Breaking MLM News: Camaron Corr Joins Evolve Health

Cameron Corr


President ofEvolvHealth, LLC

Camaron Corr Takes the Challenge and is Passing It On!

Dallas, TX, April 26, 2011 — EvolvHealth, LLC announced today that seasoned entrepreneur and top-earning network marketer Camaron Corr will be joining Evolv and the e84 Challenge.
Camaron brings experience, credentials, energy and enthusiasm to the e84 Challenge.
Having built an organization of hundreds of thousands of people, and helping many people become Millionaires along the way, Camaron is now excited to turn his passion, energy and focus to something very important to him… health!

“I was invited to take the e84 challenge out of a concern for how heavy I had gotten. I was sent the products back in November at a low point in my health. I was weighing 269 lbs and was wearing a 42-44″ waist pants, feeling lethargic and tired all the time. I had an epiphany when my fiancé was folding a pair of my jeans realizing that there was no way that I had become that fat! I got on the e84 challenge and lost 30lbs in the first 84 days. I have now started my second e84 and have lost another 8lbs. I am currently at a 36 inch waist at 6’5″ and have gotten a new wardrobe!” said Camaron.

“We are delighted to welcome Camaron to the Evolv family,” said Trey White, Co-founder and Chairman of EvolvHealth. “His leadership and passion will be of great benefit to all of our Members and the e84 Challenge. With Camaron on our team, I am confident we will reach our first goal of helping 8.4 Million People complete their e84 Challenge.”

“Camaron’s energy is infectious”, said CEO, Brent Hicks. “He is fun, positive and you can just tell being around him that he is going to change millions of lives with e84. Already, on his first day launching with Evolv, he qualified for our VIP trip to Cancun and qualified for our EVOLV Driven free Benz program. What an amazing leader and now, great friend!”


Twelve years ago Camaron Corr owned a High Tech Recruiting Company in Atlanta, GA. When the Tech sector took a dive he quickly searched for a substitute to the $500,000 a year income he had enjoyed.

Camaron found a direct sales travel related company and eight years later his team had recruited over hundreds of thousands of distributors, earning Camaron millions of dollars along with helping many other leaders on his team reach millionaire status!


Our mission is to help millions of people achieve better health and wealth through taking or promoting our e84 Challenge. Our core focus is to provide a culture with a foundation built on better wealth through better health while living the Evolv Life Plan, a balanced approach to health and wealth through the principles of S.H.A.R.E.
(Sustainable Wealth, Health, Attitude, Relationships, Environment).

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, EvolvHealth operates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru and Chile. For more information, visit

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4 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News: Camaron Corr Joins Evolve Health”

  1. Congratulations! You will be a great asset to this organization! Your Dad…Love You

  2. Brother Troy!!! You ARE the man!! Miss you and Thank you for the kind words! You were the BEST UPLINE I EVER HAD!!! Camaron Corr

    Troy's Response: You are a true Servant Leader… I am excited to watch you and the team rock the house on this one!!!

  3. I hear ya, but they copied Visalus to a "T". Would you start a Acai Juice company put it in a wine bottle, and your slogan be "Drink It, Feel it, Share It?" No because you would look like a copy cat. At least take Visalus idea and make it your own. Just saying..

    Troy's Response:


    I do understand where you are coming from. And the answer to your question is YES – people will use slogans that work, if they are not trademarked.

    I do agree a more personal and propitiatory slogan is best. But let me ask you a question… Are you sure Vi didn't steal it from Xowii before Evolv bought them?

  4. Do you not find it strange that Evolv has ripped off Visalus Body By Vi 100% with their e84 Challenge? I mean 100%!!! The only difference is they are not 90 days! Oh, and they have water! LOL!! As our CEO Ryan Blair says, "They can copy us, but they will never catch us!"

    Troy's Response: Heck no I don't find it strange. I didn't find it strange when Visalus attracted Robert Dean and others from Evolv and I don't find it strange that Evolv after buying XOWII would look at what is working for Vi and say "Let's model what is working and figure out how to make it work inside of our culture."

    How many folks have looked at Starbucks over the years and said "we can do that?"

    Bryan, keep rocking bro!!!

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