Breaking MLM News Alert: MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson Has Been Retained By BidiFy to Head Up Their U.S. Based Legal Team

Breaking MLM News Alert

MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson Hired By BidiFy

I just received confirmation from the MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson that he has indeed been retained by BidiFy to head up the U.S. based legal team. Kevin Thompson told me, he will be reviewing the complete business model of BidiFy to help them do everything necessary to operate legally inside the United States.


According to the BidiFy Newsletter they hired Kevin Thompson after a video showed up on the internet talking about the possibility of “money games.”


Bidify Newsletter!

Dear Affiliates,

We are aware of some videos put out on the internet creating some fuzz amongst US affiliates.
We want you to rest assured knowing that Bidify is NOT playing games in ANY country we do business.

Today we have retained US MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson,
He has started his work with immediate effect and is now officially a part of our already existing European legal team.”

I firest reported on BidiFy on last Friday’s MLM News Report: Click Here To Review.

Kevin Thompson is my personal MLM Attorney, and someone I trust, to make sure the BidiFy distributors are protected be giving the BidiFy owners the correct information needed to get compliant in the USA.

Here is a little more about MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson:

“Kevin Thompson is one of the most sought after attorneys in the country in the direct sales industry. Named as one of the top 25 most influential people in the industry, Kevin Thompson has extensive experience and helps entrepreneurs launch their businesses on secure legal footing. As a Direct Sales Association supplier member, Kevin Thompson is actively involved on the Ethics Committee and Government Relations Board to help steer the industry into a promising future. Read On



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3 thoughts on “Breaking MLM News Alert: MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson Has Been Retained By BidiFy to Head Up Their U.S. Based Legal Team”

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  2. Yosi,

    Thanks for coming by and adding value to our community. Your question is a good one, and in my personal opinion and in studying the rise and fall of companies using a direct selling model for the last 30 years, in the majority of cases where companies launch before being "compliant BEFORE launch" it is because the founders and executives are not sure if their venture will catch momentum. We see this mostly with internet based and service companies more than we do with product based companies.

    Since it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to become totally compliant before launch, entrepreneurs way the risk, and make a decision based on their projections. In most cases the company owners will review what the attorney's have to say on their websites, or articles they have written. They will buy as many books as they can to better understand what to expect. However, most just will not pay the money upfront to the experts who can guide them through the murky waters of compliance.

    One last thought, which does come into play… Even when a company bites the bullet and pays the money to the compliance experts, there is still no guarantee they will not be hit by some regulatory agency for being out of compliance. Knowing this some company owners feel it is better to pay for compliance help after they get hit, so the attorneys and other compliance experts can focus on what the issue of the moment is, instead of just trying to guess what the issue might be.

    Personally, if I were launching any company using a direct selling marketing and distribution channel I would make the investment in compliance before I launched.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  3. Hey Troy, thanks for the info. I found your post via this one, which I came across, totally by mistake:

    Your thoughts on the subject of "compliant BEFORE launch" would be much appreciated.

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