Breaking MLM News Oprah And Dr Oz Entering MLM By Implicating MonaVie In Frivolous Lawsuit

Breaking MLM News: Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Mehmet Oz have decided to enter the MLM arena like other well known celebrities like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Anthony Robbins. However, Oprah & Dr. Oz are doing it through a frivolous lawsuit implicating MonaVie as some type of scam company.

Now what makes this lawsuit so funny and frivolous is the fact MonaVie has been a featured product on one of Harpo Productions (Oprah’s production company) the Rachel Ray show! Listen as the guest calls MonaVie “one of Oprah’s Genius Super Foods.” Now the issue the MonaVie & Oprah attorney’s will debate…

Was the guest calling the Acai Berry “Oprah’s Genius Super Food” or was this guest stating MonaVie is “Oprah’s Genius Super Food?”

And look what people are writing on the Rachel Ray website Click Here.

Either way Oprah’s legal team should have done their homework before just adding MonaVie to the suit. Yes, there are over zelous MonaVie reps who use Oprah and Dr. Oz in their internet marketing, but when you listen and watch the video clips they use, you quickly see that Oprah and Dr. Oz have never used the name MonaVie, but they have validated MonaVie by the great work Dr. Oz has done on the Acai Berry.

Instead of Suing MonaVie, Opra should have contacted Henry Marsh and asked him to appear on her show and talk about his success as a representative of the USA in the Olympics and let him share all the great charity work MonaVie and the field leaders do each year in Brazil (where the Acai Berry is harvested), through the M.O.R.E. Project.

Maybe Oprah’s inside staff should have done their research better before attacking MonaVie. If they had, they would have realized that a company who’s CEO was just nominated as Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the Year, is probably not running a multi-billion dollar Internet Scam (especially one with 500 employees.)

Or the fact that MonaVie was just listed as the #1 company in the Inc 500 under the Food & beverage catagory, and #18 out of 500 overall.

Inc 500

“Inc. magazine announced its 28th annual Inc. 500 ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. With over 27 million businesses registered in the United States, the Inc. 500 list represents the top-tier businesses in America today. MonaVie topped the charts, reigning in at No. 1 in the Inc. 500 Food & Beverage category, No. 3 in Revenue, and No. 18 on the overall Inc. 500 list. The Full Story

And what about Cheryl Burke’s latest confession about MonaVie in Health Magazine?

Health Mag

“[Health] – June 2009 – Cheryl Burke, two-time champion of the hit TV show Dancing with the Stars, chats with Health magazine about how she maintains her dancer’s body and gets energized. The dancing starlet and fitness entrepreneur lists MonaVie among the healthy foods currently found in her fridge. Read the whole story

Or, maybe Oprah and Dr. Oz should have contacted some of the great sports figures who used MonaVie long before they started endorsing it.

Or some of the Black Diamonds who’s stories can bring tears to your eyes, when you see the rags to riches stories they share. (And yes before any of you start commenting about how the Black Diamond’s I show case, I do know they made their first millions in other companies), but their Servant Leadership has allowed them to continue helping others inside and outside of MLM at MonaVie.

Robert Dean, who created one of the most success teams in MLM history, and who grew up in one of the most racially divided cities in the nation. yet, none of that kept him from taking his family and friends on the success ride of a life time.

Today, Robert has one goal… To create 500 millionaires within the next five to ten years. Seriously, I am pretty sure Robert knows a scam when he sees one.

Orrin Wooward one of the most respected business leaders in the world today. Orrin is not only in the top 2% of MLM leaders, he has helped to created several million dollar earners and thousands of full-time network marketers in more than one company.

But, he has never forgotten where he came from, and even today he and his family enjoy sharing all their success with friends and families from around the globe. With Orrin’s background, he can see a scam a million miles away.

I saved Randy Schroeder for last. Not because I love Randy any leass than Robert or Orrin, but because of these three gentlemen Randy, knows Dallin Larsen better than anyone alive ourside of his partner Henry Marsh, and Dallin’s family.

Randy made a life choice a few years ago, which he knew would place him dead center in the sharpshooters line of fire. But, he knew that his childhood friend had created a winner in MonaVie and after talking to his lovely bride Tara, and his top leaders, they made a decision… They were going to join Dallin at MonaVie and talk the MOnaVie brand worldwide.

I am pretty sure, if Randy had thought for a second, Dallin was a scam artist, he would not have risked his family and team joining MonaVie.

So, if by some chance Oprah reads this post, I want to say this… Miss Oprah, I watched you grow into a wonderful servant leader, who has a right to protect her brand. But, instead of listening to the legal eagles you have around you, who get paid to do what you tell them to do.

Take a second and think back to when you were a little girl, and the dreams you had. Then contact the MOnaVie leaders, both in house and in the field before you decide this company is a scam.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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11 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News Oprah And Dr Oz Entering MLM By Implicating MonaVie In Frivolous Lawsuit”

  1. DB,

    I can fully understand your frustration. But for clarity, Orrin Woodward is still at MonaVie. He built a very successful distributorship at Amway and with his partner Chris Brady the world's most successful Independent Tools business used by teams in several companies.

    I see this a far different situation, than Robert Dean jumping from company to company, to company.

    Now on the more personal side of things. A person can become debt free in this business. But the first rule of thumb that must be learned is…

    It is not how much you make, but how much you save!

    The second rule of thumb is…

    Find a company with a product/service you are already have a passion!

    If all of us will remember and apply the first two rules, then we will see our business constantly improve and we will reach the financial independence you require for our families.

    I have NEVER been the #1 earner in any company. I have made the top 10% a few times, but overall if you look at my averages, I was able to replace my current income, go fulltime working from home. It did not happen overnight, but has been worth it. And it was not because of the money we earned in the early years, as much as it was what we saved.

    Don't give up on your dreams and objectives, just realize you are in business for yourself and with that in mind MUST find the right coaches to help you grow. In most cases those are upline leaders. But if you do not have any you respect, then go find some new ones and continue growing your business.

    Thank you for taking time to comment.

  2. I have met Orrin Woodward and Robert Dean personally and to know that both these men had went to MonaVie really sickens my stomach after they have used the same talks and tactics as they are doing in their new business . I'm so disappointed in the broken promises of being debt free and you can do it ,Still in debt and working a job as they call it the 95% world only wishing to become that 5%. My heart aches over this after watching both these videos. Yes I was a TOD member from 1999 till 2005 and then joined the Noni group in 2006 . So now here it is 2011 and its time for me to fight back so here it comes ……………..

  3. Katrina,

    I respect your opinion and we have posted it live. Our goal is to provide documented evidence on companies and to give our personal opinions. In this case we did what we do on all companies. We provide links to facts, and give commentary.

    You have given distributors some additional information to review.

  4. That's right, I forgot Orrin.

    Orrin Woodward and his TEAM also from Amway – where they made millions of dollars selling their tools to the distributors (again, who most of which have lost money). Did Orrin achieve MonaVie Presidential Black Diamond as a result of selling a single drop of this over-priced juice??!! Ahhhh….NO. I read somewhere he had hopes of reaping in the vicinity of $6million from Monavie's distributors last year.


  5. Dallin Larsen was Vice President of Sales for the MLM company Dynamic Essentials from December 2001 until February 2003. He resigned shortly prior to the company being shut down by the FDA after ignoring a 2002 FDA violation notice warning them that the products were being illegally advertised as medicinal agents. A fine of more than $2 million was subsequently levied and all of the company’s inventory was destroyed in a landfill pit in Illinois.

    Speaking of Royal Tongan Limu and the illegal advertising of same during Dallin’s reign, I can’t help but notice this product was almost identical in every respect to Monavie – from the wine bottle, exotic mystery ingredient, price, dosage of 2oz twice daily, binary MLM structure, nutritional claims, miracle cures, etc.

    Lets talk about Brig Hart, formerly from Amway – the longest lasting rip off in history and where greater than 99% of ALL distributors are LOSING money (Monavie's Income Disclosure Statements also reflect similar loss rates amongst distributors). Brig was involved in a lawsuit against Amway after he accused other Diamonds in his upline and downline of cutting him out of the flow of money from the tools within the business – this lawsuit revealed the extent of the secrecy and deception surrounding Amway's tools business from which he was profiting. I hope Monavie aren’t cutting him out of his tools income as well!

    And finally, let’s take a look at Monavie and compare the ORAC to that of Strawberries:

    ORAC: MonaVie: 22.81 umoles per ml.

    Strawberries: 35.77 umoles per gm.

    TOTAL PHENOLICS (polyphenols):

    MonaVie: 1.48 mg/ml.

    Strawberries: 3.68 mg/gm.


    MonaVie data from AIBMR Life Sciences (Dr. Schauss)

    Strawberry data from USDA ORAC Table of Selected Foods – 2007

    That anyone would come to the conclusion that these money hungry individuals, peddling their snakeoil onto likewise greedy wannabe millionaires, are pillars of society is astounding to me. The majority of their distributors are LOSING money while the highest ranked in this pyramid….ahem…company are enriched at the expense of the hundreds of thousands of consumers who are losing. What an absolute disaster.

    Troy, I am deeply disappointed in any promotion concerning this company let alone someone like yourself who should also act as an advocate for the average person entering this industry.

  6. Oprah, I think you will enjoy the benefits of our line of MonaVie healty products. If you are interested in actually trying the products, I will give you a 3 month supply if you let me know what it does for you.

  7. Paul, which guy in particular are you implying hurt the industry? If you’re referring to Orrin and his lawsuit with Amway, I think it did the industry a lot of good. Being an advocate for customer sales is great for the industry.

  8. Troy,

    Oprah’s lawsuit does not really make any aggressive allegations about Monavie being a scam. The lawsuit does say “Infringing Products” but that’s as bad as it gets. Monavie has a solid compliance department and I’m sure they’ll be able to show a history of cracking down on these misstatements about Oprah endorsing monavie. I wrote about the lawsuit here:

  9. Paul,

    Sorry for the delay this week in responding.

    Yes, I did use three out of four of the most controversial leaders in MonaVie (I left out Brit Hart), but I did it for a few reasons which I would like to share, so you and others can see I had a specific purpose in my choices.

    Orrin Woodward: I have read just about every document made public through the court in regards to the lawsuit between Orrin, his leaders and Amway. At first I thought “Why would a leader let his EGO get out of control and try and tie the companies hands.” But the more I read, the more folks I talked to on both sides I realized, “TRUST” had been broken on both sides long before the lawsuit came along. And by the time the suit was filed the divorce was inevitable. yes the seperation caused hard feelings, but when Orrin, Chris and others left, it opened the doors for new leaders to stretch and take over the void left in Amway.

    At the same time, it also allowed thousands of folks to make a decision on a personal level… Do we stay or do we go? They left and although not all of them have succeeded any better at MonaVie as they did at Amway in their business, the stories I have heard does show me they have grown on a personal level and in their careers and family relationships.

    Plus, I have invested time with Orrin, read Revolutionary Leadership, he and Chris Brady wrote, and truly believe, he does walk his walk, of caring about other people.

    Robert Dean: I do ot know Robert personally, but I have talked to dozens of folks who are on his team. I have gone through his training and listened to the passion he has for others. Then as a southern boy, I reached out to folks I know in Atlanta in the MLM profession to see if Robert really did care about his family and friends. He does!

    Did his leaving Noni after all those years cause rips in relationships, and cause pain for folks? Yes, it did! However, just like Orrin, when he left other leaders who had been walking in his shadow finally had an opportunity rise and show what they were made of, and I truly can see this new generation of leadership at Noni going in places Robert and some of his top leaders would never have gone. See by the time Robert decided to leave Noni the trust he had once shared with the corporate leaders of Noni had already been broken beyond reconciliation.

    Randy: Yes, randy is the most controversial leaders I wrote about. As a matter of fact, if you go back a to 2008, you will see where I wrote some pretty scathing posts about Randy. I gathered facts from respectable sources, listened to conference calls, and really thought I had my facts straight. Then one night Randy reached out personally and we talked.

    There is no doubt, Randy has had a colorful time in MLM, not just at Agel, but even before. However, once gain when the trust he had enjoyed with the corporate leadership of Agel was broken, he reached out to Dallin (his long term friend) to share his frustrations. Dallin did not try and recruit him into MonaVie, instead as a friend he listened, share some thoughts, asked questions, and told Randy he would be praying for him and Tara, that they would find the right answers.

    Once Randy knew the trust could not be won back, he made a decision and he and several of his leaders left Agel and made MonaVie their home. Like the leaders above, when Randy left, it opened the door for new leaders to reach up and take their rightful place in Agel. Yes, there was pain, and yes relationships were broken forever.

    Dallin: I could have written more on Randy Larsen or Henry Marsh, but I have a personal relationship with Dallin. Yes, I have called him “the most Maverick MLM CEO” running a company today. And yes, he set the MLM profession upside down when he was willing to make it clear “This is a free agent” profession (which I strongly beleive in!) But the one thing I have grown to appreciate about Dallin above all else is the fact he is willing to always be there for his family and friends.

    A few months ago, I was contacted by a disgruntled MonaVie rep. One that was so mad they had almost decided to fly to Washington to see the President of the USA. I knew it was early and Dallin was about to leave to the Black Diamond trip to Great Britten, but I knew this could not wait. I called him on his cell and explained the situation, and asked if he could clear the way for me to chat with his crew at home office.

    He made it happen. I was about to share this reps concerns, the MonaVie staff bent over backwards to answer all of their concerns, and even did something that was totally out of left field, they offered to move the person frontline to the company and give them the same level of support as the Black Diamonds receive.

    This is the type of Servant Leadership that it takes to not just grow a successful organization, but to also attract solid servant leaders.

    In the future I will be writing on some of the other great Black Diamonds who are not so controversial. But this time I wanted to make it clear, these type of leaders do not leave their financial stability behind to just go join a MLM Scam as Oprah’s lawsuit purports, just by lumping MonaVie in with 49 other companies, some who are true scams.

    Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s folks like you which make this a great community.

    Never Give Up,


  10. Troy you are one of the people I respect most in this industry, thats why I am a little bugged that you are using some of these leaders to hold Monavie up as a “stand up” company when you know how they got into Monavie in the first place, and the absolute damage another of these guys has done to the industry over the years…

  11. Troy,
    Just so glad you posted something been looking every 10 mins snice Monday to hear a blog…Keep up the Good work..

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