tracking the cost to the customer and effort of the affiliates respectively. The bid had a price and a value therefore making it a “product” but not the main product. The point is, the penny auction AND the website store were the products, the end result of the purchase and commissioning.

    Whether you used your bids or the wholesale website does not negate they were a the product. We were paid on what WAS used using a clever ratio system of the RRP. Everyone can argue the value of a penny auction but there are thousands of them and most around before zeekrewards. Just because you do not “like” the product, does not mean it is NOT a product.

    The SEC has cleverly or by accident and misunderstanding focused on the commissioning that few understand and they have us feeding on each other.

    Zeekrewards was a brilliant compensation that paid about 45% of revenue monthly. There was nothing ponzi about it. Those of you including Troy that say people did nothing to make income is completely false. The qualifications were equal across the board no matter when you joined. There were people with thousands of downline that made nothing and there were some that made virtually everything from the sale of bids to “real customers” not affiliates.

    Check my site for facts. Sorry trolls, all you can do is vote me down here because your illogical arguments just like those of the SEC have no bearing to the truth.

  28. @getupnow2008,

    ROFLOL… Well, please share the names of those companies because I do not go after clients, especially controversial companies. But as you can tell I have no problem taking your comments public for all to see, so feel free to share the names of these owners you have talked with.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  29. @Miss Lisa,

    I will be doing an update this next week.

    Have a great weekend and thank you for taking time to share.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  30. @Josemlou,

    Thank you for taking time to share your heart.

    Now if you have time please inform me how I caused pain and blood to thousands of Zeek affiliates?

    Not sure what you mean by videos. Zeek never paid me for videos. That was O.H. Brown and Robert Mitchem. Who did a wonderful job I might add at explaining what was legal and what was not!

    So, you might want to make sure you have your facts correct before you write many more comments.

    As for dreaming of Ponzi's ROFLOL… That was great!

  31. @Matt,

    I always love it when folks become judgmental. 🙂

    the company was launched as a penny auction to draw as many people interested in penny auctions to it. The founding distributors were in other penny auctions. So when Zeek went down many of the folks followed their uplines into it.

    Now without a doubt UPP has many income avenues as I mentioned, but what drew folks to it was the penny auctions. They made a smart move to put it on the back burner until things cool down to decide if they want to bring it back.

    But, the daily emails we get from hundreds of people across the globe ask the same question over and over based on many of the videos they have seen "Troy is the penny auction UPP safe to join?

    Since the perception is still penny auction, I did roll that direction. But, sometime next week I will do two updates. One on BidiFy for the great changes they have made to their compensation plan and to UPP letting folks who might be interested know the penny auction is on hold.

    So, feel free to stop following all you want. As for knowing where UPP is going, Lord knows I don;t, nor have I ever claimed I did. And I never claimed I was studying UPP daily or even weekly.

    As for what to recommend, I wasn't recommending any company. I was making it clear folks that if members of any International Ponzi Ring joins any of those top four companies where former Zeek affiliates are moving that they could be in for a bumpy ride, if the SEC does the same thing they just did to Zeek.

    But thank you for coming by and making clear your position. I respect that 100%!

  32. @Armando,

    Not sure who you are talking to since you did not mention it.

    No one is crashing anyone's dreams. However, if we did not provide concerns and share caution, then there is a possibility that what folks think are their dreams could become their nightmares.

    It is not a matter of rights, it is a matter of responsibility. At no time do you or anyone else have to heed the concerns I put out. That is all within your right.

    As for your statement "a good network marketer will never tell "don't join", well not sure who you run with but the most respected networkers in the world always are willing to give words of caution to their friends. And I look at everyone who comes to this community as my friend.

    Which is why I of all people am very clear that as a networker with 30 years under my belt, I am willing to raise the bar and warn folks of concerns with companies. And if you or anyone else doesn't like it and feels I have lost credibility, then so be it. But if you join any company we have concerns on and it doesn't work out, then you will never be able to say "why didn't you warn me Troy?"

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  33. Who gave you the right to crash people dreams? A good network marketer will never tell “don’t join” no matter how the company is. If you are in network marketing, act like one. You have just lost a lot of credibility of your blog.

  34. Sorry Troy I was following you until this UPP thing. It just proved to me that you are not doing your due diligence like you state you are. No one knows where UPP is going but you , if you studied it at all, should know the penny auction has even shelved. How can you come close to not recommending or recommending anything if you d ok nth know the very basics.

  35. Dear Troy Dooly

    For all the pain and blood that you caused in thousends of zeek affiliates, as "opinion maker",
    for all the money that you earned from Zeek to do all that silly videos,
    for all the ponzies that you start to dream about due to your bad conscience (?)…


  36. Troy
    Good video on best 4 to join

    As Neil Armstrong might say:

    One small step for direct selling;
    One giant step for Troy.

    A few misunderstandings on us code, but overall good work

    Unfortunately most of the participants in these things are not looking to market a product or service…they are making a passive investment

    A real penny auction service that stood on it’s own with revenue derived from
    Real customers, could be marketed MLM.

    Jeff Babener

  37. Troy, Yes, people may give you too much influence…but hey, you are an influential guy and people dolisten to you :)Anyway, agree or disagree with your videos, I think they are important in opening up debate and getting people to take a closer look..if they so desire. Thanks again for all that you do. I appreciate your effort and look forward to seeing more videos on UPP. Sincerely, Lisa K(a proud UPP Founder:) <DIV style=”FONT-FAMILY: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; FONT-SIZE: 12pt”> <DIV style=”FONT-FAMILY: times new roman, new york, times, serif; FONT-SIZE: 12pt”> <DIV dir=ltr> <DIV style=”BORDER-BOTTOM: #ccc 1px solid; BORDER-LEFT: #ccc 1px solid; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; LINE-HEIGHT: 0; MARGIN: 5px 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; HEIGHT: 0px; FONT-SIZE: 0px; BORDER-TOP: #ccc 1px solid; BORDER-RIGHT: #ccc 1px solid; PADDING-TOP: 0px”></DIV>

  38. Your response was predictably filled with arrogance, narcissism, condescension, delusion and denial. However, I have spoken to more than 1 owner of network marketing companies that felt like they got "shook down" and only when they cut a check for several thousand dollars did you decide to do some due diligence and start reporting fairly and accurately.

    You're far too old to learn ethics or develop a conscience at this point, but I would venture to say that the vast majority of your peers share my viewpoint as you have worked far too long and too hard to show your true colors.

    "Living In Epic Delusion"

  39. @Jah Kafele,

    I am going to do an update on BidiFy. I think Frode's move to correct the weaknesses in the comp plan are fantastic. Although only time can tell, I feel it was the right move.

  40. @LisaK,

    Thank you for getting back to me on this.

    The reason for the post, and I thought I explained it, was based on emails and questions we are receiving from former Zeek Rewards affiliates who are looking to join. And from the fact he original affiliates were joining based on the marketing of a Penny Auction. The perception of the prospective affiliate and from some of the residue marketing leftover from promoting penny auctions is what is important to me when helping to guide folks when that ask specific questions.

    As changes come about we always update and make sure folks fully understand where companies have come from and where they are going. This is also why I answer comment and take them live even when they disagree with me 🙂

    If people see the video and are doing their due diligence, then they will follow the links and read all they can. People tend to give me way to much influence when it comes to what adults will and will not do. Most will use the video as part of their due diligence, but they will follow they own heart and mind.

    Again thank you for taking time to comment.

  41. @james12347,

    I admire your willingness to share your frustration with me. Thank you!

    Now let’s take a little deeper look at what you wrote.

    1. You mentioned I emailed you. Well we never delete emails that I answer and here is the email thread you and I had. Notice I NEVER told you I would put my money on Zeek or any other auction for that matter.

    From: Dion [mailto:]
    Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2012 1:37 PM
    Subject: MLM Help Desk Contact: Question for troy zeek

    To: Webmaster

    From: Dion


    Hi troy,

    First i want to thank you for your awsome unbiased reviews on zeek.
    I know you don’t have a crystal ball but do think zeek will hold up for the next couple of months as im considering getting into it.

    I have been all over the internet looking for info and behind mlm has got me a little concerned thanks in advance god bless 🙂

    From: MLM Help Desk []
    Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2012 5:54 PM
    To: ‘’
    Subject: RE: MLM Help Desk Contact: Question for troy Zeek


    Thanks for the kind words. You are right there are no crystal balls. However, I do not see any new red flags that would cause me concerns.

    The fact the Zeek is part of a 15 year old company, who’s owner and management team has been able to weather four different changes in the internet and continue to make money corporately and for the affiliates who have been with them through these changes does show a solid track record.

    Now, I will say this is their biggest undertaking to date, and the most risky, but through it all they have done very well to surround themselves with the best in each category to make sure they are doing everything they can do to operate well within regulatory laws.

    Now, as for Behind MLM, Oz is a good blogger, and someone I respect. However, in many cases he has seemed to refuse to take into account US law in this situation, or to dig deep into understanding everything surrounding this business model.

    I have heard his latest post came from a disgruntled insider, whom he may or may not be able to verify is truly someone from the inside and not just a frustrated former consultant or competitor.

    I live by a very simple creed, “respect is given, trust is earned”. I have been blessed inside the network marketing community to have earned the trust of folks who run company’s and those in the field building the companies. I am hard, but fair and call it the way I see it.

    Zeek still has a boatload of work ahead of them, but I have yet seen them back down from doing all they need to do to make this a long term business model.

    Living An Epic Adventure,
    Troy”From: MLM Help Desk []
    Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2012 5:54 PM
    To: ‘’
    Subject: RE: MLM Help Desk Contact: Question for troy Zeek


    Thanks for the kind words. You are right there are no crystal balls. However, I do not see any new red flags that would cause me concerns.

    The fact the Zeek is part of a 15 year old company, who’s owner and management team has been able to weather four different changes in the internet and continue to make money corporately and for the affiliates who have been with them through these changes does show a solid track record.

    Now, I will say this is their biggest undertaking to date, and the most risky, but through it all they have done very well to surround themselves with the best in each category to make sure they are doing everything they can do to operate well within regulatory laws.

    Now, as for Behind MLM, Oz is a good blogger, and someone I respect. However, in many cases he has seemed to refuse to take into account US law in this situation, or to dig deep into understanding everything surrounding this business model.

    I have heard his latest post came from a disgruntled insider, whom he may or may not be able to verify is truly someone from the inside and not just a frustrated former consultant or competitor.

    I live by a very simple creed, “respect is given, trust is earned”. I have been blessed inside the network marketing community to have earned the trust of folks who run company’s and those in the field building the companies. I am hard, but fair and call it the way I see it.

    Zeek still has a boatload of work ahead of them, but I have yet seen them back down from doing all they need to do to make this a long term business model.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

    2. Well please feel free to educate me on Banner Brokers!

    3. Now sure what you mean with MonaVie, I have never given MonaVie negative review. Please explain.

    4. I never said BB had anything to do with Penny Auctions. I did however, state that some of the same highinternational income earners in Zeek are also In BB.

    5. Show me another network marketing company licensed to do business and based in Canada which also has a AML Disclosure? If this is something news that the CSA is doing in Canada great. But in reviewing other legally licensed Canadian based companies (including my current clients) this is not the norm.

    6. Why do you feel my credibility is shot? Because of Zeek? Then I guess all the legal, compliance and compensation experts should have seen what you saw?

    7. I hope BB works out for you and I am wrong. 🙂

  42. Hello Troy, I am sorry that you felt I used a condescending tone with you as that was not my intent. “Bashing” means “to criticize; to join in the destructive criticism of someone or something”. You were critical of UPP in the video even though they have dropped the penny auction portion of the business weeks ago. I only questioned why you put the video up yesterday when the auction was not even a factor anymore…that is why I asked you to get your facts straight (and current) that’s all. People may hear the name Ultimate Power Profits not and not even take a deeper look because of your video. I see in another reply that you posted to jcb1014 that you will be doing an updated video covering “a few of these companies separately to show changes they have made”. I look forward to watching that video. I enjoy your videos and have been watching you and your reviews for a long time… and actually recommended you to many people concerning Zeek. Thank you for the reply, Lisa bash definition [bæʃ] n. a wild party; a night on the town. : What a bash! I’m exhausted! in. to party; to celebrate. : Let’s go out and bash, how ’bout it? tv. to criticize; to join in the destructive criticism of someone or something. : A bunch of old Jonathan Computer fans love to bash Macrosoft whenever they can. Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition. Copyright 2007. Published by McGraw Hill.

  43. You are on point that the Penny Auction model does not appear to work for mlm. There was a smaller company I was in named Future Choice, that went under, before the Zeek and Zeek copycats, and it failed because people simply were not into doing the auctions. Bidify announced this week that income from the auctions was going to be very low. Penny auction mlm's that are/were working off that profit pool theme will suffer. If for no other reason the busting up of Zeek has made people suspect about this type of biz.

    Vitel has hit it on the head with our We Pay Your Household Bills, that's what people are trying to do with a viable home biz.. To bad due to ill actions of others Vitel had to pull the Zeek Rescue program that was having much success. However, we still offer a solution.

    My recent post Network Marketing Principles That Will Work For You

  44. @GetUupnow2008,

    Hey thanks for stopping by and adding your opinion to this conversation. Let's look at a few of the statements where you are totally inaccurate and those where you raise great questions.

    1. The argument of "endorsing" Zeek has run it course, but let's look at the current, since I have already addressed the past. I currently defend the US Constitution and the RIGHTS of every citizen and entity in the USA to due process. Based on the US Justice System we are innocent until proven guilty. ANd we have the RIGHT to a trial of our peers. So until a trial, which we will now see. you are 100% correct I will continue to defend the right of the legal team, executives, comp plan expert and others to defend their opinion that what they created was within the current laws which governed Zeek Rewards and any other penny auction or multi-level compensation structure.

    If or better when a Judge and Jury rules on the facts as presented and argued in court, I will then accept the decision (once it has worked its way through the appeal process), and if any of the facts given to me were proven false, then I will report on that also.

    2. I did not tell anyone not to join any company. I did caution folks who might be looking to join any penny auction and I was clear that I do not think Penny Auctions fit the definition of Direct Sales, and are not good for the network marketing community. This is not anything new, I have been saying most of this for months. The one new part is "not good for the network marketing community" In reviewing the aftermath of how companies and distributors have been effected, and the fact some of these folks had NEVER bought a bid, but their eWallet accounts with their own money is now frozen and may be for years, it is clear this situation has caused some devastation, to folks who were not directly part of the whole situation.

    Part of living in America is being able to review the facts, see what happened, and warn others to be very careful. Now I could keep not report and let grown adults just go down whatever trail they decide. But that would be very irresponsible of me when I know specific things, and can provide opinion and commentary on others based on historical track record.

    And there will be times when the trends change, historical track record, doesn't prove out the future and I will report and update things we report on. But I would rather error on trying to caution folks, than to let them go down a road, that may be devastating to them.

    3. Why do you feel I did not due diligence? Is this because I wrote about BidiFy and Ultimate Power Profits after they had made changes (which we reported on in the case of BidiFy)? For a seemingly educated individual, you should have realized, that if I put these two into this editorial, then there was a good reason.

    The emails and calls we have been getting have to do with these four companies, and all of them have had, or still have penny auctions, and that is why folks have joined them. UPP launched leading with their penny auction. Since they have added several additional income streams and we have talked about this right here in this community and across the social scene. I also wrote an editorial on BidiFy's changes which were a great move.

    My reporting is not focused on what a founder ot executive team might want. It is driven by what we see at the grass roots level. When the grass roots think a company is a penny auction, and the questions they ask have to do with that, then I will do an editorial based on the perception of the masses. Then once I have their attention, we can then shed deeper insight into specific companies which are making huge changes.

    4. Now let's look at consulting fees. Any company who contracts with me for consulting, know that part of the risk they take with me as written into my agreement, is they could still receive critical editorials based on the facts and perception of what is happening daily in the space. You like so many others seem to feel that ethics and principles are bought and sold for a few thousand dollars. Maybe with you it is, but folks who truly live and breath their mission are not for sale at any price.

    BidiFy is a client, and that sure did not keep me from mentioning them in this video. So sadly your argument doesn't hold water, which shows you might want to get your facts straight before casting suspicion towards others. See when you look at the amount of companies we have done reviews on, you or anyone can quickly see there is no way all of them are clients.

    Do I need to pay the bills and put food on the table… you bet! But the driving force is to provide as much information as we can to help folks in the home base world. It might be through our blog network, radio shows, consulting or speaking engagements but one way or another we will help folks get enough info to make informed decisions.

    Now let's look at the banner packages… This may me laugh. I guess you must not have looked at the prices we charge? We purposely charge a low cost so the average distributor can afford to advertise. We do not have one company who advertises with us on our blog. I give Kevin Thompson a free ad, because he is my friend, ss I also do Richard Brooke who is my person mentor. Outside of that sport, we do not have any corporations advertising with us, they are all independent affiliates.

    Now to the video editorials. Let's take a loom at those real quick. It seems you are very new to our community, or you would know I do my best these days to ALWAYS provide a positive outlook to any critical situation. A few years ago, we covered "MLM Scams" then we went to "High Risk MLMs" and I realized that was not fair to the company or the affiliates who were joining them. I also realized I was not living my creed of Walking Humbly, Acting Justly and Loving Mercy. So I moved to a new style of delivery, which I am sure I will continue to do as I grow as a person. Now I do my best, and fail often at delivering all information positive and critical, in a straightforward, heartfelt manner without judging those who are launching the companies or joining them.

    The one time when I do not do this is when I know without a doubt, someone is truly trying to rip off the distributors and then I am far more judgmental.

    Not sure why you do not feel I have talked to Kevin Thompson about any of this current situation? I can tell you this, Kevin Thompson as the attorney for BidiFy is held to certain confidentiality where he can't always share with me facts about a client. Again you are making some interesting statements. Had you done your due diligence, you might not be so judgmental. Just your statement "you refuse to do so" shows you do not have your facts straight but are making an assumptive argument without the facts. Hmm… The same thing you are accusing me of doing!

    5. What exactly is my business model you are referring?

    Let me share m business model for you and others since you seem to be very clueless about what I do for a living. There are four separate divisions to our business model. Consulting, Publishing, Media Production, and Speaking Network. Although all four work within the other, not all clients use all of our services.

    And, I might add that all of our services are used by different home business niches, not just the direct selling industry. Hope this helps you understand a little about our business model.

    Now you mention a red flag business model. In reality, if you had done your due diligence, you would see that covering "red flags" in companies is not part of the business model. It is part of the news, and a very small part at that. If you review the amount of companies we have covered, mentioned, and reviewed, you will quickly find that controversial companies with red flags is a very small part of this community. I will admit, three has been three companies we covered that caused the highest amount of the comment threads, Global Verge, My SHopping Genie, TVI Express and Zeek.

    6. Now let's move to your statement of "shake down" Of all the companies we have ever covered which are classified as controversial, only two have ever become clients, BidiFy and Zeek. And in both cases, my reporting has not changed. Let's look at Zeek first.

    My first reviews came out between @Dec 2011 through March of 2012. My agreement to speak at their events did not start until April of 2012, after I met with executives and 3rd party consultants to make sure the company was listening to their legal, compliance and compensation team.

    I started reporting on BidiFy back in Feb or Mar of this year, and did not enter into an Agreement until June 2012. And since I just included them in my caution report above, I am not sure exactly how you come to your conclusion of me "shaking down" companies. Outside of these two, the only other company close to being controversial is Green Organics. And although they are clients, they do not engage with our consulting very much, due to the great leadership team they have on board these days. So your due diligence and conclusion is flawed and you may need to review your facts.

    By the way, I do not think we have ever had a company call us for a paid review. When they learn what it would take and the amount of financial documentation they would need to provide, decide against it. I will gladly admit I would love to be the PwC of direct selling, but companies don't want that at this time

    7. Now let's get to Zeek. You are 100% correct I accept no responsibility for what folks may or may not have done in Zeek. I reported many times on the reg flags, sought out answers for the affiliates, and agreed with critics in many areas, although never on the Ponzi side of things.

    And, if you had taken time to review each video, editorial and comment thread, then you would know I have also publicly made it very clear what I thought of the RPP and how to fix it. And when you review the SEC complaint, you see the issue is the RPP.

    I have defended the business model, based on all the information I have and in talking with the men and women who created it. From Kevin Grimes and going through his compliance course, to Keith Laggos and that he did to the compensation plan, to Gerry Nehra and how he had them change the ad copy and tweak the P&Ps and RPP to stay within regulations. I spent countless hours with Greg Caldwell to learn how many affiliates they had terminated and what they were doing to continue to clear up the marketing.

    Then in April when the Burn Lounge judicial opinion came down, I went to the powers to be, and made a huge suggestion which would change the comp plan to tighten the RPP to be well within compliance. This included adding he qualifiers of 2,4,6,8,10 customers per affiliates in order to qualify for the RPP. Each customer must be outside the comp structure, and must have a minimum transaction amount that would be a minimum of $5 but more than lightly would have come in around $7 to $10 per transaction.

    All of these plus many more changes were publicly announced to go into effect August 22nd 2012. And for reasons only known to the SEC, they decided to act one week to the day (publicly) prior to the changes going into effect. Had these changes taken place, momentum would have come to a grinding halt as everyone moved to become re-qualified. And as they re-qualified the amount of customers and sales volume outside of the comp structure would have been 2 to 10 times that of the affiliates.

    Now to your statement "you personally profited from appearing at events" I did not profit, but did receive around $20K from April until Aug of 2012 to cover my expenses. Now with a family of 8 living at home that is $500 per mouth to feed. And now if you take out the hotel, airfare, food and car rental, then we can forget feeding anyone. Again, if you just did a little due diligence then you would know your facts and would not be making subjective arguments. Again what you suggest I do in my reporting. 🙂

    Now to your statement on the " the SEC, the court appointed receiver and even Paul Burks himself admitting Zeek was a ponzi" Again your facts are not correct. The SEC has filed a complaint stating Rex Venture Group aka Zeek Rewards knowing ran a Ponzi Scheme. They then entered into a private deal behind closed doors with Paul Burks and allowed him to "neither admit or deny their allegations, gave them is company and agreed to a $4 million dollars. The SEC then requested a Receiver to determine where all the assets are located and who should get any money back and/or to collect any profits paid to folks who may not deserve them.

    However at no time did this case ever go through the Judicial process of having a Judge and Jury review the complaint to prove it was accurate. And since the original complaint was filed, and as I reported, the numbers are not proving to not be accurate. Just last week the Receiver held a press conference to announce the amount of affiliates was closer to 2 million instead of 1 million. Something I have already reported on based on information I had. Since this is a foundational number, to the complaint we can come to a logical conclusion that the financial numbers will also be low in the complaint.

    This by know means, proves the SEC Complaint of Zeek Rewards being a Poni is inaccurate. But it does have flaws, and for the rights of all involved a trial needs to be held to prove the SEC did not jump the gun. Citi Group just got fined $590 million dollars and did not admit wrong doing to a fraud case, and they are still doing business today. They got their day in court, as should the affiliates who have been effected by this situation.

    Maybe you believe we are just suppose to blindly follow our Government, but I for one realize we live in a Republic, and the US Constitution should always be followed. Once Justice proves out he facts and comes to a final conclusion, then and only then will I report that Zeek Rewards was anything but a mismanaged company with a weak compensation plan, which if the new well respected executives had been given a chance, could have fixed the issues.

    But once the trial is over, I will report just as loudly the facts no matter which direction they flow.

    By the way I will never personally admit I hurt anyone. And if you or anyone else pulls their head out of the sand, and read everything I have ever written, spoke or answers, then you will see I have provided the facts all along the way. And I even shot a video stating if "Zeek Rewards, DubLi Network and Co2 Rewards" were tha last two companies in the world with a comp plan and I was going back in the field I would join DubLi Network! I am sure you just missed that one it can happen to all of us.

    By the way, I also have another reason for demanding their day in Court… I believe the legal, compliance and comp plan teams should have their day in court to defend their opinion that based on the changes that Zeek made at their guidance made it a ligit business model. It would seem to me, as someone who seems to care about the people hurt you would want the same thing also. Do you not feel the experts who created this business model should be held responsible also, by defending and proving why they created it? Lord, man these same folks are helping other companies right now as I write this. If they are wrong, then how many other lives could be harmed? However, if they are right, 2 million may get some of their money back.

    Now as for sleeping at night. Well I do very little of that these days because I am willing to answer each email that comes in former Zeek Rewards Affiliates from around the world providing them answers and direction on where to get more detailed answers.

    So where as I respect your RIGHT to express your opinion, I think facts help to bring stability to those opinions. I do hope some of what I have shared will give you some deeper understanding to what I stand for and how our business model works. Personally the energy it takes covering risky business models, is very draining, and it is far more fun to cover traditional network marketing companies. However since independent business owners guide the conversations through their emails we report where the flow of affiliates are moving at the time.

    As for the "disguised Patriotic" statement… Well, it is easy to see who's side you would have been on in the Revolutionary War and the War of North Aggression.

    Now to the most important statement you made… "please don't approve this post this to be viewed publicly and then scream and yell about how I personally libeled/slandered you causing you irreparable harm and damages."

    Just this one statement goes to show how little due diligence you have given to who I am and what I stand for!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  45. Troy I’m extremely annoyed with you.

    First months back you said in an email to me if you were to put your money on a penny auction you would go with zeek when I wanted advice well I did my research since you failed or didn’t want to ask the tough questions i decided against it and I thank OZ and Kschang for that.

    But what really irritates me is you know nothing about BB at all!
    How the hell do you know they are a ponzi ? I’ve done hours/days of research your just giving a damaging opinion like you did with MonaVie

    Second BB has absolutely NOTHING to do with stupid fake penny auctions or MLM which apparently you are qualified to give your “expert opinion” on.

    Oh no they have an anti money laundering policy of course they do they are protecting the business what a ridiculous statement.

    No wonder your credibility is shot I could see zeek failure a mile off in fact anyone with sense could have.

    If there is one thing I would agree with you on it is that JBP is definitely a ponzi but a four year old could figure that out.

    I think you need to take a hard look at yourself Troy I’m sure in many cases you have tried to help but sometimes helping makes things worse especially in your case considering thousands joined zeek who really put a HUGE amount of faith into you.

  46. @jcb1014,

    Caution is what we all need to do. To many folks are running and jumping based on the money story, instead of slowing own to determine if the company is a good fit. UPP and BidiFy have already made huge changes, bu the story on the net has not caught up yet, based on the emails I am getting.

    This next week I will cover a few of these companies separately to show changes they have made which hopefully will keep the Ethically Challenged away. 🙂

    To your question. The long arm of the law, can reach to most countries and many of them work together. In reviewing the SEC Complaint we see they are already working with the CSA in Canada, and I am sure as the Receiver goes through the records, as well as the Secret Service or the FBI, as they run across known criminals, they will be notifying those countries as well as building a local case in the USA.

    The good news is as they weed out these known criminals, those funds will be added to the victim fund for refunds.

    As for abusing the system, I believe there were affiliates in both the USA and Internationally who were abusing the system. Was tis abuse wide spread is hard to tell. But when you have a database of close to 2 million people, even a small percentage is a huge number.

    I think red flags are pretty clear. When a business model is built around and leads with a money story, instead of the underlying products or services, we have issues. When you look at the legacy companies inside of network marketing they lead with products, and even when they hit attrition in the network their sales continue to rise in most cases.

    I hope this helps.

    Living AN Epic Adventure,


  47. @Troy,

    I kept UPP in this mix because the original folks who joined, did so because of a penny auction. And based on the emails I am still receiving it is clear many folks are still interested because of the penny auctions. It seems that not all the videos online may have been updated.

    By making sure they were included and adding this deeper conversation those who are looking to join who may be ethically challenged, they will now realize this is not a good fit.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  48. @Bobbydin,

    Great news! I included UPP because many of the founders and the original affiliates were drawn to UPP because of the penny auction. And based on the amount of emails we are still receiving from many folks it is clear, not all the videos online have been updated to show the Penny Auction is on hold.

    Soon we will be doing individual reviews on the companies who have changed or removed the penny auctions.

    As always thanks for adding great value to this conversation.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  49. @sfeinc,

    DubLi is a unique bid "reverse" auction. And for the last few years the auctions have taken a back seat to their shopping and entertainment platform. This was the same road Zeek was going down, and one I would recommend for all penny auctions to review.

  50. Lisa thank you for stopping by and sharing your heart. Many of the leaders in UPP who are close friends kindly shared the UPP has stopped promoting the Penny Auction side of the business.

    However, that does not change the fact that many of the founders of the company and their teams joined due to the Penny Auction.

    Now let's look at your most important statement… "bashing them". Please share with this community exactly how I bashed them, or anyone else for that matter? I did warn affiliates to be careful, around all penny auctions. But bash them Not.

    Now it could be argued that I did bash Just Been Paid and Banner Brokers.

    I know you love your company, but you need to know my love is for the distributors and my concern is not about one company t is watching the trends talking to the regulators and making sure we give independent business people all the facts, opinions and trends we can so they can make well informed decisions.

    And just so you know… In the future you might want to use a little less condescending tone in your comments, because I may forget your are a lady and respond in kind.

  51. @dboudreaux,

    My statement was that on their website they list "they are Not a money laundering company". This is a red flag.

  52. Yes, very risky! A real product and service is meant for long term real income. Thank you Troy for your honesty and integrity each and everyday. I look forward to more posts.
    My recent post Why Make Vitel a Home Business?

  53. Hey Troy, I am in Banners and went back to look at website to see where its stated as a "money laundering" company. I looked, but did not see where it is…??? Could you explain where that red flag is on website, so in future we can know what to look for????
    Thank for your insight!

  54. Troy

    Actually Troy, Ultimatepowerprofits or "Global One" has backed off on even doing a Penny Auction. They said it will be revamped in light of what happened to Zeek.

    A Penny Auction isn't even mentioned on webinars anymore which doesn't seem to bother anybody who has joined in the last 2 months.

    We are very excited about the products that are going to be available.

    Global One has access to the most incredible Ecoi-Bio Sciences……
    *Water Purification Product – Powder form – 1 kilo purifies 400,000 gallons of water.

    *Vegetable Rinse – Kills bacteria, fecal matter, etc, and helps Produce last longer *Water additive to add to soil in gardens – helps build the structure of the plants and keeps bugs from eating them. Improves yield.

    *Spray for rooms that gets rid of viruses, molds, hepatitis, bird flu,
    mosquitoes, Bugs will leave!

    *Water that is so life-giving, that seeds will grow in the dark… almost
    anywhere! *They can be grown in warehouses, ships, etc. When sunlight is
    introduced, they grow even better!

    *A skin product that it is so hydrating that nobody anywhere has anything to compare with it. Super hydrating water is the key.

    *A product that prevents cattle disease. We are the only company in the world to offer this product.

    *Eco friendly cleaners that are classified as food products.

    *Products endorsed by the African Chamber of Commerce.

    *Tanning oil that has no negative side effects -looks natural.

    I see a few products here that you would purchase living in Florida.

    Global One has a list of over 300 Amazing other products Containers for many of our products are clear plastic. African children, for example, are going to paint the clear plastic and sell them back to GlobalOne. GO will pay them a buck for each one they paint (recycle).

    Down the road (3 to 6 months), GO will give each member a call, inviting us to offer inventions, concepts, products, and ideas, to the company. They will produce it, package it, and get it on the market for them.
    I trust this summary will benefit everyone.

    As for the splash page, I agree with you on that, but that will be history as soon as we get are permanent websites when we go live.

    I Hope you can contact Scotty Evans COO and pick his brain.

    The ViralZeek

  55. First and foremost, you have my sincere gratitude for helping me put out fires during my time in Zeek. I always recommend that my downline follow you. (Do you feel a "but" coming on?) But….please dig a little deeper into Global One and speak personally with Scott Evans. I look forward to that interview. And… If I may impose further on your expertise, what are your thoughts on Go Fun Places ( -still faithfully following and actin like it

  56. Dear Mr. Dooly,

    SEC's initial complaint was usually a bit of underestimation. When ASD was shut down, initial reports says the ASD Ponzi is 110 million. Later that total was raised to 120 million.

    Furthermore, a bit of underestimation in number of Zeek affiliates doesn't necessarily mean the amount of money itself had been underestimated by the same proportion (which by itself, does not disprove the legitimacy of SEC complaint, as the complaint is composed of many different numbers, facts, and allegations).

    Though in this case, I believe Zeek kept much better records than Andy Bowdoin ever did. After all, receiver Ken Bell have "terabytes of info" to wade through. It is, as he put it, "drinking from a firehose".

    I personally don't have any problem with a penny auction. It's the comp plan on top of penny auction that is the potential problem. Bidify seem willing to go for a more… "traditional" MLM model where only sales (PV and GV) are considered for pay. Let's see if the others follow suit with a far more… inherently compliant comp plan, or are they just content to pick up what's left of Zeek like vultures without any reforms.
    My recent post Cognitive Bias: Availability Bias

  57. Great video Troy. Thanks for the heads up on these companies as I have been approached several times about them. After Zeek Rewards I’m EXTREMELY cautious so it’s good to see you point out the things I have already been thinking.

    Question – you mention “international Ponzi scheme”…after hearing that Zeek Rewards was made up of possibly 70% or more of international affiliates, do you think that this was a major factor in the shutdown? Meaning, the government would have a hard time dealing with the international affiliates as far as investigation and prosecution? Also, do you think its a possibility that the international affiliates were the ones abusing the system? The reasons I’m asking is because everyone I know that were affiliates in the U.S. had “real” customers buying bids on the auction site that were not affiliates. After reading a bunch of articles, I’m curious to know you thoughts in regards to MLM companies being a “red flag” when they advertise that they are an awesome, “global and international” organization. The writing on the wall appears as so because international affiliates that work for a U.S. based company can bring down or drastically affect the U.S based company and their affiliates/customers.

    Thanks again for your post Troy.

  58. Troy, you really need to get your facts straight. For one is called Ultimate Power Profits. not Ultimate Profit Power. And, if your video was even up-to-date, you would know that the penny auction part of the business of UPP/Global One was put on indefinite hold after the SEC incident with Zeek so that they can make sure it is completely legal before it even begins..if it does. So, instead of bashing them…perhaps you should commend them! The penny auction was to be only one part of the that it is no longer a factor..I hope you will retract your statement against them as you are driving people away from a legitimate business opportunity.

  59. Troy….you have become nothing more than a parody of yourself. You have and still endorse, defend and profited from one of the biggest ponzi schemes in this countries history and now you have the nerve to tell others not to join any of the others simply because you refuse to do your diligence on the current state of the other penny auctions and their changes. However, I’m sure if those companies paid you large enough consulting fees or purchased banner ad packages on your website, your video editorials would suddenly become much more positive.
    You have all of the resources and contacts available for you to due at least 15 minutes of due diligence including Kevin Thompson, your own attorney, but you refuse to do so because that doesn’t fit your personal business model which is very, very clear now..

    Let me tell you some due diligence I’ve done on you and your “MLM Help Desk” business model. You have repeatedly pointed out so-called “red flags” of companies you cover without doing any due diligence, then when the company responds to conduct your due diligence for you, you then “shake that company down” for your supposed consulting fees or paid reviews which suddenly become much more positive and rosy after their check clears your bank account.

    You share tremendous responsibility and blame for the millions of dollars that people lost in Zeek, yet you haven’t accepted any responsibility or made any apology for your intentional or unintentional misguided reviews of Zeek’s business model. You personally profited from appearing at Zeek events and countless video editorials defending Zeek’s model and despite the SEC, the court appointed receiver and even Paul Burks himself admitting Zeek was a ponzi, you still demand their day in court before you admit that you personally hurt 1000’s of people with your paid reviews of Zeek, it’s ownership, Zeek’s management and their business model.

    How you sleep at night or how you can make videos like this one with a straight face can be described as nothing less than “sociopathic”. You are nothing more than an internet “shakedown” artist disguised as a patriotic, apple pie eating, Chevrolet driving, MLM consultant/industry watchdog.

    Perhaps, someone should start creating video editorials pointing out the “red flags” of your personal business model until you choose a different line of work, because why anyone would pay you a dime to be an MLM consultant is absolutely laughable at this point.

    Since you are the moderator of the comments you are approving, please don’t approve this post this to be viewed publicly and then scream and yell about how I personally libeled/slandered you causing you irreparable harm and damages.

  60. Troy
    Good video

    As Neil Armstrong might have phrased it:

    One small step for legitimate direct selling;
    One giant step for Troy Dooly.

    A few misunderstandings.. There is no u.s. code on mlm, direct selling, pyramids, etc

    But overall, you are headed in the right direction

    Can Penny auction services be marketed through a mlm channel… Yes.. Any product or service that can be marketed through any other channel can be marketed by mlm… Provided the revenue source is from real customers and not merely redistribution of passive ..distributor “investment”
    Monies…. Regards, Jeff Babener

  61. Thank goodness you said "none of them". You had me worried there for a moment, Troy 🙂

    Safe travels.

  62. Troy,

    How would you classify Dubli? Since they have Express and Unique bid auctions would you group them with the companies you mentioned? The reason I ask is that I'm looking at Dubli (mainly for the shopping mall and entertainment) and Lyoness as possible companies to join. Obviously I'm concerned with anyone that has any type of penny auction associated with their company. I'm looking at these companies as a means of fundraising for nonprofits and the last thing I want to do is get caught in something that is questionable or illegal. Thanks for the insight.

    Michael Soud

  63. Ponzi scheme is a business model, where they accept investments from participants, make up some fake ROI, and pay out money / ROI to some of the participants before they run out of money.

    Ponzi ring needs to be PEOPLE, people attracted to that specific business model. So the Ponzi scheme must be present before the people can be attracted to it. They don't join an ordinary business model and makes it become a Ponzi scheme, if that was your theory?

    So a Ponzi scheme will exist when someone have designed a business in that way right from the start. It won't "become" a Ponzi scheme because certain people joins it. But certain people can make the problem become worse, by adding additional fraudulent methods.

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