Breaking MLM News NeoStem Partners With Ceres Living To Launch AIO

Breaking MLM News: NeoStem partners with Ceres Living to launch AIO. This may just be one of the most interesting MLM launches in current history.

A few months ago a very close friend was ready to come out of semi-retirement to find a new home. He called and told me what he had found and wanted me to do some research for him. He gave me about 24 hours then he was calling again telling me some of the cool things he had learned. I had not seen him this excited in years, so I told him to slow down, and let me take a deeper look.

Ceres Living

The CEO and President of Ceres Living is Richard Anzalone, who has a long and successful record in the MLM Arena. But, what really got my attention was the strategic partner of Ceres Living, NeoStem.


NeoStem is a multi-million dollar publicly traded (American Stock Exchange) international company. My first thought was “Why would such a successful company want to team up exclusively with a Pre-Launch MLM company?” Read About It Here

Now, I don’t have all the facts yet. But as we move forward in the next week or so, we will present what may turn out to be one of the most powerful partnerships in current business history.

Watch this video from the CEO of NeoStem. Although I am sure some is marketing, I do believe it is a rock solid video explaining a little about this partnership.

Next week we will cover more on Ceres Living and NeoStem.

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