Breaking MLM News: The Trump Network Still Going Strong Despite The Rumors According To Marketer Advisory Board Member Peggy Brochman

Two of my constituents Ty Tribble of and Ted Nuyten of Home Business Organization reported this week that The Trump Network aka Ideal Health was in trouble and could be going down fast due to top distributors leaving and Tom Mower suing them.

Troy’s Truth: I searched the net and could not find one document, showing where the lawsuit has actually been filed with the IN THE FOURTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR UTAH COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH which causes me to wonder if Tom Maower or one of his crew leaked the potential filing with Ted Nuyten knowing he is located in the Netherlands.

Ted released a report stating Tom Mower the former founder of Neways and current founder of Sisl has sued The Trump Network in short for a breach of contract. Now, I can say Tom Mower would know about breach of contract among other illegal activites based on his own current past actions.

Neways founders get 2 years in prison

U.S. Justice Department

There were other issues which caused me concern when Tom launched Sisel because of his past actions when he owneed and ran Neways.

Guilty plea for Neways on hormone

And then there was the bribery allegations in Japan

Thirty days before starting his prison sentence he launched a new company called SupraNaturals LLC.
Neways founder starts new company in Springville

During those days my friend Len Clements wrote a piece on this situation and provides additional links to information.

Neways Founder Sent to Prison Tom and Dee Mower Sentenced For Tax Evasion

After launching Sisel Tom was sued by Neways on several fronts and lost, which does tend to cause one to wonder if he is still doing his best to get still defraud folks.

Neways Wins Victory Enjoining SISEL

Neways Wins Trade Secrets Injunction Against Former Owner

So after reading what was written on Ted’s site I reached out to Peggy Brockman a well-respected business lady locally, as well as a solid networker and leader in The Trump Network to get some firsthand info.

Although, this info is NOT directly from the company, you can see on Ted Nuyten’s site where Peggy is one of the most successful leaders in TTN and is in the know.

I will be meeting with Peggy Monday to get more info, but for now here is what she has given me.

“What you can share with your listeners and viewers is that The Trump Network is still open – only a hand full of leaders left…and most all the rumors they are circulating on the internet are just that….rumors.

I read something online that said 2/3rds of the company left – that is ABSOLUTELY not true!!

We have a new partner and Larry Nusbaum heads up that group and will more than likely serve as CEO of the company. Google him – he is the former CEO if Ronco and is featured on many shows like Fox Report and others – he is a no nonsense kind of guy who believes in this company and the people in it.

He has a very successful background in the network marketing industry in his earlier years so he knows it. He is bringing a new line to the company immediately called Cosmedicine which is backed by 10 years of double blind placebo testing overseen by Johns Hopkins Medical Center.

It has been pulled from its retail resources and will be exclusively with our company. And yes, we still have all the other great lines we have always had with our customized vitamins based on testing, etc.

I looked up Mr. Larry Musbaum and found he is a corporate turn-around expert who has had great success in this area. It seems that Ideal Health aka The Trump Network has brought in a great partner and new executive who will help guide this company though some rough waters.”

This company has been a survivor for years, and although some of us on the outside wonder how they have lasted so long, I think it is truly because they have leadership and products the field believe in and the customers know work.
Watch for more info next week after I talk with Peggy Brockman.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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