Bob Schmidt The Ambassador Of Network Marketing Goes Home

Yesterday Bob Schmidt, one of Network Marketings true servant leaders, and multi-millionaire experienced a tragic kayaking accident.

Our love goes out to Barbara and the family

The Key To The Vault

Bob Was Always Willing To Share The key To The Vault

For over 35 years Bob helped to coach, mentor and share The Key to The vault with, in my conservative estimate close to 1 million distributors; first in Amway, then New Vision and finally at the company so close to his heart XanGo.

The emails I have received today are coming from all over the world, and all of them share one main theme… “Bob is the main reason I stuck it out, and I am successful in my business today!”

The Key To The Vault, was the CD series that I personally credit for keeping me in network marketing, when I had decided to retire. After listening to this 3 CD series, I decided to find a company I could believe in like Bob.

Phone Power

Bob Always Created Realistic & Useful Training

When I went to work at ProSTEP one of the first CDs Kevin gave me was Bob’s training called Phone Power. This training allowed me to get the “phone monkey” off my back, and I have never looked back.

In this current version, he teams up with two other network marketing greats – Candy Webb and Sherman Unkerfer.

The 4 Pieces Of Gold Bob Gave Me From The Vault

1. Sponsor Quality Over Recruiting Quantity.

Bob took time to interview some of the greatest networking leaders in history and each of them told him the same thing. Sponsor quality the first time, and you will not have to recruit quantity all the time. You can listen to Bob share his insight over at my close friend, Atticus Killough’s site. He had the privilege of interviewing Bob one afternoon. Click Here To Listen.

2. Live With Balance

Bob always made sure his spiritual life and family life received as much or more energy as his business. Bob wasn’t afraid to set business hours. He truly understood what his purpose in life was all about and lived it 24/7/365/

3. Uncompromising Character

I believe it we would be hard pressed to find anyone was more ethical, loyal and respectful than Bob Schmidt. Even though he had risen to the top in three companies, he had never raped or pillaged his former organizations, which is why is was so respectfully referred as The Ambassador of Network Marketing.

4. Pure Servant Leadership

The most valuable piece of gold was by far the fact I learned by his example that leading by serving was still cool.

Anytime Bob was at a conference, you would see his get a proud look on his face every time one of his leaders was up on stage receiving an award or passing on what he had been taught. Bob would smile and say “Now that is what it’s all about: leaving a legacy through the success of others.”

That one nugget of gold has allowed me to realize it’s all about others, and to never take myself to seriously.

Bob, you are more than my hero, you are a legend… We love you.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly
The Navigator

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