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Breaking MLM News: GlobalProfits.Net Acquires Level 9 Marketing Creators Of The Quality Of Life App

Back in June, I did a small series of videos and marketing pieces on the “X”-Factor Marketing System, created by Ivy Johnson and the team over at Global Profits for Level 9 Marketing. Well, now I am excited to share that GlobalProfits.net and Level 9 Marketing have come together as one. With the competition inside the technology and mobile app space this is a great move for the reps and customers of Level 9 Marketing.

August 15, 2013 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

GlobalProfits.net Management Announces the Acquisition of Level 9 Marketing, LLC.

Level 9 Marketing Announces The Launch Of The GlobalPofits.net “X” Factor Marketing System is just days away from going live!

Atlanta —  GlobalProfits.net is proud to announce the completion of the acquisition of Level 9 Marketing LLC. Based on their belief in the Level 9 Marketing Independent Brand Partners, the primary owners of GlobalProfits.net have taken this significant step.  In addition to the substantial investment of time and resources necessary to develop the “X” Factor Marketing System, GlobalProfits.net owners believe this additional investment in the acquisition Level 9 Marketing, LLC will provide for the future of the Level 9 Brand Partners for decades to come.

Global Profits

Randy and Brenda Jeffcoat, Founders of Level 9 Marketing, LLC enthusiastically endorsed the change in ownership. “We realized that we had taken Level 9 Marketing as far as we can and have seen firsthand, behind the scenes what the Johnsons and their team at GlobalProfits.net are capable of doing.  We want the Brand Partners to be certain that they will continue to be well taken care of and that they are and remain our number one concern. After prayerful consideration, we believe this company can continue to grow beyond all expectations with the abilities and talents brought by the new ownership team.”

In additional news, Level 9 Marketing, LLC, is excited to announce the GlobalProfits.net “X” Factor Marketing System is just days away from going live. “We know that time is a valuable commodity. With today’s busy lifestyles, very few of us have the luxury of having 20 to 40 hours a week to spend in building a business. That’s exactly why the marriage of the “X” Factor Marketing System to the Level 9 business model makes so much sense! We are firmly committed to the Level 9 Brand Partners and believe in keeping the message of the income opportunity simple and duplicable. With the “X” Factor Marketing System just days away, we look forward to celebrating with all of the Level 9 Brand Partners in its release”, says Ivy Johnson IV, creator of the “X” Factor Marketing System and Co-Founder of GlobalProfits.net.  

Level 9 Marketing

This may possibly be the single most useful component to date for your Level 9 Business. The System enables each Brand Partner to deploy and benefit from the top marketing techniques and systems available in order to maximize individual and team success.

This also marks the beginning of a series of very important actions and announcements that will be delivered from the Level 9 Marketing leadership team in the days, weeks and months to come.  In the meantime, we encourage everyone to continue sharing the Level 9 Mobile App and building their independent Level 9 Marketing business!  

Stay tuned for updates and a special “live” conference call to discuss the details and a major announcement for all existing Brand Partners!

About GlobalProfits.net

GlobalProfits.net is led by a team of 21st Century marketing experts. Our team is comprised of the best and brightest covering all aspects of the marketing industry. We have developed marketing systems for Top companies and built organizations into the hundreds of thousands.

About Level 9 Marketing


Founded in December 2012 and located in Bluffton, South Carolina, Level 9 Marketing LLC entered the $15 billion APP industry with one goal in mind; to use available technology to provide health information to millions of people from the APP icon on their phones. Understanding that technology is advancing at warp speed and is being driven by consumers who are living busy, hectic lives Level 9 Marketing LLC understands the need to be connected to information using all the latest smart phones, tablets and mobile devices.


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GlobalProfits.Net/Level 9 Marketing

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