Breaking Limu Nation News: The LIMU Company Has gone mobile

With the LIMU Mobile App, the Limu Nation is able to conduct Limu business anytime, anywhere, no matter where they are in the world!

Lime iPad app

Key Features of the app include the following:

Secure login and transactions
Real time announcements
Up-to-date LIMU videos
Resource Library (including product information and LIMU presentations)
Promoter and Customer Enrollment
Order Taking (on and offline)
Instant Business Reports

Mobile iphones

To download your LIMU Mobile App via iTunes or Google Play:

Go to iTunes or Google Play.
Download/pay for the app ($19.99).
After downloading, open the app and choose “Setup Account.”
Enter your first and last name, LIMU MemberID and IAMLIMU username, and set your PIN.
To set up the cloud service, go to your site.
Go to Tools>Mobile Apps.
Select that you have already downloaded and installed the app.

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