Breaking MLM News MLM Help Desk Makes The Top 50 List of MLM Blogs Worldwide

Breaking MLM News: makes the top 50 list of MLM Blogs worldwide as listed by George Fourie, founder of “” the World’s leading MLM Blog Network.

MLM Blog

Being out of town for a week, and then getting back to the office and seeing George’s email was super humbling.

It is our subscribers, contributors and readers who really earned this award. If all of you were not commenting and sharing your pros and cons on the articles we post, then this would be just another obscure blog.

In the last 10 months, you have taken from a highly guarded secret to a voice in the MLM arena. Your influence is now being felt worldwide.

Thank you for caring enough to share your opinions, and for realizing this community is not one sided, just our side of things. For trusting us to approve your comments, even when they disagree with ours. is truly a distributor friendly community, and you have proven it 100% of the time.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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5 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News MLM Help Desk Makes The Top 50 List of MLM Blogs Worldwide”

  1. Nancy & Steve,

    Thank you! It is folks like you who make this possible.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  2. Awesome Troy !! Congrads !!!
    I know you have been a blessing for us
    I cant tell you how much i appreciate all you do
    and for being so reachable , thanks!

  3. MsTravelDiva,

    Thank you. It is truly folks like you who come and comment and communicate between each other which has allowed us to achieve this award.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


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