Breaking MLM News: Marjorie Lynn Takes The Helm Of Life Force International

Wayne & Gerri Hillman
Wayne Hillman the Chairman of Life Force International and someone who has helped to guide me through many situations in life over the last few years, just shot me over this great news. There is nothing better than having one of your children take over to carry on a legacy.

Life Force International News

Marjorie Lynn Takes the Helm

On May 4, 2012, Life Force’s Founders Wayne and Gerri Hillman passed the reigns of the company to their daughter, Marjorie Lynn. While Wayne and Gerri are now traveling and enjoying their grandchildren, they continue to serve as Founders and Good Will Ambassadors to the company.
As she takes the helm, Margie talks about what the future of Life Force looks like and what it means for you.
Dear Life Force Family,
I am honored to serve as the Founder, President and now CEO of Life Force International and follow the legacy which my parents, Wayne and Gerri Hillman, have nurtured over the last 28 years. Life Force has a bright future ahead and I’d like to share with you where I see this company going and invite you to be a part of it.

For those of you who have built a successful business with Life Force, you have a seat at the table. What you have to say matters to me and your vision is as important as mine when it comes to shaping the future for this company. I want you to know that your participation and feedback are valued and welcomed — and your loyalty and dedication are appreciated. You’ve established a solid foundation for us to build upon to reach great heights.

I am committed to providing you with never-ending improvements and tangible results. We’ll start by streamlining the compensation plan — combining GotMy3 into the traditional plan — and reviewing our entire product line to find ways to improve and innovate.

As the CEO of Life Force I will be exploring some new opportunities that I know you are going to love. Society and technology are both changing rapidly. You can expect Life Force 2.0 to move in this direction as well. People want to conduct their Life Force business “on the go” so you will see technology play a big part in how Life Force grows in the future. You are a part of a company that values product innovation, and the future holds many possibilities for enhancing our current product line and launching amazing new products that will be life-changing.

To our newer business builders and entrepreneurs, I want to welcome you. You have joined a team of like-minded people — a community of people who truly care about your success as much as their own. Life Force doesn’t just offer better health and finances. It’s a gathering of people who rally together and help each other. I encourage you immerse yourself in our community and get to know the amazing people that are attracted to Life Force.

I know that a lot of new CEOs feel like they need to do something to leave their mark on a company. I believe great leaders empower others to do what they’re really good at. Great leaders pave the way for others to shine. We have a creative and innovative team made up of caring people here at the Home Office. They work for you, as I do, and they truly care about your success. I will leave my mark by empowering them to do what they do best. We also have you — our incredible Leaders, Members and Customers. I will further leave my mark by helping you provide a lasting legacy of health and financial freedom for yourself and your family.

Marjorie Lynn Takes Over Life Force International
Here’s to Life Force’s bright future! Together, we will make a difference.

~ Margie

Marjorie Lynn
Founder, President & CEO
Life Force® International


Gerri Hillman’s Letter to Life Force International Family

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