Breaking MLM News: Kauri & Jenny Thompson Accept Co-Master Distributorship With Ocean Avenue

Kauri and Jenny Thompson are known for their high level of ethics and love for the network marketing profession.  Kauri has enjoyed high levels of success both in the field and at a corporate level; while Jenny is well known as a second generation networker, who was one of the first 16 people to join XanGo and help create one of the fastest growing direct selling companies in the 21 Century.

I have known of Kauri & Jenny Thompson for years, but it was not until June of last year, when we all came together to discus the launch of Ocean Avenue that I was given the privilege of becoming their friend. Very quickly we all realized we shared some of the same core values, both on a personal and business level.


I will never forget walking into the original cracker box offices of Ocean Avenue, and having Kauri share with passion what he felt the company needed at its core foundation, if it was to go from just a conceptional thought, to a legacy company.

Kauri shared a very simple yet profound concept developed by Simon Sinek“Start With Why!”

I truly think Kauri’s servant heart and love for others is captured in this picture…

Kauri Thompson


You can learn more about Kauri & Jenny Thompson by visiting their Facebook pages or if you are in town going to the meeting below!



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