Breaking MLM News: NMBJ Breaks Story On Zeek Reward Income Disclosure Statement & Customer To Affiliate Ratios

The Network Marketing Business Journal Vol. 27 Issue 4 dated April 2012, just broke several announcements on Zeek Rewards which may create a whole new ballgame inside network marketing, and may just be the legal and compliance foundation needed to prove once and for all Zeek Rewards is not being run as a pyramid or ponzi scheme, and also that they did not buy youtube views as many people have stated.

You can grab your own copy at any major bookstore or directly from NMBJ!

Highlights of the article titled: Zeekler & Zeek Rewards – Rex’s Venture Group’s one-two punch, knock-out combo is leading the industry in their commitment to compliance

And you are thinking… Dooly we already knew all this!

  • All Commissions are paid out of current sales revenues! Zeek Retail Point Pool consists of nothing but its current daily net, without absolutely nothing obligated from future revenues. (Zeek also has the largest consumer to affiliate/distributor ratio – see below)

According to Network Marketing Business Journal Zeek Rewards has a 25 to 1 customers to rep ratio!

The next highest that has been reported lately is Body By Vi aka ViSalus Sciences at 10 to 1.

It seems people tend to forget that Zeekler and Zeek Rewards are just divisions of Rex Venture Group, which has been in business for 15 years and has accumulated in excess of 3,000,000 million customers who buy and sell across their platforms on a regular basis.

And when you get right down to it, Zeekler was first launched as an addition to the Free Store Club, before launching Zeek Rewards as the exclusive marketing arm for the company.

Editor’s note: This is a similar move made by some of the most successful company in direct sales history, from Amway to Primierca. In a recent internview with the Wall Street Journal “Coty’s hostile bid for Avon was so they could use the direct sales channel to cross promote their other brands”  Using an exclusive marketing arm to drive revenues through the parent company and other divisions helps to cross-sell other products or services.

But the biggest news unveiled by the Network Marketing Business Journal is the Zeek Reward’s Income Disclosure Statement. This may be the fastest time in history for a private held company in the network marketing community to release their field force income numbers.

Zeek Rewards in Come Disclosure Statement 2011

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