Breaking MLM News: Behind MLM Accuses Business For Home Of Plagiarism

Most mornings when I am siting by the Harbor, sipping coffee and catching up on what is happening inside the community of Network Marketing, I check my Google Alerts, and the .rss feeds from most of the MLM Blogs, Ponzi and Scam blogs to see what is happening. Today, I made it to one blog…

For those of you who may not have ever visited lets me give you a quick update on the site and it’s owner, OZ.

Oz, and I do not always agree on things. He has always been welcome to come into this community and disagree, and he has allowed me to come to his community and disagree. Throughout the growth of our online friendship, we have always used Critical Thinking to debate issues. I have also found him to be very fair in every situation he has written about.

You can learn a little more about him at!

So to wake up to this blog post… Ted Nuyten (Business For Home) rips off BehindMLM I was shocked… NOT!

But, I was somewhat shocked at the content. I quickly went and reviewed what Ted Nuyten had “written” and the date. Then I reviewed if he gave credit to his source… Well I am not sure when he added his credit, but at the bottom of the post it does as of May 5th 2013 state the following…

Field work done by Behind MLM yes


Over the years I have gotten to know Ted Nuyten, like Oz from our online communications, phone calls. We have grown an online friendship.

Early this year, he did alienate himself and angered some of the Founders and CEOs of the top 100 Network Marketing Companies in the World, when he hit his Business For Home list to promote his position in Empower Network. Overnight he stopped being seen as an Independent Source for information and financial numbers to a Top Income Earner in Empower Network, who violated the trust of those who sent their distributors to Business For Home.

Best Journalistic Blogging Practices…

When writing articles, opinions, editorials or a prospective, it is best practice when quoting a source to give that source credit. One reason that it has taken Bloggers years to be taken seriously as journalists, is because of the amateurish behaviors by some Bloggers who have not taken time to study or learn basic journalism or news reporting.

Not only is this a no, no inside the journalist community, it is a no, no with Google, Bing, Yahoo and other Search Engines. The fastest way to watch your site get blacklisted is to have one of the Search Engines decide your site is nothing more than a Content Mill and puking out regurgitated content from the original source without providing that source credit.

As experts who cover the MLM worldwide, it is our responsibility to make sure we not only provide info and news, but that we also give credit to the source of information… The fastest way to lose credibility is to disrespect our community!



Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly



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3 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News: Behind MLM Accuses Business For Home Of Plagiarism”

  1. Ted lost all credibility when he began using his formerly neutral site to promote Empower. Not cool. The money I spent to join his membership site is a total waste. Greed kills credibility Teddy!

  2. I can fully understand your point. However, Oz is not hiding at all. He has more than one blog and if folks really care they can get to know him on a more personal basis.

    He is not based in the USA and does cover far more that MLM. And if I were in his business of covering some of the ponzis he covers while living in the country he lives in, I might not want my whole life spread as an open book either.

  3. Here is the deal… I agree that OZ might get mad.. but what gets me and everyone else is that he (OZ) criticizes all these MLM companies but refuses to tell/show us who he is. What makes him such the expert? Why hide? His site is not “unbiased” at all. He name drops on people, slaps their pics and videos all over his site but hides! Just my opinion…

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