Breaking MLM News: Has Gano Excel Exited North America Or Just Changed Their Name To Gano Life?

Rumor’s have been flying today that Gano Excel has exited North America, after former Gano Excel CEO, Joven Cabasag took the Gano Excel trade secrets and database to launch Gano Life. However, that may not be the real story. We have uncovered some other interesting information.

As I started researching this story, I thought back to a story written by Sarah Paulk for Direct Selling Magazine a couple of years ago titled “How Direct Selling Met the Coffee Market”, I posted a reprint at Beachside CEO.

She opened the article with…

America has a love affair with coffee. Every day, more than half of the country’s adult population admits to habitually downing a cup of joe—the liquid equivalent of 146 billion cups each year. And America is not alone. Coffee has captured the adoration of the entire world as well. Second only to water, coffee ranks as the most consumed beverage on the planet.

I agree with Ms. Pualk, and feel it is because of the love affair with coffee that we see more and more MLM Coffee Companies launching or traditional network marketing companies adding coffee to their product lines.

Which brings me to the current love affair at Gano Excel that seems to lost its luster. From the rumors right now we are hearing that former Gano Excel CEO Joven Cabasag, has decided to take the trade secrets of Gano Excel, along with their data base and launch a new company called Gano Life. However…

In researching the situation, we see that Gano Life is run by Christopher Tidwell who works for Gano Excell S.A.C. in Peru. This brings up even more questions… Is Gano Excel launching a new brand in North America, or had Joven Cabasag decided to join Chris Tidwell, or has there been some form of corporate divorce and Gano Excel is cutting ties with Chris Tidwell and Joven Cabasag, and the settlement was Gano Life?

Here are snapshots of what we have found in regards to the current Gano Life websites…

Gano Life
Gano Life

Gano Life
Gano Life

Now personally I do not really think it matters what is going on. What matters is that thousands of distributors who are NOT sure what is going on going to be confused.

My advice is to stay calm and watch for information that should flow from both companies in the next few hours to a few days. Some of you who are promoting Gano Excel hard will start to receive phone calls and facebook messages asking you to look at other MLM Coffee COmpanies, like Organo Gold, Boresha, JavaFit (Youngevity) and VidaCup. All of these companies are rock solid. But take your time and don’t just jump.

We will stay on this story and keep everyone updated.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Editors Note: I mispronounced CLR Roasters as CRC Roasters in the video above. CLR Roasters is now part of A.L. International.

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4 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News: Has Gano Excel Exited North America Or Just Changed Their Name To Gano Life?”

  1. I know your pain Connie – I live in Florida too and switched over to Gano Life because we just couldn’t do without our ganoderma coffee every day. My mother relies on the ganoderma for her health – and now has some added benefits from the other Gano Life capsules. I hope GE gets their back offices together soon for you.

  2. You say it lives, a month ago. Meanwhile my back office and website are unavailable and I can reach no one by phone, just a polite recording that some calls are being dropped/dial tone. I live in Florida, with auto-ship, which seems to have halted. Can’t go to your warehouse to buy it. Not happy.. wish I knew more, as do all Gano Excel distributors.

  3. We used to receive autoshipments for our personal use, is this still continuing? We have not received our shipment that normally arrives by 2nd or 3rd of every month?

  4. Gano Excel LIVES in the USA. GE and GL are two totally different companies. We (GE) are re-launching with great new products and a new compensation plan very soon. May be down but not out! We will thrive again. Phone lines and websites are being worked on around the clock. We obtained ownership of the original warehouse in IRWINDALE, CA. People may go there to purchase in person at the moment.

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