Breaking MLM News: Franco Cavaleri Accepts Chief Science Officer Position At MLM Start-Up Ocean Avenue

Ocean Avenue

A couple of days ago I did the first in a series of editorials on the MLM Start-Up company Ocean Avenue (Read Here). Today I will share a little info on the Chief Science Officer, Franco Cavaleri.


Ocean Avenue
Franco Cavaleri CSO Ocean Avenue
Franco Cavaleri BSc NB, is a well-known nutritional biochemist, and the founder of multiple research and development corporations focused on researching nutrient-gene interactions linked to health.

His scientific research and development resulted in extensive recognition in the health industry, including distinctive formulation awards and best-seller statuses for his books. Franco’s specialized path was motivated by his personal recovery from a life threatening disease. His own formulations literally saved his life and astounded medical authorities. He believes in living his life in harmony to his amazing creations. He is a professional bodybuilder and winner of the IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championships.

Now Franco’s mission is the same as Ocean Avenue’s founders’. He wants to educate you on how to maximize your health, performance, and personal potential. His life’s work is now culminating in Ocean Avenue’s phenomenal products: WHEYBEYOND, WHEYSMART, EMPOWER, INVIGORATE and FOCUS. He has done the research, he has the science to prove their benefits, and he will show you how to use them to live life at your healthiest.

Franco Cavaleri, Chief Science Officer – BIO

Franco Cavaleri, a prominent nutritional biochemist, and is the founder of multiple successful health research and development corporations. Cavaleri’s mission and philosophy is conveyed through these corporations to provide education and other means for humans to maximize health, performance and personal potential in life. Cavaleri is also the author of the bestselling Potential Within: A Guide To Nutritional empowerment.

Cavaleri graduated from the University of British Columbia, where he majored in Nutritional Science and Biochemistry. His postgraduate work was taken out of the education system and into private research in a move to maintain commercial control and corporate ownership of the cutting edge nutrient – based pharmacological property. He continues to focus on the latest gene-related and insulin-related nutraceutical research. His efforts in scientific research and development of nutrient-gene interactions have resulted in widespread recognition in the health industry, including Gold, Silver and Bronze Alive Formulation awards.

A former soccer player and competitive bodybuilder, Cavaleri has won several titles including the pro-qualifier, IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championships. He has been part of the monograph collection and drafting for the CFIA (Canadian Government Food Inspection Agency) NPN (Natural Product Number) human health care initiative. In April of 2004, Franco was inducted into the CHFA’s (Canadian Health food Association) Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame for his efforts and contributions to the health care and sports nutrition industries. He also sits on the board of the Canadian Sports Nutrition Association.

Cavaleri and his wife, Kimiko, are parents of two beautiful children. He practices his word and puts his family’s health and wellness first.

Franco Cavaleri CSO Ocean Avenue


1985-1990 University of British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Department: Nutritional Sciences & Biochemistry
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Post Graduate Research Prostaglandin /Insulin Interactions


1992 Champion`s Choice Advanced Nutrition
Corporation founded and run by Franco Cavaleri.
Continued the execution of the postgraduate research work; eventully to formulate sports medicine nutraceuticals; nutrient-based performance enhancing protocols. Formulations and research designed by Franco Cavaleri based on nutrigenomics – nutrient-gene interactions and the influence on inflammatory response; went on to win industry awards; Alive Gold, Silver and Bronze formulation awards.

1998 Corporation sold to public company (NuLife Corp)
where Franco continued research and development initiative for the public corporation.


1998-2000 NuLife Corporation Canadian Arm
VitaHealth Corporation USA Arm

Research on nutraceutical applications and the determination of pharmacology in relation to prostaglandin influence, COX activity, cytokine influence; in relation to nutrient-gene interactions.

2000-2006 Biologic Nutritional Research Inc
Corporation founded in 2000 and run by Franco Cavaleri. Continued the execution of the postgraduate research work; eventfully to formulate therapeutic protocols. Formulations and research designed by Franco Cavaleri based on nutrigenomics – nutrient- gene interactions and the influence on inflammatory response.

Franco Cavaleri – Founded, formulated, clinically validated and documented the BiologicVET nutritional product line for cats and dogs; launched into Canada, USA, Slovakia and Korea; also formulated and prepared the clinical data and studies for Weider Pet Health Products for USA and Canadian executions.

2006 Biologic Nutritional Research Inc
Sold to the principals at GFR Pharma LTD.

2002 Biologic Publishing Inc

Corporation founded in 2002 and run by Franco Cavaleri

Designed to publish and report on the investigative and clinical findings. Franco completed the conversion of thesis to book format for publication through this corporation. Highly referenced book designed for health care professionals to use as a reference; and a quick study to validate nutrient-based remedies and lifestyle influences on insulin efficiency and diabetes; and the subsequent influence on cytokines and prostaglandin hormones.

2003 Published Book name: POTENTIAL WITHIN A Guide to Nutritional Empowerment
ISBN: 0-9731701-0-7
Book description included with relationship of content to other literary works; 465 pages with
650 independent and in-house scientific references validating the content.

2008 Published Book name: Potential Within YOUR DOGS HEALTH A Guide to Health, Happiness and Harmony
ISBN: 978-0-9731701-1-5

2006 Biologic Nutrigenomics Health Research Corp
Corporation founded in 2006 and run by Franco Cavaleri
designed to research and validate nutrient-gene interactions in relation to inflammatory response and insulin health. Through the parent corporation, Biologic Publishing Inc, this company works with industry regulatory bodies and corporations to provide research documentation and validation for formulations or intended therapies; produces research referenced literature.

Franco Cavaleri’s Health and Performance Industry Experience

Regular Speaker Lecturer:
Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) Conventions

Whole Life Expo Conventions

Vancouver Wellness Show

UBC Nutritional Sciences Lecturer – Pharmacy and other faculty

Chapters of Life Speaker Series

Ageless Performance Seminar Series Canada Wide

Creatine for Muscle and Strength Series Canada & USA Wide

Protein and immunity Seminar Series Canada & USA Wide

FAVA Engagement Seoul South Korea:
Delegate at the Asian Small Animal Veterinary Association Convention 2004 Seoul
Korea; Canadian Speaker addressing Pharmacology of Nutrient Based-Medicines
Speaker representing Canadian Advancements in nutrient-based therpies

North American Health Industry Educator – Regular tele-seminars, internet seminars and conference seminars to consumers, health care professionals and retailers
Human Application of Nutrient-Based Therapeutic and Performance Medicines
Goodness Me! Education Programs; Centinela Feed and Pet Supply Education Systems; Loblaws Inc seminar series; GNC education seminars; Nutrition House Education Series

Veterinary Medicine Practice Educator
Animal Application of Nutrient-Based Therapeutic and Performance Medicines
Industry Consultant to: Examples:
NuLife Corp.
Nutrition Health & Fitness LTD (NHF) ActiForm Corp
Parang Trading Inc
Korean Hospital Association
CHFA-Canadian Food Inspection Agency Collaborative Effort
BioPLEX Nutrition. Vanderpols Egg Products
Innovatech.Nutritional Products
Biologic Nutritional Research Inc. GFR Pharma LTD.
Respiractin Inc
Weider Health Group
Fargo Fresh Dog Food

Schiff Brand
NASC Board Member
National Animal Supplement Counsel Board member

Human Health & Fitness
Vista Magazine
Alive Magazine
Country Health Magazine Muscle Mag International Healthier Measures Newsletter VIVA Magazine
Total Health Magazine
Beyond Fitness Vitalitie Quebec Mag CNHR Magazine

Pet/Animal Health

Animal Wellness Magazine Dog Sport Magazine Canadian Dog Groomer Modern Dog Magazine Canadian Dog Digest


Book 1: POTENTIAL WITHIN 465 pages
A Guide to Nutritional Empowerment ISBN: 0-9731701-0-7

Book 2:YOUR DOGS HEALTH 160 pages ISBN: 978-0-9731701-1-5
Book 3: Completed; currently in edit 250 pages
Name & Content Confidential
ETA to industry: September 2009
Book 4: Completed; currently queued for edit 300 pages
Name & Content Confidential
ETA to industry: December 2009


Total Health Radio Network, Healthier Measures, CFUN, Natural Health Solutions, Just for the Health of It, Johnny Bowden Show, Ask Lorna,

Television: Urban Rush, City TV Breakfast Television, Body Talk, A Morning Television London, A Morning Television Ottawa, Global TV Edmonton, Global Morning TV Calgary, and more.

Referenced: Franco’s research is regularly referenced by professionals and authors

Eg) Dr. Bill Code MD FRCPC; Dr. Michael Colgan; others

Athlete: Soccer: Played Junior for several years

Bodybuilding: Mr Jr British Columbia, Mr British Columbia, Mr Golds Classic, Mr. Iron Ore Classics, Mr W. Canada.
1992 Mr IFBB North America in Los Angeles –Professional qualifier

Industry Awards:
1996 Bronze Alive Research & Development Award
Category: Herbal Medicine
1997 Silver Alive Research & Development Award
Category: Sports Nutrition / Medicine
1997 Gold Alive Research & Development Award
Category: Nutraceutical Medicine
2004 Bestseller Book Status – POTENTIAL WITHIN
ISBN: 0-9731701-0-7
2004 INDUCTED: SN CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association) Hall of Fame

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