Breaking MLM News: Jody Humphrey Joins VidaCup International As New Director Of Sales &Training Development

I had the privilege of catching up with Jpdy Humphrey past week right before he left the corp office of VidaCup, to catch-up on old times, (I was cross line with Jody in World Marketing Alliance) and to get from him first hand the excitement he is feeling on joining VidaCup.




Mooresville, NC September 14, 2012: Few names echo success in direct sales like Jody Humphrey, the new Director of Sales, Training & Development for Vidacup International™.   Jody has been meeting and exceeding goals, reaching industry pinnacles, creating explosive organizational growth, building companies and empowering entrepreneurs to succeed for more than 25 years.

“We are very happy to have Jody Humphrey on board with Vidacup.”   Says Donna Valdes, CMO of the company. “It’s more than his experience.   He brings a dynamic personality and a desire to share his success strategies with others that gets everyone excited about our future.”

Introduced to network marketing at an early age, Jody has seen many products and companies come and go in the industry.  He’s lived the start-up phase of new businesses and knows how to meet those challenges.

When asked what his current goals are, Jody said, “I’ve already completed TWO bucket lists.  I know I’ve been fortunate, and now, really, what I want to do is help other people check off their own bucket list. I want to take what I know, what I’ve learned, and share it so others can experience success.”

Vidacup International™ is focusing on the coffee niche because of its large market potential and the social nature of the product. Given the social business model Vidacup International™ plans to implement, it’s a natural fit! Over 400 million cups of coffee are served every day in the USA, and it is part of a $125 billion annual market globally. Combining coffee with nutritional and herbal blends shows promise as an emerging trend.

He has this to say about working with Vidacup International™, “When you combine the right leadership and knowledge with sound financial backing, quality products that are already in demand, and a generous compensation plan with achievable goals, THEN you’ve got a platform to put a system in place for long term growth and prosperity. Vidacup International™ is the name we put on that combination.  I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t see a huge opportunity for anyone who chooses to get involved and engage the tools we’ll be offering.

Vidacup International™ was founded by an innovative team of professionals dedicated to changing lives around the world through exceptional functional beverages infused with highly effective nutritional products while providing a rewarding opportunity for those who want to share them..

About Vidacup International –

Vidacup International is a network marketing company located in Mooresville, NC. For more information, for general public: Donna Valdes, CMO,



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