Breaking MLM News Alert: Dr. Michael Shalhoub Co-Founder of True 2 Life and Christian Bonte Master Distributor Join Evolv Health

Breaking MLM News Alert

Dr. Michael Shalhoub Co-Founder of True 2 Life and Christian Bonte Master Distributor

Join Evolv Health

James Christiansen, just texted me with some fantastic news about Dr. Michael Shalhoub and Christian Bonte joining Evolv. This is some fantastic news for a boatload of passionate distributors. Congrats to Dr. Shalhoub and Christian. Click here to learn more.

Dr Mike was born in East Los Angeles which provided an interesting environment as he grew to adulthood. Many of his experiences as a youth were instrumental in cultivating a deep desire to both understand and help his fellow man. With 13 aunts and uncles on his mothers side (that to this day still gather on the holidays…a group of 120 last Christmas!) a deep appreciation of family values and tradition allowed for an understanding of why these values are critical to success both personally and socially.

Upon graduation from Chiropractic College, he stayed on as faculty, teaching neuroanatomy and joint physiology. His true desire was being in private practice which he accomplished a year after graduation. During the first year in practice he slept on the floor of his office, in part because of minimal financial resources but equally due to the level of excitement and enthusiasm that being in practice provided. Within 3 years, the practice was one of the largest on the West Coast. Dr Mike’s phenomenal success led to a wonderful period of coaching and lecturing and was the beginning of fulfilling his earliest desires to be of help to others.

Allowing people to understand the basic laws of cause and effect….the laws that provide for healthy physical lives, healthy emotional lives, healthy spiritual lives…this is his passion. To help people create the life of their innermost desires as opposed to competing for a life of mediocrity and mere survival.

He has over 25 years experience in the fields of nutrition and physiology. He has insured that the integrity of our True2Life products are of the highest values available on the market.

Christian Bonte Announces Move To Evolv Health!

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