Breaking MLM News: Former Hawaiian Blue Diamond, John Spitaliere, joins Ocean Avenue!

Breaking news: Former Hawaiian Blue Diamond, John Spitaliere, joins Ocean Avenue! John joins a long list of industry veterans who have recently ‘caught the wave’ over at Ocean Avenue. John will be joining MLM pro, Danny Licciardi, and OA’s top income earners, Travis & Summer Flaherty. When asked why John chose Ocean he said the family first culture, incredible vacation program and the incredible timing were simply irresistible.
John Spitaliere
More about John: Served in the United States Navy, becoming a three time golden glove champion boxer with 20 years of serving his country. John has almost 10 years experience in the industry, with a majority of that he has achieved high levels of success. In 2005, he partnered with one of the fastest companies in history. John was ranked in the top 500 by the Direct Sales Association as a top income earner. While at Mona Vie, he was able to Advance to the rank of Hawaiian Blue Diamond with over 19,000 distributors on his team and earned over 1.5 million dollars.

John has decided that it is time for him to move on to his next step in his career, and after looking at many companies out there, and meeting with many top leaders, has decided to partner with Ocean Avenue.

His sponsor, Danny Licciardi, was honored when John reached out to him to learn more about OA. Danny is looking forward to partnering with John, and supporting his teams needs, so they all can achieve the success they desire.

John Spitaliere

If you would like to connect with John to learn more about why he chose OA, feel free to contact him directly at: (954) 501-6254

Ocean Avenue is currently open in 10 Countries and in their second year in business. Rumor has it there is a major announcement that will be coming in the upcoming weeks.

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