Breaking MLM News: efusjon Exits MLM For Good Leaving Their Distributors With More Broken Promises

MLM Attorney, Kevin Thompson went after this company on behalf of the distributors months ago, and instead of gaining support from the advocates and watchdogs of MLM, he was attacked for his desire to protect the average eFusjon distributor. In the end the settlement was sealed.

Then eFusjon filed a lawsuit against Derek Broes their former Master Distributor. Instead of taking it laying down, Broes counter sued, and won. And again the settlement was sealed from the public. However, Broes did go on to launch a competing company in the same niche, Revolucion.

Then last week they inform the eFusjon leaders they were going to leave Network Marketing behind for other retail opportunities.

Today, they let the world know with the following announcement. And what I fine so disrespectful, is the fact the email is not even signed by the founders of the company who promised the field the world, and then left them high and dry.

eFusjon Founders Exit MLM Leaving Distributors Without Incomes

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