Breaking MLM News The MLM Wireless War Have Begun

Yes, you heard it right, The MLM Wireless War has officially begun, and it will allow the Network Marketing profession to raise to the top of the trillion dollar Wireless Industry.

Now, when I say MLM Tele-Comm war, this is not a negative… At least not for those of us in the Network Marketing arena.

From ACN, to the newest player FDI International (a merger of Financial Desitination Inc. and GI Connect), the world is about to experience the power of the MLM profession in a big way.

Let’s take a little history tour. In the late 70’s and early 80’s the late MCI, tapped Amway to marketing their “Family & friends” long distance service. Then in the 80’s Sprint launched their wireless PCS division with a network marketing arm called “Network2000.” Sadly, when both MCI & Sprint gained enough customers to give them a solid financial base, and alternative marketing channels became available, they trashed their MLM field force.

Now, let’s move to the 90s where we see EXCEL rise to become the 4th largest Tele-Comm in the USA, and enter into the wireless arena. But due to events beyond the control of the field, EXCEL went bankrupt, which left a void that has not been filled since.

Yes, we have a few Network Marketing companies, like Escape International and Fortune High Tech which market for some of the main stream companies. But there has not been one MLM company who until late last year was willing to take on the big boys of the Wireless Industry.

Then out of the blue come along a Tele-Comm insider who was willing to break ranks within the tightly run industry called Lightyear Communications. In 2002, Lightyear filed for Bankruptcy when their proposed merger with EXCEL communications went bad. Today, they are operating Lightyear Wireless, the first company focused 100% on offering Wireless Services though a dedicated MLM Marketing Arm.

Then came along the Wireless arm of Global Verge… Buzzirk Wireless. Unlike Lightyear, who is focused 100% on the telecommunication industry, and is run by a family with long respected ties to the Telecommunication industry. Global Verge, partnered with Zer01 to become the exclusive marketer of the Zer01 propitiatory Sim Chip Technology, giving them a first mover advantage by offering a flat rate top-end wireless service to their end users.


What most folks did not realize is that a very quite under the radar company had started operating in the USA last year called GI Connect. Unlike any of the other companies currently marketing services for others, or just launching. The man behind GI Connect has 16 years in the Tele-Comm industry, the last 6 running what may very well be the world’s largest wireless MLM company. They have over 800,000 distributors worldwide, and millions of customers in over 60 countries.

Well, on July 4, 2009 Financial Destination, Inc (FDI) on a special call celebrating their 6th birthday, announced the pre-launch and formation of FDI International. FDI Owner Bill Andreoli introduced Kuba Farbiarz as the newest member of the corporate staff. Kuba Farbiarz, as you may remember, he is the founder of GI Connect and the creator of it proprietary technology and worldwide communication platform

So, no matter which of these companies, or any other new ones with might launch in the next few months, that you may join. If you do it for the right reason, right company and most of all the right team. Then there is no reason why you should not be able to use the MLM Wireless war as the vehicle to changing your life and reaching your dreams.

However, if Tele-Comm is not something you can get excited about, then DON”T join just because you think there is some money to be made. If the fast cash is the only reason you are joining, then you will fail in the long term, and hurt a lot of your downline team.

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2 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News The MLM Wireless War Have Begun”

  1. Jay,

    I have also seen people joining each of the companies, and it will be very interesting to see how it all plays out. Unlike the MLM Juice Wars, where one or two companies were launching at a time. This has become a feeding frenzy as so many companies are trying to position themselves to grab a piece of the pie.

    All in all I still beleive the distributors will be the big winners out of all this action.

    Never Give Up,


  2. Very interesting information. I know people who are jumping in to all these companies.

    In addition several mlm companies are rolling out cellular sales agreements with the well known U.S. players. I feel they may be at a competitive disadvantage trying to compete with those who own their technology.

    Jays last blog post.. Jul 9, Network Marketing Quotes

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