Breaking Jeunesse News: Matt Nestler Lawsuit Alleges Hundreds Of Private Business Development Deals

jeunesse-globalFor months, rumors have been building that Jeunesse Global had more money on the streets for developing their North & South America business than any other MLM company today. They were looking to attract top level network marketing team builders, and with the filing of Matt Nestler’s current lawsuit (read here), it seems the rumors may have merit.

Matthew NestlerWhat we do know through reading the case filed by MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson of Thompson Burton, is that Matt Nestler is alleging that he has evidence of over 100 of the same private Business Development Deals, that he and Jeunesse had entered into.

Nestler through the lawsuit is also alleging Kevin Giguere, a well known MLM Pro may have committed fraud against Nestler as well as Jenuesse.

Kevin Giguere, who launched network marketing sales organizations over the years with YTB (Your Travel Business), Numis Network, Evolv, Seacret, and now Juenesse is no stranger to network marketing. Although in at least one Jeunesse marketing piece, they would make you think he just jumped from the grocery business to Juenesse.



There is one solid concern I came across regarding Kevin Giguere. It seems he may not fully understand compliance and regulations when promoting his network marketing businesses.  According to the complaint filed, other such leaders as Rick

KG My Video Talk

In the above marketing image where he was building “My Vidio Talk” he didn;t seem to have a problem making income claims with no income disclosure from the company or himself personally.

Now this could just be from ignorance to the laws and the P&Ps of Juenesse which make it clear where the company stands on income claims.According to the complaint filed, other such leaders as Rick Ricketts, and Cedric Harris have also entered into private Business Development Deals. Both Ricketts and Harris are well known inside the network marketing community.

Also according to the complaint filed, other such leaders as Rick Ricketts, and Cedric Harris have also entered into private Business Development Deals. Both Ricketts and Harris are well known inside the network marketing community.

Cedrick Harris

Harris is also a thought leader inside the internet marketing as well as developing very successful teams in the last few years at, Numis Network, and ViSalus. He left Vi, to join Evolv but never really got his engine rolling as he had in Numbs and ViSalus.

Over the years, Harris has entertained several companies, but signed with few to build a new network marketing business.

Rick RickettsRick Ricketts is best known for his rise at YTB (Your Travel Business), which lost its momentum after a string of law suits alleging it was a travel pyramid scheme. YTB settled the largest allegations, paying $1 million dollars in settlement costs to the state of California. Most recently Ricketts has been building Organo Gold. Rumors have it that Ricketts in February of 2012, was the fastest Organo Gold rep to ever hit Diamond, doing it in 23 days.

So without a doubt we can see why Randy & Wendy Lewis the co-founders of Jeunesse would want these two guys on their team.

But, this reminds me of another similar situation which took place a few years ago, when Glenn Jenson, made a public call for top network marketers, stating he has $100 million in a recruiting war chest for Darren Jensontop network marketing leaders. (Read Here) Could it be that Jeunesse is taking a play from the Jenson playbook because Glen’s brother, Darren Jenson is the President of America’s for Jeunesse? Heck what has worked in the past is usually a good marketing guide post for what most of us will revert back to when growing any business!



Troy’s Truth: I see no issue with companies investing in real sales leadership talent. The issue is when a company and leader do not disclose the private deal, and allow them to be used to prop up a fallacy about the fast money that can be earned through the public compensation plan. This creates regulatory issues and possibly a civil or criminal fraud charge! 

Bo ShortWith other top networkers like Bo Short, Amway, Passport – Co-Founder, Oasis Life Sciences, Max International, Shaklee, and most recent at corporate (Mannatech), before recently joining Jeunesse, I can now see why these leaders would be attracted to what the Lewis’s are alleged of offering.


With these and other top network marketing pros being drawn to Jeunesse it’s likely that Nestler’s claims have merit. MLM Pros all want to be be paid what they feel they re worth and to be part of the next “big one.”

Sadly, most never really build it more than once. Instead they just churn their former teams, and try to get them to join in the next deal. They do not join the company because of a product experience or because they truly believe in the same purpose as the founders of the company.

Most, not all, are just feeding the need to stay on top. But instead of going out and building a real sales organization, like they did in their first and sometimes second companies, they just go after other sales leaders and or organizations, hoping to collapse the time frame of making it to the top.

When we track the trend of this cultural behavior, we see a time frame of two to three years, before these same leaders jump to the next deal, taking as many of their followers as they can.

Randy & Wendy LewisSo, although I can understand why Randy & Wendy Lewis might see this as a great way to jumpstart the America’s for Jeunesse, I question the long term solid growth it will give their company?

Over the years as I have studied other companies owned and managed by the Lewis’s we have seen ups and downs and without a doubt Jeunesse has been the real home run for the Lewis’s in the direct selling industry.

I would truly hate to learn that in an effort to continue their dominance in the network marketing community, they taken the wrong advice done anything that could harm the future long and short-term success of the Jeunesse House or those reps in the business who are growing their independent jounce sales organizations correctly.

Troy’s Truth: This is NOT a Jeunesse .vs Nestler issue! This is a conversation on where BDAs (Business Development Agreements) fit inside the network marketing community and how they should be disclosed! 

Our #1 priority as the network marketing community should be to protect ALL consumers who are buying the products and services we sell. Or who join our teams to earn additional income. If we HYPE any part of our network marketing business then we have LIED and failed the consumer! 

This is a story we will continue to follow as in unfolds.

Nestler vs. Jeunesse by Thompson Burton

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