How to Turn Intentions into WINS

Richard Bliss Brooke: Everyone who joins a Network Marketing opportunity has good intentions.

Everyone who joins a Network Marketing opportunity has good intentions. Everyone thinks (albeit briefly) that they will succeed. Otherwise, why would they join in the first place?


Intentions are overrated. The power of intention might get people started, but it is short-lived. We need more than that. We need staying power. We need momentum. We need wins.

Driving Through the Myths of Success

Richard Brooke Shares The Four Biggest Myths of Success

Do you remember when you bought your first car? Do you remember how you felt in the weeks, days and hours leading up to the purchase – that period of time when you knew you were going to get it but were still working on the financing or delivery?


Do you remember the promise you made to yourself and others about how the car would never see rain, how you would never eat in it or abuse it in any way?

6 Ways to Change How You Get Paid

How Do You Get Paid In Network Marketing?

Can you guess the biggest motivational challenge people face during their first few years in Network Marketing?

You got it – cash flow versus effort ratio.

They work 10-20 hours a week for meager wages. “Where is all the big money I was promised?” they cry. And then they quit.

The Power of Connection: In 6 Easy Steps

Prospecting Tips: How To Connect In Six Easy Steps

My best source of leads? People. I am a networker.

There are lots of ways to connect with people and convert them. I follow my strength and my personal style, which is to connect with people I meet along the way in life.

I look at everyone as though they have an untold story. I look at them with a vision that they know a lot of people … about 200 each, from all walks of life, some of whom would be a perfect fit for my business.

Free to Fly: 3 Steps to Program Your Mind for Success

Richard & Kimmie Brooke Coaching Series

You may have heard that bumblebees cannot fly … at least not according to the laws of aerodynamics. They are too big and heavy for their wingspan. No known science supports the idea that they can fly, yet they do. Perhaps they just don’t read.

This is much like the innovative men and women responsible for the advancement of modern technology. Somehow these brilliant minds refused to believe there were limits to what they could create and accomplish.

When you think about it, our minds are the most intricate and powerful “computers” imaginable. They are worth literally billions in what they can accomplish—just ask Bill Gates.

Richard Brooke: An Education You Can Take to the Bank

Blog 6.16.14

I listen with interest each year, as parents share their angst over the rising costs of sending their kids off to college. It’s not just parents of college-aged kids; it’s a topic on the hearts and minds of nearly every parent at some point. After all, doesn’t a college education guarantee a successful future? After barely graduating high school with a D average (and only after I cheated off my best friend’s Civics final), it was no surprise that college wasn’t in the cards for me. It’s not that I didn’t have the intelligence or ambition. In fact, I wanted the benefits of a lucrative career. I just lacked the patience to muddle through more of what I had just escaped. Sound familiar to any of you?