Breaking MLM News: DubLi Network Is Back In A Multi-Million Dollar Way In The USA… But Were They Ever Really Gone?

It brings me great pleasure to right this update on DubLi Network. Back in 2009 I hit Michael Hansen and his company hard as they launched in the USA listing them as a High-Risk MLM opportunity. Today three years later, this company and their founder did not let any of us critics hold them back from their vision. This is a true success story, not just in the USA, but worldwide, and we do NOT view them as High-Risk at all!

As I have watched the moves Michael Hansen and his team have made since 2009, it became clear he had a focused vision, and that vision will be completely revealed this weekend in Boca as Dubli Network does what I am calling a multi-million dollar relaunch in the U.S.A.!

DubLi Welcome Letter from the President

This company which has now become the world’s largest network marketing eCommerce company is going to turn the heads of some major players. I reread my original post from 2009, and thought it was great to see all the changes Dubli Network has made.

From taking control to MediaNet one of, if not the leading provider of eCommerce shopping malls to other network marketing companies, to the launch of their new entertainment platform, which from what I have seen might be the first real competition to iTunes worldwide.

DubLi Shopping Mall

-- MediaNet Group Technologies DubLi Network

Here is a great teaser video from 4th quarter of last year as they started their worldwide New Era!

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11 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News: DubLi Network Is Back In A Multi-Million Dollar Way In The USA… But Were They Ever Really Gone?”

  1. Best regards, I would like to be part of this company.
    I am very interested alguine would like more information to help me, I have networking experience.

    mauricio oviedo
    skype simaovi

  2. @Michael,

    Thank you for the kind words, and for taking time to stop by the community. I am truly enjoying getting a deeper look and better understanding on what Michael and the DubLi team is doing these days.

    I will be reporting more in the next couple of weeks.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  3. Hello Troy. I am really enjoyed about the objective words and can absolutely confirm. I know Michael Hansen and DubLi since 2009. I had seen his vision from a traditional business perspective and know from my own business experience, some things take their time. The DubLi Businessconcept is new for a lot of people. With this, the traditional business and network marketing business is melding together. Michael and the other members of the Board of Directors have never overpromised but more than all things are fulfilled . Everything is done , step by step, applies to the needs of many people .For us, as business partners and of course, primarily to customers worldwide. We just come back from our Sales Director Conference in Boca Raton. Everybody now`s – it`s more than a final home. DubLi has a tremendously bright future and we are all looking forward.

    Best regards from Germany

    Michael Kopper

    Skype: michael.kopper

  4. @Markus,

    Thanks for coming by and adding value on DubLi.

    Please keep us informed on things.

  5. Hello Troy,

    I ve just watched your video very enthusiastically and everything you said is the truth!

    We just came back from the Sales Director Convention in Boca and is was so amazing! All the news, all the things which are going to be launched… This is really the final home!

    I can recommend all of you just to be a part of it in this year before the mass market will be informed!

    So just feel free (If it is okay for you Troy) to contact me and we gonna roll over this planet! 🙂

    Best Regards


    Allstars United Team

    SkypeID: markus.ruediger

  6. its so easyyyyyyyy

    i love it

    Gooooooooooooo DubLiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Ruth Hoefer

    Vice President

    skype: universum27

  7. @Tony,

    LOL… I surely did leave out that powerful info! Keep things rocking and give John Benham my best!!!

  8. Hey Troy!

    You forgot to mention that N. Ireland is represented amoungst the 250 DubLi Leaders!

    Great post and fantasic to hear a positive review about DubLi.


    Tony Mcstravick 🙂

  9. @Michael,

    Thanks for coming by and offering the community an opportunity to check it out 🙂

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    Friday the 13ths is now your Lucky Day!

    Focused Intention + Inspired Action = Financial Freedom.

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