Breaking MLM News Is Yoli Really Created by Distributors For Distributors

Breaking MLM News: is Yoli really created by Distributors for Distributors.

This week I had the privilege of catching Yoli Co-Founder Robbie Fender live on the phone for a few minutes to ask him just that very question.

Not since Art Williams launched A.L. Williams (Primerica) have I seen such a straightforward and bold move on the part of Top MLM Distributors take gain back control of the profession.

Now, I am not saying other distributors have not come forward to launch companies or take control of existing companies. We all know that has happened several times over the last 30 years. But…

What I am saying is that during a time when everyone from the media to the President is crying the “Economic Sky Is Falling” and closures, bankruptcies and merges are happening everyday in the Network marketing arena, here is a group of MLM distributors, Top MLM Income Earners who have earned and saved enough money over the last five to 10 years to sit back and ride the economic storm out.

Instead, they are willing to put skin in the game and launch a company where distributors will know without a shadow of a doubt these guys not only know how to build a business, they all came through the trenches. A company where Distributors will be the most valuable ASSET Yoli has on its books.

Just look at Corey Citron. For the first few years, he just could not get everything to running right. (even though he had been a successful nightclub owner and understood business, especially marketing, he just couldn’t get anything going.

How many folks do you think may feel like a failure because they have tried two or three companies and nothing happened. Corey’s number are some of the highest I’ve ever heard, when it comes to the amount of companies he joined to fuel his marketing organization.

hen finally he found one where things started to change for him. Then along came XanGo and finally for the first time he really found the right fuel and the right engine and BAM! The rest was history.

So, it makes sense that when Corey is working on the foundation of Yoli with all the other founders, and the great team of consultants and corporate staff they are attracting (Sorry I can’t give names yet, but it is a who’s who of MLM Experts!) that he will be using some of his experience to make sure the distributors in the field will not go through what he went through. Especially when it comes to training folks in Yoli, I’ll bet he is going to give them courage to carry on, because he’s been there.

Daren Falter wrote one of the best books on choosing a Network Marketing Company. So it would make logical sense that he would bring to the table those things he believes are NON-Negotiable when it comes to picking the right company. As a matter of fact if just Darren was the founder of Yoli the Yoli distributors would be light years ahead of most companies when they launch.

Now don’t get me wrong, these guys can do everything right, but if they forget where they come from, they will make the same mistakes I have seen countless others make over the years, and Yoli will implode on itself. And maybe this will happen at Yoli, But….

I personally do not believe that will happen, as long as they continue to surround themselves with other great leaders, listen to the field and keep going back to their wives who will remind them on a regular basis, their still just the same old boys they have always been, only now more people are relying on them.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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15 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News Is Yoli Really Created by Distributors For Distributors”

  1. Sean,

    First, the plan is very similar to MonaVie's, which did about a BILLION dollars in sales last year. The one major difference is the "Break Even Bonus", which will probably become one of the most copied pay plan concepts over the next decade.

    The Blast Cap is not a gimmick. There is a very functional, powerful purpose behind separating the nutrients until the time of consumption. See here: You just don't understand the product.

    The product was never pulled from store shelves, now was it ever even on store shelves. This is simply a false statement.

    Its also odd that other MLM companies would "refuse" the Blast Cap technology, yet Coca Cola offered $150 million dollars for it. What companies have "refused" it?

    Finally, the pH level of the liquid going into the body is not what matters, its the alkaline response within the body. For example, orange juice and tomatoes juice are very highly acidic, yet create an alkaline response in the body. You just don't understand what you're talking about.

    It would have been interesting to know what company you are a distributor for.

    Len Clements

  2. Shannon,

    I have an idea. How about I set up two phone calls for you. The first will be with a founding leader in ZurVita where he can share in detail the compensation plan. Then I can schedule a call with a founding leader in Yoli and they can explain their compensation plan.

    Then if you want to chat privately with me on the two we can.

    Both of these leaders are what I call Sevant Leaders. I can explain to them what you are looking for, and that the call is not a RECRUITING call but a fact gathering call on the compensation.

    If you are interested in this please send me an email

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  3. Hi Troy,

    I appreciate your speedy response and comments! Your thought questions are valid and I have given each in-depth consideration. I am interested in the health related aspects of both products and feel I could promote and develop my business with each company equally well. Hence, my need to get feedback from others more experienced than myself with MLM companies as to which compensation plan is the most beneficial in comparing between Yolie and Zurvita. I agree, they both appear to be great companies with strong professional and successful founders. But the compensation is also very important and I welcome any other insightful replies.

    Thank you for your email address and I will be contacting you directly.

    Great website!


  4. Sean, Seem kind of negative, but I think your right! I wouldnt be afraid to have your feedback! Check out
    a software company called not really mlm. its a landing page builder and promotion platform. it allows network marketers and business professionals to start promoting online in a very professional and affordable way. great news is that the affiliate program is a multi tier plan to develop residual income from users(Who really use it!) Its cool email back if you want

  5. Matt,

    I find your comment interesting, but lacking substance. Instead of just stating opinion, show us the facts. Quote specific areas of Darren’s book, which are in direct contradiction with his launching of Yoli. Please don’t take anything out of contect, but do give the facts, so folks can tell you know what you are talking about, and are not just another disgruntled XanGo rep.

    Never Give Up,


  6. Daren Falter is one of the founders of YOLI. If you read his own requirements on how he selects an mlm [that he has sold and given out for years] you would not join his own mlm. He has no good answer as to which Daren should we listen too… the one who advocated his prinicpals for an mlm or the one who says disregard those and join YOLI!

  7. Sean,

    I always love to see the other side of a story. HOwever, if a $50 of fruit juice will sell through internal consumption, then I will bet, a boatload of $2.50 blast caps will sell the same way.

    You offer a lot of opinion, now can you back those up with facts? Provide facts not just opinion and I’ll gladly research those facts and post on the evidence.

    Never Give Up,


  8. Yea right,,,

    Look at that chopped up Compensation Plan ,,,,, Do the numbers ,, It absolutely sucks ,,, It was founded by Distributors and hacked by the Distibutors. Oh and by the way ,, I can just see a 30, 40 , 50 60 year old and above ,, pulling out their little blast caps and drinking their colored water… It’s what kids do… It’s a gimmick ,, that is why the caps never made it through every retail chain and got pulled off the shelves… Nobody bought them… They have been around for 5 years. They are $2.50 a piece ,,, They wouldnt sell.,.. No fair market value… Oh and by the way ,,, the inventor has tried to pawn off the caps on other Networking Companies which refused!!! And I would really watch out about the Alkaplex Company… Ask them about Core Vital and their experience with running then out of business. And to say that the caps are alkaline. Get the meters and you will see no alkalimity at all. Lets se the frequency when they come out. There is no possibel way to make fruits alkaline. It’s a gimmick !!!


  9. Yeah, Corey is a great guy and is excited to help each of us succeed with Yoli. Yoli is a breathe of fresh air to the network marketing business. I’ve been out of MLM for 6 years, waiting for a Yoli to come along. I’m glad its here.


  10. I just had the pleasure of meeting Corey Citron at the first official pre-pre launch meeting tonight, and let me say that he is the real deal. As the producer of the inspirational documentary “The YES Movie,” I spent nearly 2 years listening to stories & strategies from the nations most successful entrepreneurs & business experts..

    Yoli is a product & company that truly provides the opportunity for you to improve your Life both physically & financially. Thanks for the honest post Troy!

  11. Rod,

    Let’s put the rumor to rest…. Len is taking a position with Yoli and if a person searches they can find that information on public rep sites for Yoli.

    However, let’s also put another rumor to rest. According to inside sources there are NO Founder positions. Yes there is a master distributor, but the founders of yoli are not handing out founders positions.

    With that said many sites are using the term “Founder Positions’

    As for IJANGO… I have not looked into that one yet. If you have some info you can send then feel free and we’ll look into it. Send to

    Never Give Up,


  12. Troy,
    I hear that Len Clements from Market Wave is breaking his normal neutrality when it comes to Yoli and has taken a founders position. That’s speaks pretty highly for Yoli!

    Totally separate subject. I know there are way too many companies out there for you to comment on, but I received a call over the weekend pitching hard on IJANGO. I’ve seen their promo video, but have not had time to really look into them. Do you have any thoughts or comments on this one or what they are trying to accomplish?

  13. Yoli’s exciting, that’s for sure, especially in this economic environment. I have complete confidence in these guys’ ability to do it right. Thanks for the article Troy!

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