Breaking MLM News: Rex Venture Group CEO Paul Burks Talks About Zeek Rewards In His Own Words

Today I received an email with a link to the following interview of Paul Burks the founder of Rex Venture Group, LLC., explaining the business model and compensation plan of Zeek Rewards. I am not sure exactly when this was shot, except to say that it was after Gerry Nehra was hired to clean up the business model and compensation plan. It seems to be sometime in January of 2012.

Paul Burks Founder of Zeek Rewards & Rex Venture Group

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26 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News: Rex Venture Group CEO Paul Burks Talks About Zeek Rewards In His Own Words”

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  2. @Jmw4x,

    According to the SEC Complaint. But it has not been proven yet that those numbers are accurate. And from reading through comments here and elsewhere, there is an undisclosed amount of un-deposited funds during the time period mentioned in the SEC report which was not included.

    I have been told the amount of income was far more than reported, but I have not seen the financials.

  3. Troy,

    Is it true that Zeek received $162 million and paid out $160 million in a set period of time? If so, that breaks the whole "up to 50%" thing that was claimed by Zeek. IMO, that's a big deal. If this is true, then it appears that Zeek lied to us. If it's not true, then what is the SEC missing?


  4. Troy, how can i get updates from your site via mail (subscription) based on the”zeekrewards” and “zeekler” tags only?

  5. @KChang777,

    1. The first part is true. However, later today, after the information is published, the Receiver may decide to slow down and make sure all the "t's" were crossed and all the "i's" were dotted. And although I agree that Zeek Rewards is done and not coming back. This change in events, may change the final out come in a federal trial.

    2. With ne federal case now filed and more to come, it will be a long time I suspect before the Receiver starts releasing funds. Which is sad for those who have money in ewallets, but had never purchased bids, just had a Zeek Reward ID attached to their accounts. I would lie to see that cleared up fast.

    Ks Chang, as always thank you for stopping by to share.

  6. @KChang777,

    Robert is legit, and I will be publishing an editorial later today announcing the national law firm who has agreed to take on this case.

  7. @Forexboss121,

    Like other affiliates you will need to follow the process as it is published. And based on at least one Fed Case already filed and another one I figure is coming soon, It could be a while.

  8. @Jaden,

    Please inform me on what I have to apology for? I stand by my reporting. I would say that the one editorial I did reading from the Network Marketing Business Journal would be questionable, due to the fact we now know that Keith Laggos had a position inside the compensation plan. But other than that, I will stand by the reporting I did based on the facts at the time, just like I am now.

    Please inform me exactly what I was wrong about? Unless you know of a trial that has taken place, I will stand firm on the fact that ONLY through due process of a public trial will we ever know the truth. So watch later today as I announce some very interesting news on that front.

    Well, you are correct I have not read anything yet to prove I might have been fooled. But like most folks I am sure open to the facts and when they are all laid out before a Judge and Jury I will be watching for the verdict. And at that time I will be interviewing several key insiders who have already given me exclusives. Without a doubt this will be a fantastic case study for the future.

    ROFLOL… Sport there is so much you and others don't know. The Critics you mentioned did a fantastic job based on the information and the experience they have. And many of them have been great to talk with be behind the scenes sharing even more insight into Ponzi operations and key players. Which I sure hope the feds come down on hard in the near future.

    Now to your questions. Although, you may not like the answers 🙂

    1. There is no way to know any network marketing, internet marketing, direct sales, affiliate sales, business is 100% legit, until the business model has gone before a Court of Law and a jury renders their verdict, or a Judge renders their opinion. And even then we would have to wait until all appeals are finished. In the specific case of Zeek Rewards, I have clearly stated from day one there are red flags, but the company was working on those red flags and I was willing to give them time to correct them all. I was also clear, the weaknesses in the comp plan was the RPP and provided a solution along with some other folks that last Wed, should have eliminated the current issue of low sales volume above and beyond bid buys.

    2. Yes, I am sure that Zeek Rewards is not an investment. However, as for the purchase of bids being seen by the SEC as buying an unregistered investment, that is a different story. Based on the information I have, some of which has not been published, I do not see the purchase of bids the same as purchasing an unregistered investment and would disagree with the SEC at this time. But until I see all the evidence and see what a Jury or Judge rules after reviewing all the evidence, I am not in a position to absolutely say one way or another. My belief is based on facts I have and those may not be complete.

    Well I sure hope this allows you to continue digging deeper.

  9. @troy dooly, I was being sarcastic about the term “cheerleading”, so please get over it.

    FYI , I used an iPhone with auto correct feature to post my comment.

    Anyway, Stop waving your Pom pom and start giving an apology to the critics and former zeek affiliates.

    It is ok to be a real man and admit when you are wrong. Btw, you’ve once stated that you are an expert at reading mind. Are you sure about that , Mr. Advocate?

    It seems that you can”t even read a simple fact that you were being fooled by you good buddy (mr. Paul burks).

    Oh, and speaking of scratching the surface, I didn’t know there is still more surface to be scratch. I thought oz, kschang , jimmy, e, chris bailey and Patrick already completely destroyed the surface many months ago.

    I was wrong then. I knew I shouldn’t be taking words from those silly folks seriously. After all, they are only morons who spent countless hours analyzing zeek and other mlm/network marketing businesses. They don’t even have a single credential to back up their research like you.

    Mr. Troy dooly, I would like to ask you these questions for the last time.

    Are 100 percent sure that zeekrewards is a legit business?

    Are sure that zeekrewards is not an “investment”?

  10. Guys, stop trolling for Troy's reactions. Save the rooms for some REAL comments will ya?

    (And enough of the cheerleading comments like "Zeek's coming back stronger than ever!" and that sort of garbage too)

  11. Having been a "consultant" for Rex Venture Group, i.e. Zeek, of course Mr. Craddock knows his stuff about Zeek.

    However, last time I checked, his "Fun Club USA", to which you are donating money to for the defense fund, shows as "inactive" in Florida as of 5 minutes ago.

  12. 1) Zeek is closed and turned over to government receiver. It is OVER. It will NOT be coming back. As for the actual reason, you will need to ask Burks, but he is NOT talking to any reporters or taking any calls. In fact, he has hired security to guard his house. Many suspect there will be further investigation, but there has been no further announcements from the government.

    The appointed court receiver has announcement scheduled for 2PM coming Monday. We may have no information then.

    2) The receiver has not released any sort of time table, nor established any sort of procedure to register for “restitution” (return of money). That may change coming Monday. All victims who register (when it opens) will be compensated, but no idea when, or how much.

    3) Official info is at and at various MLM news websites, such as this one run by Mr. Dooly, and at Mr. Thompson’s and so on.

    –KsChang, a MLM Skeptic

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  14. @Jaden,

    ROFLOL… Get over what? You came to my house spitting your crap. Sport, I think you might be the one to get over things.

    ROFLOL… on the Cheerleading. I can see you do not have kids in Cheerleading. Don't believe your spell checker 🙂

    Now, as for the video. Please expound on what you heard. I have watched it several times. But you are the expert so please shares.

  15. Troy dooly, please get over it. It is a ponzi. Maybe you should go back and watch the video from you friend (Paul burks). Oh , and yes, “cheer leading” are two words, but the word “ponzi” is one word. Wink wink

  16. @Kelmo,

    Zeek will not be reopening at all.

    1. Paul Burks for reasons known only to him, his legal team and the SEC decided to consent to turning over his company to a Receiver appointed by a US Federal Judge. The Receiver, will now review the books, and determine the assets and liabilities of the company and provide his finding to the SEC. After which he will at some point start to issue refunds to former affiliates.

    2. The U.S.A. based affiliates will receive refunds first, based on my understanding then international affiliates will get theirs.

    3. I have posted official information here on this site. Go to the front page for the most current info.

  17. @Jaden,

    Most folks would think I would not allow their comments to go public, but I love allowing people to vent.

    Now, let's see if you can take the time to explain to me and the community why I can't be trusted?

    I retired from actively building any network marketing business on Dec. 31, 2009. If you had taken time to listen or watch the video here on the blog you would know this information.

    Cheerleading is one word, not two. Cheerleading for network marketing would be very accurate. As for Zeek you bet we shared and discussed the facts as I have With BidiFy, and Bids That Give.

    As for compensated, explain what you mean? I have been very clear and open from day one they covered my expenses. This is not new, news at all!

    As for Ponzi, I assume you have read the SEC Complaint. And if you have, and you live in the USA, then you of all people should know that in this country we live by the U.S. Constitution, which is very clear We are Innocent Until Proven Guilty. And since we have yet to have a civil or criminal trial to prove the Government's case, you my friend must not be digging very deep. As a matter of fact, I would say you have not even scratched the surface. 🙂

    So, Ponzi, maybe, but until this case goes before a Judge in a Trial, we will not know for sure. And from the looks of things there will be several civil trials so we should know soon.

  18. Troy, I got this info last night in an email from a group of leaders in Zeek. I thought others should have this info from the otherside of the coin if they would like to join the fight and lawsuit. There is a Facebook page: and a website to join the fight: <a href="http:// : target=”_blank”> <a href=" http://:” target=”_blank”>: .If you would like more information and have further questions, an email has been set up by Robert Craddock at

    He will be addressing all questions and comments into further announcements. We need to get this viral so others who feel like our businesses were ripped away from them, have a voice.
    Thanks for all the great info Troy!
    My recent post Welcome to Z Team Biz

  19. Troy dooly, you no longer can be trusted. Please go back into your retirement. Funny how you told me personally that you retired from mlm / network marketing many years ago, but yet, you been running around cheer leading for zeek and getting compensated for. One word: “ponzi”

    Digging deeper for info


  20. At the beginning Burks said "March of this year", so it's end of 2011, not beginning of 2012.

  21. Hello Troy, please help me.i,m from spain, Mallorca.

    My zeek,s superiors from Here Say me that zeekreward is possible to open. Here we don,t have questions:

    1)is closed t’he investigstion?

    2) In spain, t’he money will be retur affiliates?

    3) In USA, are there any information official?

    Please help me… Here, In Mallorca there are near 3000 affiliates

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