• http://www.tylerandmimiford.com Tyler Ford

    Love the hat! Keep up the good work.

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  • Rob Turner

    this guy is a crook in disguise, people such as he do not belong in network marketing…. he bull lined all of the people in Atlanta and everywhere, then he found an Energy company and made certain he signed himself up then told everyone on a conference what was going on…

  • scott travis

    Complete crook!! Guys like Dean are what have given the MLM business a bad name! Hey Robert why dont you go crawl away somewhere FOREVER!!

  • Willie Gates

    i wonder if this is about knocking Robert Dean or is this to bad mouth the Momentis Company? If you have friends over in Momentis also, you must think they are crooks also then since you are very high on your horse to be bad mouthing another MLM company. I wonder what type of Ethical and Moral values are behind that. I also found the interesting fact that you represent to companies that represent the same type of products, i wonder if there is some sort of Ethical values behind that…..hmmmm. I am sure this post won't stay, but at least i know i posted and showed just how unethical all these MLM companies are, paying all these top notch guys to come in, while all the regular people are doing the work to make everyone else all the $$$.

    • Troy Dooly


      Interesting perspective. If you had watched the News report a week before this, then you know I am excited about what Momentis is doing, and the fact their parent company is run by a women. If you followed any of my tracking trends, then you would also know why I love women run companies.

      So, you might want to educate yourself a little before trying to put additional agendas behind my words. :)

      By the way since I do consult with companies, distributors, equity funds, investors, attorneys, reporters, regulators and common folks who want more information, just like all consultants in every industry, exactly why would my reports warrant any ethical or moral questions. This is fully disclosed, and if you dug a little then you will find that although I am very pro direct selling aka network marketing aka MLM, I do not back away from the issues we face, and fight daily to make sure we are building an authentic and transparent community from the top down.

      See sport, the issue is breaking a legal contract, and going back on the five year commitment, without doing it through the proper channels.

      I can understand how you might want me and others to work for free. But just like ALL news outlets, we have to pay the bills. Paying the bills, doesn't change a persons values and principles.

      One last tidbit… If you knew at all what you were talking about, then you would know where I stand on Freedom of Speech and would never have questioned your comment not going live, or me responding.

      Living An Epic Adventure,


  • Street Psychologist

    In the posted Limu video Mr Dean seems different than he did in the 2008/2009 videos when he made the move from Noni to Monavie.

    The look in his eyes, his facial features, speech and weight loss indicate the distinct possibility that Mr. Dean has developed an addiction to a certain white substance & possibly it's hardened counterpart…and as such is not well.

    His actions as described by Mr. Dooly certainly fall in line with those of the classic "Addict's Personality" in which the addiction always comes first, taking precedent over friends, family, business associates and relationships…always reinforced by bold, blatant and obvious, repetitive lies.

    Money disappears rapidly and the there always exists the need for more without the ability to actually do the work, as the person is hindered by the intoxicated state which renders them unproductive.

    In Mr. Dean's case this may explain the need for upfront money in the deals being cut, not distributing it to his people and then blatantly lieing about having received the money…followed by not complying with the performance requirements, only to move on to the next deal with an upfront money requirement.

    Mr. Dooly's confusion as to the complete change in Mr. Robert Dean Jr.'s personality is understandable as that is not a common occurrence, very unusual…the explanation may be that it is not Mr. Dean acting but a narcotic which is a common occurrence.

    I may be wrong but there exists the distinct possibility that Robert is in need of help.

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  • http://www.theinstantdownline.com/1 Rick Weston


    Great article my friend, it has been a few weeks since I have been on here, not because I don't love your site or your articles… I've just been incredibly busy with my business and making sure that my reps are properly supported, that is what good sponsors do!

    This guy… well, I hate to put anyone down, but he is not a good sponsor, he isn't even a good rep in my opinion.

    I recently posted a blog post over at IBO Social, about practicing 'selflessness' in MLM, "the act of sacrificing ones own interest for the greater good", this guy is anything but selfless, from what I have seen.

    Selfish… period. That would be the one word I would use to describe Robert Dean Jr., and I don't even know him, it is apparent in his actions.

    BTW, one of the reasons why I left Momentis is I learned they were cutting deals with distributors and giving them different requirements for earning bonuses. For example I learned about a certain group where because they were in a state that didn't have electricity or natural gas products yet they cut a deal. The deal was that you just needed to become a rep and activate your website for the bonuses to be kicked off to the upline for helping a rep become 'qualified' rather than the normal product points requirement…

    Guys like myself, living in Oregon, didn't get such a deal…

    It sure seems that birds of a feather flock together in this instance.

    This is the thing, as a sponsor, a leader and a friend to your downline, you cannot do things like this. Personally I have been offered Tens of THOUSANDS of dollars, hundreds of customers and reps to be added to my team, if I were to leave North American Power, I have turned all offers down flat, because I am committed to my team and to my company.

    I love North American Power and more importantly I LOVE my team, guess what… they love me too. I will do whatever it takes for my team and for my company to be successful, guys like Robert Dean make me sick.

    I hate to say anything negative about anyone… This guy is obviously chasing dollars and treating his organization as expendable, the problem is he has droves of dedicated distributors following him wherever he goes next.

    Stop doing it!

    Seriously, if you are on this man's team, why do you follow him when he is just going to continue to do the same thing again and again? You can't build a sustainable future with a guy like this, you can't build an organization in a business which will last a lifetime when you continue to follow a 'leader' who is only concerned about his own paycheck…

    He doesn't care, about you… just his pocket book.

    This whole thing makes me want to puke, Guys like him are the same types of people who will 'shoot the moon' with promises until you fork over your hard earned money to join the business, then leave you high and dry, again.

    Building a team in MLM, it should always be "we before me"…

    • KJ


      How do you feel now the Robert Dean and his TopGun team are now part of North American Power?

  • Dave

    That is certainly a possibility of why Robert is behaving the way he is. His actions are similar those of a chronic mlm junkie.

    He will, of course, have his supporters regardless of the actions he takes. It appears he has helped many improve their financial situation and/or added some value to their lives in some way.

    But to boldly state he will be with a company until he dies, and can't seem to follow up on it, is indicative of a person who's words are incongruent with his actions, and is not someone one would seek out on the basis of integrity.

    Dean appears to be a good-hearted person. But perhaps not when it comes to his recent business decisions/actions.

    And if Mr. Dean is in fact dealing with personal issues beyond his control at the moment, then all we can do is offer moral support and hope he recovers long enough to redeem himself in some way, shape or form if it isn't too late and beyond hope already.

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