Breaking MLM News: GoFun Places aka GoFun Rewards Shuts Down In USA

Last night May, 1st, 2013, I received a private call from the Attorney representing GoFun Places in several situations. He informed me that as of May 2nd, 2013 GoFun Places aka GoFun Rewards is closing in the doors in the USA, and would no longer be doing any business with United States based distributors. Now, if I were to guess, I would say we could expand this to say North America, since the Canadian laws are just about like the USA.

It is my personal belief, that JubiRev aka JubiMax could be next!


Several weeks ago, when McGuire Woods was hired to sue one of the former mastermind behind GoFun Places, I was clear I thought before this was over the SEC would be investigating to see what the connection was behind what had been called a “reload program” of Zeek Rewards. (Read Article Here)

I truly believe if the SEC subpoena’s the corporate records of GoFun Places, they will find that the same top Net Winners, they are suing at Zeek Rewards, are some of the founding members of GoFun Places.

Warning To Distributors… If your company has the following statement in their site, they are not what we call a Direct Selling Company aka MLM aka Network Marketing!!! And you should proceed with caution!


You can read other articles on GoFun Places at: BehindMLM


Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Terrorist Financing Policies and Procedures

Go Fun Places, SRL, has several policies covering Anti-Money Laundering Acts, Client Due Diligence, Terrorist Financing and has implemented policies, guidelines and processes to ensure compliance with new anti-money laundering laws and regulations in various jurisdictions that meet with Financial Action Task Force (FATF) international standards. Regulatory obligations cover the reporting of suspicious transactions, large cash transaction reporting, electronic funds transfer reporting, reporting of cross border movements of cash and monetary instruments, client identification and verification (through Fully-Verified) as well as terrorist financing reporting requirements.

Go Fun Places, SRL, defines money laundering as any act or attempt to disguise the source of money derived from criminal activity. Go Fun Places, SRL, is committed to preventing our system from being used for money laundering purposes, by establishing policies and processes to ensure that only clients whose activities can reasonably be established to be legitimate are accepted as clients.

Go Fun Places, SRL, has established processes to identify and investigate unusual activities and transactions and ensure that all activities and transactions reasonably suspected to be related to money laundering are reported to appropriate government authorities.

Go Fun Places, SRL, takes reasonable and appropriate measures to establish the identities of their clients and others for whom they may provide services.


In addition, Go Fun Places, SRL, has developed policies and procedures regarding compliance with economic sanctions and anti-terrorism legislation.

Go Fun Places, SRL, will carry out an internal review of its policies and procedures regarding Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism, Economic Sanctions and Client Due Diligence Programs on a yearly basis to ensure compliance and to evaluate their continued effectiveness.

Ethical Marketing Practice Policy

Go Fun Places, SRL,, condemns any unethical marketing practices. This includes, without limitation, the use of links in connection with site-scraping, spam e-mails, search engine spamming, blog spamming or any other illegal or unethical marketing practices. Any affiliate identified as advertising any of our Internet sites in an illegal or unethical manner will immediately be placed under review and any commissions due to him will be withheld, until further investigation can be completed. Based upon the results of such investigation, we reserve the right to disqualify such persons from any ongoing participation in the Go Fun Places, SRL, affiliate program and from receiving commissions due.


Go Fun Places, SRL
4301 Hacienda Drive, Suite 500
Pleasanton, California 94588

Fax: 925.226.7986
Email: legal @

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13 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News: GoFun Places aka GoFun Rewards Shuts Down In USA”

  1. Hi Troy,

    I wanted to see what you think of Telexfree. I have been tracking your site for awhile but I have not seen any reviews on this one. Thank you in advance!

  2. Well I must have missed something… Where is he basically calling me a liar?

    1. I do not see my name anywhere in the above statements.

    2. He doesn’t address anything I talked or wrote about.

    3. He wrote what seems to be a transcript of some marketing call he held hoping to get some of the GFP former North American distributors before they land somewhere else.

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  4. Troy, J. Joshua is basically calling you a liar. Here is part of the email i got from Jubi/rev, (which I’m not an affiliate (Paid) of.) I believe you for the record. Quote: “Inside The JubiMax Story – Our commitment to our independent promoters

    J. Joshua says SHAME SHAME SHAME

    -> Click here to listen to this message instead: CLICK HERE

    Let me first extend my condolences to those left standing in the cold last week when their company, without regard to those that BUILT them (their distributers), terminated all US distributers- SHAME ON THEM.

    Normally I don’t dwell on what other people are doing- it distracts me from getting things done. And I am definitely a ‘get things done’ kind of guy.

    But sometimes you just have to take a stand – for the little guys, for Joe Average and Suzy Average who are being treated unfairly.

    And JubiRev/JubiMax is all about helping Joe Average become Joe Awesome and helping Suzy Average become Suzy Awesome.

    First of all the other company was not SHUT DOWN, and if they had been SHUT DOWN it wouldn’t have been for their comp plan.
    The other company simply decided to keep the money and TERMINATE the distributers who worked so hard to help them grow.

    Smart leaders will see through this and realize that it doesn’t matter how many pitchmen they hire to try to soften this…the facts remain.

    But what about the “little guy”? It just isn’t fair.

    Let’s talk about JubiMax.

    People are asking “Are we compliant?” “Are we a good company?”

    The definition of a company is a group of people coming together for the common purpose of providing value to consumers through their products and services. I wrote that. JubiMax is all about customers. From product formulators to independent promoters EVERYONE at JubiMax is all about customers.

    One question you should ask when evaluating the compliance of company is this “are your products and services purchased in the market place at the price point they are being offer WITHOUT THE OPPORTUNITY ATTACHED? I wrote that 8 years ago. And YES JubiMax Products are, everyday!

    Another great metric of compliance is whether a company actually has REAL customers. At JubiMax we do.

    Hey, I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I’m going to tell you straight up. If you were in a company in the past that sold “air”, basically products that didnt really exist and or didnt ever get consumed… shame on you. At JubiMax we don’t sell hot air and fake dreams. We sell real products and services.

    HYIP: High Yield Investment Programs & Passive returns… NOT AT JubiMax! LOL if you think there is anything passive about JubiMax you obviously haven’t been on any of MY WEBINARS. When you join JubiMax as an independent promoter I will put your butt to WORK.

    So the bottom line is YES we are a 100% fully compliant company.

    And our attorneys are always staying in touch with regulatory trends and top policy makers.

    Now I’m going to make you a personal promise. If at ANY time our attorneys advise me of things we need to do to remain in compliance or meet new compliance standards, I promise to make the changes. I’m not going to do what the others did and run off with the cash. Instead we will make any minor adjustments needed and BUILD ON – JUBI MAX IS HERE TO STAY.

    Regulators are NOT here to stop commerce, they are NOT here to stop us from getting and serving customers, they are here to stop unscrupulous companies who pretend to get customers and pretend to have working systems and pretend to serve the public.

    JubiMax is a global company and very well structured. 😉

    Yes we have one of the most exciting comp plans on the planet… but did you SEE that the CORE of JubiMax is actually our UniLevel powered by the JubiSuite? If you think you know JubiMax… Think again… Look deeper. JubiMax is a CATEGORY CREATING COMPANY.

    We have a real company here team, one you can be a proud to be a part of. We will face the future together, proudly, knowing that our intentions and our actions were aligned in excellence, proudly, knowing that we are creating value for consumers with our products and services, proudly, knowing that we are a team, we are a family and that where one of us goes we all go, together- and we are going to the TOP.

    If your goal here is to leverage our innovative virtual sampling system and JubiBucks to eliminate a prospects biggest barrier to becoming a customer (skepticism) and if your goal is to leverage our JubiBuck’s system to solve eCommerce’s #1 problem, Customer Loyalty, and if your goal is to help JubiMax build its brand and get REAL customers then we are aligned and the future is bright.

    Now, GO TAKE ACTION. The future waits for noone.”

  5. Troy I think Empower Network is a worse ponzi hurting people with their crazy big money up sell packages…how could this be mlm ?

  6. Troy, I tried emailing the address and it was undeliverable.
    I believe this scamming was premeditated and deliberate on the part of the Executives and Charles & Francis (Chinese owners) pretended not to know until they had racked in MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from U.S. Affiliates! Now they get to take the money and run since bank is offshore in Hong Kong. They should be ashame of themselves. But, when you think of it, these men come from a culture where it is permissable to kill a 2nd child born into the family (China’s one child limit) so why be shocked when they are ruthless in business practices!

  7. Eric there are plenty of great companies out there. Find one with products and services you would use with or without a compensation plan. And one with a mission that is far larger than just a comp plan.

  8. I’ve seen dozens upon dozens of online ponzi games go under and it’s always interesting to see how they spin the “we can’t return your money today but,..” message. It’s usually some mixture of regret, blame shifting and mumbled promises of eventual repayments that never seem to materialize. But this is the first time I can recall one of these companies just coming flat out and saying that all of their American investors have been terminated.

    For the people who’ve never played one of these games before and got roped in thinking GoFun was legit MLM, I am sorry and hope you get some of your money back. But I rather doubt that will happen.

    The announcement from the company only formalized what the players have known for weeks, GoFun Rewards was a dying company. When a “Rev Share” company’s daily ROI drops below the break even point all the passive players get hosed and the only people making money are the big list promoters. But when the ready supply of passive players drives up so do the big list recruiter’s referral commissions. That’s a death spiral for a program like this.

    I will be watching with great interest the progress of the lawsuits back and forth between GoFun and Jubirev. Randal Williams was quite foolish to enter into the record allegations that GoFun’s business model was less than legal when he himself was the author of that plan (and Jubirev’s).

    Troy, the most encouraging thing you said in your video was that you and your tight group were not going to take this sort of thing any longer. I am thrilled that some true leaders in MLM/Network Marketing will be adding their voices to warn the public against these shady, fly by night less than legal faux-MLM companies.

    BTW, this might be a good time to ask Dr. Keith Laggos to take his recruiting link to GoFun Places off the front page of his Network Marketing Business Journal website.

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