Beachside CEO Troy Dooly Interviews Jason Elrod, President Of Wake UP Now

Last month I have the pleasure of sitting down with Jason Elrod the president of network marketing company, Wake Up Now to find out a little about the passion and vision behind the company. Knowing Jason Elrod’s background I had been intrigued with learning why he and his partners decided enter the direct selling industry.

Jason M. Elrod:

If you don’t know who Jason Elrod is, then take a little time and review his personal blog. Here is a little from his bio:

Jason M Elrod - President - Wake Up Now


Jason Elrod is the President of WakeUpNow, Inc.  – a technology company based in Provo, Utah. Prior to WakeUpNow, Jason was a partner in a successful venture capital firm where he built and managed public and private high growth enterprises.

He founded a real estate development firm where he orchestrated and invested in developments in Arizona and Idaho. In conjunction with these projects, he successfully raised over $70 million, assembling approximately 10,000 acres in Arizona and Idaho, and helped craft the policies, plans, and ordinances that have fostered successful development in those states.

Jason is a frequent guest lecturer to graduate students in the finance department of the David Eccles Business School at the University of Utah.

Now what the bio doesn’t tell you is the kind of man Jason is personally. Over the last few months, I have gotten to know Jason on a personal level and have enjoyed the dept of his wisdom in business and leadership. His passion to create a “Best of Breed” model for direct selling in the 21st Century seems to be what drives the direction he and his partners are taking Wake Up Now.

A prime example has been the launch of their most current product “Thunder Energy Drink.” Instead of competing with other network marketing companies selling energy drinks. They studied brands like Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, and Rockstar (a Coca Cola brand) to see what drove their sales.

When they launched the product, it was priced at retail for the masses, and came in under the wholesale cost of some of the leading brands inside network marketing channel. Jason made it clear when I interviewed him, the #1 goal of WUN is to provide quality products for the independent professional marketing Wake Up Now products and services, and to do so, at a margin where everyone wins! The end user receives a quality product or service, the independent professional earns a livable residual income, and the company makes a profit for the shareholders.

You can learn more about Jason M. Elrod and Wake Up Now by following the links.

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Deep South Strategic Solutions is a consultant to the executive team of Wake Up Now.

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