Breaking MLM News: Dean Blechman Former Founder CEO and Chairman Leaves Data Network Affiliates aka DNA

Dean Blechman former Founder, CEO, and Chairman, leaves Data Network Affiliates aka DNA. We are waiting for the first hand story from Dean, but based on the website and an email I received from Mr. Blechman it is official.

Now, we are not sure what this all means as of yet, but from reviewing the Data Network Affiliate website all reference to Mr. Blechman has been removed and Arthur Kurek is listed as the President and Founder.

Knowing the insurance industry a little bit, we’ll see if he sticks around. This could get to be very interesting before it is over.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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37 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News: Dean Blechman Former Founder CEO and Chairman Leaves Data Network Affiliates aka DNA”

  1. Hmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I desired to say that it is nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the very first place that told me the answer. Thanks.


  3. Hey Troy, is there any updates on This DNA thing? Please keep us informed.
    Thank you
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  4. DNA and NARC and big time scams and people NEED to stay away or be ready to LOSE money and possibly go to jail. It is just sick what people come up with.

  5. This is hilarious! I just got finish commenting on the other page not knowing the recent news. Like it was said before this is better than day time soaps!

  6. You're a (edited By Troy – Let’s not make it personal – People are entitled to freedom of choice)!!! Dumb as a Pound of Nails to say the least. How DUMB!!!! Get a LIFE!! Or Join Phil Piccolo, you deserve it!!

  7. Continued from last comment:

    Nor we are now have we ever been a part of NARC or DNA BUT …as far as we can tell and we DO our "Due Diligence" not only on what we're focused on but also on company's and business's others ask us to research. Seems the trigger point is too quick on a lot of peoples inclination to simply hit that "submit" button without any forethought OR at least reading Terms & Conditions or policies beforehand.

    This is the ONE MAIN reason WHY Troy is doing a FANTASTIC job at handling all that for ALL of us in doing the research so we have at least ONE reliable and dependable place to come to and learn about companies and business's as well as read others opinions and do OUR OWN best to decifer wether or not the company and/or business IS something we really want to focus on doing!

  8. Hey David!

    This is not about WHO is doing the deed here – it's MORE ABOUT how the person the deed is done to HANDLES IT! People will do just about ANYTHING to insure THEY get the ATTENTION over something like this. Apparently THEY haven't learned yet that THEIR LIVES aren't judged by WHO gets to be first BUT …WHO gets to be RIGHT!


  9. Hey Keith!

    We have just ONE thing for anyone to consider:

    CONSIDER: you have a niece that is in this EXACT situation and hasn't
    been able to make her payments. She is a single mom and she parked
    her car in a place where someone comes along and then takes her tag
    number. After work she goes out to get into her car to go and pick up
    her kids from the babysitter. HER CAR IS NO LONGER THERE! Now
    what is she to do? She's not exactly parked in the safest place (example).
    Now perhaps she gets mugged or beat up or worse yet …raped!

    Now what IF it were your wife, your mom or your wifes mom; maybe even
    your son's mom or your daughters mom-in-law? Not saying the same
    couldn't happen to a man …it can! Just foo for thought.

    SURE people make mistakes in finances or just want one thing or more
    above and beyond paying their bills and get into trouble. But THESE days
    people are genuinely LOSING jobs, their homes, cars and everything they've
    worked for all their lives. WHY make them suffer more than they already are?

  10. Work from Home Jobs …Hello!

    It seems MORE and MORE people NEW to the internet ARE FALLING head over foot to join ANYTHING where they THINK a FAST BUCK is! TOO SAD in a day and age where people SHOULD BE MORE on guard!

    Not to mention – FOLKS: IF you've ever spent ANY time in ANY J.O.B. – YOU ALREADY KNOW there ARE RULES to follow! WHAT MAKES ANY one person THINK that the internet is ANY DIFFERENT aside from WORKING FROM HOME?

  11. Undisclosed …

    You're not kidding …right? Mr. Phl Piccolo? Well …who knew, lol! Isn't HE the one that always promotes just about anything no matter if it's legit or not and to boot more often than not …it's NEVER legit?? How funny AGAIN is this? ROFLOAF!!

  12. Hey Larry!

    You DID see Tim's last line on the above post …didn't you? He typed: …"this is just humor folks", ha! It's okay because EVERYONE seems to be ALL SERIOUS these days as the "world churns" on the internet!

    Tim's site above takes you STRAIGHT TO a Comcast Search Engine site, lol!

    GOOD INFO there for sure though SO …maybe not so bad after all!

  13. Hey Tim!

    Well said! Don't know as we could say any differently except the parts about Troy! Troy is a very special person with alot of background and out here trying HIS best to help those that can't seem to find their focus or a passion and home to get much accomplished!

    For sure all this chatter about one company and all the others is at best unproductive BUT …darned happy that someone came to the rescue and offered a true, clear "voice of reason". Maybe not everyone's opinion or exactly the way they perceived or voiced opinion in so many words BUT again …OUR hats are off to ANYONE that puts Principles and Character ABOVE the negatives in life and especially the fast buck without any fortitude and hard work heavily invested behind it!

  14. David,

    I fully understand. However, a long time ago I figured out there are just some folks more mixed up than I am. 🙂

  15. You can put as many in ass you want because were in pre-launch. On launch day were gonna let you upgrade for 149.95 and you can do unlimited emails for 30 days because that's when were headed to Aruba with all the dough …LOL!!!

  16. Thank you Troy! I am so sick of these people coming to me with this crap! But this is hilarious! He didnt even wait til the official launch of the company!

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  18. Larry,

    Thank you sir, for your kind words.

    Rod, had filled me in on the work you had provided him, and I want to thank you for all you do.

  19. Larry,

    Thank you sir, for your kind words.

    Rod, had filled me in on the work you had provided him, and I want to thank you for all you do.

  20. Reginald,

    Personally I do not think that has anything to do with it. Although I may questions some of the comments Blechman stated on the conference call, there is no doubt he is a a calculating businessman, and would have made sure his launching or a different MLM would not have caused him any issues in the current lawsuit.

  21. Troy..You have done a masterful job in your follow up work on everything pertaining to DNA. and the nonsense associated with all..If you will check with Rod {MLM Watchdog} you will see that I was the one that brought these connections to the forefront and gave the information to Rod.. I only bring this up as I have been saying from day one this is nothing more than Phil at his best. I applaud you and Rod for looking out for the distributors in this industry of ours. Thank you and I look forward to your constant and concise reporting on all future developments with this saga.

  22. I really hope people catch on to this DNA thing and realise it's a waste of time. I have decent people emailing me thinking it's gonna be this great thing. Even after warning them it's gonna fail they feel like they have nothing to lose because it's free.

    Sure if you are foolish enough to buy the software you won't be out any money, but what about the time you waste promoting something that will surely fail ? How will that affect your reputation ?

    Spread the word !
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  23. Tim.. That is hilarious.. and to think it's free to join and I still can make millions..but why can't I put in 100 emails a day?..

  24. I wanna know how they have reps out here in meetings flashing checks? Are they even paying. It is getting ridiculous out here. Even got a call last night that Troy was joining this matrix with a group leaving GV. Yes, they pitching Troy Dooley on my phone was apart of GV and was leading a TEAM in some Matrix deal they are all flocking too. Why don't people find a home, become loyal to the company and their team, work hard. and understand MLM is a process. Want to get rich. Simple … Find a home, focus on ONE deal, and work 10 years. It is really that simple.

    I swear I cant stop laughing over this one. Get paid to be a snitch … LOL!!!

  25. Email me your number. I will be traveling tomorrow but will find the time.

    I am starting a new MLM. It's free to get started and every legit email you give me I will pay you for. We will pay you buy our customers buying email addresses to solicit there deals. Free entry till March 1st and the only 100 bucks to get you site to load the emails. Now we can only except 10 emails a month but each rep you sponsor that loads 10 we will pay you a 25.00 bonus.

    Were building the largest data base of emails on the planet so join now.

    Troy is a silent partner and will endorse this. Rod Cook at MLM watchdog is the CFO. The big boys from Excell are flocking in so get positioned.


    This is just humor folk

  26. Troy, I knew this was coming when some of the top leaders yesterday removed there names from the top sponsoring lists because they found out Mr. "P" (you know who I'm talking about) from the sunshine state was directly linked by tracing IP address back to aliases. Maybe Mr.Blechman saw the writing on the wall and said see ya. It will be interesting to see how they spin it. Some of my black op boys are investigating this on behalf of the State of Florida. I'm out.. LocknLoad

  27. The same Dean Blechman that 48 hours ago was their leader with the stellar reputation that would never be tarnished and will nelver let anyone distract people from their mission and his dream….

    Now which story should we choose to believe?

    It's days like this that make you just want to rip your hair out. You know what I mean, Troy?
    Oops. Sorry. 😉

  28. ROFLOL…

    Tim, after the day I have had, I want to say thank you for the great laugh. I truly owe you dinner my friend.

    I wonder how they are paying checks also, since everything is "FREE" Wonder how high those rubber check will bounce.

    Tim, you are at a good place my friend!!!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


    p.s. Tim call me tomorrow I have a question for you.

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