Breaking MLM News: Paula Scarcella Founder of Green Organics Attracts MLM Veteran Joe Gentle As New Executive V.P.

Breaking MLM News

Paula Scarcella Founder of Green Organics Attracts

MLM Veteran Joe Gentle As New Executive V.P.


Today I had the privilege to interview Joe Gentle the new Exec. V.P. of Green Organics. I have followed Joe’s success over the last few years, and the two things which standout the most, even before I talked with him is his integrity and his love for serving others.


Joe has been with the same company in the field for seventeen years, earning in excess of $1 million dollars in personal income and helping others on his team reach this same incredible financial goal. Not only that, he has helped thousands replace their current incomes with full-time network marketing income.

He is called on by other executives inside of the network marketing community because of both his knowledge of direct selling and because they trust him personally.

I am truly impressed that Paula Scarcella could draw this veteran to help guide Green Organics through the startup phase and into what Joe believes will be one of the great success story’s of 2012 and beyond.

I have broken the interview into segments, but if you want to listen to the whole interview you can scroll to the bottom of the playlist and click play.

Joe’s career as a full time distributor began in 1996 with a very successful network marketing company where he was the 1997 Marketing Executive of the Year as well as twice Trainer of the Year and will continue to support and mentor that organization.

Prior to mlm, Joe owned and operated a small transportation company, until he replaced his income in 1996 and became a fulltime networker. During his networking career, Joe was instrumental in developing leaders, duplicable systems and training as well as focusing on self development by helping people overcoming life’s challenges to become a leader and believe in themselves so they can help their organization do the same.

Joe is often referred to as the “walking talking encyclopedia of mlm,” having performed over 300 generic network marketing seminars all over the USA and Canada with a special interest in educating people on what’s hot and what’s not in mlm and why.

Joe takes an “old school” approach in building relationships with the organization and teaching people how to bridge high touch with high tech for a long successful career of health, wealth and time freedom.

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4 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News: Paula Scarcella Founder of Green Organics Attracts MLM Veteran Joe Gentle As New Executive V.P.”

  1. Jimmy,

    Thank you for coming by and sharing. This is a very valuable question, since I am sure many people may have experienced this same type of situation. I am not sure my answer will cover everything, but I do hope to provide some thoughts to further the discussion.

    1. Sadly some unethical practices would not be covered as illegal in a court of law, and it is these situation which we all must band together on and hold the person or people accountable. I also believe we give these people the opportunity to make right the situation.

    Without a doubt, I am sure somewhere in my own past someone might feel I have wronged them with some form of unethical behavior. A few times people have cared enough, or were pissed enough to tell me how I had harmed them. In each case I asked for forgiveness, and did my best to correct the situation. Sadly, I am also sure there are some folks who just walked away.

    If people are willing to live by the Golden Rule, then we would not have these issues. Or at least not as many.

    2. I do want to ask, when you say "mislead" was this a broken promise, that the person should or could have honored, or was there some outside situation which caused the break in ethics?

    3. If you or anyone has documentation such as Emails, ads, landing pages, conference calls, videos etc., then once validated we can publish these and talk about the HYPE and why it is wrong.

    Although, we may not be able to pressure anyone to give you back your money, we can share with others, why they do not want to fall prey to such situations.

    I wish I could say, there are not people who will go out of their way to hurt others, but it does and will happen. What I do know, is mot folks are good hearted, and when they can help others they will.

    Like you I have been burned over the years, and at times by friends. But, I never let that hold me back from going for my dreams and objectives.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  2. Troy thank you for what you have created here.

    I have watched and listened to the various post and from what I can tell your a pretty stand up all american dude.

    You allow folks to share and debate. And that's awesome.

    If I may , I to have had my share of dissapointments with some of these so called leaders in the mlm industry actually only two people to be exact. Not Paula just fyi

    I guess what I am tryin to get to is what I expierenced was unethical practices and false character portryals.

    Some of these things that may have happened don't really matter in court but have a very solid core in principle and ethics, and just down right honesty.

    In my case I was mislead to get me to buy in and hyped up or fooled to believe things were in order in a different sitiuation.

    I don't want to get carried away.

    Bottom line is how or what do you say to a person that was burned by someone, but doesn't have legal recourse just the first hand personal knowledge that something was done out of character to them?

    I think this industry is solid, I just think there is some stigma that follows certain behaviors.

    What do you say to that person. Hopeful I made a little sense. (I hope)

    There will allows be haters out there for sure, I just think that we as leaders or business owners need to address the negative stuff people Think they know about in a constructive manner.

    Thanks Troy and keep doin it big!

  3. Tina,

    First let me say thank you for stopping by. Now on to more important things.

    I always find it very immature when someone comes into our community and posts ambiguous comments.

    If you want to add value, then explain in detail exactly how Paula Scarcella duped you?

    If you can't use it in a court of law, or you can't use it to get a regulatory agency to open in investigation, then it's nothing more than spoiled milk.

    So, if you have rock solid situations you wish to share, please do.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  4. Good Luck to Joe. Unfortunately, I would steer way clear of anything that Paula Scarcella had anything to do with. I've personally been duped by her a few too many times.

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