Breaking MLM News: MPBToday Foundaer Gary Calhoun Temporarily Closes The Door During Federal Investigation

I reached out last week to Gary Calhoun the founder of Southeastern Delivery the parent company of MPBToday shot me over a short email explaining what he had decided to do while a federal investigation is underway at MPBToday, one of the original MLM Grocery Delivery Companies.

Gary Calhoun MPBToday Founder
[quote]Hello Troy,
Thanks for reaching out.
It is true that MPB is being investigated. MPB has NOT been asked to close its doors, but I have decided after consulting with counsel & leaders that it is in the best interest of everyone, that the MPB business be put on pause, until this is complete. It would not be prudent to continue doing business, without knowing what “if any” changes may need to be made to the marketing plan to address any as of yet undisclosed issues.
I am confident that at the end of this process that it will show that MPB has always executed its responsibilities in the very best interest of the company and its affiliates.
Unfortunately, there is simply no way to tell how long this will take. So, effective as of last week, all MPB is on hold until it reopens.
I will try to keep you posted.
Thanks. [/quote]

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9 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News: MPBToday Foundaer Gary Calhoun Temporarily Closes The Door During Federal Investigation”

  1. hello!!!!!! does anyone know anything about how to go about either getting our $ or gift cards? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Any update as to the status of MPBToday? Websites are still down as of today, 01/09/13. Any news would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Is there any chance of getting our money back? I would at least like to get my $200 Wal-Mart card.

    I noticed today that the MPBToday website is no longer available.

    What is the status of the investigation?

  4. Gary and his cronies are what give MLM a bad name. I have several people that have ordered groceries from MPB only to be fed a line a BS for over 5 months. Another string of mlm casualties…… Thanks Gary.

    Kam Kohler

  5. I ordered my groceries on March 23rd. As of today I still haven't received my groceries. I think 4 and a half months is enough time to send me my groceries.

    They kept telling me it will be awhile because they where changing systems. "BS" no excuse for a 4 and a half month wait.

    I took Gary and this company at their word and now my friends, family and myself are screwed.

    I'm sure I will never receive my groceries or money.

    ($199.00 plus a shipping charge they took at the time I ordered)

    I'm sure Gary has bundle of cash somewhere over seas.

    Thanks Gary!

    Kevin Harris – Email me Gary!

  6. I ordered $197.00 in groceries from MPB Today. My groceries were picked up from their local Walmart. So I guess I paided double retail, plus $42 in shipping. Hmmmm. Whelp the items were packaged nicely and I have lots of lemonade and noodles for about 3 years.

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