Best In U Fonder Michael Wiedder Sits down With Troy Dooly At The ANMP Convention To Talk About The Future

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Best In U Founder Michael Wiedder Chats With Troy Dooly

A couple of weeks ago at the Association of Network Marketing Professionals annual convention Michael Wiedder, founder of Best In U, the digital platform for Network Marketing took time to sit down and chat with me about the future of his company.

of the Internet explosion and produced the Online Exposition in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York attracting over 10,000 people per event. He helped launch some of the leading Internet technology and media companies at those events and is still very active in the Internet community in Southern California
and The Silicon Valley.

Michael subsequently founded an online advertising agency, specializing in the franchise market.
His clients included Budget Blinds, Super Cuts and Cost Cutters.

He has also been very active in the charity space. He publishes The Fundraising Journal which is a newsletter for non-profit fundraising professionals. The Journal has over 5,000 subscribers worldwide.
In addition, he recently created ActGivity, a platform for activity based fundraisers.

Michael has been involved in various facets of the network marketing industry for many years.
He has provided the initial funding for two network marketing companies and consulted for several other Network Marketing CEO’s. He has developed compensation plans, marketing plans and business plans as well as being involved in day to day operations.

From his experience, Michael understands the importance of servicing distributors and customers.
He understands that they are the lifeblood and backbone of network marketing companies and he is committed to delivering a superior level of service, tools and training.

Michael’s goal is to create the leading worldwide, digital, Company in direct sales. He will provide Best In U representatives with the best products and tools in the market to help ensure their success.
In addition, he aspires to create a Company culture where the success of Best In U, our representatives
and our product partners helps to significantly improve the lives of those in need.


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7 thoughts on “Best In U Fonder Michael Wiedder Sits down With Troy Dooly At The ANMP Convention To Talk About The Future”

  1. Chuck,

    Thank you for the kind words. I agree we do need to see more of Mike, he has a brain for business.

  2. Michael Wiedder is a man with vision and determination. I am proud to be included at the beginning of this amazing new venture! He is positioning this company in front of a giant leap forward in Social Media and this is going to be fun!

    Great interview, Mr. Dooly!

  3. Mike & Troy,

    Great interview/great sounding company! Unique concept, world-wide opportunities and generous payout.

    Got to be a wonderful future here for both reps and


    Best wishes for continued growth,


    PS to Troy: Let's see more of Mike in the future.

  4. Michael,

    It is always a pleasure to talk with you. I always walk away with more wisdom than I entered the conversation with.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  5. Troy,

    Appreciate your support of Best In U and the networking industry.

    One of the things in the interview that I meant to expand on is our compensation plan and the opportunities it provides. Not only do we pay out over 60% of sales, but we also have a generational bonus match. That means that people can potentially match incomes on their entire group….not just through several levels of sponsorship. This will create some very big incomes for our distributors.

    With Avon being the leading cosmetic company in Network Marketing at over 11.4 billion in revenue last year and Amway right there at about 11 billion, we believe the timing is perfect for a digital products Company to become one of the next Industry giants.

    We believe Best In U is that Company.

    In addition, we are a "we first" Company and we are integrating our charitable endeavors as an important component of our Company culture.

    Here is a link to our cause initiative

    Again Troy, I appreciate the platform you gave me to talk about the opportunity with Best In U and the work you do on behalf of the industry.

    All the Best,


  6. Very impressive company. Their timing couldn't be more perfect. I especially like the video platform and the social media package. The ability to market these digital products globally, right from the start, will add up to huge company and personal rewards.

    Thanks for the interview…good stuff!

  7. Great interview Troy!

    Definitely an up and coming company with a lot of potential. I love not having the hassle of physical products. People have instant access to Best In U's digital offerings. Plus point for dollar in the compensation plan is HOT!!

    Looking forward to Best In U's global rise!!

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