Breaking MLM News: NRG Energy Scaling Down Independent Energy Alliance

This week NRG Energy made the financial decision to stop all future investments into their direct selling business channel commonly known as Independence Energy Alliance. When the rumors first started flowing I was concerned the IEA associates who had brought NRG Energy thousands of customers would be left without any fiture income potential. However, that is not at all what is taking place. I praise the leadership at NRG Energy and Independence Energy Allaince for continuing to pay associates their residual incomes from customer energy usage.


Below is the letter sent to all Independence Energy Associates this week.

“Dear Associate,

We want to share with you some important news. It has been decided that no further investment in the network marketing channel will be made in 2013 and to implement a scaling down of the Independence Energy Alliance. Current Independence Energy customers will be unaffected by this process and will continue to generate Monthly Residual Income for applicable Associates. We anticipate that there will not be a significant number of new customers or new Associates enrolled over the next month.

As a result of the decision to scale down the business operations, your Associate Agreement is being amended effective February 15, 2013 as follows:

No new enrollments or recruitment of Customers or Associates will be permitted or accepted as of February 15, 2013. All replicated websites will be shut down from that day forward.
No additional web site fees will be billed and website fees billed on December 15, 2012 or later will be refunded automatically.
Refund policies for new Associate enrollments as documented in the Policies and Procedures section 9.2 will be in effect with the following exception – all fees collected for enrollments occurring on December 15, 2012 or later, less any commissions paid, will be refunded automatically by March 30.
As of February 15, 2013, the compensation plan will be changed for all Associates enrolled prior to January 15, 2013. Beginning February 15, 2013, all active Associates will receive payment of Monthly Residual Income only. The Monthly Residual Income received by our Associates who were enrolled prior to January 15, 2013 will be unchanged from the current compensation plan.
Associates that are in a suspended or non-commissionable status as of February 15, 2013 will not qualify for ongoing Monthly Residual Income payments and their agreements will be cancelled.
As of February 15, 2013, all paid-as titles will be locked and that title will be used to determine all future compensation. Weekly commissions will continue to be paid until all customers have become Active and/or Powered. Monthly commissions will be paid as normal for the month of January and February. After that, only Monthly Residual Income will be paid (as mentioned above). Any promotional bonuses earned (including but not limited to Power Play, Building Block, Fire It Up, and Gas Power Pack) due to customers moving to an Active or Powered status will be paid.
The compensation plan for any newly enrolled Associates who are enrolled after January 15, 2013 will consist of Monthly Residual Income only.

This notice is being communicated to all Associates, and the entire Associate Agreement, as amended, is being posted in each Associate’s back office. A copy of this notice is being sent to each Associate’s preferred shipping address as listed on their Associate profile.

On behalf of the entire Independence Energy team, we wish you the best in your future endeavors.

If you have any questions after reading this letter and the related information available in your back office, please feel free to contact us at or 877-238-7231 after 2:00 PM eastern time when we reopen the call center.

Below is a theoretical example of how a Senior Director’s monthly compensation would be impacted by this amendment described above: ( Click Here )

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