Breaking ASD Update: Don Ryan At ASD Updates Has Reported A 2nd Round of Ad Surf Daily Remissions

I did not cover the ASD case as deeply as Don Ryan or Patrick Pretty, and always refer to them for current information. Since many of the Zeek Rewards Affiliates were also former members of Ad Surf Daily at Paddle Board Mania, I want to make sure they receive this current info.

2nd Round of ASD Remissions

There will be another round of remissions in the ASD/Ad Cash Generator clvil forfeiture. For now, the DOJ is just collecting information for prosepctive claimants. To be considered, you must provide the following information to Assistant US Attorney Toni Donato.

Full name, complete address, Amount of money you invested in ASD


Ms. Donato’s contact information is
Direct line: 202-252-7711

It will be a few months before the Claim Froms are mailed, as the USDOJ gathers claimant information.

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