Breaking MLM News: MLM Power Couple Rob & Tiffanie Moffitt Resign, What is Next?

This has been a crazy week as well respected, world renown MLM leaders have started to resign from their respective companies. Since I was on a plane all day yesterday I am just getting this news out. I will be reaching out to Rob & Tiffanie Moffitt to find out what is up in their lives. But there are a few things I know…


Sometimes when we are walking on the edge, if too many folks are hounding us for information of to make a specific decision before we are ready, then we will gladly take a leap of faith, and jump off the edge in a new direction, because we know running with the pack is not going to be good for us.

Sadly too many times folks are not willing to take the risk, and just become part of the pack, never realizing what we just missed. Rob and Tiffanie Moffett, are not that type of couple, they are willing to follow their hearts and take a leap of faith! NOT blind faith, but a well calculated leap of faith!


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