Breaking MLM News: The Verdict Is In – In 2016 Trust Instead Of Just New Cars

I was reading in the Wall Street Journal this week and ran across a story titled -- Teen Sports Faces a Nutritional-Supplement Debate.  I am a huge advocate of a healthy lifestyle and making sure teen athletes have all the nutrients they need, without the dangers of banned or almost banned ingredients. In this article a company out of Florida, P2Life is on a mission to help teens, specifically Michael Andrews, who is setting new records in swimming as he prepares for compete for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team.

I wrote an article not to long ago (Investigative Perspective The Supplement Danger Zone) on this very subject as I followed a USAToday investigative series.

Regulators & Critics Concerned With Teens Being Targeted For Supplements
I also read today where Echinacea is as effective as the prescription Tamiflu at getting rid of colds and flu symptoms… 

In the Wall Street Journal they shared:

Echinacea purpurea, commonly known as purple coneflowers and the source of a remedy against respiratory infections. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

The Ache: Cold and flu season is here, and with it, a healthy dose of misery.

The Claim: Echinacea, a herbal remedy made from a flowering plant, can prevent respiratory infections—or even help treat them once they begin.

The Verdict: A study in 2015 found a hot drink containing echinacea to be as good as prescription Tamiflu for treating influenza, and a large 2012 study found the remedy cut down on the number of days suffered with colds. The results don’t apply to all formulations of echinacea, which can vary widely, and scientists caution that people at high risk for flu complications shouldn’t forgo more-tested prescription medications.

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