Breaking MLM News: Troy Dooly Accepts SVP Position With MLM Company

Darren Hardy states it best in his book The Compound Effect…

The (Complete) Formula for Getting Lucky:

Preparation (personal growth) +

Attitude (belief/mindset) +

Opportunity (a good thing coming your way) +

Action (doing something about it) =


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23 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News: Troy Dooly Accepts SVP Position With MLM Company”

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  2. Dominick,

    Congrats my friend!!! I am glad you have found a company you believe in. Go set the world on fire!!!

  3. Whatever Works,

    Not sure about your comment on my quote. Or your P.S. so unless you can explain, no one will know.

    As for the rest of your comment, you should take some time to review this site. There are more positive reviews, than any reviews on high-risk MLMs, and the training is way beyond the average MLM training.

    We have never raised any type of conflict nor do we promote conflict. We have called out a few companies over the years, and will continue to do that. Distributors who do not know the laws, need to realize when they join high-risk companies. It I happen to step on your toes or anyone elses who are promoting these type of companies, the so be it, you're a big boy.

    You might want tune in to our daily radio show, when we provide daily coaching, or the Friday night show where we interview leaders throughout direct selling. It seems you have only read a few limited posts from the comment you have written.

    By the way, did you review the public info to see how many hit we get on this site, or the fact we have never monetized it, outside of paying the hosting costs. This site was not about making money, and never will be. Although we do have sites in our blog network which do make money, they are not inside the direct selling niche.

    As for knowing "you are right", right about what? Seems you have not taken time to review your facts before posting sport.

  4. Troy check your stuff being a…"quote"

    “I am an authentic follower of Jesus.”

    P.S Your NOT rolling with laughter inside… KNOWING! the boys upstairs AINT!!!

    Troy this MLM blog "BS" is not for your REAL Heart….or a GOOD way to follow…WHO?

    Raising MLM conflict to put food on the table is BS!!!

    Troy…why not HELP more MLM'ERs with TIP's than do SMACK DOWNS…

    Teach/Write about some stuff we can use to better ourselves…show the WAY to do it!!!

    Quit the "GARBAGE"…to get controversy… aka hits :(((

    Fob it off best you can !…BUT YOU KNOW… I AM RIGHT!

  5. Way to go Troy. I saw a video of you by accident and you peaked my interest in MLM industry. Then a month later somebody approached me with an opportunity and I never looked back. Thank you and know that you made a difference.

  6. Gay user,

    One of the great things about America, is your right to voice your opinion. However, what you will find here is this community, is when you voice your opinion, you will get more traction if you provide facts.

    1. If you have heard a company sucks, then share what you have heard. No reason to be so ambiguous as saying "I heard it sucks" Lord knows we can find something negative about most companies in the world, and find someone who states "they suck.!"

    2. Not sure what you mean on the financial trouble. But, feel free to share with the world what you know. If you hang with us much, you know I have no trouble sharing anything about my personal life.

    Like most business folks, our businesses got hit during the last three years. However, that has not effected our ability to continue living on this island, with a rook over our head, our mortgage paid, and food on the table. Unlike some we did not have any personal debt to worry about, and business debt is always negotiable.

    But, hey if I missed something you know about, then feel free to share.

  7. Your a looser! I heard about this new company and it sucks but I guess it gets you out of your financial trouble your in.

  8. Whatever works…

    Sport, you have me rolling with laughter. Seriously, where do you come up with this stuff.

    Since listening to my wife has gotten me this far, I think I'll continue down that path. The payoff has been priceless.

    As for the "Christian" comment… Where have you ever heard me call myself a "Christian?" I have stated "I am an authentic follower of Jesus." But I do not think I use the term Christian at all.

    As for the rest of your comment, it is easy to see you have not read many posts on this blog, or any of the other blogs we run.

    But, you are good for a laugh sport! I hope you find the success you seek.

  9. Troy god luck to your MLM future…milking the wireless wars is like beating a dead horse…the pop have moved on long ago…now its a slinging match…like left Vs right !…P.S Micah…you will not make it!

    I am glad you gained enough ratings to be recognized in the mlm arena…controversy always works!

    Sure we have MANY beefs with YOU!…call you a sell out ?…ha…you were never there with honesty in the first place…then becoming friends with those who you trashed…pathetic…

    Get some balls and make you own decisions…asking wifey is lame!

    Troy call yourself a christian, perhaps…however you write like your trying to wind everyone up causing dissent!…for what ???…TROYDEM!

  10. Troy,

    Congratulations, they couldn't have selected anyone better to lead their company, God Bless and God Speed, I am still a friend of Troy Dooly's, in these times we all find out who are our true friends!!

    Take Care


  11. Dear Troy;

    Wonderful news!

    You will be a huge ASSET to your company – to any company!

    CONGRATULATIONS and very Best Wishes – we appreciate YOU!

    Warmly / Peter A.

    Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC / Founder

    Business Achievers Academy / Canada

  12. Wow Troy!

    This is exciting and inspiring at the same time! We've always known that when one is still and listens, God reveals the most to us in those quietest of hours. We need more good fathers and husbands like you. We're inspired by each and every post you make. More than just a report about this company or that __your posts are informative giving the reader and video listener the facts as they are, unbiased and without prejudice. The inspiration you give to so many others is far reaching and is to your credit a blessing for all those who keep up with you or know you as a personal friend.

    We see nothing but wonderful blessings coming your way and that of your family. It's true that our life experiences are what we make them and when we live carefully, faithfully and with respect for ourselves and each other __God blesses us greatly.

    Our prayers include you and your family as you move forward both in your personal life and your business. You truly are a person who influences and has impact on everyone you meet and both you and your family are well deserving of God's favor.

    We look forward to the coming New Year and all you will have to share with us and each and every loyal reader on MLM Help Desk and beyond.

    Blessings, Love & Friendship Always,

    Viktoria & Gary Affron

    Executive Team Concepts

  13. Great post Troy, inspirational, thanks for sharing some

    valuable insight into some intimate and powerful

    habits that you keep, very interesting.

    Just like to wish you all the best

    as SVP.

    Stay lucky

    John, keen helpdesk reader.

  14. Much Success to you and your family Troy. If the Lord has a calling for you, seek it out and make due. I will continue to use you as a great source of MLM information. You and your staff have truly educated me about this Industry and I am truly blessed.

    Much Success to you and your new venture.

    Richie rich

  15. Troy,

    Personally you know where I stand with this announcement. Publicly I want to say, that I'm thankful for the stewardship example that you demonstrate as you trust God as he leads you in a new direction. Without a plan we can sure do a pretty good job of stumbling over ourselves and messing it up. Prayer indeed changes things. What is really awesome is that God Alone brings all his people to a point of conviction. We will only then begin to understand His true Love for us and the real Power and gift of Prayer. I have heard some people say that they found God,or they will go find Him. The way I understand it best is that you cannot go and find God. GOD FINDS US. Its how we respond, that makes the difference.

    Such a good example you gave as you start your year with prayer, your every morning with prayer and end each day with prayer. To think we can trust in prayer even the small things in our life's as well as the Huge Hurdles and Mountains. Now that in itself is just Awesome.

    Now Bro, I know you shared that major changes were not going to take place here on the blog. I will keep you in check on that as this Blog has made a difference in my life as well as many that I know. It truly has provided a real life education that has taught us and showed Company's and people of Integrity as well as it has allowed the Corrupt to expose themselves. Well Done

    Thanks Brother. I'm trusting for much fruit with the Harvest.

  16. You are not getting rid of me that easily Troy. I will still be here to stir the pot, keep you and everyone else honest. God speed, and my best wishes for you and your family on this new journey of yours.

  17. Congratulations, Troy –

    May your obedience and faith be met with the greatest of success and pure joy.

    Knowing your commitment to our industry and your fair, unbiased reporting of related news as it comes to you, I expect nothing else from you….and will continue to be a reader unil you no longer write.

    Best of everything to you and yours!

    Deb Nelson

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