Breaking MLM News Troy Dooly Reveals The #1 MLM Opportunity Today

Breaking MLM News: Troy Dooly reveals the #1 MLM Opportunity today! For weeks we have been receiving emails and phone calls asking about the best MLM opportunity available today.

Some of you has asked is it Yoli, Mandura, XanGo, FDI, Lightyear, Zurvita, or one I have not mentioned. Well after giving it some serious thought, I decided to share what I believe is the #1 MLM business opportunity available today.

Make sure you listen to my complete video for the answer!

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17 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News Troy Dooly Reveals The #1 MLM Opportunity Today”

  1. Steve,

    I saw my mistake, and will be correcting it in an upcoming FreeLife article I am writing.

    Never Give Up,


  2. Steve,

    You are so right! As I read back through I realized my mistake. My next article on FreeLife will correct this mistake.

    Never Give Up,


  3. Thank you Troy… One correction.. Ray and his now world wide staff of 9 Scientist call this not a Juice
    but a Tonic" so that is new twist.. But your right.. They have taken a great product and "advanced" it!
    not tried to switch direction but build on what is working! Thanks Again! Your site is awesome and is
    getting referrals not just from me I am sure 🙂

  4. One of the TOP companies for many years and which started the phenomenal Functional Juice revolution has Topped its Own Self. Their last product was proven the Overall best through Double Blind Placebo tests.
    Now they have some thing unbeatable and its a “Tonic” With over 300 studies in it main ingredient and already some double blind placebo tests to back it up. 90 day 100% money back! if your looking for the
    next big one I am betting this is it <a href="” target=”_blank”> ( From a 6 figure earner who did not do well avoiding lotions & potions then he did and start making tons of money.. interesting I say! 🙂

  5. Some are going to ask, "Troy why did you approved a blatant piece of spam?"

    I did it,because Steve is right. Freelife has brought out a new juice. While other companies are moving away from Juices Ray and his gang, have decided to stick with what has worked for them.

    My hat is off to Freelife for sticking to what works, and not bringing out some new wireless cell service.

    Never Give Up,


  6. Tyler,

    You are 100% correct most folks will not touch the MLM Adult arena because there is so much controversy which surrounds it.

    However, with three to four companies now playing in that niche (no pun intended), I’ll add the biggest companies to our list, and hit all of them in the next week.

    Thank you for your kind words, and for hanging out over here in our community.

    Never Give Up,


  7. Hi Troy,
    I’m a constant visitor to your site, I always find great information on new companies here. My Team and I recently joined AllXClub & Magic Power Coffee to see where would could take it and must say its been extremely well and we will continue to build our organization and help our new associates build theirs as well.

    Since this is in the Adult Industry it seems to be ignored A LOT, but the fact is, it’s there no matter what. Honestly, what are your takes on this company and their Comp Plan?

    I respect your opinion and would appreciate you taking the time to evaluate this opportunity. I’ve never experienced growth like this before and must say they have provided an amazing automated system and market plan for new reps.

    Thank you so much for your time,

    Tour Site:

  8. Troy, I must I am a fan of your site and I admire the hard work you put in to help others. Great video!
    I am new distributor with MonaVie and like one of 20 in Philadelphia that I have found. I am under the Robert Deans team and so far I’ve learned a lot and grown a great appreciation to network marketing. I can say this I have been using Monavie active for two months and me and my best friend loved it. So I agree with having passion for the product and the company if you want succeed in business.

    What is your take on MonaVie and their compensation plan? They say its the best and I am to new to this type of plan to weigh it against others!

    Motivating others to Financial Freedom

  9. Hi Troy,

    Whats your take on 1. TriUnity Internation
    2. Global Resorts Network
    3. chews 4 health

    Would love to get your shoet take on these companies. Thanks!!!

  10. You said to email you about companies we would like to see covered. I have not heard these mentioned in any videos. I couldn’t figure out how to email u so here it goes.

    GBG – 14yr old company rolling out new product line, certified low glycemic, diabetic safe energy drink that burns fat. First of four products that will have glycemic research institute low glycemic seals of approval.

    Max International – rolling out prime time TV show sept 28th on direct tv. Hour long, every monday night for the next year with leads going to reps. I’ve seen the lead product max gxl do some incredible things for people already.

    If anyone wants more info and my personal opinion on these companies u can email me at

    Love to hear your opinions on these companies.
    Thanks for all you do for us trying to find the good companies in this sea of scams and false promises.


  11. TROY!!!!!




  12. Troy,
    Great “videocast” if that’s the proper term. I didn’t hear you mention that you should look at and be able to understand the compensation plan? I know there are some you’re not fond of 😉 I’d like to hear you do your take on some of the best and worst.

  13. Thanks for another great post Troy. What you say about women in network marketing and the reasons they choose it as a career (full or part time) is spot on! I think a lot more companies (mlm or not) need to pay attention to that message. I’m finding some great female leaders out there in cyberspace. Maybe you could do an expose on some of the top ladies that you know in this industry some time?
    See you at the top!

  14. Hi Troy,


    People are always looking for the secret to success in network marketing and it’s always been right there, right in front of them all along!

    It’s PEOPLE! Yes, you must join a solid stable company with great products that add value to someones life, but it always come down to people.

    This is a people business first and foremost! Not a juice, lotion, potion, travel or wireless business, it is a people business!

    If you truly care about people and have a servants heart this industry can be very rewarding. Remember your success will always be in direct proportion to how many people you can help achieve their goals and dreams!


    MLM D

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