Breaking MLM News: Does FDI International Have A Phone Shortage

Breaking MLM News: Does FDI International have a Phone shortage? Emails are flooding in, and the phone has been ringing off the hook, wanting to know if FDI is short on phones.

I contacted Steve Schultz, VP of Training for Financial Destination to find out what was up. Steve got right back with me, and gave me the scoop.

There was a glitch in a shipping program, which has been fixed. But instead of waiting for programmers the folks dug in and manually got all the shipping information on the phones and by next Tuesday or Wednesday everyone in the last week or so should have phones.

Now, some of you are sitting on the sideline, waiting to understand everything about FDI. Listen you are going to miss the wave of growth if you sit to long.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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  1. FDI is a great company with great leadership. They offer solid service(s) where you get more for the money paid. They pay you without you needing to jump through hoops of fire.

    FDI remains a great investment and wise choice in my humble but accurate opinion.

  2. Thanks for the information that you share and continue to share the truth about this great industry be it good or bad.

  3. Troy, Thanks for sharing this information on FDI and other Telecom company in the industry. It's important to educate people on products and other marketers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I started out in Network marketing I made few bucks doing belly to belly marketing ;however, my life change when I stop looking at others to grow my business. I went trained with On Stage Marketing/Dream Team they help me to learn it's more to MLM Industry. Reading the comments on your blog showed me how much I have grown over the last 4 years. Well, I will be back to learn more from your readers and from you.

  4. FDI is a good company to be apart of. The key is some don't understand marketing or haven't been trained to set up marketing campaign. You have to find your niche to start out marketing first and then spread you marketing campaign out to others. If you looking to join FDI feel free to connect with our Team Synergy.

  5. It is no different than Global Verge. GV went public and declared the same issue as FDI. I am looking now and still can't find even a site to purchase FDI or GV phones. I was a rep for one of these firms and the only people making the money if the owners who is taking your monthly dues to be a rep.

  6. i spent alot of money on fdi connect plus a trip from north carolina to baltiomore for the launch. i would love for this to have been what they said it was going to be……… but its not!!!!!! nothing unlimited about it

  7. FDIWealthCoach,

    Excellent comment. You gave some solid info all of us can use.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  8. Keith,

    Thanks for sharing this. Since the FCC has to approve your unlocked phones, does this mean ALL companies who market their private label phones will go through the same issues?

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  9. No phone shortage just that the 17,000 GiCell phones that we have where unlocked phones and the FCC wanted to make sure they where built to meet the FCC guidelines we have since put FCC license on all the phones and they are ready to be shipped also we needed to have a software to make it compatible here in the USA. Tonight we just had a leadership meeting and I'm convinced we have hands down the best VOIP network and the functionality of our GiCell phone is mind blowing! Also our HTC Diamond Touch2 is the hottest and only working VIDEO MOBILE phone in the USA!

  10. No phone shortage just that the 17,000 GiCell phones that we have where unlocked phones and the FCC wanted to make sure they where built to meet the FCC guidelines we have since put FCC license on all the phones and they are ready to be shipped also we needed to have a software to make it compatible here in the USA. Tonight we just had a leadership meeting and I'm convinced we have hands down the best VOIP network and the functionality of our GiCell phone is mind blowing! Also our HTC Diamond Touch2 is the hottest and only working VIDEO MOBILE phone in the USA!

    We are the No.1 team in FDI and have been for 3 years straight we account for 65% of the company worldwide and out of the 9 Presidential Marketing Directors Team Maximizers Alliance has 7 of them!

    We are giving away FREE 7 night cruises for 2 that's a $2,000 value with other options to choose from just for taking the online presentation and opportunity tour.

    For more information visit: <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  11. Concerned MLMer,

    FDI hasn't been misleading. I think you are simply confused.

    Wireless is ONE area of FDI Connect. And how you can save money on your wireless bill is simple. When you are making VoIP calls w/ your cell phone (Notice I didn't say "GiCell", you can actually use ANY cell phone), you are not using your cellular minutes.

    If you are not using as many cell minutes, you take your $99 unlimited AT&T plan down to $55 plan for 450 minutes. DONE. That's where the savings lies on the cellular side of things. Never mind home phones, and everything else.

    The US is SOOOOOO far behind in technology and the people in this country simply don't understand VoIP technology like the rest of the world does.

    In other countries, you buy your cell phone from whomever you want, then go buy your service from whomever you want. Here in the US, companies pretty much force you to buy their phone and lock you into a 2 year contract for the rest of your life.

    VoIP has been in use for several years in Europe, Asia, etc. and they "get it."

    With either FDI, Buzzirk, Televerus, or whomever company you are with, the technology is going to be the same. And if people don't "get it", they're going to continue to whine and complain.

    Everyone just needs a little education, that's all.

    I received an email from my business partner in Canada who is EXCITED that his GiCell phone is not only to make crystal clear VoIP calls via WiFi, but also through the GPRS channel on his cellular network. He also told me that our team in Europe is EXTREMELY excited that the phones are working.

    Keep in mind, Canada and cellular companies in Europe have cellular speaks that make the US cellular companies look like were still using the old coffee can and string technology.

    I'll be posting videos and updating my blog soon to EDUCATE people on the basics. No matter what company you are with that is offering VoIP, if you don't understand the basics, you'll be confused and eventually get pissed off at the company you are with.

    Your Partner in Success,

  12. Interesting,

    I too research them all, and I was never more disappointed in FDII then when I got my phone and GiConn. Unless you live in a hotel or airport lobby, you are not going to save anything. The only way one could save money is to live in a WiFi hot spot, which 99% of the people don't.

    In my case, I would have to dump my current carrier which is Verizon, get a new service with GSM carrier, and after spending $300. to become dist. and then the GiConn and phone, plus $20. account fee plus $23. a month, then let us not forget $40. data plan on top of cell plan, and forget it, I can't emagine anyone getting their money back in savings. Never mind the fact you have to pay $60. a month to FDII, egads, what a rip off, plain and simple.

    Now here is the real killer. Call up TMobile or if you can read the fine print in your TOS aggreement, read about the optional data plan and what is and is not allowed on network. I called TMobile and AT&T and they both stated no VOIP over their data network, as in, no voice data. Now if you are in the industry, you know it has not been heavily enforced until now, but if Apple was forced to take down their Google Voice application, you can bet the law suits are waiting in the wings.

    Not only will FDII deal be facing issues, so too will all the others who promote VOIP over wireless. Not that many will use these services, but you should be prepared and if you have not yet purchased this Chinese obsolete equipment, don't, it is not worth it even if you were able to get all that was promoted before I ordered. Sad, that is all I can say, very sad.

    What I have learned is there is only one technology which will save you money, and it is not VOIP over wireless, it is Cellular Over Internet Protocol, or COIP, which most never heard of until last couple months if you are in the industry. 1ButtonToWiFi has been VOIP provider for years, I was an affiliate, so when they sent me notice they had just launched COIP, talk about timing, I just got my FDII devices. Oh well, I sent it back and am fighting for refund given all the misleading information and hype about what this service was to offer.

    Just do a search for VOIP-COIP to learn how VOIP over wireless has to work, and it is not through GSM smart phone data option, not needed with COIP. COIP puts dial tone on every cell phone, it is as simple as that. No data plan, no GSM smart phone needed, and you get options of VOIP-COIP combined, or soon, mobile only with new dual SIM four band GSM, WiFi, WiMAX and COIP network ready. There is nothing else on the market which operates like COIP, and as a public company, and patents, sure makes the future of VOIP-COIP look bright.

    Success to all,

  13. Terrence,

    What a great comment. You really give folks something to think about as they grow their business. Do they want to stay in the USA, or are they growing globally.

    Great stuff!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  14. I purchased ALL 4 products to see how they worked before I told 1 customer. Truth be told, customers want different things. Some prospects LOVE the widget (long distance) and others the GI Cell. What I realized was that people in other countries like different things and want different stuff. It is good to have options to service people across the globe. We must remember that people are not only in the States.

    Personally, I LOVE the adapter and USP Phone. The Gi Cell is just OK in the states, but the saving are huge in other countries. My team members in South Africa Love the Gi Cell.

    I think all of us as Networkers should think BIG!!! Don't not limit yourself to only what you would do or like. Research other cultures as well.

    Spread you wings and fly like an Eagle.

    Terrence Hawkins

  15. Troy,
    I have read all of the comments and I think you should get in contact with Steve. FDI's telecom has VOIP services that you can purchase in two different packages. 1) $22.95 per month unlimited and 2) $2.00 per month pay as you go. Once you get the service you can purchase equipment to use the services. 1) VOIP adapter (like Vontage), 2) Tri net 3) USP phone 4) GI Cell. The GI Cell is Mobile VOIP services that you can use in any unsecured WIFI area. The real networking opportunity to me is the VOIP adapter and USP phone. Think about it Vontage has over 2 million customers currently. FDI's services are cheaper than Vontage and we are in over 62 countries.

  16. Alan,

    You make a solid point. The more I learn about all the companies and the services, the more I realize if a person has a family on cell phones, then all of these services will cost him more money, not save him money.

    Now as for the "unsecured networks" that has been my beef all along. Most folks can't keep the computers secured, so how they going to protect their phone data.

    Never Give Up,


  17. Troy,

    Just as I have said all along over the past 6 weeks or so!!! FDI is nothing grand. You have to have a package with another carrier and can only make GI connect/FDI calls over unsecured Wi-Fi and you have to buy a bunch of extra equipment to do that. Let's call them what they are false advertisers!!! They say you can roam internationally over the GI Connect network. Give me a break, what they are saying is that all of the unsecured wi-fi networks in the world are part of there network. That sounds like misrepresentation and fraud to me. I better check my wireless network at home since FDI and GI connect own it.

  18. AM1,

    I am glad you found a home. The bottom line for distributors to find a company they can beleive in and go make money.

    Never Give Up,


  19. I was part of FDI and all this products realy don,t work …means to people; why? because normal people don, want to be with the hassle of DO THIS AND THEN THAT AND TO GO HERE DO THIS SO, TO CALL DIAL HERE AND INSERT SIM HERE OR THERE MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN WIFI AND YARAYARAYARA. thats wy this is not going to work unless some body in those company's put all together on once.
    Reason why I left FDI …plus to joing FDI it is too expensive that many many people can not afford it and the economy is very hard to making people believe they will profit from this I JOIN TELEVERUS IT ONLY COST YOU $15.00 TO JOIN AND FIND OUT IF IT WORKS FOR YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS SO THERE IS NO RISK AT ALL you buy the service and if you are not satisfied return it and get your money back REMEMBER you don't pay autoship or monthly untill you have the service running THATS A DEAL GREAT…thank you all and you TROY for help us to open our eyes with this wireless war I AM NOT SAYING TELEVERUS IS THE BEST EVEN WHEN I AM IN…but the offer for us as huge to make us feel comfortable about to bring others in the business and if don't works nothing to lose…GOOD LUCK TO ALL…thx

  20. Hey,

    Here are 2 examples of GICell Savings

    In my market t-mobile has a plan for approx $49 with limited minutes and unlimited data. so as an example I could get that service $49 + $22.95 for my voip service = approx $73 totall.. This will replace $120 Unlimited calling plan + $60 Aircard total $180.. Savings = $107/month .. that is real savings… There is also a data only plan from at&t that we are currently testing.. The savings form this plan will look like this $19 Unlimited data (no cellulaar minutes) + $22.95 voip = approx $45/ month this again replaces $120/month unlimited calling plan($120includes tax &fees) + $60 aircard Total $180/Month – $45/month = Savings of $135/month

    One more thing.. wimax (citywide wireless internet service) is spreading across the USA… When it hits your city.. if you have a GI Cell you won't need any cellular service at all…YOu will be able to make calls anywhere in the city radius using this internet connection only…

    Stay Strong,


  21. HI ,

    I just got my GI Cell this weekend.. It is a great piece of technology.. It can work using WIFI, Cellular service, and also GPRS (this is the data connection that you get from your cellular provider) It can also replace your aircard because it can connect your laptop to the internet… THe whole point of this device is to save you money. Instead of paying an average $120/month for an unlimited calling plan plus another $60+ per month for an air card you can get the most lowest calling plan available with unlimited data and replace the above expense.. The reason is that you will never need to use a cellular minute.. You can dial wifi when available or dial over the cellular internet(GPRS) when wifi is not available… so no cellular minutes are needed.
    Stay Strong,


  22. Unfortunately Proxycomm launched in January of this year, they have had alot of issues beginning in April of not paying their reps from too fast growth and insufficient software. They also tried to do unlimited international calling and after getting tons of customers they did a bait and switch as what they started they couldn't do. They then dealt with tons of chargebacks and have not paid their reps for weeks from 5-15 through 7-17 saying they had to freeze that pay and do an audit on it. They then started paying again in August for just 2 weeks and stopped again. on 9-11 when they were to start paying again they ONLY paid their smaller reps. and sent an email to their top leaders saying nobody should have gotten paid due to chargebacks. Week 9-18 they paid nobody and both weeks the only ones to receive the emails were those who had commissions coming leaving everyone else in the field thinking things were okay. They just posted a post in their back office saying they will be starting a new division proxycommII and will accept some distributors with a new genealogy and continue working on proxycomm i. They rolled out their own direct sites to compete with their reps. and are advertising and accepting distributors on their own for proxycom. Many reps. have gotten frustrated and left due to no pay and absolutely no customer service. The main number they give out is out of service, and they leave it up to their top leaders to take care of customer service. The reps. in the field in fact have never ever heard from the ceo or coo themselves other than via blogs in the back office. They used to have a corporate blog detailing all this but got smart and pulled it offline.

  23. I bought a GiCell from FDI. The phone works great as long as I'm at home. The instructions aren't very clear. The customer service isn't very good either. I'm a techie, and it was hard for me to get the phone to work. I'd like to see FDI improve the instructions and customer support. The reps need to understand that they are building a business. If you mislead people, you will lose them forever. You reputation is all that you've got.

  24. The problem I find is in the misleading tactics that were/are being used by FDI reps to mislead people into thinking that they'll be earning residuals on wireless service – when you do not.

    I also have a lot of experience with VOIP and I can tell you right now that what you're doing is NOT going to be very simple for the average person.

    And I don't have a motive for negativity. If I did I'd post a website where people could join my program. My "motive" is to protect the MLM industry. I'm sick and tired of companies spinning the reality of their wireless product making people think one thing when it's completely different than what they expected.

    FDI actually had people thinking they were going to be saving money from their wireless bill. When in reality they STILL have to pay monthly service for wireless service and wireless internet/data, then they ALSO have to pay for monthly VOIP, AND they have to buy either a $300 "TriNet" or a $300 WiFi phone. Extremely misleading!

  25. James,

    I don't think you were talking to me. But next time you might use the name of the person you are referring.

    Never Give Up,


  26. You have it all wrong. When they reference the trinet with your existing cell service it is only to show that you can use your existing cell service and utilize the savings of VOIP if you are at home or your office. Isn't that where most people spend most of there day in there office. I see many people getting calls from clients on there cell and saying let me call you back from a land line to save my minuetes. What is your motive for the negativity. Everything is working just fine. Have you even used any of what you are trying to find a whole in?

  27. The builders are building . People loose all common sense in this business. Why would anyone think they can be on a wifi signal all the time on the GICELL can they do that now on any other device that is wifi driven. No. Even wifi laptop won't give you that. You leave the hotspot you leave the signal. Now once you've plugged an air card into your laptop then your wifi is portable, it's in the card. Guess what all of that will soon be taken care of with other products and services already out in parts of the country . What everyone should be focusing on in FDI or any other MLM no matter what the company launches or relaunches is sharing the company with as many people as they can. People that focus on the how will always have a job, those that focus on the why will always be the boss

  28. I've sat through several calls and presentations and not once heard that you would get paid off of cellular service provided in the resale plans of any of the major's. The get rich quickers are the ones up set, the ones that where not doing anything in there business prior to the telecom launch are the same ones upset and not doing anything with there business after the telecom launch. If they are upset about the telecom then promote FDI's backbone financial services, they know they work or should know.

  29. There are no hidden gotcha's, Everything told to us prior to launch, is exactly how it is today. Are you speaking from fact or tidbits of info via hearsay. From the beginning FDI has said that your existing cellular service will be used to operate the cellular portion of the GICELL and you don't need anything to go with the GICELL to utilize wifi. They even demonstrated that prior to the telecom launch. As long as there is a signal you can use the phone. You have different products offered mixed up, you don't need a voip adapter for the GICELL., that is for your home telephone use.


  30. That’s the problem, there are no “wireless plans.” They sell a VOIP box with monthly service you have to pay for (this is not wireless, it’s VOIP, like Vonage). Then you can buy a WiFi phone. This is not a cell phone. It’s a phone that works on a WiFi network, not a cellular/wireless network. So, you can use your $275 WiFi phone from GiConnect on your VOIP service. Again, this only works in your home (assuming you have a wireless router installed in your house – otherwise it doesn’t work at all).

    Here are the instructions per FDI:

    4. What if someone wants to keep their current phone?

    If someone wants to keep the phone they have now, they can. They just need to get a Trinet or a VoIP Adapter, and open a VoIP Account {$22.95 per month} and put an additional sim card from the carrier they currently have in the Trinet if they choose to have a Trinet.

    They need to lower their cell phone calling plan to the least expensive plan and then add unlimited data to their plan. {Just like the example above.}

    When they make calls, they call into their Trinet first, {put that number on speed dial} which is cell to cell because their cell phone and their Trinet both have the same carrier’s sim card. Once the Trinet connects, {3 seconds} a recording will ask you to dial the number you wish to call. The call routs through the Trinet, {our VoIP Network} at no cost anywhere in the USA and Canada. So they now have an UNLIMITED EVERYTHING PLAN with their current carrier for 1/3 the price!

    For incoming calls, the calls are forwarded from their cell phone through the Trinet back to their cell at no charge. If they are using the GiCell phone, they don’t need the Trinet or VoIP Adapter.

    Ask Steve Schulz to send you the document with the instructions for using their WiFi phone. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

  31. Concerned MLMer,

    This is very interesting. Can you provide a site where folks can go review the wireless plans from FDI and get a deeper understanding?

    Never Give Up,


  32. Unfortunately FDI hyped their “wireless” product WAY too much! It turns out that it’s a $275 wifi phone that doesn’t even come with wireless service. You still need to go down to your ATT or T-Mobile store and pay THEM for wireless (which you obviously don’t get paid on from FDI). Then you have to come home and put your SIM Card in your $275 basic wifi phone but you still can’t use it. First you need to buy your VOIP adapter box ($50) from GiConnect/FDI. Then you need to pay $23 a month for VOIP service. Then you need to get a wireless router for $100 at your local store. This will turn your house into a wifi hot spot. Then you can use your wifi phone without using your ATT or T-Mobile minutes.

    The little hidden gotcha is that when you walk out of your house you’re using your regular wireless minutes. Bummer! To top it all off you aren’t even earning monthly commissions on a wireless bill (as people were told they would). They earning monthly commissions from the $23 a month VOIP service they are paying for. I can see why the “pre-launch” reps are so miffed.

  33. Hank,

    you can review the taps on the front page under MLM Companies or Scam Reviews and find if we have covered TVI Express.

    Never Give Up,


  34. Brent,

    I sometimes edit a comment, but I don’t moderate with out bringing to the person’s attention.

    Can you tell me what post it was one and the date? I’ll look in the database and see what the issue might be.

    Never Give Up,


  35. Brent
    i think it is in the other post dated August 22 ,I dont think he has addressed them yet
    click on MLM companies above, FDI International and scroll down, (i love the new way this site works,btw)
    from my findings , those concerns are not a issue, its all good :O)
    but would like to wait until we get it from the horses mouth so to speak :O)

    Dreams Do Come True

  36. Tell me what the deal with Wowmobile is as I have a phone and it works great.
    Anyone tell me more.

  37. ROFLOL…

    Companies just keep coming out of the woodwork day after day.

    My overall advice, is stick with what a person is doing, and keep an eye of other companies. Launches can be fun to get involved with. But based on the amount of launches right now, there are right now, a person had better be ready to go back to work, and not rely on their MLM contacts to build one of these.

    Never Give Up,


  38. Just wanted to post a quick note that T-Mobile already offers unlimited Wifi calling on their phones for 9.95 per month additional charge.

  39. Whats the deal with Proxycomm?, seems like another voip company with decent rates plans, decent service with a 50% payout on a binary plan, and just launched their mobile voip system, similar to giconnect and fdi. But seem to have no reply form emails or phone calls I Left for their corporate office and even their CEO. What do you know about proxycomm? Thanks

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