Breaking MLM News Global Verge CEO Steve Lewis Talks At Global Verge Triple Diamonds

Breaking News: February 18, 2010: Former CEO & CFO Break Their Silence!

Breaking MLM News Global Verge CEO Steve Lewis talks “AT” the Global Verge Triple Diamonds, instead of talking “TO” the Triple Diamonds.

Now, some of you may read the title of this post and wonder what I mean by talking “at” instead of “to” and I want to explain that statement.

In talking with Steve Lewis and listening to him on several calls, I have realized that Steve postures himself to dominate the conversation. This can work in small companies, but when you have leaders in the field who have had far more success in building organizations and financial earning, than the CEO of the company, it can backfire. Leaders will only attact and KEEP leaders who are at their level or below.

I’ve seen this happen time and time again. if Global Verge is going to pull out of this, then the corporate staff must talk “TO” their field leaders and not “AT” their field leaders. Right now they do not want their leaders leaving. If this happens, then company will never regroup. Word will spread fastest about the exodus, than it has ffrom the “fear of Loss.”

Ok, let’s get into the important subject matter…

Commissions: When will the field get their FIRST commissions?

Let me explain why I say “First” commissions! Since the majority of the distributors who joined Global Verge did it in June, they have not yet received even their first commissions.

Here are a few statements made on this subject by Steve Lewis and Teresa Curtis.

Processing Has begun:

Well we know processing has begunm and in the above clip Steve Lewis does say Commissions would be the first payments made.
In this clip Steve does say Commissions should have started on August 5th, however as you will hear in the next clip from July 29, 2009 the time for commission payments had to be pushed back.

In the above clips we get a better understanding on some of the issues facing Global Verge and why commissions are not getting paid. Steve Lewis does give a final date when he will pay commissions for June!

However another situation has been brought to my attention.

Several people have contacted me, who had canceled and they were still charged even though they had canceled exactly how Global Verge told them to cancel. This may once again slow down the paying of commissions. These types of charges have to be handled ASAP or chargebacks will start to amount up against Global Verge.

Also, at least one processor they are using seems to be out of the Tax Haven “ABI BA ANTIGUA” and this has some folks worried.

Based on the above information the Antigua organization seems to be ABI financial Group.

Yes, this could be a red flag, but in the case of Global Verge, I think they had to move some or all of their processing offshore because none of their corporate officers have credit worthy backgrounds in this new age of banking regulations.

If this is the case, it will slow the process down, as money has to be collected then transferred back into a US bank account. Which means the IRS and in some cases (since this is a known tax haven) Treasury may also have to be notified.

For any of you who have sent us emails, or are concerned. Just contact your personal bank and ask them if this is a good company. They should be able to put your mind at ease.

Comp Plan:Compensation Plan confusion taking place.

This is a huge issue in the field. If distributors do not fully understand what level of membership they need to be on to maximize the compensation plan, and their upline doesn’t have a clue either, then a larger amount of breakage goes to the company or at the very least to the top dogs in the plan who fully understand everything, and have not disseminated the correct info to their downline.

These are random clips to hear everything listen to the full calls at the bottom of this post.

Here is the scary part of what you just listened too… These were the TRIPLE DIAMOND’S asking these questions. The leaders in the field who have personally sponsored 25 or more people into Global Verge. If they don’t gave a firm grasp on how to maximize the comp plan, how do you expect them to tell you what to do?

Here is the comp plan in a nut shell. To maximize the compensation plan, you should have paid the $149 coming in, and you should be paying $99 per month. Anything less than that and you are not going to earn all the money you might feel you deserve.

One more thing which I believe is great, and that is the fact they are Grandfathering the Triple Diamonds. However, there should still be clarity on if everyone below Triple Diamond will also be grandfathered.

Phones/Sim Chips:
When are they going to be available.

Now, based on the above you can see a couple of things. First it’s really not about the phones, it’s all about the Sim Chips. And since the Sim Chips are now going to say Buzzirk then some money needed to change hands. Since Global Verge and Buzzirk didn’t have any money because their processors froze them out, they had to wait to have the new Sim Chips programmed correctly.

Now, you make say “Troy that’s speculation on your part.” And that would be a 100% true statement. However, let’s put all the pieces together.

1. Zer01 changed their business model from controling the brand, to co-branding the technology with “powered by Zer01” And in Ben Piilani’s press releases he’s made that clear. Well that put a change in the plans and now Buzzirk would need to get new SIm Chips programed to say Buzzirk Wireless/Mobile “powered by Zer01”.

2. Since the phones they do have on hand have the old Sim Chips, and some may even have an AT&T logo (like some of the pictured on the website, which should have been changed by the publishing of this post), it would not look good to the critics.

3. Since Global Verge is having to go offshore for processing, it is clear they do not have credit for factoring facilities to put together financing and will have to go C.O.D.

So yes, it is speculation on my part, but a very calculated speculation.

Ok, now let’s look at the relationship between Zer01, Buzzirk and Global Verge, because this has been the focus on several emails we have received.

1. Zer01 is only a vender of technology to Buzzirk.
2. Buzzirk is a Nevada corporation owned Mark Petschel & Ted Robbins
3. Global Verge Based (Currently) in Lee’s Summit Missouri is also owned by Mark Petschel & Ted Robbins

Ted Robbins & Mark Petschel started Global Verge as a marketing company. Today, Global Verge is the exclusive marketing arm of Buzzirk Mobile/Wireless who contracted Zer01 as a vender to provide cutting edge unreleased and unproven technology, which if proves to be legit will be the lead product of Global Verge.

Now, you may be asking “Troy what’s this got to do with anything?”

Listen to these clips, then read what I write next.

Now, here is what Steve Lewis & Teresa Curtis made very clear in the above clips and what they did not make clear.

1. Zer01 is “JUST” a vender of Buzzirk aka Global Verge
2. Buzzirk aka Global Verge has an exclusive contract for the Network marketing Arena
3. New contracts need to be issued.

What’s not clear…

1. Zer01 does not have any Big Box stores coming on line.
2. If Buzzirk aka Global Verge produces big numbers, Zer01 will not look at other marketing channels
3. Zer01 is willing to turn down a HUGE Guaranteed sale of the technology under contract to Buzzirk aka Global Verge guaranteeing a life long contract for the GV Distributors, and protecting them form having Zer01 and/or Buzzirk from cutting the compensation plan and taking all their hard earned customers. (if Sim Chips ever get to the field)

As I said in the video above, there is not a business leader in the world worth their weight, who will deny their shareholders a huge payday.

And I do not believe Ben Piilani would lock his company into such an agreement, unless he sees this as the only payday he will ever get.

If you listen to Steve Lewis’s sentence you will see he said “He said (Ben Piilani) “That’s not going to happen.” Then Lewis goes on to say “We have a contract number 1.” These are two different sentences and in reality do not have anything to do with each other. One if a 3rd party statement on a private call, whihc could not be used in court.” The second is an opinion of Lewis, who has already stated new contracts are needed.

So, in closing here are some questions I would ask if I was a rep in Global Verge.

1. Why does Teresa Curtis say “a video of the phone will be available in about three days”, then Steve Lewis makes it clear “no video is going to be shot.”?

2. Why doesn’t Buzzirk offer a Family Plan Service?

Most families may not change if each phone will cost them $69 per month, plus the cost of a new phone.

3. Why bring in new Executive Staff with questionable MLM histories or NO Network Marketing experience at all?

Troy’s truth: It is hard enough to launch a good solid MLM, but to bring in questionable and inexperienced Network Marketing Executives into a turn around situation, is counter productive and adds more fuel to the fire for the critics.

Now to the Global Verge Distributors:

Over the last three weeks I have talked to countless of you, and the majority of you are holding on for the long haul. I truly respect your position and want to give you some tips are getting your business rolling.

1. Study all the services you have to offer, and do not focus to heavy right now on the Wireless technology since you do not know when it might be available.

2. Off the services you have available find the one you can get excited about and start marketing it to people who need it.

3. Understand you are part of a Membership Benefits marketing company and not a Wireless phone company.

4. If deep in your heart, you truly believe Global Verge can turn their situation around, then focus daily on finding one or two good people you can talk with. BUT… Make sure you tell them right up front what they are getting into.

5. If people contact you and tell you Global Verge sucks… Get out! Ask them point blank why they want you out? Find out if they really care about you, or if they are prospecting you for another company.

6. To all you Triple Diamonds… Start leading your teams, and stop blindly following what someone tells you.

Troy’s Truth: It’s never about your upline, it’s ALWAYS about your downline!

I will continue to lay out the facts as I see them, give my professional opinion where appropriate, and offer my personal prayers for everyone involved.

Never Give Up,


July 27, 2009 Triple Diamond Call.

July 29, 2009 Triple Diamond call.

When the audio for the July 29th Triple Diamond call came in, it did have to dead spots. Just keep listening and the call continues.

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  1. Traverus now has the phones/chips and the new division is called Televerus. The phones work as advertised I’ve been on a few calls. The network is very impressive. We now need reps and especially leaders to take this to the real market offline. This could make us all wealthy way beyond our imagination. Who is still interested in marketing this technology to the world? Contact me please. Right now I can get you into Televerus at the top level for $15. It normally costs $400. Darryl 602-684-6809

  2. LAPTOP Rescinds Best of CTIA Award for Zer01 Mobile

  3. Brent,

    I think you have a great point here. In the end, it will come down to seeing if the big four allow a smaller start-up company to piggy back on their towers. And that doesn’t just go for Zer01, it goes for anyone.

    Never Give Up,

  4. I do hope they pull through, but I doubt they will based on their VoIP technology. In fact, as it stands right now in the United States, AT&T does not want VoIP apps running:

    I’m sure they are not the only ones, as I read on a forum (take it for what its worth) that T-Mobile blocks any apps that attempt VoIP.
    .-= Brent´s last blog .. Zurvita Launches Integrated Video Email Prospecting For Consultants =-.

  5. Global Earl,

    Thank you for your kind words. I had received a forwarded email showing Bud has canceled his August calls. I plan on calling him Monday to see what’s up. It may be he just needs to take vacation before School starts.

    I am sorry to hear about the payroll for the Triple Diamond’s being pushed back another two weeks. How aboue the rest of the field, when do they get paid?

    Please keep us posted.

    Never Give Up,


  6. Ok…I stand corrected….thought I’d check my email one more time for anything from Bud Nemeth…see above…

    He has told me…”not to panic” I have missed a email update from our group site and need to go in and change my address.

    This is possible since my business is under someone very close to me and that email was used for our sign up…

    I stand corrected and remain….”un-panic-ed”


    Global Earl
    .-= Global Earl´s last blog .. Latest Buzzirk Mobile Google News and Commentary By_Global Earl =-.

  7. Troy Thanks for your in-depth Buzzirk/Global Verge coverage…

    I too have been around the horn once or twice in the networking/mlm business.

    Red Flag Time…Bud Nemeth proporting to have over 9,000 of Buzzirk Mobile Reps in his downline in past two months has sent me a email from a website that does webinars…cancelling all of August business over view scheduling…

    Payroll for triple diamonds have now been pushed back an additional two weeks.

    Personally, I refuse to even begin further recruiting efforts…I will not accept anyone into the company under me, for the time being…
    am considering closing my efforts done completely.

    Global Earl, aka, Al Boek
    .-= Global Earl´s last blog .. Latest Buzzirk Mobile Google News and Commentary By_Global Earl =-.

  8. LeeNOLA,

    WOW! You have gone from one XXXtreme (sorry I couldn’t resist) to the next. AllXClub is an interesting concept. I reviewed their compensation plan early on when someone else called to ask about it. It is pretty straightforward and folks are making money. Although the company is growing faster outside the USA, than inside from what I have heard from the Master Distributor.

    Although AllXClub started as the only player in town there is at least one new company out of Tampa that has now entered into that niche and another doing their due dilligence out of Calf.

    My thought any of these companies in MLM, is why use a compensation plan for something most folks can get for free on the net. I understand Porn is a Billion dollar business, but MLM always works best with a unique product or service. So taking the moral issues out of it, you have to ask yourself two questions.

    1. How do I market AllXClub where I am not competing with the big players on the net.
    2. How do I build long lasting relationships with a downline I can’t see?

    Ok, now on to your next question “Is there any REAL MLMs out there?” Yes there are some great ones.

    Here is what I would ask if I were looking for a new company.

    1. What am I so passionate about, I would do it for free, but making money doing it is even better?

    Now you are ready to find a company in the niche you enjoy (Now I know that may sound hard, but you would be amazed the types of companies with Comp Plans.)

    Ok, once you find a company or companies you want to interview here are the questions you want to ask.

    1. What type of compensation plan?
    2. Is there an autoship to be part of the comp plan above and beyond the service or product you are using?
    3. Does the company offer an affiliate position for folks who want to just make personal sales?
    4. Can you market the product to small retail outlets or open your own?
    5. What is the story behind the company founders?

    Ok, once you have found this information, you are ready to interview some of the field leaders to see which one will match your values and business style.

    1. How long have you been in the company?
    2. Why did you join the company?
    3. Are you building your team part or full-time?
    4. Is the company Distributor Friendly?
    5. What is your attrition rate on an annual basis?
    6. If you stay here for five more years can you retire off your residual income? (Don’t forget you have already asked how long there have been there. Add the two numbers to get the total years.)
    7. Does the company allow you to stop sponsoring and still earn your residuals and leadership bonuses?

    If you approach your next company as a true business you will find a real company.

    By the way not all the good companies are in nutritional. There are good companies in just about every niche you can think of. If you want to give me an idea of what you are looking for, then shoot me a private email at and I’ll do my best to find a solid company or two you can look at.

    Now back to the MLM Wireless arena, it gets crazier each day. I have friends in each of the companies leading with wireless or who have added wireless to their mix in the last 90-days. We are watching FDI closely to see if they fall short at their annual convention this month. In talking to some of the folks at the top, they are being very cautious in what they say about the phones.

    The comp plan changes have not all been released. But of those that have, I do have a few concerns, and once the final plan is released on the wireless side we’ll go over it and report on the viability of it in total.

    Of all the companies right now I do think Zurvita went the safest way, by cutting affiliate deals with the big four. Based on all we are seeing in the MLM Wireless War, they are moving ahead because they are not having to overcome new technology issues, top distributors leaving for other company’s, law suites, or anything else. Plus, they do not lead with the wireless it is just another service they offer.

    I know I feel for all the distributors in all the Wireless companies because it is crazy out there right now.

    I am sending out my monthly newsletter within the next 24 hours. If you have not subscribed do so now. I wrote an article that may help you out.

    Never Give Up,


  9. Troy,
    Reading all of this has opened my eyes wide and I feel like I am chasing my tail…I got involved with a company called AllXclub not to long ago and am wondering if you have any new son them…As for GV this where I went to next since it was well all the bells and whistles so to speak…Any news on FDI and are they in the same boat so to speak as GV….big promise for super phones. I really hope someone comes up with a solution fast as I am getting tired of spending money and time on false hope….Any real winning MLM’s out their?

    As far as all the posts from everyone it is pretty amusing as well as informative.

  10. Sure, come on over.
    I have a Pharos 137 here in the bunker….I use it to reposition my Space Stations but they say it will work soon on the Z1 platform and I will save a fortune in GPS and data costs.
    Very cool.

    To clarify my post:

    Category 5 was Katrina
    Level 5 is like when the asteroids took out the dinosaurs…life ending event.
    8.4 is an earthquake you don’t quickly recover from.

    I liked your comment of “from the ashes, there is rebirth.”
    I pray that becomes the next chapter at GV for the sake of the reps.

    Good work, Troy

  11. Sam,

    Thank you for responding.

    I am sorry you feel like this communication was in vain.

    I do not get into my spiritual life on this blog. You can always feel free to chat with me at where I do get into personal topics such as my personal relationship with Jesus.

    As for everything else, we can agree to disagree.

    But again thanks for your post.

    Never Give UP,


  12. MT,

    You are correct, each day brings new events, and this one is epic. The question I think we are all waiting to see is if this will become an Epic Adventure or an Epic Nightmare.

    One of the fun things in reporting is the unknown, what will happen tomorrow, will the pieces all come together and you can cellebrate with the field, or if it will crumble and you will cry with the field.

    All Epic Adventures has the highs and lows, the villain and the hero. And even when it looks like everything has ended, out of the ashes coming the rebirth.

    And you are right. If we can get the personal testimonies from 3rd parties who are experts in the technology and get some hard cold video evidence everything works, then BAM! This story takes a whole new turn, and may just break some long standing records.

    I understand what you are saying when you write about “Allegations of conspiracy and scam are rhetoric and opinion here.” However, at the same time a person or group of people’s past track record does come into play when finding a benchmark to judge what is allegations of conspiracy and scams.

    I have done my best to stay out of the allegations of conspiracy and scam are rhetoric, but sometimes its hard to figure it all out. Which is why I am still holding off on a boatload of stuff that is sitting on my desk.

    ROFLOL… I would love to see a positive Level 5 event with Global Verge or any company surrounding it. Especially since the opposite will leave the distributors picking up the pieces.

    If there is room, can I come hangout with you in the bunker? 🙂

    Thanks for the chat.

    Never Give Up, (but keep your head down)


  13. Mike,

    I don’t think there are 6 or 7 involved at Global Verge, but it has happened in the past for a whole lot less. And if you are a good Grifter, and you do this 8 or 9 times, and do it right, then you can do one of these every 3 or 4 years and because it is only $70 to $149 dollars and most victims are to embarrassed to tell the authorities, and if they do tell the authorities, which authorities do they go to, it does start to become more plausible.

    As for the Military question (good question by the way). I would rather go into battle with a proven battle ridden veteran (you already know my answer) 🙂

    However, I would NEVER follow a leader into battle who had the scars of numerous battle failures. In the case of the current management team, there is no doubt they have created some MLM’s, however where are they today? better yet, why hasn’t Steve Lewis brought in people who are not connected with him who can verify his story?

    Why can’t anyone find any MLM company he has founded? It’s one thing to forma company with an MLM compensation plan for others like “Let’s Get Fishing” it is quite another to have owned, and successful grown an MLM. This is a small profession when it comes to successful MLMs.

    Mike, mistakes can be forgiven, you and I both know that. But, when someone keeps making the same mistakes over and over, and it costs distributors their dreams, then it stops being mistakes and becomes a belligerent act that is borderline fraud.

    You are 100% correct, time will tell.

    In 10 to 15 days, we will know more.

    Never Give Up,


  14. Before I get in the bunker, Troy…do you have a comment on Mike G and Rachel Long? The newest reps in GV?

    See you when the smoke clears.

  15. ROFLOL…

    When you dander gets riled you can come out fighting. I am going to change your login from NGSI to Rocky! 🙂

  16. That a more than fair analysis, Troy.
    It is a “snapshot” today.
    As a journalist, you will know that the story will always change.
    This saga has become an epic.
    The best is yet to come.
    LIke reading Harry Potter….a big book….that neads another and another to complete the story.

    Journalists understand that you can never get to the 100% truth, but you can get close. And you need to publish something. So we do. The challenge is to get past the “he says-she says” rhetoric and get to the facts. Get past the hearsay and get to the testimonies and evidence
    Allegations of conspiracy and scam are rhetoric and opinion here.
    Good that you are avoiding that to the best of your ability. (sometimes you have to report it, know)

    Here’s a tip!
    Next week could produce a Level 5 event.
    That is a shameless tease, I know, but I believe there is a 8.4 shaker coming….
    I’m heading to the well-stocked bunker on this one…..and ride out the firestorm.

  17. Mike,

    As I have written already I truly respect the way you have approached this and the hard questions you have asked. I beleive folks can become friends and communicate respectfully even if they do not always agree.

    Although I do not believe the calls are private, nor do I believe the management staff beleives they are private. Since Steve Lewis is very bold at stating he has been in MLM for 30 years, he fully understands his leaders are going to record and post those calls to their team and to outside folks for advice.

    You are correct they could cancel the calls. However, I am not sure the Triple Diamonds I know would stand for that. Nor do I believe Steve Lewis will go back on his word of keeping the Triple Diamonds in the loop. Steve is a marketer and he will not take a chance of alienating the leaders.

    And I made him a promise… If he turns this around I will boldly because the largest voice of the success. But a turn around will take a lot of work, and will not be at the end of 30-days. It will be at the end of six months. Just because a few hundred phones and a few hundred Sim Chips go to the top leaders doesn’t prove success. When 40K reps have phones and/or Sim Chips and they each have brought in at least one customer who is outside the comp plan (that;s an average) and everyone is happy and using the phone and support and customer service is rolling and the tech industry has tried the technology and it is legit, then we have one of the greatest come back business stories of all time.

    Never Give Up,


  18. Troy,

    I’m glad we can wrestle over this one. If they do walk away with the projected 3 Million to be split amongst how many of them? 6 or 7… they get a whooping 500-800k each and potential time in prison regarless of where the money went. I don’t think so.

    I do understand the potential risk involved here $70-$150. That’s it.

    Let me ask you as a Military guy… would you rather go into battle with an academic who has no war experience but a bunch of head knowledges or with someone who has the scars of battle?

    Have they made mistake… you bet! Will they make some more… I count on it.

    I have made some serious errors in judgement in the past…. some of which would probably disqualify people from working with me…. but guess what those were expensive lessons in life that I will not repeat again. I guess human nature will always gravitate towards the negative… I on the other hand… will never give up.

    Lets reevaluate in 10-15 days. I’ve added 5 extra days (not months). We can both agree that there is a bunch of stuff going on that we do not know about. Lets hold GV to their word of commissions being paid out and an initial set of phones in the field. This is their #1 focus…. please help by not distracting them.


  19. Troy – “Now, as for your statement about Christ. I have never presented myself as Christ. ”

    Never said you had Troy, and you seem to have missed my point. All I am saying is, the gossip, hearsay and other info you purport as fact are lacking and in no way Christ like.

    Troy – “I can say, it’s a good thing Christ is more forgiving than you or I might end up in Hell.”

    For one, my blood as yours can’t save a flea, as for ending up in Hell, that would depend if your name is in the Lambs Book of Life or not. As for me being “judgmental and or unforgiving”, it was your posting here on your blog and now on Scam dot com that blatantly depicts your judging of others.

    That is all, as like with so many, it is vain to communicate with one who after hearing or reading my words fails to understand their meaning.

    The Hebrew word translated “gossip” in the Old Testament is defined as “one who reveals secrets, one who goes about as a talebearer or scandal-monger.” Gossipers have the goal of building themselves up by making others look bad and exalting themselves as some kind of repositories of knowledge,

    In the book of Romans, Paul reveals the sinful nature and lawlessness of mankind, stating how God poured out His wrath on those who rejected His laws. Because they had turned away from God’s instruction and guidance, He gave them over to their sinful natures. The list of sins includes gossips and slanderers (Romans 1:29-32). We see from this passage how serious the sin of gossip is and that it characterizes those who are under God’s wrath.

    Another group who were (and still are today) known for indulging in gossip is widows (maybe in 2009 guys that blog on the Net). Paul cautions against entertaining the habit of gossip and of being idle. These types are described as “gossips and busybodies, saying things they ought not to” (1 Timothy 5:12-13). Paul states that widows get into the habit of going from home to home, looking for something to occupy their idleness. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, and God cautions against allowing idleness to enter our lives. “A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid a man [or woman] who talks too much” (Proverbs 20:19).

    Women are certainly not the only ones who have been found guilty of gossip. Anyone can engage in gossip simply by repeating something heard in confidence. The book of Proverbs has a long list of verses that cover the dangers of gossip and the potential hurt that results from it. “A man who lacks judgment derides his neighbor, but a man of understanding holds his tongue. A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret” (Proverbs 11:12-13).

    The Bible tells us that “a perverse man stirs up dissension, and a gossip separates close friends” (Proverbs 16:28). Many a friendship has been ruined over a misunderstanding that started with gossip. Those who engage in this behavior do nothing but stir up trouble and cause anger, bitterness, and pain among friends. Sadly, some people thrive on this and look for opportunities to destroy others. And when such people are confronted, they deny the allegations and answer with excuses and rationalizations. Rather than admit wrongdoing, they blame someone else or attempt to minimize the seriousness of the sin. “A fool’s mouth is his undoing, and his lips are a snare to his soul. The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to a man’s inmost parts” (Proverbs 18:7-8).

    Those who guard their tongues keep themselves from calamity (Proverbs 21:23). So we must guard our tongues and refrain from the sinful act of gossip. If we surrender our natural desires to the Lord, He will help us to remain righteous. May we all follow the Bible’s teaching on gossip by keeping our mouths shut unless it is necessary and appropriate to speak? I doubt it as I am sure you will attempt to justify your actions and continue.

    My last post. Samuel Bade


  20. Mike,

    I know you said no response is necessary, however I want to clarify one point.

    This is not the first time around for these guys. Steve Lewis has been in Global Verge from close to the beginning, and may have been in E-Verge. If you do a little research, you can find massive amounts of money still owed form the old company, and distributors who did not get paid because the company folded.

    I understand Steve Lewis wants 30 days, but let me ask you a question. How are you and others going to get your money back when it has been shipped to offshore bank accounts? What recourse do you have when the money is in countries well known for their secrecy laws, and have no signed tax treaties with the USA?

    And should we just let lay the facts that several other companies the new management crew have run have also left distributors without the hard earned commissions they have earned?

    I am not an advocate for the companies, I am an advocate for the distributors.

    And, yes your comment to have be back off and not say anything is the same as those who backed off of Enron and others when red flags were going up all over the place.

    You are a businessman, 10 days when you are taking in millions is an eternity.

    I really do appreciate your stance and respect where you are coming from.

    Never Give Up,


  21. ” Scum of The Earth” that’s rich of you Mike, I’m not the one continuing with this baloney.

    Everything that has been uncovered is Fact, criminal records, mail box offices, no patents, no trademarks, no staff, no commissions, do I need to go on.

    You are a joke simple as! you continue to mask this absurd nonsense with a Vail of respectability and it neither merits it or deserves it. And if you think for one minute that in 10 days time thsi is all going to magically come right you are a bigger fool than I give you credit for.

    Go away and hawk your snake oil somewhere else.

  22. Troy,

    My scum of the earth comment were directed more at NGSI than you. I apologize for the crude remarks in the post above.

    I like you will stand for truth and hate when it is twisted. But it also means when I get the facts I do something about it. The facts are that the recordings are private. Why do I care so much… because they can cancel the calls and keep us in the dark if we play games with this business.

    Those calls are important and I would hate to loose them because people are not honest enough to do what is asked of them.


  23. Gentlemen… they not asking for 10 month here… they are asking for 10 more days. If I was them… I would not want to have you coming around taking up my time. I have been part of the corporate world for many years and have seen the good the bad and the ugly and I know what it is like to be under pressure and facing a deadline. That’s life and that business. Don’t try compare this with Enron and some other companies because that is a load of crap and you know it.

    I have told you that the conversations were private and not to be recorded. Are you a man of integrity who will do the right thing or are you like the tabloid scum of the earth looking to post crap just for the sake of it.

    Lets see what happens in 10-15 days.

    No reply necessary as you know actions speak louder than words.

  24. Mike,

    Thanks for your open and straightforward feedback.

    It is folks like you which make me proud to be in network marketing. Seems you know what is happening and are willing to move forward with your eyes wide open. I pray you share the straight facts with those you are sponsoring.

    And, NO Mike all companies don’t have the issues to deal with that Global Verge does.

    In reality is is you and others who want to take a blind eye, or want outside watchdogs and critics to shut up that is part of the problem. You and others seem to believe its just normal growing pains, and we who ask the hard questions are just adding fuel to the fire.

    Well from what I have read in the following cases, that is the mindset others took before Enron, MCI, TYCO, Health South, Standford Financial and Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC went under because of a lack of ethics at the top.

    I challenge you to go to the victims of those companies and ask them how they feel today? Ask Arthor Anderson, if they had it to do all over again, if they would have spoke up. Ask, any of the CEOs who are now sitting in prison, if they have second thoughts, or the retired folks who are now back working because their retirement accounts were wiped out.

    Mike, you may not respect me, but if just one distributor is saved from having their dreams dashed because they were able to find the facts. Then so be it.

    Normal business is not to hide your transparency, it is to share the cold hard facts, and rally the troops.

    Never Give Up,


  25. I have to be honest if I was part of that call and Steve Lewis told me under no circumstances can you come and see a working phone you just have to trust me I’d of told him to stick his triple diamond up his arse.

    This phone has been ready for a long time according to Ben P this is all bollocks and they know it, and if you are a sorry minded triple fool that buys any of this garbage that these two con artists are telling you then you are a bigger crook because you then go ahead and tell your distributors garbage based on hearsay and not verifiable facts.

    This so needs to come to an end.

  26. As I have said Troy… I did have respect for you but is has all been washed away by your comments. Please be advised that the Tripple Diamond calls are private… yes we have issues to deal with, but doesn’t every company?

    Now that you know that the calls were not to be recorded you can walk with integrity and remove you audio postings. As you were invited to be on at least one call… you may make comments.

    If you can not remove the audio postings then you are no better than the rest of the mlm complainers out there. You are adding fuel to the fire and you know it.

    Good luck with your business. You’ll need it.


  27. Mike,

    I have not read any articles from either of those publications. Steve Lewis has mentioned them on Triple Diamond calls. I have stayed away from Mark Petshcel’s history for the most part.

    And, I have never mentioned any articles I did not personally read. When I read the articles we placed the links in the post.

    Let’s do this, make you point, whatever it is. If it is the integrity issue, we’ve covered it.

    Never Give Up,


  28. Mike

    Here is the Washington Post, couldn’t see one for the times.

  29. I for one find it hard to fathom that the word integrity can be cited in defense of GV, Buzzirk or Zero 1

  30. May I ask on your July 17th posting where you sate…

    Last night I have the privilege of being a Fly-On-The-Wall of several Global Verge calls, but the best one was a Private Triple Diamond Call, where the most current and up to date information was given to the top field leaders by Michael Petschel, current CEO of Global Verge, Ben Piilani, CEO of Zer01, Craig Perry, COO of Global Verge, and Steve Lewis (Not sure of his official title).

    May I ask who invited you?

    No recording means no recording = integrity.

  31. Mike,
    I thought I did answer your question. But let me try again. NO, I have NEVER been on a Global Verge Triple Diamond call where I was not invited. And NO I was not aware of any NO RECORDING, but again my Triple Diamond calls are limited, and I have never been on a call personally right at the beginning. Usually I have been finishing training calls of my own at the time the Triple Diamond calls start.

    This is exactly what I said in your last post. So, if it isn’t clear let me know, I’ll try and say it (spin) it in a clearer manner.

    But, I can also honestly state, I would not see it as a lack of integrity “if” did decide to record a call I was on. I am not bound by the Policies & Procedures of Global Verge Reps. I am bound to ethically shed light on unanswered questions the field keep asking.

    Nor, do I take pieces of the call and report on them out of context. And to make sure we are reporting in a ethical manner, I always place the full recording we recieve on my posts.

    Never Give Up,


  32. Mike,

    Every call I have been on I have been invited. I believe that has been limited to two Triple Diamond calls, and five Triple Diamond team calls. All other calls have been provided to me from outside resources. I then listen to the calls, and report on what I believe raises more questions, than answers. I thik we can both agree at times the call just rambles, no reason to report on ramblings.

    I have not been on a Triple Diamond call where I ever heard “no recording” but again my calls are limited.

    I do agree with you that not wanting a call recorded could be seen as an integrity issue, especially if you are telling folks you want to be transparent.

    Now, if you are trying to say I would have a lack of integrity “if” I recorded a call, I guess once again I am in good company, since this is the main method used by every law enforcement to bring down unethical criminal organizations. It is also a method most bounty hunters use when tracking fugitives from justice.

    So, I can pretty much tell you we would disagree in this area on integrity.

    Since I am not part of Global Verge or any other the entities surrounding Global Verge, I am not bound ethically by the same Policies & Procedures that Global Verge reps are bound.

    So to make it very clear, I have not been on a call not invited, and the two calls I have been on I did not hear anything about no recording. However, nether call was I on at the very beginning. So that could have been missed.

    Never Give Up,


  33. Troy you did not answer my questions;

    Let me be more specific….Prior to the one and only call you were invited on.
    Were you ever on another a call as a fly on the wall that you were not invited to attend?

    Were you aware that there was a request that there was to be NO RECORDING of the Call.

    Troy these are simple questions. I would consider your above answer a spin…. not a direct answer to my question.

    Let me state again… that I agree with much of what you have said… but the issue is about integrity. If you can not truthfully and will all honesty answer the question, you have no right to criticize others in what they have said or they are doing.

    Please a yes or a no to those two questions.

  34. Mike, you need to listen to what Steve Lewis stated on the July 27th 2009 call. He specifically announced I was on the call and he had invited me. The call is at the end of yesterday’s post.

    Never Give Up,


  35. 2 Questions…

    Were you ever on a call as a fly on the wall that you were not invited to attend?

    Did you not hear the request for No Audio Recording of the Call.

    A simple answer to these question please.

  36. Mike,

    I have made it clear several times I am not part of any wireless MLM, in any manner period. I was invited onto one call July 27, 2009. All recordings that come into our office are analyzed and then reported on. And to make sure we do not take information out of context, or report with any type of biased slant, we place the full recording on each post for our readers and subscribers to listen to and decide for themselves.

    I can’t think of a single comment where anyone has corrected our reporting on the audio recording. I do ask some hard questions, because that is what it takes to succeed in business. And for some reason people are forgetting THEY OWN THEY WON BUSINESS! Global Verge, Buzzirk, Zer01 are just venders to YOUR PERSONAL MARKETING & DISTRIBUTION BUSINESS!

    At the end of the day, it is your reputation on the line. If you are not worried what your friends, family and associates will think about you representing these companies, then you have nothing to worry about.

    I fully agree with you on the fact “INTEGRITY IS A WAY OF LIFE!” Based on just that statement I challenge you or anyone to find where I am not living my life from an Integrity standpoint. My life is an open book, and I have invested a lifetime making sure my wife and kids can be proud of their dad.

    So please share where I am hypocritial or where my posts are hypocritical in nature. But while we’re on the topic lets look at the facts.

    1. I am not a distributor, nor am I being paid through equity or as a consultant, nor do I accept donations from anyone in the MLM Wireless Arena
    2. I have been very clear I am one of, if not the top distributor for a mid-side tech based company with both an affiliate and MLM comp plan.
    3. I have posted on my own personal charges (no convictions) in the 80’s and 90’s and I might add where sealed under court order, and would have been hard to find.
    4. I have posted facts validated by top, well respected journalist outlets in the tech arena.
    5. I am a founding member of the Distributors Rights Association.
    6. I have friends and business associates in every MLM wireless company and I do not let those relationships stop me from reporting on the facts.

    So, if there is an area I have missed that you can share feel free to show me where I have let down on my ethics.

    I know I am helping some in the field, and a boat load of people who are doing due diligence on Global Verge so they can make strategic and informed decision before they place their personal reputation on the line.

    Do my lost fuel fire for some who may have hidden agendas and who will use what I write as recruiting tools for their own company? You bet! But, should that STOP me from writing the facts? I don’t think so. If that was the case, I should take Steve up on just reporting positive info, so he’ll feed me what he wants posted.

    No, I post as I see it, and will continue to ask the hard questions. I remember in the early days of A.L. Williams we took heat from every direction, and instead of getting bent out of shape, Art hired a team to collect all the negative press. In the end we have two volumes of negative articles, which we would use when recruiting new distributors. The reason we used those articles, is because in the end one was proven to be from biased sources and in the end we WON! Today the company known as Primerica does over $69 billion in new life insurance each you and pays out over $600 million in commissions.

    Global Verge may very well become the next A.L. Williams and overcome all of the critics. And as I have told Steve Lewis, if he can pull off a complete turn around in 30-days I’ll be Global Verges biggest proponent.

    But I refuse to put my integrity on hold not to report on FACTS. Fact we verify and validate personally and through respected and trusted third parties.

    Mike, my goal is not to be part of the Solution for Global Verge, nor am I part of the problem. The problems come from internal half truths, potential fraud, miss-management and a down right under capitalize launch (three times now). When journalist, reporters, critcs and watchdogs uncover facts that can stop Innocent people from having their personal reputations questioned, then we report.

    Global Verge’s latest mistakes comes from Steve Lewis stating he is going to be transparent and then not warning his Triple Diamonds Global Verge was moving to offshore processors and explaining why they were doing it. Had that been done in advance, he would have realized several of his top triple Diamonds could have explained very eloquently why tthis move was needed and not to worry about it.

    However, as I posted Steve talks “AT” his leaders, not “TO” his leaders. Now people are even more concerned. So you tell me, how are you going to explain to your wireless customers and the people you bring into Global Verge why a USA based company, doing business in the USA, is taking their money offshore?

    Now, if you listen to the July 27th, 2009 recording you will see that I was invited onto the call. I reported based on what I heard, which did bring up more questions. Had Steve Lewis been open with me, and explained they were going to use Offshore processors, I could have reported on that before it happened and explained as I did yesterday why I think they were doing it.

    Transparency is sharing before something happens, not after it happens. When you share after something happens, that is call SPIN!

    As for the “Tabloid Junkies” comment, that was funny. Show me a tabloid who has reported on Global verge, Zer01, Buzzirk or any of the principles? Washing Post, New York Times, Network World, Laptop Magazine, PC World. If these are the tabloids you refer, then I proudly accept the title of MLM tabloid Junkie!

    Again, please come back and explain my failure in the ethics and integrity side of things.

    Never Give Up,


  37. Mike,

    I think what Troy is doing is a public service to the network marketing community. People need to know what’s going on and these are issues that need to be addressed. I was with Global Verge for a month and a half and they flat out lied about the credit processing situation to the field for an entire month. Not to mention the other things they’ve lied about. Talk about lack of integrity and respect, that starts at the helm of Global Verge corporate. You obviously don’t know and understand what’s going on behind the scenes. Either this Buzzirk Mobile deal will be the biggest come back or the biggest disaster. I hate to see a lot of people hurt of this opportunity. But as of right now, all corporate has done was give excuses period. Phones were suppose to be in all reps hands who joined prior to July 1 by now but has that happened? Nope

    When Mark P was in, he claimed they had 10,000 handsets ready to go, but here recently they went from 400 to 12 or something like that. Commissions were suppose to be paid this week, but what they do, push the date back. They are using off shore processors. To top it off, why would Steve ask people to bankwire him money for phones. That’s fishy to say the least.

    A team member got Global Verge approved for a merchant account here in the US, but to finalize the deal he needed 2 more pieces of information. They never got back to him with this info.

    What happened to the people’s sim cards who went to Vegas in June? They told them it was coming on the FED EX truck. It’s August now, what happened to the FED EX truck? Did it crash or something? I can go buy my own unlocked phone and basically that’s all those reps got. What use are they without sim cards? Who cares whether is say powered by zer01 or not. If a video is shot using the phone, as a strategic marketer that would put more people as ease and bring more people in.

    This just looks like a good idea by global verge with no planning. They are now trying to get their ducks in the row. Whatever this case may be, good luck.

  38. NGSI,

    ROFLOL… I am not sure if it is the heat, rising or just folks starting to realize there are a lot of unanswered questions. I am watching five different launched in three different niches within MLM, and GV is the only one having these types of issues.

    I think the icing on the cake came with when folks started seeing the offshore processing. The only folks I have talked with who did not have concerns where those who have been in the AutoSurf niche, where companies keep getting shut down by the Fed’s time and time again.

    I guess we’ll see what happens. If the new crew can turn it around and someone with the financial backing is willing to come along and personally guarantee this deal, (and re-Brand it) then it might just get on some solid ground.

    Never Give Up,


  39. Troy was not invited to be on all the calls. And the CALLS WERE NOT TO BE RECORDED.

    AGAIN… lack of integrity and respect.

    Place any spin on it that you want. I agree with most of what Troy is saying, but that does not make this forum a platform to post audio files.


  40. NOt a Triple,

    Thank you for your support. I fully understand the frustration from the field because everyone really does want to see this work. Time will tell as we move along.

    Never Give Up,


  41. Obviously, “Mike” did not listen to the recorded call where Steve acknowledged he invited you to be on the Triple Diamond call.

    Based on what I “think I know” (first hand) and reading/listening to ALL of your posts on GV, I find your comments appropriate. You raise good questions which should make everyone “think”. Thank you!

    Not giving up!

  42. Troy,

    I see you are beginning to get the heat, however the simple fact these people have to come here and attack you for doing a stand up job and offering an unbiased opinion speaks volumes in itself.

    There are some interesting facts you have to remember, this product was supposed to be launched on July 1st. Ben P allegedly had working phones at CTIA and told numerous tech industry magazines that the service was ready to roll on July 1st.

    In April 2009 this was reported

    “Zer01 Announces Contract-less $69.95 Unlimited Data and Voice Plan
    April 1st, 2009 by Dana Wollman

    Zer01 Communications, a new mobile carrier, announced today a $69.95 plan that includes unlimited data and voice (domestic), taxes and fees, and, incredibly, no contract agreement.

    An unlimited international plan will also be available for $79.95 per month. The idea, in either case, is not just that consumers can save money, but that they can avoid getting locked into minimum two-year-long carrier contracts.

    Here’s how it works: Zer01’s Veritable Mobile Convergence (VCM) technology bypasses carrier circuits by using VoIP to send calls into a virtual private network. During the activation period, it will take about five minutes for your SIM to be updated with your Zer01 plan.

    Consumers can bring their own phone to the table or buy one from Zer01’s online store. Right now, the phones for sale include the Pharos Traveler 117 and 127, the HTC TyTN II, the HTC Touch 3G, and the HTC Diamond.”

    Now I have been on many calls since I joined early June and there was never any mention of sim cards we were told the phones were ready to go, then that the triple diamonds would get the phones and everyone had to have FCC training before they could sell the phones and now it’s the sim cards. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see a pattern emerging do you know.

    I really wanted this to happen I had such big plans for myself and this product but it now pains me to think that there are so many people willing to string you along so they get their commissions.

    what a sorry state of affairs it must be if you have are continually pushing this company and this bogus product, the video sim card issue is the nail in the coffin they have had 12 phones in the field an no one can show a working model, these 12 phones woudl have had to have a zero 1 sim card to begin with so the excuses of not being able to show a sim card is flimsy to say the least.

  43. Troy,

    Are you a tipple Diamond in the business? If not then you have no business being on the calls. Secondly… if you are then they have asked for there to be no recordings.

    Integrity is a matter of life. These posts, as informative as they are are somewhat hypocritical in nature.

    You may feel that you are doing a service to those in the field, when in fact you are fulling the fire and are part of the problem instead of the solution.

    If on the other hand Global Verge has asked you to be the fly on the wall and to give your honest perspective on things I apologize for this post. If not you are no better than the tabloid junkies.


  44. Sherry,

    This was the hardest yet, because we had so much to go through. Some stuff is just stupid, and does not even apply, but as we listened to the field and re-listened to these calls, we finally had to decide, do we post, or sit on it and allow for the possibility for others to get hurt, because we did not post.

    This is America and people have the right to follow their dreams. If GV is it, then we at least want them to go into it eyes wide open.

    Never Give Up,


  45. Doug,

    On this issue, I think what is happening is the fact, the custom Sim Chips for Buzzirk are not yet completed and if a video is shot, it will not be the correct Chips, and that could cause more questions than answers.

    Never Give Up,


  46. Thanks Ted!

    This one has been tough because it just keeps getting more crazy everyday.

    Never Give UP,


  47. Sam,

    Thank you for sharing from your heart. Let me see if I can answer your questions.

    First though I have to say, you got a laugh out of me when you said I lowered myself to Although, I have met some interesting and thought provoking folks over there. 99% of them are 180 degrees the opposite of me, when it comes to their stance on MLM. So, if you slow down and apply Aristotle’s Laws of First Principles, I think you will find your statement is not very logical.

    Since Clayton wrote his Testimonal, I can’t say what he meant. I can call and ask him specifically if you really want to know.

    I can say that when a student shares the fact they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, that I will base some of our training around the book or Proverbs. And when folks don’t share their personal faith, I leave it out.

    So, although I can’t tell you for sure which Biblical principles Clayton may be referring, I can direct you to the book of Proverbs.

    Now the word Biblical can have one of two definitions: 1: of, relating to, or being in accord with the Bible or 2: suggestive of the Bible or Bible times. Agian, I am not sure which of these apply to what Claton wrote.

    I do agree with you that, when the word is used it is referring to something in the Bible.

    Please explain why you feel that Biblical principles do not apply in what I have written. I agree I did not mention any Chapter or Verse, but I would respectfully disgree that Biblical principles should not apply. I believe Biblical principles should agree 100% of the time. At least in my life.

    Now, as for your statement about Christ. I have never presented myself as Christ. However, I do have a personal relationship with Him, and focus daily on living a life pleasing to Him. However, since I do live under Grace, I know I am going to fall short form time to time, and gladly pray for His forgiveness.

    So, since I am not Christ, nor have I ever presented myself as a Prophet talking for Christ, exactly what does your comment mean?

    I can say, it’s a good thing Christ is more forgiving than you or I might end up in Hell.

    Again, thank you for sharing.

    Never Give Up,


  48. Mike,

    I am not sure I fully understand your comment. I do hope you come back and explain. I do appreciate your open opinion. Most people hide how they feel.

    But, let me make a few things correct. I am no ones savior. Everyone in Global Verge are adults and can do what they want. My goal is to lay out facts so those who are smart enough to do some due diligence can find balanced info from someone who loved MLM, and not just from sites who hate our profession.

    They still have 30-days, and nothing I have said will change that. So explain exactly what you mean.

    As for my wife, you need to get a clue. You are tlakign to the wrong person. My wife has nothing to do with Network Marketing.

    I think you were thinking of Rod Cook.

    Never Give Up,


  49. EliteGroup,

    I wondered why at first. Then I realized that if they do not have the new Sims, the video would not show the real Sims when they come out. That could cause more questions that answers.

    That was the only reason I could think of.

    Never Give Up,


  50. Honestly, I think Steve is BSing on allowing the guy to come to corporate to do a video. That wouldn’t require alot of time at all to do a youtube video. Talk about a company turn around, that would definately take some of that negative energy off them. I don’t think global verge have anything with Buzzirk mobile right now honestly

  51. You know… the more I read into you the more respect I loose for you. I’m sorry but for someone out there trying to be our savior… you are doing a lousy job. They asked for 30 days and you couldn’t give it to them eh….

    Good luck trying to sign everyone under your wife…. that what you are doing isn’t it?


  52. From your Testimonial’s on your Blog… (now that you felt lead to lower yourself to the same level of the scum on scam dot com)

    Troy is a fantastic friend. He has encouraged me to bring biblical principles into every day business, and to maintain an eternal perspective.

    His signature line is “Never Give Up”, and I am not giving up!

    Clayton Bretey

    Troy I got the above off your site, please let me know what Clayton means by “He (you Troy Dooly) has encouraged me to bring biblical principles into every day business, and to maintain an eternal perspective.”

    Troy what “biblical principles” is he speaking of?

    What does the word “biblical” refer to Troy? In my book it means the BIBLE, in other words “God’s word”, not the book of Mormon or any other man written book out there.

    Now what are these “principles” Troy? The reason I ask is I saw your posts on Scam dot com and now when I read and listen to your MLM help desk site, the two don’t mix.

    Stop with mixing the two, “Biblical Principles” and what you do on the net, they just don’t add up and don’t try to defend your position as the bottom line is, Christ would not be making the kinds of statements and posts you have, are, and I am sure will continue to make. (but if these “biblical principles” have nothing to do with God’s word or Jesus Christ and what He taught and teaches then please disregard this whole post.)

    Samuel Bade

  53. Seriously, does anyone believe the reason given for not making a 60-second video of the phone? That it’ll take *3* solid days of the entire team to do that? Really??

  54. Troy,
    I see why it took a while for you to get this posted. It’s a huge post! Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done and the good advise given.

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