Australia Consumer Affairs Investigates Pyramid Allegations What Does This Mean?

Over the last week or so I have read a boatload of commentary as well as the formal allegations raised by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.  The ACCC is similar to the FTC in the USA. My stance is that when an investigation is launched, that it is a good thing for the consumers, the independent professionals as well as the company for the following reasons.

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1. The regulatory agency is able to learn first hand what the company is about, and not just read editorials and commentaries from critics or proponents of the company.

2. The regulatory agency is able to provide the consumer with insight that is not tarnished with biased opinions.

3. Independent professionals are able to know for sure if they are building a business that has the potential to last, and is not built on a house of cards.

I have not idea how the Australian courts will rule, but I do know that Lyoness will defend their business model to the fullest extent of the law.

We have boots on the ground in Australia and will continue to report from eye witnesses who will be sitting in the courtroom.

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